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  1. RULES:
    1. Follow normal roleplay rules, and the general rules for the site.
    2. Wait for me to approve your character.
    3. Be original, if there is someone with a certain power, try not to have it. It's okay, but I don't want one certain power being overused.​
    Powers: (up to three)
    Name: Ginger Clancy (I can't ever think up names- not all my characters are the same)
    Gender: female
    Appearance: Her default appearance is tall, sturdy, with long dark brown hair and olive eyes, though with her powers she can and will change her human appearance, often as a disguise.
    Powers: Shape-shifting, as in changing shape, not being a tiger or something. With that power she can be very similar to one, though. She can also grow extra limbs and use materials like wood and metal. She can also communicate with anyone in any language, this includes animals.
    Pets: A labrador retriever, a goshawk, and a bear.
    Extra: She's a master falconer.​
  2. ((Can you post a picture as opposed to typing out the appearance?))
  3. Yeah, I'm fine with that!
  4. Name: Liam Occlan
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Will be displayed at the bottom
    Powers: Control over light; Hardening it into a physical substance, bending light to create illusions.
    Pets: N/A
    Extra: Intensely dislikes vampires. image.jpg
  5. Do you think we should wait for like 2 or 3 more people or just start now?
  6. I don't mind waiting, but I think we'll start now.
  7. Cool, alright that works. :)
  8. Name: Kent Rainer
    Power: he can call upon his familiar junko, and can turn into a halve raven halve human and can talk to birds
    Pet: junko

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  9. Good, you're in too! But wouldn't the extra count as a power? (Unless it's body language and calls)
  10. Rio stop being a stalker haha :b
  11. I'm not being one lol I just like things that are schools and are fantasy!
  12. Pfft, excuses.
  13. Name: Aylena
    Gender: Female
    Powers: Able to grow plants(like big roots and flowers), Healing power, Communicate with nature(plants and animals)
    Pets: A white ferret called Snowdrop
    Extra: She's not very handy in her powers

  14. Okay, you're in too!
    One spot left!
  15. Name: Alex
    Gender: Female
    Power:telekinesis, fire, weapon hands
    Pets: a wolf name Isbelle
    Extra: might attack if scary,likes apples,is a tomboy
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  16. Oh I saw one more person joined, so you're not accepting any more?
  17. I think she's offline, i don't know.
  18. dang, wish i could of joined
  19. aw so close,wish i could of joined
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