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    It is Sunday evening. You guys are settling in, and classes will begin the next day. I am the only one who can do time switches.
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  2. (Ok here we go!!!)

    Xavier walk into his dorm number 400 on the fourth floor after unlocking the door he proceeded inside. Looking around he saw a small kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom. "Well might as well unpack" he said as he entered the bedroom bunk beds so that ekans I'll have a roomie, well I call top bunk Xavier thought to himself as he unpacked his things putting them in one of the two closets in the room.
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  3. [BCOLOR=#ff99cc]Ayumu Himura[/BCOLOR]

    Humming a random tune, Ayumu was practically bouncing up the stairs to the second floor. He wondered what his dorm looked like this year. Last year, he was on the third floor. The walls were green in every dorm on that floor. What were the colors on the second floor? Purple? Indigo? Pink, maybe?! The possibilities were endless! His thoughts were interrupted once he made it to the second floor. It wasn't as long of a trip as he thought it was going to be. And he was grateful for that.

    The brunet stood still for a moment, trying to remember his dorm number. What was it again? 125? No, maybe.....128? No, not that, either. But he was certain it was close. As he thought about it, he walked down the hall, not paying attention to the numbers that were flashing by. 130! Yes, that was it! As soon as he remembered, he came to a stop in front of the door of his future dorm. Taking out the key to unlock it, he put it in the lock before turning it, smiling at the clicking noise.

    The teen pushed the door open and walked inside, taking in his surroundings. The color of the walls The brightly colored walls made him feel joyous and giddy, like he wasn't giddy enough. He closed the door behind him and set things down, flopping on the bed. Ayumu let out a sigh as he sunk into the comfort that was his bed. It seemed that he didn't have a roommate this year. The thought made him slightly happy. It was like he had a little apartment or something of the like.

    Ayumu wondered who else was on this floor. He had the whole day to get settled in and meet new people. Maybe he'll make a friend or two before classes begin tomorrow.
  4. As Xavier finished unpacking he climbed up the to top bunk and payed there tracing his finger in a Cross pattern on his metal Cross necklace. You need to be nice to people at this school you need to make some friends at least I'll have a roommate hopefully he's cool....maybe I'll finally get the big brother I always wanted.........oh you need to grow up you're 17 for crying out load you don't need a big brother you just need to learn to be nice to people he thought to himself adding that's easier said than done.....

    (Xavier is having a bit of inner turmoil haha)
  5. Ayumu was bored. It wasn't a surprise. With nothing to occupy him, he got bored fairly quickly. Letting out a dramatic sigh, he pushed himself up from his bed, getting to his feet. An idea suddenly popped into his head. He could go exploring! He hasn't been on the fourth floor yet. With that in mind, he skipped out of his room and into the hall. Locking his door, he made his way to the fourth floor.

    The trip was a lot longer than the one to the second floor. He was catching his breath when he finally reached his destination. Breathing as normal as he could, he made his way into the hall, scanning his surroundings. He wondered what the color of the dorms were on this floor. They had a pretty hallway, but all the floors did. The whole school was beautiful.

    Humming softly, Ayumu let himself wander, thoughts everywhere.
  6. Well I might as well go for a walk maybe them my roommate will be here Xavier thought. He climbed down the ladder from the top bunk of he and his roommate whoever he was's bed, walking into the kitchen area he walked to the door opening it he looked back and thought well this is home now before walking out of the door closing it behind him.
  7. Ayumu had been practicing random cheers. Just some that he remembered from last year. He froze in mid-clap as he heard a door open. Looking over his shoulder, his gaze landed on a male exiting from his dorm. He stood still, wondering if he should say hi or not. See, the thing is that males weren't as friendly as females. They weren't exactly as accepting either. Biting his lip, he decided to wing it

    Turning 'til he faced the male, he gave him a small wave as he said, "Hi!" His face was glowing with joy, his head cocked to the side, but his heart was pounding, beating erratically.
  8. He is way to chipper was Xavier's first thought on the boy. Ok Xavier here is your first chance to try and be nice to someone don't screw it up! "Hi, I'm Xavier, and you would be?" Xavier said looking the boy up and down. This had better not be my roommate he thought.

    (Xavier is kind of a jerk)
  9. [Lol, his thought about being nice made me laugh.]

    Ayumu let his arm fall back to his side. His smile also fadded, not as big and bright, but it was still there. It was just softer, smaller. "Ayumu. Nice to meet you!" His hands were clapsed behind his back as he rocked on his heels, resembling a child. He doesn't remember seeing Xavier around here before. There was a good amount of people who go here so it was understandable.

    [It's all good. Just letting you know that Ayumu is super a bit insecure.]
  10. "Nice to meet you too" Xavier said putting on a smile. This isn't so bad he thought. "Do you live on this floor?" He asked to the boy not knowing what to say hoping the boy would get the conversation going so he wouldn't have to. Just be nice.
  11. Ayumu shook his head. "I actually live two floors down. On the second floor," he explained. "So it was a bit of a trek to get up here." The brunet's mind reeled with what they could talk about. "How long have you been here? At the school, I mean." He's met people who came for their Senior year only. He, on the other hand, has been there since his Freshman year. Three whole years.
  12. He's not my roommate, good Xavier thought. Stop it be nice! "This is my first year here at the academy, I'm a junior, you?" He replied. See Xavier this isn't so bad, he seems a little different but so are you just keep being nice to him and maybe you'll make a new friend. After finishing his inner turmoil he smiled at the boy, trying to be friendly.
  13. Ah, he's a new student, Ayumu thought. He grinned at the question. "I've been here for three years. I'm a junior, too," he said in a proud tone, holding up three fingers. He's happy that he's been there for three years. He's made a good amount of friends. It was going to be hard to leave when he graduated. The thought of graduation made his heart ache a bit but he pushed it away.
  14. "Oh wow that's cool" Xavier said, see this isn't so bad. "What is you room like?" He thought to ask wondering what he should say to the boy who had just revealed he was in his grade. We might have a few classes together, Xavier thought. Are there any other students here yet? He thought glancing around slightly.
  15. "The basic dorm. Our walls are just orange." Ayumu thought about what decorations to put up this year in his room. He saw Xavier glancing around, probably looking for other students. "I haven't seen anyone else besides you. I don't think the others are here yet," the brunet stated. He wondered what was taking everyone else so long. He then asked out of the blue in a worried tone, "Were you on your way somewhere?! Am I keeping you from something?" He remembered the boy walking out of his room like he had something to do.
  16. "Um no I was just about to go for a walk maybe go down to the third floor see if anyone was there then check the second and first" Xavier said....well it's kinda true. Really we are the only two here? Where is everyone else? He thought.
  17. Ayumu relaxed. It sounded like he was going to go exploring as well. "Well, then, let's go~!" The brunet began walking back to the entrance to the hallway, passing Xavier. He pasued, looking over his shoulder. "We can still check the other floors out, even though no one might be there." Pausing one more time, he added, "You don't mind if I come, do you?" He noticed that he kind of just pushed himself into Xavier's plan without thinking about the other boy. There was a possibility that he didn't want him to come. If that was true, Ayumu would just have to find something else to do. Maybe start unpacking since he didn't yet.
  18. "Um no that's ok" Xavier answered. See this isn't so bad Xavier he seems nice. Following the other guy toward the stairs. "Have you unpacked yet?" He said trying to keep up a conversation maybe we'll find other people on other floors to talk to.
  19. Ayumu stretched his arms above his head, before lacing his hands behind his head. "Nah, not yet. Just went to my room and placed my stuff down. I should unpack, but I really don't feel like it," the brunet said. He glanced at Xavier. "What about you? Did you unpack yet?" Most of the time, when Ayumu asked other people if they unpacked, the answer was more than likely 'yes'. He likes to think that he just has a lot of stuff and that he isn't lazy and a bit of a procrastinator.
  20. "Yeah I've unpacked" Xavier said. Ok now you're supposed to do nice things for people now do it..."would you like help unpacking?" Xavier added as they entered the stairwell. "I don't think anyone is here yet so if you want we can go right there, but if you want to do it later we can, just thought I'd offer". That wasn't so hard.
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