Academy of Glendale (Sign Ups and Plot)

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  1. Accepting new characters!

    You have been accepted into Academy of Glendale located in Glendale, Oregon, a town with only about 890 people living in it. However, this Academy has a good amount of students due to the fact that the school is based on above average levels to teach the students rather than trying to get all students to the level of average.

    The academy has four buildings, and a football/soccer field. The first building is the Dormitory Building where student dorms are. Each floor has ten dorms, which each belong to two people, who's sexuality must not attract to each other. The second building is the Athletics Building with the school gymnasium and equipment. The third (and largest) building is the Educational Construct Building where classrooms and the auditorium is. The last building is off limit to students and is the Staff Building for the staff to have meetings and stay.

    The day is going to be in the same order with subjects, in this order. If the staff feels that a student is gifted or needs a special education for below average grades it will be changed through Private Messaging. The order of the subjects are:
    Elective 1
    Elective 2
    Social Studies
    Phys. Ed
    Elective 3

    The electives list is below. Please select three. Include them in your sign up, and I will Private Message you when each one is.
    Marching Band
    Chess Club
    Home Etc.
    Girls Basketball
    Boys Basketball
    Creative Writing
    Industrial Arts
    Color Guard
    World Culture Study
    Agricultural Study
    School Year Book
    Stage Crew
    Tech Club
    Swim Team
    Graphic Design/Web Design
    Film Making

    In Character School Rules
    1. Students must be in dorms by 8:30 P.M. Any student out will receive a detention.
    2. Detentions will be given out. They take place after school, for a fair amount of time. If you do not attend it will be replaced for double the amount of time the first one was.
    3. Students must follow dress code. No pants that show under garments when worn. Nothing that shows hips, stomach, chests, groin, or buttocks. No shirts with profanity or death scenes. Shoes must be worn. No flip flops, but sandals are allowed.
    4. Just like any other school, bullying gets detention.
    5. You have five minutes to get to classes, and that is more than enough time. If you are late by more than 7 minutes, detention.
    6. If you are visiting an area were you do not go on a day to day basis for educational purposes, wear your lanyard and ID tag.
    7. You may only skip school if you are going to another teacher for something.
    8. Homework is going to be given out. If not completed four times, detention.

    There are teachers, here they are. I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN PLAY THE TEACHERS.
    Advanced: Mrs. Galloway
    Average: Mr. Conlon
    Below Average: Miss Marci

    Advanced: Mr. Green
    Average: Mr. Shultz
    Below Average: Miss Cooper

    Advanced: Miss Rumm
    Average: Mrs. Crowe
    Below Average: Mrs. Brunette

    Advanced: Miss Kelly
    Average: Mr. John
    Below Average: Miss Partner

    Social Studies:
    Advanced: Mrs. Wolfe
    Average: Miss Venus
    Below Average: Miss Ziara

    Phys. Ed:
    Boys: Mr. Hughes
    Girls: Mrs. Steintec
    OCC Rules
    1. No perfect characters. No body likes them, and they make everything hard for everyone besides you.
    2. Make your characters follow rules stated above.
    3. Message me all questions.
    4. Once your character is submitted I will PM the teachers that your character has.
    5. 1 or 2 characters per person.
    6. If you are inactive, your character will be removed.
    7. If something you have to say is OCC write it like this: (OCC: [text here])
    8. If you read the rules, bold one random word in your sign up.
    9. All characters must be human

    Sign Up Form
    Character Name (First and Last)
    Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior
    General Appearance (Pic or words)
    Personality (Complete sentences)
    Romantic Status

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  2. Character Name: Xavier Macintosh
    Gender: male
    Age: 17
    General Appearance: 6ft. Brown hair and eyes, Caucasian but tan, not muscular, has a metal Cross necklace.
    Talents: is very smart
    Electives: swim team and home ec. (Let's just torture Xavier a little with a sport he got stuck in haha), mythology
    Flaws: not very social, is naturally cold but doesn't want to be, can't play sports to save his life
    Personality: he tries to be nice he really does it's just not easy for him. He says what is on his mind and that can get him in trouble. He is not very good with girls, in fact he's never had a girlfriend, but he says he has had a few just to fit in and not feel like an outcast. He is the oldest in his family and has always wanted an older brother.
    Secrets: He's never had a girlfriend. Desperately wants an older brother figure.
    History: Once upon a time he didn't get along with his family so he came to the academy the end.
    Family: Mom, Dad, and younger siblings, but he doesn't get along with them thus why he goes to the academy.
    Romance Status: single
    Sexuality: straight
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  3. Character Name:Ayumu Himura

    Gender:Male [Androgynous]


    Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior:Junior

    Electives:Creative Writing, Mythology, Cheerleading [Can he wear the girl's uniform during cheerleading or....?]

    General Appearance:
    [Don't know if this would be a good picture...]​

    Talents:Can pass off as a girl or a boy, Good at writing, Best male cheerleader.

    Flaws:Very insecure and sensitive, Forgetful, Bottles up emotions.

    Goals:To become a writer.

    Personality:Ayumu is a bundle of sunshine. He's always sming and laughing. People ask if his cheeks ever start hurting and he just laughs at them. He's a giddy, bubbly character. He's the one who strives to make everyone around him happy before taking care of himself. Sometimes, he forgets to take care of himself. You never see him down or upset. It's when he's alone that he lets himself fall apart. It might not seem like it, but he's very insecure and sensitive. One insult can lead to many and that can lead to a breakdown for him. Ayumu bottles up his emotions, yet insist on people telling him theirs. He believes that if he shared his problems, he would be considered whining and a burden to people. Ayumu would do anything to avoid that.

    Secrets:Likes to crossdress and has a liking of cutesy things.

    History:Ayumu used to get teased and bullied for his choice of clothing and his interest in girly things. He's almost been driven to the edge multiple times. It took a while before he confessed to his Mom about everything: his interest in cutesy things, crossdressing, how he likes guys instead of girls. She only hugged him and told him that he was loved and he will forever be loved. His younger sister was just happy she had someone to play dress up with.

    Family:Mom and a younger sister.

    Romantic Status:Single Pringle


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  4. Ayumu and Xavier sound similar but also complete opposites at the same time :)
  5. They do! It's cool. :3
  6. Are you ok with Xavier being kind of a jerk to him I the beginning, before he warms up to him?
  7. Of course! It'll be fun~! c:
  8. Great character. I added a new field to fill out, just do that and accepted. Once you fill out the new field for sign ups, I will PM you your teachers and you can begin role playing (I set up a RP thread).
  9. Good character. I added a new field, just fill that out (edit it). Once done with that, I will PM you the teachers for your character. Then you can RP, since I set up an RP thread.
  10. Added and filled it out! And I added a little note, just a question. If not, that's okay!
  11. Done :) hopefully a few more people koi so we can start :)
  12. You can start already, we are going to be accepting characters for a while. You just have to wait till I send you your classes.
  13. Oh ok what do I RP about is there a plot, when do we get roommates, obviously currently there are only two characters, so do I just pretend I don't have one right now and when we get a few more characters we get them?
  14. I will PM you about room mates.
  15. Ok thanks :)
  16. I guess I should start with the first day of school, yeah?
  17. Oh....I was just having Xavier go up to his room, what do the dorms look like? And if you want me to start with with the first day of school I will, but just a suggestion it's Friday night which will give us time for other RPers to join before school start again just a suggestion.
  18. The dorms are different. They are all different, but I just have a basic plan. Dorms on floor one (1-100) have blue walls and decor, dorms on floor 2 (101-200) have orange walls and decor, dorms on floor 3 (201-300) have green walls and green decor. The dorms on the last floor (301-400) have yellow/black decor and walls. With the plot, I am going to edit the thread that I posted for that kind of stuff.
  19. Ok so like is there a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, office? I'm just trying to get a feel for the room
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