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  1. St. Mackel's Academy for the Gifted and Talented is a prestigious academy made for all those who wish to hone their talents and someday make big dreams come true. One could excel in anything and be accepted in to the academy, no matter what their talent was.

    Many students ended up going home if they did not pass certain exams at the end of ever semester, but those who remained there became the upperclassmen to the new batch of kids that arrived every year to the academy. Allen was one of those students with a couple of talents that caught the eyes of the school.

    He was currently in one of the many Gymnasiums this school had to offer, preparing for an hour or two of practicing his 'Circus Act' for the semester's tests. While his favorite talents were different, he enjoyed adding something new to try out every year or semester e managed to stay in St. Mackel's.
  2. Lee Harvy was so new at this school, he felt like he didn't quite fit in.
    Everything changed after he told his mom that he was gay, she never looked at him the same way a matter of fact his suspicions were rising that his mom brought him to an Academy so that she wouldn't have to see him for the longest time.
    Lee sighed, completely depressed as he walked up the stairs, this wasn't going to be a good day.
  3. Allen noticed he had to leave for his music class, and hastily changed and started running to the stairs that would take him to the bottom floor where his music class was. He hadn't seen Lee when he did, and stumbled in to him with a soft grunt of surprise. Before both could fall down the set of stairs, Allen grabbed Lee around the waist and heaved himself back so they wouldn't slip.

    His one grey and other red and orange eye watched Lee quietly to see if he was okay, those tiny pupils giving him an odd aura.
  4. Lee looked into his eyes for the longest time, blushing before he snapped out of it. "I uhh, thank-th-thank you very much!" he said adjusting his glasses.
    He didn't know who this guy was but he was in fact very handsome, his heart was pounding.
  5. Allen nodded softly and let him go after he regained his balance. He currently wore a white button up shirt, black suspenders, a pair of red skinny jeans that helped connect the suspenders, and knee length boots that buckled to the top. His hair was nicely styled, and the piercings in his ears were a plain black color. "Are you a new student...? Most new students tend to take this stairway.."
  6. "Y-yes i am a new student, hi! I mean my name is Lee" the cute boy said blushing. "Yeah i sort of am new."
  7. Allen hummed at the information, quietly yawning and covering his mouth lightly. "Do you require help to find your class..?" Allen questioned softly, his voice a mix between a Russian and Japanese accent. It was a strange, husky voice.
  8. He couldn't say anything just nodd and blush.
  9. "What class is it..? Also, my name is Allen..." Allen murmured, tongue flicking out to moisten his lips and revealing a white piercing in the middle of it. He started walking up the stairs with Lee in tow, deciding to later explain his tardiness to class.
  10. "Hey Allen," he smiled shyly before following him. He didn't know what was wrong with him, his knees were weak and he felt like his tummy was in knots.
    "Thanks...for uhh, you know...showing him around"

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