Academy for the magically gifted.

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  1. This has ended, go away.
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  2. BOOP

    Student Form:

    Name: Chi Okami

    Age: 16

    Race: Lycan

    Ability: Spirit Taming, Basic Lycan Abilities

    Weakness: Light in excess, it takes a battle to tame an spirit, fire and light magic, sometimes his body morphs against his will.

    Side talents: Controls a high variety of magic types and is very good in math and biology.

    Amount of time there: New Student

    Personality: Silent and calm, very patient but a bit shy.

    Fears: Being too close with someone.

    Likes: Animals, nature, tranquility.

    Dislikes: Loud places, abusers.

    -Romantic Preferences-

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (Straight)

    Submissive, Dominant or both[:/b] Submissive

    Attracted to: Easygoing people (And Tsunderes :V)

    Unattracted to: Loud people.



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  3. I'll Get My New Character Sheet Up Eventually
  4. Student Form:

    Full name: Aleister Tempest
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Ability: Telekinesis (moving or levitating objects at will) and some manipulation over matter (he can change the shape of objects he works with, ex. he reconfigure the shape of one key to match the shape of a different key hole)
    Weaknesses: The more dense the material the harder time he has working with it.
    Side talents: Getting slapped for sexual harassment
    Personality: Aleister has this tendency to act like a rather thickheaded jock but no worries, he's confident that his charm and good looks will carry him through school and onto success. Maybe. :/
    He loves women and will come onto anything with a heartbeat. There's an on going question if there's anything still lingering in that seemingly hallow skull of his and there is; deep down he is a violently jealous and possessive boy who will not tolerate competition for what he believes is his.
    Fears: Snakes scare the crap out of him but nothing terrifies Al like green vegetables.
    Likes: Beauty pageants, lingerie magazines, adult media, and cheerleaders the usual... He also has a taste for jazz, for some reason it soothes him.
    Dislikes: Math class and long skirts.
    Extras: If Aleister wasn't so preoccupied with girls perhaps he'd be a good student, tragic really.

    Romantic preferences-

    Sexual Orientation:
    Heterosexual and perhaps bicurious
    Submissive, Dominant, or both: Dominant...mostly ;)
    Attracted to: Anything with tits or a nice bum
    Unattracted to: Anything without tits or a nice bum

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  5. Oh, don't do schedules yet! We don't even have any teachers yet! xD I'll try make a few teachers myself for the subjects on your schedules if they are what you want.
  6. *Wipes drool* Er, well the word has changed so you'll need to read the rules again >:3 Also dat envy pic o-o I like you too much!
  7. If you could make him have 'unstable Lycan abilities' that would be amazing~ I find that if you have advanced ones that means you can control it somewhat, which gets rid of the main weakness for a lycan~ Also you forgot a word in the rules!
  8. Student form.

    Full name: Rose Jane Blacker
    Age: 16
    Ability: To change my hair style, color to any I want. Also I can change my eye color, type.
    Weaknesses: Wearing contacts and dying my hair. Labels my abilitys useless as contacts cover up the eye color and type. So I don't wear contacts or dye my hair. But with my abilitys why would you.
    Side talents: I can cook and do some pretty good acrobatics.
    Amount of time there: I am new to the academy.
    Personality: I am a fend for your self type of girl who does care if the person is important. I usually don't care too much if a person is hurt or going too. Though I will warn you of danger is there.
    Fears: Not being able to breath, Vampires, Ghosts.
    Likes: Puppies, roses, flowers in general, being able to change, differences, nyah and pulling pranks.
    Dislikes: Cats, weeds, being the same, boop, being perfect and Copycats.
    Extras: My hair will change colors quickly and style a bit slower. Like your taking of a jacket while walking. My eyes will change quicker that my hair color. I'm the normal one here right, right??

    Romantic preferences-

    Sexual Orientation:
    Submissive, Dominant, or both: Submissive
    Attracted to: Males that are orginal
    Unattracted to: The same boring guy
    Appearance:[​IMG] regular when not changed. From she reverts back to.

    Ill get to writing the new word and stuff for the new one I just wanted to have her up here.
  9. Are you talking about the nyah?
  10. No, there is a different word as there is a different set of rules.
  11. Accepted!~
  12. Blood type added.

    Wich is the word? I don't see anything about an specific word :/
  13. O...okay? And if you can't see the word you're not reading the rules properly~ That's why it's there :3
  14. Dude...I have readied the rules like 5 times without jumping a word and i don"t see that thing of the word...(I think that you are just trying to troll me)
  15. Read rule 3 a little more closely...
  16. Still without seeing the word...
  17. Are you looking at the old thread or something?
  18. Nop...I'm watching THIS thread
  19. Wait...The word is blood?
  20. 3. Be active. I cannot stress this enough but if you're not going to be able to be active then say in the OOC and you will simply have free periods until you return. If a class does not progress after 48 hours due to someone being inactive and all other classes have finished, then it will skip to the next lesson as if nothing happened of interest in the class. If an event is going on such as two students fighting in a class then the teacher of said class will have to come up with an excuse for the fight ending. Please type boop somewhere in your CS. If it is the teacher being inactive then the lesson finished as if they taught it without disruption. If multiple characters are inactive, either the assistant headteacher or the headteacher will intervene to end the lesson. Holding a class back once will result in a message asking if you want to continue role playing, doing it twice in a row will result in a final warning and doing it three times in a row will result in a ban from the thread.

    Read that and analyse every single word until you see it.
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