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  1. (OOC and Plot~: )

    This day most definitely didn't start like any other. This was the first day for teaching in the new academy. This was a moment in history and like so few others, it started with a meeting. Leon stood up from his desk and swiftly began to power walk towards the staff room where each teacher was told to meet in precisely ten minutes. He obviously got there early and stood at the window, looking out at the courtyard which currently contained a fair amount of the teens he'd individually spoken to previously either in person or over the phone.

    Each student had to live in rooms specifically tailored to each student because each student was an individual, in this school more than most. Fire casters had fire proof rooms, water casters had water sealed rooms and he had to make a few sound proof. He'd had to find out each and every diet and managed to find the perfect way of feeding each student their individual food. He had made a dining room which, upon entering, would magically summon the food most forward into their mind. He had to test it a few times as some people think one thing is food whilst other may see it as something else. The most trouble he had were from the man eaters. It was obvious he couldn't get it to summon a person every day but they were catered to differently to everyone else.

    He smiled at the thing he and his closest friends had created, the teachers and some of the students had contributed to creating this safe haven for these, previously unfortunate, students, it would change their lives forever. He and the other teachers could help their powers grow rather than shun them, away from those who deemed it abnormal. These students were blessed, not cursed, though he had seen a few relatively 'evil' abilities.

    He moved over to the ring of chairs around a round table and sat in one of the many comfortable office chairs. He span for a moment, letting out a giggle, before sitting up straight and waited for the others to arrive. Mr Kerne was obviously first, moving over to a chair and sitting down, pulling out a book and began to read. Leon knew how Velnor was and simply left him to it, after his contributions he couldn't do anything for the man that he wouldn't have already earned.

    A scratching could be heard at the door with a loud thump before each one, Vincent was trying to reach the doorknob outside. He suddenly teleported through the door with a sigh. Him and Leon got on like pals and the headteacher stifled laughter as he beckoned over to a high chair beside him. The small rabbit looked up at him, took out his cigarette and flicked it at him, making it burn up before it hit him and he laughed, walking over and taking a normal seat as the high chair seemed to disappear as if it never existed.

    Emily pearl, a very good looking woman for her age, seemed to in her seat beside Velnor. Was she there the whole time? Even Velnor looked over slightly taken aback at how she got in but he returned to his book in due time. She smiled over at Leon and Velnor but seemed to ignore the fact Vincent was even there. He was the violent ball of anger and smoke to her, the two didn't get on. The four seemed to break into conversation pairs and nattered between them, though the conversation between Velnor and Emily seemed a lot more one sided than the other.
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  2. The sun was shining, the birds singing. The place was beautiful, high trees and shining green grass.

    Okami, a new student, for him, this is a new beginning, a new start, with new people and new places.

    For sure here i will finally find a place to be He though.

    He kept himself in silence while walking through the campus, waiting for the ring of the bell.
  3. Lilly smiled happily as she walked across the school grounds exploring happily. It was a new school for her but a wonderful chance to meet new friends and even better people.
    While on her walk she noticed a boy walking by him self
    "Hey!" she called out to him walking over to say hello to him
  4. "Uh? Me?"

    He asked while staring at the strange girl that was calling for someone.

    "H-Hi there"

    He replied while looking at the girl from a distance
  5. Lilly chuckled "yes you who else" she said comming closer.
    "I'm lilly" she said introducing herself to him "what's your name?" she asked warmly
  6. "Well... My n-name is Okami, nice to meet you Lilly"

    He replied while trying to force an smile.

  7. "nice to meet you okami" Lilly said "are you new here too?" she asked curious as she looked at him and the area
  8. (Can you believe that im doing this on the phone?)

    "Yes, i'm new here"

    Okami replied to her.

    (Okami is a shy guy so he wont do any questions for the moment)
  9. (phones are an ass to type on. oh ok then)
    "same!" she said happily
  10. Kii Acuna, Orange Kii had just finished prepping his classroom for the bustling day ahead of him. Before setting off to the meeting his husband, Leon, Kii took the time to lock his room door to make sure nothing was messed with. As he made his way down the hall, recognizing a few faces from profiles and entry forms he had went through, he glanced at one of the clocks in the hall. "Ahh, exactly ten minutes late." He let out a chuckle, knowing full well that the teaching staff was requested to attend ten minutes early. Kii knew he would make it up to Leon later.

    He quietly and quickly entered the staff room, the other teachers already sitting around the table. He took his seat beside Leon, giving a sheepish smile. "I hope I haven't missed anything. I was straightening my room." Kii said in a light tone. Even if he was married to the headteacher he wasn't excused from rules set by him and could only will for his lateness would be overlooked.

    Eune Ryneheart, green As soon as Eune set foot on the campus of the academy he could feel the surge of magical power. His tail flicked with delight as a smile spread across his face. This would definitely be a great place for fun! Immediately he began searching the school for any empty areas for him to claim. "Maybe brother actually made a good desicion in sending me here." He said to himself with a contented sigh.
  11. Okami kept himself at the side of Lilly, he was just watching the place, surprised because of the care that the buildings and trees, even grass have received, it was all clean, even with so many people in the campus.

    This place is huge and beautiful, I have never been in a school like this…And this girl Lilly, she seems to be very kind, maybe we can be friends Okami though while staring at Lilly.

    He started walking, he may even forget that he was talking with someone; He was able to smell thousands of different essences, all from different persons and places.

    There’s so many people here, all of them seems to have an incredible power or ability, maybe I could find someone like me in this place He was still thinking before realizing that he was a bit lost…

    “Oh oh, now what? Should I go and look for Lilly? Or stay here waiting for the ring of the bell…Ahh!, this is so confusing, I hate this kind of situations…”

    He said while walking nervously…

    After some seconds he calmed down and though.

    What am I doing? This is non-sense, I should just wait here for the ring of the bell
  12. Jonathon Okoa had woken late from bed as usual. He looked over at the clock on his bedside table and saw it was almost time for the staff meeting.[BCOLOR=#000000] "I'm most definitely going to be late at this point. Not even magic can save me."[/BCOLOR] He quickly jumped in and out of the shower. He didn't believe in starting the day without a shower. He washed away the bad experiences and memories of the previous day. At least, that was his philosophy. He got out of the shower and looked at the clock once more. He was officially late. By five minutes. He searched through his drawers while simultaneously pulling on his clothes. By the time he was finished dressing he'd gathered a small bottle filled to capacity with ink, a quill, and a sheet of papyrus paper. He examined the quality of the papyrus, then the ink, then quill. He used only the best quality if apparatus to scribe any spell. Anything less than the best would result in a flaw. A flaw that, no matter how small, was still a flaw. He wasn't touchy on many things but on this he was unyielding in strictness. He hurriedly scribed a large sigil and pumped magical energy into the papyrus. A large magic circle opened beneath his feet and began to glow. It released a flash of light and Jhonaton was in the teacher's lounge. He entered the staff meeting a bit over five minutes late. He never was early for staff meeting and he highly doubt there would ever come a day when he was. He looked at the teachers, purposely avoiding the principal, and blurted out a very high energy "Good morning." He paired it with a smile. He then went over to his seat and sat, ready for a new school year.
  13. A girl dressed in a pink top and pink skirt looking up at the sign that read: Academy for the Gifted. “Please let this bring good memories…” She whispered lightly, speaking to no one in particular. Sighing, the violet haired girl proceeded through the gate of the campus. Walking onto the campus, Lyra could see just how big this campus was. Not like her home at all, living in the country was quiet. This place was loud and had a lot of people. Groups of people were clustered around in conversation.

    “I could get used to this.” She looked hopeful as she pulls out her map from her bag and studies it. Unfolding the paper map, she flicks her gaze to the legend and scours it for her first class. The layout of the map appeared to be easier than the actual structures themselves. Lyra looked puzzled as she began to walk, glancing down at the map every so often. All around the violet haired girl, the buildings had different dorms. Seeing these huge structures of stone made the pink-clothed girl think while continuing to look down at creased map.

    There must be people from all over…all I’ve ever seen were animals and people that live in the mountains or by the riverside. Hopefully I’ll make friends who are different from… Lyra stopped suddenly and dropped her bag. She fell to her knees, clutching her head in her hands. N-no…I can’t think of that, not now, not here! The violet haired girl let out a scream loud enough to echo off the buildings around her. In her mind, she remembered what happened to her family. To her. They killed her family and she couldn't stop it.
  14. @Roxshi

    An out loud scream was heard; the horrible sound flooded the entire campus; Most of the people turned around to see the origin of the scream…Excepting Okami, his senses told him exactly were the origin of that sound was coming, he saw the girl directly, staring at her eyes with a deep and dark gaze.

    Okami decided to ignore the scream and kept himself walking forward with no direction, just watching the place, he realized that the screams hadn’t finished yet; it was a very disturbing sound, especially because of his sensible and extremely accurate senses.
    He walked toward the girl decided to give a stop to this non sense, he was right in front of her, staring at her almost crying eyes, suddenly the ambient became silent and quiet, the tension could be cut with a knife.
    ”Hey…Why are you screaming? What’s wrong? Don’t you see that everyone else is enjoying the simple fact of being here?”

    He asked her while he looking at her with a motionless face, it would be accurate to think that he hates her, but that’s not the case, he was only showing his true being, the true nature of his mind.

    He just stared at her while waiting for a response.
  15. Ace Desant, White Ace was sitting down on the edge of the fountain, simply waiting for the day to start, the bell to ring. He'd plucked one of the many books out of his bag and began to read, the cover of the book doing it's job for his face. As the scream began to echo over the entire campus he almost dropped it, only his tight grasp on it saving it from the dirty ground below.

    He sighed as his heart beat slowly lowered from nearly fatal to relatively normal, for him. He peered over the book towards the girl where the scream was coming from and sighed, returning to his book. This wasn't exactly the greatest omen for everyone starting today but it was probably one of the best ways to prepare them for what was to come.

    Ace's father and the boy himself had helped put the academy together, Ace allowed them to plan the building in their dreams and gave minor luck blessings to all the people working on it while his father simply donated money, after all it was his father's money which stopped people rioting about the bizarre dreams or awful nightmares Ace inflicted when he slept.

    The fact people wanted to riot about the boy always had an affect on his mentality. Nobody wanted to be around him so be he became an introvert, he was almost as hermit by this point. That would hopefully change now he's amongst people similar to him but he doesn't feel up to being particularly social.

    Miles Lorne, Pink Miles had just walked through the gates as the scream was heard and almost fell over as it rang through his ears. It wasn't quite the welcome he was expecting but it would do for now. He saw some other guy was going over to her so he left it alone.

    Instead he began to look around at the students, licking his lips as his stomach grumbled impatiently. He didn't have time to go down to the town for something to eat before coming but he'd go after school. He looked down at his schedule and noticed he had a free period last lesson anyway so he could go at lunch.

    He wondered just how many friends he could make this year, he'd rarely interacted with anything other than sirens without being on a hunt so he was quite excited about 'getting to know' the other students rather than just eating them, though one may be followed by the other if he gets too hungry. But for now, he sighed, not really sure how to interact with anyone he just sat down on the bench and tried to look pretty, humming a feint song which would attract those around him.

    Abel Marson, lightblue Abel nervously stepped through the gate to the courtyard and looked around, cautiously grabbing the side of the gate. He hated the fact he couldn't wear clothes and was bright blue, he was the light in the dark and they were the moths. Though he was more like a lighthouse. He sighed, gulping down (somehow) and was about to step in as a sharp vibration ran through his body, making his entire body shake.

    'A scream!? Oh god is someone dead!?' he thought to himself, looking around as his whole body jostled to the swift turning movement. He soon found the source of the noise while his hands were firmly fixed to the side of the gate. Sure his senses weren't great but, he could hear that scream a mile away. He sighed as someone seemed to approach her, but couldn't seem to enter the area until that girl was comforted.

    The jelly boy let off a very pleasant, sweet, bubblegum like smell around him, he was 'sweating' profusely at his anxiety and paranoia, but it smelled nice as a more liquidly slime dripped off him with a sweet aroma. Although others may find him appealing in one way or another, he would never be able to see it without great persuasion.
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  16. @Zackymas

    Her body couldn’t move as she tried to talk. She panted as she looked up at the boy who asked her questions. “I-I….” She noticed he was curious about her. “I can’t control the things I have seen…my power is time manipulation.” Lyra whimpered, looking scared. She stood up, trembling. Lyra continued as she went on to explain.

    “My parents were killed because of what they did for work….I couldn’t save them.” She looked as if she was about to burst into tears. “I’m sorry for causing a scene.” She grabbed her bag, stuffed her map into it and zipped it closed. She glanced at the boy who decided to help her. Lyra thought to herself, he seems nice. Maybe I’ll see him again soon. She turned to leave as she wanted to be alone.
  17. @Roxshi

    Okami kept himself silent as he listened to the girl’s story, he saw at her eyes, he was able to see all the suffer that Lyre passed by.

    ”Lyra…Don’t worry, you will pass over it” He replied her.

    ”My name is Okami, nice to meet you” He said while trying to smile at her.

    Okami saw Lyra walking and decided to leave her be, she was suffering a lot, and Okami knew that, for that reason Okami just turned around and started walking, staring at all the people there.

    I question…Has everyone else here passed for some kind of suffering like this?” He though while walking toward the inside part of the building, Okami noticed an strange person… It was like a girl, but…His senses were telling him that it was a boy, it was like a walking bag of water.

    What in the world is that? So, guess there’s a bit EVERYTHING in this place He though while staring at the girl/boy of water.
    Okami kept his distance of this strange character wich was a whole new kind for him, he decided to study him from the distance using his senses.

    ”….Hey…You” He said to the water person of unknown gender which was right in the door of the building.
  18. Abel Marson, lightblue The blue gooboy was still grasping tight at the frame of the entrance when he suddenly heard someone quietly beckoning. Was it to him? He looked around and saw that a hooded, white haired purple eyed boy was looking over at him.

    A shiver ran up Abel's body, he didn't know this guy, therefore he didn't know this guy's voice. Considering the people around him were either walking around or already talking, he put one and one together to deduce that he was beckoning to him.

    This was only the beginning of Abel's predicament because he now had to think of a suitable response, did he act defensive as if he didn't want to be talked to with? Did he be friendly and cheery? Or did he just run away? This guy seemed human though, a little different, so he decided to use his studies to come up with a suitable response.

    He looked over and attempted to create a smile, his 'lips' turned up, wobbling as he forced it and the words "h-hey" escaped his mouth in an almost inaudible fashion. So yes, it appears studying it is easier than actually putting it into action but at least he tried.
  19. @Temm

    Okami saw at the steange character and approached to him, it was obvious that this “Person” was nervious as f*ck, Okami was able to smell the hormones of the young (If he haves hormones), by this he deducted that it was actually a boy.

    When Okami was already at 2 meters of distance from the sreange person, he said:

    Hey…What’s your name?” He asked while staring at the boy with a suspicious gaze.

    The crowd was making a lot of loud, wich makes Okami falls a bit because of his sensible hearing system.

    ”Argh, too…Loud…It hurts” He though while trying to cover a bit his ears.

    ”Hey…Before you response my question…Would you mind going to a more quiet place?” Okami said to the stranger water based character.

    ”This guy seens to be very nervious, I hope that he don’t start running because of nothing”
  20. Abel Marson, lightblue Abel looked at the odd looking boy, he swore he managed to smell the hint of dog on him but that could be anyone around him, his senses weren't acute enough to pinpoint it. Clearly this boy had much better senses than him if he thought it was loud but he pressed his fingers together nervously, merging them together for a moment before looking at the ground.

    Why did he want to go somewhere else? Was this boy gunna try hurt him? Well as long as he didn't have fire or ice then Abel was fine but he was still slightly scared. He wasn't in the position to try leave without running but he wasn't prepared to go with this odd hooded boy either so he just laughed awkwardly and shrugged "I-I li-ke it h-here." he mumbled, it sounded a lot more confident in his head than it came out as.

    He then nervously looked around at the other students, he knew he'd attracted some attention either due to his bubblegum smell or his odd looks but the smell only got stronger as he began to get more and more nervous and self anxious as people looked at him and the odd boy. He was sure the smell of dog and bubblegum was not a great mix.
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