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    Luke woke up in the school, dorms that he lived in, he was supposed to be getting a new dorm mate. It was a new school year and the freshmen, were coming to school today, Luke was a senior, this year. He was excited for his new dorm mate to get here today. Luke got up out of his bed and looked around, he hadn't had a dorm mate since he was a freshmen, so the dorm wasn't all that clean. Luke sighed. " I will take a shower and then I will clean up" Luke walked into the bathroom and took a shower. The water was warm and felt good on his cold body. after he had finished he pulled on a gray shirt and his favorite blue hoodie, a pair of jeans and some socks. His hair was usually dry by now, so Luke walked back into the bathroom and dried what was still wet, straightened and styled it, he was kind of a girl when it came to his hair, he liked it to look nice.

    After he had finished with all of that he walked out to his room and started to pick up. he folded his clothes and made the bed, he did none of this with his hands of course he used wind to do everything. Him being a senior and all he was very advanced when it came to using his elememts. Once he was finished he heard a knock on his door and thought it was his new room mate. It was not, it was his friend, Robb. "what do you want?" Robb looked up at Luke and grinned, Robb was a good friend of Luke's. "I just wanted to let you know that the freshmen are on there way in right now, so get ready for them, not all of them look so nice.

    Luke smiled, chuckled and closed the door. waiting for his room mate to arrive.

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    Sam had walked into the doors of the military base. It was big and gray. Almost devoid of life if it wasn't for the other cadets. Not to mention, the people who's been here, such as generals and higher ups, looked just as the building. If not, grayer. Sammael didn't know what to think of his situation. He wanted to become a great elemental, but the only way to is the academy. Which was also a military operation. And military was not his forte. So he would have to put up with it.

    There was a man, probably a sergeant, that greeted the incoming kids. He gave them all a briefing. It was short and to the point. Unlike high school that was long and quizzical. Shortly after, they gave each individual a dorm number where they are to report to their senior officer and roommate. Sam was excited to meet his roommate. He had never lived in a dorm, even if it was only a small living quarters provided by the military.

    Once he had found his room, Sam hesitated. He didn't want to go in at the moment. He didn't know why. He never had cold feet and it was new to him. He didn't know why he did, but something felt off. As if this would change his future. And not in a good way. But like most doubters, he ignored his intuition. So he opened the door to enter his new life.

    The first thing to catch his eye wasn't the person, but the room itself. It was a little messy. Sam normally didn't mind, but expected better of a cadet. But all that left his mind as he noticed the senior officer using air to clean the place up. It wasn't as of he'd never seen bending before, but to clean is a different story. Felling the need to introduce himself, he cleared his throat. "Hi, I'm Sam. Your new roommate."

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  3. Luke turned when he heard his roommate clear his throat. He turned and saw him, he looked kinda mean, but kinda scared to. Luke smiled and turned almost hitting him with a shirt that he had just put on a hanger. Luke smiled. "Whoa, opps. Sorry, i almost hit you. here let me put this down and then I will saw a proper hello. what do you bend?" Luke turned and put the shirt in the closet.

    Turning back around, he realized that his bed was still a mess. " I am really sorry about the mess, I ussualy have it clean, its just that I live here and all, so I was here over the summer and well, you will be too, since once you're here you can't exactly leave. On the bright side thought, classes don't start till tommrow." Luke sighed and put some candles on the desk next to the bed. snapping his fingers, he lite the candles. "I know what you are thinking I am not using my elements like I should be, but after being here for 4 years and learning what I have, you kinda get used to it." Luke chuckled.

    Looking at his roommate he noticed that he hadnt actually introduced himself yet. "Okay so last thing and then you can tell me about yourself, "My name's Luke, of course and I can bend fire and wind, weird combination I know, I can kinda bend water, but never very well. I enrolled here at the age of 15 and I am now 18, so I have been here 3 years in total and this is my last year. I am very friendly, in case you have not noticed." Luke put his hand out for his room mate to shake, he hoped he hadnt made him nervous or scared yet.
  4. Sammael looked at the other guy. His hand was extended. He didn't shake it though. Instead, Sam grabbed the others forearm. It was an old tradition that showed the other respect and equality. Concentrating, fire began spiraling from his shoulder down to his hand as sand seeped from his shirt, twirling around his own wrist, waiting for the other. This showed his abilities while at the same time was a sign of friendship. He could tell they would become friends.
  5. Luke recognized what Sam was doing, Luke's father did that when Luke was a kid, and he had first learned his abilities. Luke grabbed Sam's wrist and Air, swirled around water, cam down his arm, as Fire twirled around in wrist and infused with Sam's sand. Luke liked this kid, he seemed cool, like he knew his stuff. Luke Smiled at Sam. "So Sam, this is our dorm, I was in the process of cleaning here and I just cleaned off your bed, Luke looked over and realized that there was still stuff on his bed. Luke waved his hand and sent a gust of wind across the bed, blowing everything from Sam's bed to his. Looking back at Sam, Luke smiled nervously.
  6. Sammael felt both of their powers together as they intertwined elements. That brief moment was very revealing of both their characteristics. Once it ended, the other, Luke, had a nervous smile. Trying to lighten the mood, Sam gave a warming smile. Looking around, he studied his new room. "So, Luke. What do you do around here for fun?" He asked, a grin appearing on his face. He knew it was a military ran academy, but it had to have fun incorporated in the place. Even if it was just kids messing around, having a good laugh.
  7. Luke smiled. "well. since school starts tommrow, we can't really do much they have the rest of the academy shut down for renovations and stuff." Luke chuckled and sat on his bed, tossing a fire ball in between his hands. "we can.....finish cleaning, or we can, work on our elements, or we can get to know each other, which ever you prefer." Luke smiled again and chuckled. "so you control sand, that is really cool , I have never seen anyone with that element before." Luke looked at Sam. "sit please. So did you have a girlfriend where you came from, or a special someone?" Luke didn't care of he did or not, he just thought it would make a good conversation.
  8. "No, I can control earth also. Along with metals. They say I'm a prodigy. To control three elements is hard. To master is harder. Which is why I have come here. To learn all I can." He looked over at the other kid. To ask whether he had a girlfriend or 'special' someone seemed weird. He then took a good look at the guy. He had nice blonde hair. Sam's on the other hand was pure white. Others thought of him as a freak. Since this guy didn't say anything, he thought maybe they'd be friends.

    "And no, I have no significant other in my life. I'm single." He said, noticing the other playing with fire. Feeling bored, he ripped a piece of metal from that was fastened to the wall, and subconsciously molded it to different shapes. "How bout yourself?" He asked going along with the conversation. He didn't feel like cleaning, so he just laid on his bed, wondering how it would be the following day. Classes would definitely be different from high-school.
  9. Luke nodded at Sam's answer. He chuckled slightly when he ripped a piece of metal from the wall. "No I don't have anyone, never have. I don't like the drama that relationships cause." Luke laid back against the wall and continued to play with the fire. "It's really rare for a freshmen to have control over three elements. most freshmen can barley control the one they have." Luke chuckled. He thought this kid, was kinda cool, maybe they could be good friends.

    "Okay, so i gotta ask, how come your hair is white, like were you born with it, or were you like struck with lightning when you were younger." Talking about lightning reminded Luke when he was a kid about how he could control electricity. "I used to be able to control Electricity when I was younger but then I was a kid and did something stupid and I was forced to stop using it, been here ever since." Luke didn't think this kid would care about his life story so he didn't go too in depth with what happened.
  10. Sammael thought it was strange that someone like Luke was single. He didn't know what to think of it. In truth, Sammael had a girlfriend, but they broke up. Ever since, Sam didn't know what kind of people he liked. It was a strange thing. But, that was another reason he came here, to find himself.

    Sam looked up when Luke asked about his hair. He thought he was beyond explaining to people. But since the other gave him personal information, he might as well too. "When I was born, I wasn't not born in a hospital, nor was I born breathing. My parents wanted for me to be born in a sacred clearing. When they realized I wouldn't make it, they prayed." Sam looked over at the other, waiting for judgment to show on his face, the metal still twirling just above his hand. "I know it sounds crazy. But don't worry, it gets stranger. My parents said that after a minute or two, an angel came down. They made a deal. To this day, I don't know what that was, but they say I'm blessed. The angel touched me and I began breathing and my hair became white. They say that's why I have a good control over elements. But I still need to practice. That's also why I have a strange name. My parents named me after the angel, Sammael."
  11. Luke kinda chuckled when Sam told him the story of his white hair. He never believed in that kind of stuff. "Well, that's interesting I supposed." Luke chuckled again figured he should tell Sam how he got his elements. "when I was a kid, before my 4th birthday, my parents took me to see a doctor, he was an elemental, he had the power if healing and all that, well my parents were afraid that I would never amount to anything so they told this doctor that I had a disease that I didn't because they knew that if you diagnosed this disease wrong that a side effect of the procedure done was that the patient got strange powers." Luke looked up and made sure that Sam wasn't looking at him crazy like or anything.

    "Well this doctor, believed my parents and I had this procedure done and when I came out I was very ill for about a week, until one morning my mother came in my room and I was floating on a bed of air above my bed. My mom freaked out and called my dad, well apparently, I blacked out and when my mom woke up I went crazy and tried to kill her with fire and my dad with electricity. so I was sent here, and the tried to strip me of my elements and re teach me new ones, but they weren't very good at it obviously, so instead the head master took me in and raised me as his own." Luke nodded and looked back up and Sam. "So, My "dad" told me that I had to pick fire or electricity to give up and I picked electricity, but here is the funny thing, when I get really happy or mad, The power at this school goes out and there is electricity all around me. I am trying to learn water right now I am alright at it I just have to really concentrate." Luke looked up at Sam once more to see what he had to say.

    Luke hoped that Sam wouldn't judge him. He liked Sam he was really cool. "oh yeah some of us seniors are taking our freshmen dorm mates to a party tonight, do you want to go or no? you will get to show off your skill and all that too. It's really fun."
  12. Sammael thought Luke had a rough life. But it wasn't his place to judge him. So he didn't. Instead, he thought of all his times telling others his stories. Of coarse, it was plain on his face that Luke didn't believe him. "Wow, that's harsh. I think your parents are nuts. Though, I think you feel the same about mine." Sam chuckled at his own joke. He hoped Luke didn't take that the wrong way.

    Thinking about the question, Sam twirled the metal some more. He was normally a shy person. But now, he could reinvent himself. Make himself a better person. Against his normal instinct he agreed to go. "Yeah. Sounds fun."
  13. Luke smiled and chuckled kind of when Sam kind of called his parents nuts. "Yea the were, but they were my parents ya know." Luke chuckled again and smiled at Sam. Sam was kinda cute, with his white hair and his amusement with that metal. Luke had always been gay, since he had met Rob, Luke always had girls hitting on him, and he hated it, guys were so chill, about everything.

    Luke figured it would be best not to tell Sam that though, he didn't know what kind of guy Sam was. Luke was happy that Sam wanted to go, to the party, Luke knew that the seniors always pulled a really mean prank on the freshmen, so Luke would make them leave before that, but he was going to make sure that Sam had a good first day here.
  14. Sam reached into his bag and grabbed some regular clothes on. Stripping in front of Luke, he exchanged his formal clothes for a tank top and a pair of jeans. At first, he thought not to wear them, cause they clung to his legs and made his ass appear perkier. But he didn't mind. Instead, he looked over at Luke. "When does the party start?"
  15. Luke was shocked when Sam so willingly undressed in front in him, Sam had a nice body, he was skinny with slight muscle and the pants he had on made his ass look quite small and perky, but Luke didn't mind. "Well, It starts in an hour so I am going to jump in the shower and then get ready, you can put any stuff that you have away there is closet space and the bottom three drawers are yours." Luke smiled and got off his bed, pulling his shirt off and throwing it in a dirty clothes hamper near the door. After getting in the shower Luke cleaned himself and got out, walking out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, Luke walked over to the closet and grabbed a Tank top with a faded american flag on it and a pair of faded blue cut off's. after grabbing a pair of underpants, Luke walked back into the bathroom and dressed his bottom half, returning to the room in the process of putting his shirt on. Luke plopped back down on the bed and dried his hair with fire, His entire body was immune to fire since he possessed the ability to control it. Afterwards Luke brushed and styled his hair, all while sitting in his bed. "Have you gone to a party before Sam?"
  16. Sam began unpacking his belongings as Luke took a shower. As he waited, he played with the metal. This time melting and hardening it to different shapes. After a few minutes of this, Luke came out of the shower to grab some clothes. When he walked back, Sam shuddered. For some reason the other guy made him feel strange. A good strange.

    When he came back out, Luke prepared himself for the party while lying on the bed. Sam was a little impressed. The other guy cleaned up real nice. "So, when are we going to this party?"
  17. Luke looked over at Sam, when he asked, what time they were leaving. "Well, we can leave in about a half hour I think that's when it starts, but we aren't gonna stay for the whole thing." Luke didn't think to get to elaborate on why, He figured if Sam really wanted the prank pulled on him, which Mind you is not a nice one, Then he could stay, but Luke knew that he wasn't going to stay, he thought it was cruel. Luke wanted Sam to have a good first day so He wanted to make sure that The prank didn't get pulled on him.

    Luke pulled his shoes on and sweater and opened the door, to leave the dorm. "ready to go?"
  18. "Yeah." Sam said, trying not to sound too excited. He didn't know what to expect, but it could be fun. Even for an anti-socialite like himself.

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    Luke walked out of the dorm and down the hall to a larger dorm and knocked on the door, he knocked a weird pattern, and the door was opened by a girl in a min skirt and heels. she looked up at Luke and smiled pulling him into the party. "Well, Hello there handsome." Luke put his hands up away from her and his friend Rob walked over to him and looked at her. "Listen honey, this guy is not your type and you not his." Rob pulled Luke away and they laughed and then turned to Sam. "Rob this is my friend Sam, he is a Freshy." Rob chuckled and mumbled something to Luke that Sam couldn't hear. Luke chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. Grabbing Sam's wrist and pulling him further into the party. "Go mingle with your class mate's." Luke nugged Sam into a big group of other freshmen.
  20. Sammael was a little nervous at first. He wasn't used to crowds or parties. He felt claustrophobia, then, as everything settled in, he had an overwhelming euphoria. He started dancing. And after a bit, fire surrounded his fingertips, lighting up his body. It felt like he was in a rave. Full of elementals.