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  1. Story line:
    No one notices the boy running the other way or the girl heading thru the crowd.No one tries to talk with them, offer a hand. They all are heading the same way, pushing through the crowds heading to the place no one would live. Once someone was different and tried to talk to them, those people disappeared. Cause only different can see us. That is why you are here, become one of us, the world doesn't know of us yet but we Can teach the young. Come with us.

    The main presence of this RP is you have just joined a secret society called the Different. You are here because you are different, you each have a special ability that will be unlocked thru the training. The elders discovered the different have powers and by keeping these powers in the campus they can slowly build up a different civilization, one that can over come many obstacles that face the normal humans. A place were nothing is two hard. But the catch is that no one here can leave. Or else they are brainwashed and left without use of there powers and any memory of the campus.

    Enjoy your stay, you'll be here for a while..

    1. Fallow all site rules.
    2. Everything I say will go
    3. I can have your character brainwashed (kicked out) if you don't fallow mine or the sites rules
    4. Remember as this is a campus rp people are all over. So don't quickly make your way across the campus in a matter of seconds. Unless your a teleported and can do it in seconds.
    5. No godmode powers
    6. Please list the time and wear you are. If you don't know find a place some one else is in or check your movements. (Example: 12:03 Cafeteria) it's that simple and helps keep track of your character.
    7. The schedule is in game time if that confused anyone.

    Campus lay out:

    The campus is located in a deep forest in the middle of it it to be exact. There is a long steep road leading away from the campus. The campus is gated and has a section of forest which is also gated. For a more natural appearance, the gates are painted to look like wooden doors.
    There are a few buildings inside the area and two outside. The main administrative buildings and the Gym/ power training facility's. The dorms are located on the west side of the wall and are made of brick and wood. Boys and girls are in the same dorm buildings but never the same room as that would be silly.
    Each dorm is a good sized room that has a entrance on the right of the room. There is a wall that leads to the open room. The queen sized bed in each room is in the left bottle corner and there is a closet across from it. Each room also has a good sized dresser and a stack of hangers.
    Moving on to the cafeteria it is in a separate building that is located between the two dormitory buildings. The kitchen is a fifth of the whole cafeteria and has a side area which has a few vending machines and utensils. The tables are periodically placed around and are moved by the students.

    Accepted Charecters:


    Daily routine:

    Breakfast 6:15 a.m. to 7:40
    Free time 7: 41 to 9:50
    Power development 9:51 to 11:40
    Lunch 11:41 to 12:40 p.m
    Academic learning 12:41 to 2: 40
    Fine Arts 2:41 to 3:45
    Free time 3:46 to 5:59
    Dinner 6:00 to 7:00
    Free time 7:01 to 9:30
    Bed 9:31 p.m. to 6:15 a.m.
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  2. A new day rises over the Academy. The breakfast bell ringing, maybe today there serving pancakes as it is everyone's first day. This may seem like a Parkside but in total I've never seen a graduate.

    Lunch is 6:15 a.m. to 7:40 a.m. have fun.
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  3. Zanna awoke and decided to head for breakfast. She went and made sure her hair was straight with the exception of her vanes. She picked out something decent to wear for the first day and chose her usual school girl outfit. She then grabbed her raven necklace, iPod and headphones and headed for the door. She opened it and went for the lunchroom once there she smelled the aroma of pancakes and waffles. 'Cool waffles.' She went over and got a plate of waffles and then went to find a place to sit down. Zanna picked a spot to sit and it was close to the door why she just picked there was just because it was somewhere close so she wouldn't seem foolish looking for somewhere to sit.
  4. Felicia had already dressed up and was about to go where the breakfast usually took place, but she stopped for a while in front of a mirror in her dormitory, half admiring self, and after a few moments she went out of her dormitory to the hallway and headed for breakfast. "Hmm, nice smell," she thought as she entered the hall. She placed some toasts and eggs on her plate and went to find a seat. Some of the tables were empty but she didn't bother sitting there since those tables were usually for the older students. At last she found an empty seat at one corner of the hall and began eating her meals.
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  5. Ray grumbled to himself as he slowly woke up. Waiting for the initial grogginess to wear off took a while, but once it did he was up and ready to go. He got dressed, making sure to throw on his dusty jacket over everything else. As soon as he was set he stared at his door. He tried to picture the other side of it. He concentrated. Then everything turned black. When the world appeared around him again he discovered he'd misjudged and smacked right into the door.

    "Ow! Dammit!" He rubbed his forehead and got back up, thankfully nobody saw that. He pressed his hands against his door and tried again. This time he focused on the other side of the door. Everything turned black again and when it reappeared his hands were still on the door, but when he looked around behind him he discovered that he was now outside his room. "That's more like it."

    He knew there was supposed to be a rule against using your powers outside of Power Development class. It wasn't exactly prohibited, but there were certain things they just weren't allowed to do, like jumping all over campus, or in this, case, just to the lunchroom. But for Ray it was the best way to practice. Whenever he saw a gap between students he focused intently on the spot before anyone else could occupy the same space. He didn't know what would happen if he teleported in the same place someone or something else was, but he assumed it wasn't good. In that fashion he made short sporadic hops down the stairs and across the hall. He jumped in front of someone in line - they were taking too long to decide what they wanted - and got his food. He had a fried egg, some thick-cut bacon, and a bagel, along with a glass of cranberry juice.

    This, unfortunately was where he could no longer teleport around. He was able to bring things with him when he did it, but they always ended up a mess. He looked around for a place to sit, and found a table with a girl sitting in the corner. He didn't sit beside her, but took the opposite corner of the same table, giving her a little smile before eating.
  6. Zanna looked up and saw a boy smile at her and sit down at the opposite table. She smiled back and then took another bit out of her waffle along with a sip of milk. 'Well I think today will be good. Someone seems to notice me which is a first but that's one reason why I'm here I think. I wonder if I'll mange to make any new friends. Ones who know I'm there My parents explained that this is who this place is for so I guess I'll soon see. It is the first day after all.'
  7. Ray tapped his free hand against the table impatiently as he ate. He kind of wished he'd gotten something he could eat on the move. This sitting still thing was not fun. And neither was the awkward silence. He caught the person he was sharing a table with mutter something under her breath though. He didn't catch all of it, but most it he could hear.

    "Sorry?" he began, just to get her attention. "Hey. I'm Ray. Nice to meet you."

    He edged himself down the table until he was close enough to shake her hand. Of course, he could have just teleported, but sometimes a side-effect of that was things shaking. He didn't want to make a mess while introducing himself.
  8. Zanna looked up at him. "Hi. I'm Zanna and nice to meet you too." She put down the milk and held out her hand.
  9. 5:30 am , Kaori's dorm

    The sound of the alarm clock made the girl shot up from her bed, almost rolling onto the floor. She wasn't used to waking up to an alarm clock. When they were still staying with their grandparents, it was her brother that would wake her up. Groaning, she picked her outfit of the day and her toiletries, making her way to the toilet to take a quick shower and get ready. After showering and dressing up, she went back to her room. At around 6:10 am, she left her room. To her surprise, her brother was already waiting outside of her room. [BCOLOR=#000000]"Good morning, sister. Slept well?" Kaoru asked as they began exiting the dormitory building and making their way to the cafeteria for breakfast. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]In response, Kaori groaned in annoyance. In truth, she couldn't sleep the whole night, in fear that she won't wake up the next morning. The usual scowl on her face seemed rather unpleasant most of the time. Now, there were visible dark circles underneath her eyes. "Don't talk about it! I couldn't sleep!" Kaori jabbed him lightly on his side. Kaoru was rather amused at the sight of his sister. To him, she still seemed like a little kid with her messy hair, despite them being the same age.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]As they entered the cafeteria, the delightful smell of waffles, eggs and bacon filled their noses. Immediately, they could hear their stomach rumbling. They hurriedly queued up and placed their breakfast onto their plates. Looking around the cafeteria, they saw the usual people. Usually, Kaori and Kaoru would be one of the earliest ones in the cafeteria. They carried their breakfast and sat at the table that was in the middle of the cafeteria. The twins would only sit together. Heck, most of the time, they were seen together. It is highly impossible to get them separated. They took a seat and began devouring their breakfast.[/BCOLOR]
  10. Ray shook her hand and looked up as a pair of twins entered the room. They got breakfast and sat by themselves and shortly after that he ignored them, turning back to Zanna.

    "So, Zanna..." he began. He took a swig of his cranberry juice before continuing. "We're all here for some reason or another. We got powers. We're freaks, I guess people on the outside would say. What can you do?"
  11. Zanna watched the two twins who entered and then sat down. She turned her attention back to Ray when he asked her about her powers. "I'm not sure the word freaks would be how everyone describes us I was always considered different by my parents." She paused to take another bit of her waffle. "My power." She looked around checking for teacher or someone who might rat her out and let ears of a cat appear on her head. "I'm a shape-shifter. And you what's yours?"
  12. "Well, freak's just what I was called," he said dismissively. He watched as small cat ears formed on top of her head and couldn't help smiling. "That is awesome. Now my turn..."

    He got up and looked back to the breakfast spread. He saw a chocolate chip muffin he'd really like to get his hands on. He focused on the area near the muffin display, and popped in and out of existence. When he popped back in he was right by the muffins. He picked one up, tossed it up in his hand, and then threw it at the table. He started let himself fall while focusing on the seat he'd been in. He teleported back in his seat and caught the muffin he threw to himself.

    "Teleporter. Still getting the hang of it." He unwrapped the muffin and pulled a good-sized bit off it, stuffing it into his mouth. He then pulled off another piece and offered it to Zanna.
  13. Zanna watched him as he seemed to transport to the chocolate muffins. Then she saw him throw it and right when she blinked he had caught the muffin back. "Cool. I'm still getting the hang on mine as well I can't do large animals long." She looked at the piece of muffin he was offering her and took it. "Thanks." She smiled and plopped the piece in her mouth.
  14. "Sure thing," he replied and got back to his breakfast. He finished pretty quick, and was now just taking down the last of his muffin. "So we've got a free slot coming up. About two hours. I don't really have much of anything to do during that. I swear I've got ADD or something, and all that time with nothing sounds like hell. Do you have anything to do?"
  15. She continued eating and was finishing her last sip of milk. Then Ray asked about free period. And finally Zanna realized she still had cat ears so she just glanced around to see if anyone else was paying much attention and let them vanish begin replaced once more by her normal ears. She made her attention back on Ray and then replied. "No I don't have anything to do."
  16. He pulled his schedule out of his pocket and frowned. "Well that sucks because...Is it me, or do we seem to have a lot of free time? It's like half our day is just set to say 'do nothing.' What do they expect us to do? I guess we could always try out our powers outside..."

    Ray really wasn't sure if that was allowed, though. Again, he wasn't very clear on the cans or can'ts of his powers on school grounds. That being said, he didn't think the rules would completely stop him anyway. He also wanted to explore around the school so he could try memorizing places, making it easier to teleport around the school at will.
  17. Zanna pulled out her schedule as well as though to confirm his theory of 'do nothing.' "Yeah it would appear that way. Maybe we can practice our powers outside. I wouldn't mind working on a few of my transformations. And we might have so much free time because it's well the first day and they might expect us to make a few friends."
  18. "New friends," he looked over at the two alone at the table. "Why not the twins then? We can invite them to join us while you change yourself and I jump all over the place. I wonder what their powers are."
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  19. Zanna smiled and looked at the two twins. "Yeah that sounds great. I wonder maybe it's that twin power kids joked about at my old school."
  20. Twin power? He wondered if she meant that freaky twin thing where they always seem to know what one another is thinking. Probably. The only other twin power he could think of was the Wonder Twins, and that made him snicker.

    "Only one way to find out." He focused on one of the unoccupied seats at their table and soon was teleported there. The chairs and table shook a little, but he avoided making too big of a mess. "Sorry. I'm Ray. Zanna over there and I were about to go out and have a little power practice outside. We were wondering if you'd like to join us."
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