Academy for Mystical Beasts and Mysteriously Talented Teens. (Russin and Nells)

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  1. Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to Shiloh's Academy for Mystical Beasts and Mysteriously Talented Teens! Here at the Academy we offer a full four year program so that our students may graduate and go straight to Shiz University. Room and board is offered on campus, but is optional. Make sure your teen has their schedule before the first day!

    - Headmaster Tsin


    Sunni Mae Monroe walked through the large iron gates with an S marked on the front. There were large stone walls surrounding the grounds of the Academy, rightfully so. Sunni was a Sophomore. It was her second year here at Shiloh, and she wasn't exactly excited to be back. She always got into fights, and you'd think with everyone here being the definition of a freak. everyone would be happy. But rival species attending the same school sometimes causing the butting of heads.

    Sunni was considered a living candle. Her skin flickered yellow and orange, just like the flame of a candle. He hair was long and red, her eyes being a dark red. Today she wore a white sundress and red sneakers. She had a slim frame, but don't let her looks get the best of you, Sunni has been in martial arts since the age of two. She entered the large building. The foyer had two royal staircases that led up to the second floor where all the classrooms were. The first was mainly the Cafeteria and dorm rooms.

    She walked down the hallway towards where her dorm was supposed to be when she ran into someone, sending her to the ground.
  2. Kunto took his stuff to his room a little bit earlier than most. He got everything ready for another year of school then started heading out of the room to get to the second floor. He walked through the hallway that his room was on and was turning a corner before he ran into someone. He knocked her down and looked down at her with his brown eyes, some of his white hair covering one of his eyes.

    "I hope I didn't hurt you, but you should be more careful coming around corners or walking down the hallway. Need help up?" He asked as he held out a hand. He didn't have any expression on his face as he looked at her.
  3. Sunni sat up with a grunt, "I don't need to do anything." she hissed and picked up the spilled contents of her shoulder bag. She brushed his hand out of the way standing back to her feet. She dug through her bag to make sure she had everything. She quickly moved to pick up the chapstick that rolled across the floor. "Maybe you should be more careful. Correct yourself before you try to correct anyone else." Sunni's glare was fierce. When she said she got into fights a lot, she meant that it was almost always her fault and her temper kept her from admitting it.
  4. He watched her and looked at her when she hit his hand out of the way. He bent down before her and picked the chapstick up for her. "You should learn to thank others for advice. It is rude to talk back too. Be careful. You might get into a fight you can't win." He held the chapstick out for her to take from him as he looked at her with only a small smile.
  5. Her eyes narrowed, "I don't thank people for bad advice." she grumbled taking the chapstick and shoving it into her bag. "I don't care much about winning. It's more about showing people that I won't back down. I won't fold for someone else's whims, and that is a lesson that cannot be taught by being careful." She brushed past the boy, her skin flickering a lighter color than before. She was not going to get into a fight on her first day. Sure, she fought a lot, but the first day of school is supposed to be a good one.
  6. He looked at her for a moment as she spoke and then stood where is was when she brushed past him. He turned around and watched her for a little bit before he said "Just remember. Sometimes it is better to back down than to start something that you can't finish." He turned and started heading to the class room up on the next floor. He honestly didn't like her that much and wasn't sure why. He kind of hoped that she wasn't in his class.
  7. Sunni set her bag down and grabbed a notebook and pen. She was almost late for class, of course, she wouldn't be it that kid hadn't of held her up in the hallway. She rushed back to the classroom on the second floor secretly hoping that the boy she had the displeasure of meeting wasn't in her class. She moved through the doors, her deep ruby eyes scanning the room. And of course, they fall on the odd boy with the bad advice. She sat across the room from him, smiling and sparking up a conversation with one of her friends from the year before.
  8. Kunto was sitting on one side of the room and looking out the window at the trees. He didn't really like it here because he didn't have any friends. People used to use him when he was younger because of his unique abilities but he slowly started to get to the point to where he didn't trust anyone that talked to him. He sat there and then looked up to the front of the room when the teacher started class.
  9. Sunni did not pay attention to the teacher until he spoke about class representatives. It wasn't unusual for Sunni to get nominated but she was never elected. To many people were afraid she might burn down the school at a dance or something. Actually, they were always scared she was going burn something down. Her abilities were always questioned and feared since fire raged so strongly inside her. They were doing nominations. One boy and one girl. Sunni's friend Mag nominated her, per usual, and Sunni's eyes almost rolled into the back of her head. They would never vote for her anyhow.
  10. Kunto looked around for a minute and then shook his head since none of the other boys were volunteering for the position or were just joking around. He sighed as he raised his hand and then said "I will be the class rep for the boys." The teacher and the rest of the class looked at him for a minute and then everyone looked away. The class was quiet as the teacher simply wrote his name up on the board and checked to see if there were any objections. When no one raised their hand to reject it, the teacher went back to the the girl nominations. Kunto simply went back to looking out the window.
  11. Sunni was zoned out, drawing random lines on her notebook until the teacher announced the reps. That boy she ran into in the hallway had been elected for the boys and.. she was elected for the girls? She gave a small smile. Great, now she was going to have to spend twice as much time with that kid that already doesn't like her, though the feeling is mutual.
  12. He could careless who he was the class rep with. He just hoped that they didn't get scared of him before they could get anything done. He was a hard worker, he just didn't like to socialize much because of his past with others. He looked at the board and thought for a minute as he looked around the room. When he spotted the girl from earlier, he frowned a little bit because of the smile on her face. He had a feeling that she was the class rep for the girls.
  13. Sunni jumped at the sound of the bell ringing. Class was always short on the first day, but they had a nice little lunch in the Cafeteria set up for the students to come and socialize. Sunni, though was more interested in the new books the library got in this year. She gathered her notebook, running a flickering hand through her hair, and hurried down the stairs. She maneuvered past the cafeteria and in to the peaceful quiet of the Library.
  14. Kunto looked away from the girl and then looked up at a speaker as he heard the bell ring. He gathered his things and then headed out of the classroom. He headed to the library and sat in a corner by the window after he grabbed a couple of books on the stars, animals, and insects. He sat there and read for a little bit as the rest of the world started to disappear from his mind. He was in his only little zone.
  15. Sunni sat near the librarians desk. She checked out quite a few books and had many questions, so she liked to stay close. And really, the only thing that most of the people in this school used the library for, was messing about in the back. It was no question that most of the students were trouble makers, but could you really expect anything less from an Academy filled with monsters and teenage hormones? She flipped through the pages, careful not to set them alight. That was another constant struggle. She was basically a candle and had to be very careful with her powers since any outburst could be the one where she burns down the school. She closed the book, setting it back into the return cart, then turning to walk among the thousands of shelves and cases the library had.
  16. He was sitting there for a little bit and then some students came into the library. It was a group of vampires. They looked around for a minute before they smiled and headed towards the back to where Kunto was. There was some noise and then silence before one of the students flew out and hit the floor in front of the librarian's desk. Then there was the sound of glass breaking and someone yelling before the rest of the group of vampires ran away. Kunto stood there for a little bit with blood dripping from his arm and head. He sighed as he started to head towards the nurse's office, knowing that he was hurt but not feeling the pain.
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