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Angeline's blood cousin, Trixie... Always a problem child. Ironic how their lives had mirrored one another, though she would be remissed to admit that there were any similarities between them. Angeline was an ambitious candidate from a problem family of her house, yet Trixie was born to one of great standing and respect, yet she trounces upon that any chance she got. She claimed she'd be willing to show her what a barbarian was, and it irked Angeline. Still, she needed to keep up decorum. She bit her cheek in effort to hold her from, speaking, enough so that soon the metallic taste of blood started to drip to her tongue and diffuse across her taste buds.

She sighed, "Please Trixie. I meant no disrespect to you in particular. It is not too late for redemption. You are my own blood after all." She turned to the red-haired man who claimed to be affiliated with a business organization rather than any house. Peculiar for certain, but they held similar standing here.

"It's not too complicated. A warrior is simply one who fights. In other words, a barbarian is as much a warrior as a knight. The difference is decorum." She took a sip from her glass.


Taric, meanwhile, stumbled a little when Kai-li corrected him on her name. Fortunately she seemed to not really car at all. In fact, she even sorta liked it, and when she started suggesting certain nicknames for him, Taric couldn't help but start laughing. "Oh man what a relief! I've been terrible with names and words all my life. You wouldn't believe the scolding's I've had because of that! Turns out, when your family cares about titles that much, people can get pretty upset when you mess them up. If you don't mind then, I think I'm gonna keep calling you Kali, in commemoration of this moment."

Taric took his glass, filled with wine, and raised it to the air. "Cheers friends! May we best any adversary who crosses our path!" And soon they would meet these adversaries. Who were these foes? Well that is the realm of seers and fortune tellers and gods. For now, their paths would lead them elsewhere.

The following day was the first set of classes for many of them, most of which were involved with daemonology and theory on Prima and Devotions, building off of the foundations that they were taught during basic training. Soon after, around 3 in the afternoon, they were all instructed to the Colosseum, a large amphitheater typically used in training and duels of honor between families and knights. However, as they approached, the new recruits would be greeted by an elderly man, shouting to workers in vehicles carrying large beasts trapped in cages. No doubt, every member would be able to tell that behind these force-field cages were none other than Primal Titans

They were small for titans, but even with that evidence in mind, each one still dwarfed their group. Soon the man turned around. He was perhaps in his mid 70's perhaps older. He was short, likely well beyond his golden years, and wore armor which took after the traditions of centuries ago. "Oh. You're here. Good. I'd have expected a little more punctuality from the lot, but there is only so much that an old man can expect now that I've been relegated to beast duties.


The old man pointed at the beasts behind him, as a man passing by brought him a piece of paper. He slipped on a pair of reading glasses. "I am Horatio, of a family of no renown. I am Man-at-Arms, and instructor for many individuals here. If it isn't already clear, you lot will be taking on one of these today. I've already split you all into groups" He spoke in a clear and matter of fact voice, leaving no chance for anyone to interject. And any attempts to do so would likely be met with retaliation.

"Now then. I have before me a Dragon, a Serpent, A Dire Bear, and a Wurm. I've split you all up in groups and we'll take turns. Do your best. If you succeed today, you will be allowed access to apprentice missions and will receive your 'Squire.'

Now then! Line up with your party!

First off: Against the Dragon is Angeline, Izana, Replik, and Trixie

The Serpent: Ivo, Kai'li, and Naomi

The Dire Bear: Taric, Julian, and Ardent

The Sand Wurm: Bianca, Astrid, Lumikki, Taiki

Right! If you're not on deck, clear out to safety. This will get chaotic!"

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As he hoped, the rest of the dinner went off without a hitch. Though some of these people were...eccentric in their own unique ways, Julien kept a mental note to track who was who. If he wanted to establish some sort of connection, he needed to familiarize himself with all of them. He said as much to Bianca that she should do the same. She might not understand the importance of friendly relationships, but Julien did. He'd make sure to forge and uphold as many relationships as he could; you never know when being friendly with the right person might be crucial.

In this case, it could mean life or death.

The next day came as quickly as the other went, where they were met with an older war-torn gentleman. This man's demeanor demanded respect. From his face down to the metal of his shoes. Said gentlemen also had creatures in cages behind him, which must have added to the "strong" and "fearless" demeanor Horatio was emitting. Those creatures didn't look one bit happy to see new faces either. Great.

"Taric, Ardent," He addressed the two. "I've no doubts of your capabilities. So, I will do what I can to keep you both healed and stay out of your way." After all, he worked best when he had someone protecting him.


Mentions: Astrid | @Psyker Landshark Lumikki | @Ariel Taiki | @FireDrake150

Julien always told her how important it was to stay close to people you meet... Bianca never understood that, really. None of these people would care about her except when the time called for it. Maybe if they bothered to learn more about each other, then sure she would care. But if they showed no interest in being friendly, then why the hell should she bother? The only thing that tied them all together was this Academy. If it wasn't for this place, they'd have never met these people.

Julien didn't make sense sometimes. One or two quality friends was all she needed. Who cares if some big shot you bumped elbows with decided to notice you?

Regardless, his words lingered in her head for a while before completely forgetting about it the next day.

Things were starting to get interesting by the looks of those Titans.

Julien got stuck with the bear while Bianca was given one of the danger noodles.

"I ain't responsible for any injuries you get if you get in my way. Just an fyi." She warned her teammates. "All of you look capable, at least. Let's get this over and done, yeah?"


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Finally. It was about damned time they had a real test, rather than constant drills and classroom instruction. Astrid had been waiting for this since she'd entered the academy, and it was finally time for actual combat. While she would've preferred to be facing off against the dragon, really, any monster would do at this point. As for her teammates...well, she'd have to see, wouldn't she? The only real interaction Astrid had with them so far had been the previous night's dinner, and that hadn't exactly been a sterling show by any means.

"The vote of confidence is appreciated." Astrid huffed sardonically to Bianca, hunching down and placing one hand on the hilt of her sword regardless. "Still, if you intend to just go for a frontal rush, by all means. I won't stop you. Though the right flank is mine." She settled into an iai stance, preparing to charge. "So long as we kill this thing, it's just one step closer toward real missions and our Squires. Let's not bungle this, yes?"

Bianca seemed to be hearty enough, and Lumikki was from a family known for their martial skill. Astrid had faith enough that those two, at least, would be able to perform well. Taiki was a complete unknown, but quite frankly, it didn't matter. She'd drag him kicking and screaming to the finish line if she had to.

"Are we ready? This worm won't die of old age."


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Izana would follow, allowing everything that he had learned to this point to carry his behavior and conceal his nerves. Of course, the fact that they were out here and armed, unlike the dinner from the other night spoke towards the fact that there would be some form of training today, but when the old man spoke, and it seemed that they were late, Izana initially moved to give an apology but held is tongue when not given the space or time to respond. In his time here he had learned just how subtle a "I don't care" attitude that was, and he'd not like to have everyone around him punished in the case he slipped up.

Once his name is read, his heart sinks a few steps, as his allies all, or most, seem to be in some form or fashion related to the house he personally shares the least in common with. Giving the drilled response after the names and assignments are read, he moved over to line up with his 'team.' "Angeline, Replik, Trixie. Are you ready? sounds like we're up first." Doing his best to hide his nerves. It was a dragon they'd be up against, and they'd be there to set the bar, seeing as they're the first on the proverbial plate, His hand resting on the pommel of his sword, as he tries to steel himself.

Taiki, on the other hand, would be overjoyed at the idea of getting to both work with others, as well as to have potential ammo with which to further 'train' his brother, depending on his performance, though of course he'd never admit that last bit, right? Either way, it seems his 'comrades' were a bit trigger-happy. Looking to Bianca, he let out a little smirk. "Take care you're not the one to get hurt. As for me, Whether I fight up close, or down range, it makes no difference. I just hope you can keep up."

At this point, however, is where Lumikki chimed in, and as per usual, Taiki has a quip for every situation. "My MY! Aren't we a bit trigger happy. Incase you're hard of hearing, we're going to be the LAST group to fight. I suggest you sit down, shut up, and study how everyone else fights, you might get to live another day that way. Besides, we're going to have to work with the others sooner or later. And when we're up, we can put on a mighty-fine show." His smirk deepens, and he rolls his shoulders as if loosening up, only to have clinks and clanks of stacks of armored metal plates all over loosen, shift, and then resecure themselves.

Before falling silent, however, he turned a piercing gaze towards his brother, and in a language likely unfamiliar to the rest, uttered what would amount to a quick, to the point statement, meant to amp up the pressure.

"<You better defeat that thing, or we're going to have words later. I won't be losing a brother because they decided to hold back, be it compassion, fear, or outright stupid. You hear? Kill that thing, and do it well. I will be watching.>"


"<And you finally get to show ALL of us what makes you so god damn special. You should learn to be less cocky, or did your failure to even dent that titan back home teach you NOTHING? Lay off, or one day it WILL get you killed. We have a sister to find, Try not to die before you meet back up with her, and she might be able to heal that scar of yours.>"