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  1. Stella is seventeen years old and her boyfriend of six months, Trey, is becoming violent. First it started with his crushing hands over her wrists, then the slaps of sudden rage- now there's a purple bruise on her jaw. Stella is terrified of Trey and has been slowly cutting herself off from her friends and family as Trey's vicious obsession grows. Ethan, Stella's oldest friend, has been noticing her timorous actions and forces himself into Stella's life again. The two quietly rekindle their friendship and as Ethan slowly opens Stella up, puts himself and her in danger.

    So that's the plot of this roleplay. It definitely has a darker edge to it, especially for me, but I'm interested in trying something new. I'm looking for people to play Ethan and Trey and if you have an idea about another character, please throw it out there. I'm open to ideas. :))

    If you're interested, please state who you would like your character to be, the age, etc. I'm not looking for any specific ages or appearances- the info I gave out is really just a shell of the characters and plot line. Let this roleplay become your own- I love spontaneous roleplaying partners.
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  2. Hey! I think I'd like to give Ethan a try! I actually have some experience with Ethan's position. That might be a bad start to this but it is true.

    If I were to be him, I could make him 19. Two years seems like enough to be able to handle both his maturity and the situation at hand. He would be timid, but as you've put bold when the time arises, as seen by Stella's circumstance. I like this idea for a roleplay a lot. Very unique. If you'd like me to be a part of it or more information on Ethan let me know. I'm always willing to build upon things!
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  3. That's awesome! (Not the part about you having experience about this) but I'm happy I got a taker- I wasn't sure if this roleplay would get off the ground.
  4. I'm happy to be a part of it! Hopefully one more person will join so we can start it up. Really awesome concept (in a completely hypothetical sense)
  5. Let's hope for that other person haha :)
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  6. Hi guys! Since this is all OOC talk, I moved your thread to the Signups & Plot Discussions subforum. When you're ready to roleplay, make an In Character thread in the Realistic Roleplays forum. When you get that third player, you can change your thread prefix to Private or Closed Apps. If you're not sure how to do that, feel free to message me and I can do it for you.

    Happy roleplaying! :)
  7. Oh thank you
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