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  1. Note: Initially the plot was for @Verdant Feather idea of a J-Horror story and with the help of @Noceur we pretty much came with a great idea (from what I think), and at @Lady Bernkastel advise I decided to write my own (and first) role-play.


    A tale of origins, were in the Dark Ages stories filled the heart and mind of creature named by others as Humans. Indeed, we are a species that we are tangled in the web of fate, with complex minds and emotions, but among us could be found simple-minded creatures who awake the unknown. The tales were always a simple waste of time, but everything changes when the stories come back to life to devour your body and spirit letting behind your only legacy, an empty memory of who you used to be.


    Welcome to Tokyo. Over the years the population decreased drastically, from 9,949,447 in 2010, to 8,789,154 in present, almost 1,160,293 in the last years. At a first glare everything seems normal, in fact Tokyo it is a very large city and a lot of things can happen, but on a close look everything changes. In west is Itabashi, one of Tokyo's 20 districts. Unlike other districts this one is rather famous for its street's storytellers, in the last year review, In Itabashi 'vanished' more than 954.236 in the last two years. The most intriguing thing is that no one remembers them, that even though the population has dropped tremendously, for the rest it's like there were not born. In Itabashi there are a few famous storytellers, but among the, recently a pair of brother started to become ratherfamous and the public began to love them.

    You live your life, you have a job or you are looking for one. Maybe you just finished university and you are a fresh student, or still in highschool. Overall you're a normal person who sees his business. But one day stop, a voice lures you, like a whispers in the sweetest voice to stop and listen,to listen to a story in broad daylight. The story itself is scary, you say that told during the day it loses its effect, but told by them makes you to close the door twice and the windows as well, to sleep with the covers over you and to say your prayers. Words that caress you and words that creeps under your skin the most frightening thoughts.

    Say, do you dare to listen ?


    This role-play is a horror one, the story has in it other stories of horror from Japan. The two brother, as a spot, I will keep it open for @Noceur who came with the idea, if it wants to join then is perfect, if not I will try to manage this someone, or I will try to bribe someone into playing a sadistic, lier, hot character.
    For the characters to know each other will be discussed later, but as a prime idea I wished for the characters to notknow each other, they just hear the story and go on to live their meaningless life. Somehow, for the story to affect everyone, I wish for the characters to have a connection, like someone helps an old woman and the other sees him/her, or a waitress/waiter and the customer and so on.

    #1 - One paragraph,please. This is a horror role-play -or I will try to make one-, express your fears, thoughts, habits, emotions, make me feel that fear in your bones.
    #2- English is my second language, but I put a lot of accent on quality and not quantity. I will try to be understanding, use a grammar check twice to be sure.
    #3- No text talk, well, if you text each other maybe, but still, this is not twitter...yet ;)
    #4 - Be nice with each other, please or you will meet Mz Hyde
    #5 - Ok it is a horror, everyone dies, in the end or not. This depends on your actions, the way you talk and gesture, everything might sentence you to death or not. Chose your actions correctly.
    #6 - No Gary Stu (I always asked myself who is he) and Mary Sue, ok, I understand that everyone wants to be some sort of perfect prodigy, but please, I bet on 500$ you won't survive with me one day, so folks let's keep it real, well, 50% at least :)
    #7 - "I am the God you mortals ! So behave and don't dare to become one ! You will met severe punishment !" I think it sums up pretty much what I want to say ;)
    8# - Have fun ! Take care and survive !!!
    #9 - The two brother for the moment will be a secret. So until then have fun, again ^^

    (Every horror story will be a chapter that will be spoken in the IC thing .... Anyway, the character sheet as well, now I am only interested to see who wants to join )​
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