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  1. THIS IS NOT FINISHED! I put this here because I needed to finish working it out, but I also wanted to know if people were even interested.

    In 1974 Angelique killed her brother.
    It was an accident and they were just messing around while he was teaching her how to drive.
    He trusted her way too much and took the emergency break off.
    A too hard tap to the gas and the car lurched forward, slamming into a tree.
    Angelique survived but her brother did not.
    Most people pass out from the force of the collisions, but Angelique kept her eyes open, so she saw it.
    'It' being the thing that came for her brother.
    'It' being the thing that her brother fought so fiercely until it gave up, and left her brother's soul on earth.

    Angelique was present during the funeral, her parents wanted her to see the damage she had done.
    Her brother was there too. His body was lowered into the ground and covered with dirt, but he was still there.
    The creature that had tried to take him was a reaper.
    It simply wanted to lead Angelique's brother to the other side.
    But Angelique's brother refused. He wasn't ready to leave and he couldn't abandon his sister.

    The two siblings stayed together, even when Angelique's parents kicked her out of the house.
    They couldn't forgive her for what happened.
    Not a day after her first night of living on the streets, Angelique was approached by 'it'.
    Her brother raced to protect her, doing all that a ghost could.
    'It' payed him no mind. The passage to the other side was a one time thing only.
    'It' had another offer.
    'It' told them of a place where they could live together and fight for the greater good.
    'It' saw potential in Angelique and her brother, 'it' felt that they belonged at that place.
    They agreed to go to the place after some hesitation.

    The place turned out to be a school.
    A school that taught living and specter partners to fight evil beings.
    Partners were made up of those who were together when one half died.
    Just like Angelique and her brother.
    The school taught the partners how to protect each other as well as fight enemies.
    The school accepted all who met it's requirements.
    The only condition was that the living partners shed their given names.

    The specter partners had already lost their names when they died.
    To even the scales the living partner needed to give up their name as well.
    Human names may not be used.
    Instead, concepts, objects, colors, adjectives. Those were ideal.
    Angelique shed her name for Bright.
    Specters were to change their names as well, but in a different way than the living.
    Actions, adverbs, elements, onomatopoeia's were offered.
    Angelique's brother chose Quite.

    The two trained hard at the school and soon became legends.
    Bright and Quite, nearly every student knew their names.
    However Bright, unlike her brother still aged.
    And when she became too old, she retired and eventually died.
    'It' returned and this time both siblings crossed to the other side.

    Now it's forty one years later and your characters are students at Vivo Spectrum Academy (VSA). Whether you are a new student or long time student, you are a guardian of the earthly realm. Evil creatures called Deathlits have begun to populate the realm quite rapidly and it is up to you and your partner to stop them.

    Deathlits are spirits who refused to pass on to the other side but also never formed a partnerships with anyone. Deathlits possess weak willed humans, animals and sometimes electronic objects and use them to terrorize and kill humans.

    You are a student at Vivo Spectrum Academy (VS Academy). You are either a new student or continuing student. Either way you are a partnership between a living human and a dead human. This type of partnership is called a Living-Spectrum Pair (LSP). You study and train at VS Academy in order to fight creatures called Deathlits who prey on regular humans.

    This year however, the headmistress LSP has decided to change the way LSPs are fighting. Instead of simply assigning different assignments to Living Spectrum Pairs, the headmistress LSP has combined two pairs to create one team. This is to insure that the Deathlits (that are increasing in strength) are properly annihilated.

    The Academy is located in the Dolomite mountains in Italy. The entrance of the academy however is hidden to those who are not accompanied by a Reaper. Despite the location of the academy, the school is brightly lit and warm in places frequented by the Living.

    All academy staff are either LS pairs or Reapers.
    Headmistress LSP - The Headmistress LSP are twins that seem to never age for reasons unknown to most. They appear as two identical thirty year old women. Aside from approving assignments and managing the school, they do not make many appearances. The names of the Headmistress LSP are unknown. Refer to them as Headmistress.
    Stagnum - A laid back reaper with a dark sense of humor.
    Tinctis - A mute reaper, it uses shadows to illustrate it's message.
    LSP Pretty and Snap - A mother and son pair. Pretty is a large Hispanic woman who always wears bright colors, and Snap a nineteen year old boy who always wears a tuxedo.
    LSP Stiletto and Boom!

    Unless you are a new student, academy classes can be attended whenever advice or lessons are needed. There is no set schedule for second years and up.
    LSP Strategy - LSP Pretty and Snap
    LSP Mediation - Stagnum (Reaper)
    Deathlit 101 - Tinctis (Reaper)
    Track and Obstacle - LSP Stiletto and Boom!
    Weapon Forging - Headmistress LSP

    All Living students must shed their mortal names. *
    All Spectrum students must cease to be nameless and take a new name. *
    **See Naming Guide
    All LSPs must sign out before leaving on a misson.

    The names of the Living must be;
    Concepts, objects, colors, adjectives.
    The names of the Spectrum must be;
    Actions, adverbs, elements, onomatopoeia's.


    Living are humans who witnessed the death of a spectrum and paired with one. They appear as regular human beings with enhanced strength and speed.
    Spectrums are ghosts that have paired with a Living. They appear as semi transparent human beings, and have the ability to touch solid objects if they so choose. They can also pass through solid objects if they want to. Spectrums have the ability to enhance the weapons of their partners or fuse with their partners to become a stronger being. (This fusion only last for two hours.)
    Deathlits are ghosts that refused to cross to the other side and terrorize people. They have the ability to possess humans, animals and electronic objects. Newly dead Deathlits are very weak but ones that have been dead for more than five years are very strong.
    Reapers are dark and shadowy creatures who either teach at the Academy or leads souls to the other side. Most reapers speak in whispers, but some are mute and use shadow manipulation (basically shadow puppetry) to communicate. Since reapers are the byproduct of Gods, they cannot be killed except by each other or their creators.

    RP Inspiration: RWBY and Hamatora and Soul Eater
    The character appearances will be Anime/Unrealistic
    The rating is PG-13 for violence, strong language and death.​
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  2. As always with your awesome ideas. I don't know RWBY and Hamatora, maybe that'll trouble me a bit. What is assignment based, by the way?
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  3. :D Hiiii
    Assignment Based means that the rp will revolve around completing various tasks. However I just changed my mind about that and I've decided to just make it an academy rp with a twist.

    And you don't have to have watch RWBY or Hamatora. I just wanted to list my rp muses. :)
  4. It reminds me of Cupid Academy now aww I miss that.
    OKay so if it is, what kind of teachers would they have? Living-spectare pairs? One living or one spectare? What kind of subjects? What exactly do they fight?

    Ohhhh man I'm so excited
  5. @Mippu
    Aw yeah, cupid academy! That was nice while it lasted. Actually I was thinking that the school staff would be made up of Reapers and Living-Specter pairs. (You know what I'm gonna call them LSPs, so I don't have to type it out each time.)

    But the focus of the rp won't be on the staff, but on the LSP students and their battles. Also their team formation. :D (Yay for pairing people with conflicting personalities!)
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  6. Yay for chemistry!

    But yeah, what exactly is that evil they fight? Why and how does it exist? Are they LSP's on the loose? That would sorta imply LSPs could go..evil. Without control, that is.
  7. I edited the bit about the evil creatures and named then Deathlits.

    Deathlits are spirits who refused to pass on to the other side but also never formed a partnership with anyone. Deathlits possess weak willed humans, animals and sometimes electronic objects and use them to terrorize and kill humans.
  8. Amazing, oooooh I can't wait to play. I'd even play side-characters if needed. Let me know when this is going to happen okay?
  9. Suuuup. Gonna need more deets before I join, though.

    Example: What tools/powers/equipment/training do we get or need?
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  10. This right here? THAT'S sinful. Just a side-note.
  11. This has definitely peaked my interest!
  12. Should I know it? What is it?
  13. Yeah, I'm working on the details now, but I'm going back to school tomorrow, so don't expect it so soon.

    Also @The Philosoraptor now that I've got you here. Are you still interested in Spawn?
  14. Shit, knew I should have lain low a little bit longer. Sorry, no. If you want, I'll delete my posts on the IC.
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  15. Nah, it's totally cool. XD It's in hiatus now anyways and I'll probably just revamp the whole thing.
  16. i'm interested myself ! well . . . i haven't looked through the whole thing , but i'll do that right now ! -thumbs up-
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