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  1. ((PLOT: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/absolutes-vs-anarchists.61920/ ))

    Eclipse checked the door behind her. Still bolted shut. Good, that means the prototype is still sealed. She sat down in a chair by an old computer monitor. The back panel was torn off and she returned to messing with the wiring, her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. If she could set this up, she could get a security system up...maybe. If the technology would work!


    Allie made her way silently down a gap between a gate and an old company building. She held her sword in front of her as she rounded the corner. "Hello?" she called out quietly. She had heard something about one of her people being ambushed and captured by the Anarchists. She wasn't going to allow the barbaric Anarchists hurt one of her Absolutists.
  2. Katsumi stayed far enough behind the buildings not to be spotted, she was once again spying on the Absolutists, well at this moment one Absolutists who was sneaking around an old company building. She drew her sword just be ready to protect herself in case more of them were near. But for now she wasn't looking for a fight, she just had to keep them in her range of sight to make sure no that the Absolutists caused no trouble.
  3. Peter followed behind Eclipse at a slow pace. The hideout they were stationed in was pretty old, and even though it was still in good shape, some of the walls were less than safe and couldn't be trusted to hold if you hit them hard enough. When they got to the room, Eclipse sat down at an old computer and began fiddling with the wires sticking out in the back, first making sure the metal door was still intact. This was supremely important, because the experimental weapons Peter and the others had helped create for weeks were kept behind that door, and even though the door was secure, it would come down in an instant when faced against an Absolutist bomb or any one of the many powerful lasers and weapons they had at their disposal. Finally, she got it to work, and it booted up, the fuzzy green monitor coming to life from her handiwork. "Nice job, Eclipse. Now if we cold only get some more power for this thing, we wouldn't have to restart it every time we use it." Peter chuckled.

    Zander crept around the corner of the abandoned building, looking out for Anarchist refugees that might be hiding out around here. Walking in front was Allie, looking at a worn down gate and office building, her sword at the ready. "Hello?" she called out quietly as Zander looked around, searching for any sign of movement. They were on a standard perimeter check today, which basically meant they would walk around blindly in the same pattern every day looking for any sign of Anarchists, even though no Anarchist with even half a brain would ever get close enough to an Absolutist station without making sure it was cleared first. But, here she was. Soon, she would be promoted to a better position, and would even be able to make longer raids to known Anarchist hideouts. Until then though, she was stuck doing the same thing every day, with... she stopped her thinking when her Danger Sense went off. Something didn't seem right, and she could tell Allie felt it too. There was an Anarchist nearby, and they had to capture them.
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  4. Eclipse smiled faintly. "Hopefully, because that would be great." She glanced over at Peter before looking back at the computer. She typed in a few quick commands and the computer beeped, a camera screen showing up. She sat back. It was a camera that had been set up in the corner of the room in which held the prototype of the EEF. "Tada! I knew it would pull up eventually, even if it took forever." She smiled at Peter and sighed softly. "Hopefully it's worth it.


    Allie winced as a sudden sense of danger washed over her. She backed up a step. "You feel that Zander?" she asked quietly, kneeling down slightly as she looked around carefully. An ambush would not be something she would be happy with, and yet, if it was a lone Anarchist...just maybe they could catch it and bring it back. Surely no one was that stupid...were they?
  5. Her danger sense was annoying her right now, she knew she had to go and warn Eclipse about these two...and in the same mind she wanted to kill them and get it done with or maybe kill one an keep the other but deciding to go with the first choice she used her Extreme speed to get back to the hideout they were using at the moment.

    Upon reaching it she wasted no time before approaching Eclipse "I've spotted two, on perimeter check" she said also adding the exact position where they were.
  6. Eclipse looked up as Katsumi approached. "That close to the border?" She sighed, frustrated. "Okay, Peter, go with Katsumi. Don't get caught, just watch them. We can't afford a fight at the moment, not yet." She sat up. "Can I trust you two?"


    Allie paused. "It's gone.." she whispered, creeping forwards, towards the door to the building. "They left."
  7. Katsumi looked at Eclipse then to Peter "course you trust us" she said looking towards the door "After all when have we ever let you down" she asked as she stepped outside the base while putting her sword back in place getting ready for any possible trouble "Coming Peter" she asked as she peeked back into the doorway.
  8. Andrew would be located on a Rooftop a few buildings next to the Old company building leaning against a completely metal Deck Railing that was bent in a way. He would say to himself "This is getting Annoying now..." complaining like he usually does and would take out a water bottle to started drinking from it. While he drank he would look down and see the people down there this would cause him to choke but cover his mouth quickly so no noise could be heard. He would examine each person he see's being careful trying to figure out who they were and If they were Anarchists or Absolutists. He would quickly shiver at the thought of getting in a gun fight with an Absolutist since he was in no real position to make such a move, Since there is only one exit on the roof besides jumping off. Though since he does like conflict, he will just watch a bit on whats going on.
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  9. Crouched low behind the shrubs of a tree, Keith Duncans lay hidden from view, the butt of his rifle pressing against his cheek. He kept his eye on the old building Zander and Allie walked into minutes ago, watching for any Anarchists who followed. Seems like none, but that is no reason to lower your guard. Still, Keith wasn't too comfortable coming here to this abandoned building. Allie said she heard one of their own was captured and held here, but how can she be so sure? This might be another trap from the Anarchists, something to lure them out, but Allie seemed to really want to go here and help whoever was in trouble.

    Numerous emotions swarmed over him, ranging from nervousness, fear, unease, and hostility. No doubt Allie and Zander's Danger sense activated or else they wouldn't be feeling unease, at least he was sure it was Allie and Zander's; Mind reading has never been very clear. But these others feelings, such as that hostility and sudden blood thirst, that can't be them. No way, not unless they had been confronted and were fighting already but he would have heard Allie's sword or Zander firing her gun by now. There must be someone else here then, and it seems they found Allie and Zander.

    "Guys, watch it," he said, pressing the intercom to speak. "You've got company, and they're not too happy you're here."
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  10. "Copy that, I'll keep my eyes open." Allie responded, glancing around before continuing into the building. It seemed almost completely empty.
    Eclipse glanced at the computer as it beeped, letters scrolling across the screen. She frowned. "Building breech directly on the perimeter. Nothing important there, but we've got a few Absolutists." She said with a scowl.
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  11. Zander kept her eyes open, looking around for the cause of the Danger Sense. She knew it could glitch sometimes, but she felt a presence, and knew this time was for real. "Allie, get ready. You too, Keith." She spoke into a wallow talkie, alerting her friend waiting in the bushes. Soon, the sense was gone, but she could hear the audible noise of running feet in the distance. She tensed up and pointed in the direction of the running. "After them!" She shouted, loading her gun and taking off, not even checking to see if her companions were following.

    Peter followed Katsumi out the door, pausing to respond to Eclipse when she spoke of a security breach. "We're in it. Give us the coordinates and we'll take 'em out no problem." The young man said confidently, smirking at the girl sitting at the computer.
  12. Allie jumped at the sudden command. She nudged Zander. "Let's GO!" She said, bursting out the door and after Zander, looking around carefully.

    Eclispe checked the coordinates. "They're on the move..." She frowned, watching each sensor go off. "They're coming towards us from 42 degrees East. Ten minutes before they reach us, they're chasing one of ours." She said, standing. "Do they even realize they're in our territory??"
  13. Andrew would of said "I wonder if i will hear anything interesting soon hah" and would then walk to the middle of the roof facing the only door leading to the second to last floor. He would take out his Machete and stat dancing around slowly. If anyone saw him they could easily assume he wasn't right in the head too much. He would stop after thirty seconds and put it away and say "And I'm bored again" and would walk to the railing and crawl on the other side standing on the ledge holding his hands on the bar and looked down at the area watching anything going on from below. Almost immediately he got a great idea in his own opinion to make things "Fun". He would then hop back over and take one last sip of his water bottle leaving it half empty and started pouring it off the roof and would then drop the water bottle as soon as it was empty. After that he would slowly walk to the door smiling hoping that it caused some attention and he would say "I wonder if there will be a gunfight. It will be interesting alright." in a more casual tone of voice.
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  14. Hearing something drop, Allie skidded to a stop. She made a low, almost growling sound as she looked cautiously around her, drawing her sword as she approached the sound. She stopped, staring at the dropped bottle. She sighed. "What idiot just drops a bottle?" She muttered to herself. "Oh wait...probably a stupid Anarchist. They're always causing problems." She picked up the bottle, looking over it.
  15. When looking over the water bottle she could see that there is a face drawn in on marker of just the eyes and mouth and sticking out the tongue. it would be rubbed off some. Andrew would be hoping to now meet an Absolutist for an actual chat instead of fighting. He planned on whoever found the bottle to enter the building where mostly everything is destroyed. Andrew would be humming to himself as he danced in the dark hallway where there would be filing cabinets, and papers everywhere with some broken doors which would be on the third floor.
  16. "Wonder who did this...?" She tucked the bottle in the little bag on her back before listening as she walked around the outside of the building. The pressed her mic. "I'm going to check number 6 in sector 4C." She said before entering, cautious.
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  17. When entering the first floor everything would look somewhat clean except for the giant face on the wall behind the desk which would be somewhat broken. The face would of been the same face on the water bottle but graffiti in a Black paint. Andrew would of not changed though he would be near a vent humming which would echo throughout the building where there would be vents. but only near the second and third floor.
  18. Allie sighed. She checked around the desk, her hand sliding gently over the top before she made her way upstairs, listening for any signs of movement. "Level one clear, moving up." She said into her mic, each step quiet and careful.
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  19. Coming to the second floor being a Dark hallway Allie should be able to hear the humming coming from one of the vents near the top of the stairs. The hallway would be somewhat a mess with the filing cabinets but the doors untouched having six doors in the hallway that splits off into two directions at the end of the hallway. Andrew would of then said "I need some friends actually. It is quite boring being alone"with a sigh as he stopped and now walked into one of the rooms of the third floor to rest in a office chair.
  20. Allie jumped at the sound of a voice. She went silent, dropping into a crouch as she spun on her heel, checking all the way around her before standing again. Silently, she walked over to one of the vents, listening for a moment before checking the metal grate. She smirked. Clipped. Carefully, she peeled off each little clip, pulling the metal off and slipping into the vent on her back, using her hands to push against the top, sliding quietly through the vent.
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