Absolutes vs. Anarchists

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  1. Show Spoiler
    Theme song:

    The fight between the past and the future.
    The right and the wrong.
    The people and the government.

    But since the Fall of Summer and the Destruction of Day...no one knows who is who.

    FROM THE CREATOR OF "Ashes to Flames" AND "Uncontrolled" comes...
    Show Spoiler

    Absolutists vs Anarchists

    The story of how the world split in two groups is falling apart...
    Or is it just beginning to heal?

    Welcome to Absolutists vs Anarchists. I'm sure you have a few questions, but I would suggest waiting until you finish reading before pming them to me, see if they're answered.

    SETTING (open)
    2023, the entire world government has crashed. This was the last international message before the satellites crashed into the Earth:
    "People of Earth. The United Nations is terribly sorry. We ask that you please not panic, but the rumors of the governments crashing is true. We can no longer control the uprising Anarchists. They've hacked into and taken over six of our twelve military bases and they've destroyed all of our safe houses. Please, if you see an Anarchist, do your world a favor. KILL THEM."
    Before the messenger could say another word, the broadcast was cut out with static, then shut off. The satellites began falling all over the world. Many died, few were left.
    Those few chose a side.
    They searched for those on their side..
    and those not.

    SIDES (open)
    They want the
    Anarchists DEAD. They believe the government was running everything perfectly fine and that everything was going perfect. They want it to return to the way it was.

    They want to have a peaceful world where everyone is allowed to make decisions. They want to be heard.
    But they also want to be right.


    POWERS (open)
    THESE ARE THE ONLY AVAILABLE THINGS, pm me if you want something added and I'll see.

    Invisibility (for up to 10 minutes, but can be picked up on heat scans)
    Extreme Speed (for short distances, up to 50 mph, no longer than 3 miles)
    Extremely sensitive hearing (permanent)
    Night-Vision (permanent, controllable to an extent)
    Mind reading (prone to glitching, only for up to 2 minutes, only emotions)
    Danger-sense (permanent, prone to glitching)

    Questions? Pm me.

    WEAPONS (open)
    THESE ARE THE ONLY AVAILABLE THINGS, pm me if you want something added and I'll see.

    Any knives
    Any normal human man-made swords

    GUNS (open)

    [​IMG] SK-49. Laser rounds cause severe burns. 4 shots per clip, short-range.

    [​IMG] Nicknamed 'Two-Face'. Darts cause victim to hallucinate, sometimes black out. 1 shot, medium-range, sometimes cracks darts inside, allowing the gas to affect the handler instead of firing at it's victim.

    [​IMG] ML-3. Long-range sniper's laser rifle, lasers cause the victim's heart to stop momentarily no matter where they are shot., knocking them out, and if hit directly in the heart, can be lethal by permanently stopping their heart.

    [​IMG] F214. Rapid-fire, short-range. A syrum in the shots temporary causes fear inside the victim, causing them to panic and may cause them to go into shock.

    [​IMG] Electric Empire Firing, aka EEF. Fires one electric shock to it's victim. Can cause major brain damage and possibly lethal. Prototype. Anarchist Weapon. Under high-security (Eclipse, see 'Characters')

    [​IMG] Rapid-Firing Laser, aka RFL. Fires a syrum into the victim's blood, causing them to go blind for 24 hours and will mess with their powers (if they have any). Absolutist Weapon.

    You can have 1-2 characters, they cannot be in the same group.



    1 Spot


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    Powers: (put N/A if none)
    Ultimate Goal:
    Current Position: (Full anarchist, on the fence, leaning towards absolutists)
    Other: (any info we should know, n/a if none)

    Powers: (put N/A if none)
    Current Position: (Full absolutist, on the fence, leaning towards anarchists)
    Other: (any info we should know, n/a if none)

    Images not required

    Name: Eclipse
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG] Has this tattoo on her left shoulder: [​IMG]
    Powers: Extreme Speed, Night-Vision
    Weapons: EEF is under her guard, keeps an F214 on her hip
    DAGGER (open)
    KATANA (open)

    Ultimate Goal: Make the entire world a peaceful place. Die with honor.
    Current Position: On the fence
    Other: Naturally has better-than average hearing (just not as strong as the power), bipolar, rarely uses her powers because of the glitching.

    Name: Allie

    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Powers: Extreme speed, Danger-sense, Invisibility
    Weapons: [​IMG]
    Current Position: Full Absolutist

    Other: Blind, scared or practically anything.
  3. Name: Andrew

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: izaya-orihara-1izaya-orihara-37380732-480-640.jpg
    Powers: Extreme Speed, Danger Sense
    Weapons: 1419697.jpg , ML-3 strapped onto his back, and an F214 in is pocket
    Ultimate Goal: Create Chaos within groups of Absolutists
    Current Position: Full Anarchist
    Other: N/A

    Attached Files:

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  4. Name: Katsumi "victorious beauty"

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Powers: Extreme Speed, Danger Sense, Invisibility

    Weapons: ML-3 strapped to her back. F214 held to her hip by thick leather belt.

    Sword (open)

    Ultimate Goal: To cause mayhem where ever there are Absolutists and turn more people to the Anarchist side.

    Current Position: Full Anarchist

  5. ~Absolutists~


    Zander Claude



    Zander has long dyed blue hair. Her original hair color is blonde, however. She also has brown eyes but wears red contacts, and has pierced ears. She also has a small tattoo on the back of her neck depicting a blue phoenix. She always wears a black jacket and metal hand gloves, as well as black boots and a black leather belt.

    Mind Reading, Super Speed and Danger Sense

    Weapons: An ML-3 and an RFL strapped to her back. She also has a set of throwing knives with a holster that attaches to her belt.

    Current Position: Leaning towards Anarchists

    Other: The reason she dyed her hair and wears colored contacts is so that is she ever meets her Anarchist family in the midst of a conflict, they will not recognize her. Her parents and older brother joined the Anarchists when she was very young, forcing her to stay an Absolutist with her aunt, who disapproved of her family going rogue. However, she has always wanted to find them, which is pushing her closer and closer to Anarchism each day.
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  6. Accepted~ and thanks for joining the Absolutists :)
  7. You're welcome. :D GO BLUE TEAM!
  8. Haha~
    Just need a few more guys..hmm.
  9. I would make another guy charrie, but I don't want to fill up the last Anarchist spot.
  10. Understandable. I'm sure I can find some more guys to join~
  11. Absolutists

    Keith Duncans





    Night Vision, Mindreading, and invisibility.

    His main weapon is the ML-3 while the RFL is a backup weapon and knife or two at his side.

    Current Position:
    Full Absolutist

  12. I heard you guys needed another guy so here you go!
  13. Name: Shiki
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female,but is posing as a Male
    as a guy (open)

    Just imagine the hair sticking out in a lighter shade of blue.(see next spoiler)
    The purple eyes are also just contacts.

    Real Appearance(as a girl) (open)


    Powers: Night Vision, Extremely Sensitive Hearing
    Weapons: A personally customized,long-ranged sniper rifle that can penetrate through metal.
    Show Spoiler


    Also two assassin knives/daggers

    Current Position: Full absolutist

    Shiki poses as a guy because the people around her simply laughed at her and thought of her as weak.Not that she's ashamed of being a girl,but she believes that people would look up to her more if they saw her as a guy.She had perfected a suave male voice and had stuffed her suit(especially the chest area) so she can hide her curves and female features.The boots she's wearing are also boosting her height by a few inches.
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  14. Yay! Two more Absolutists!

    *tugs Shadow Assassin's sleeve* Can we keep 'em? Please?
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  15. Well,I guess I created a trap character...xD
  16. Eh, close enough. :) so, @Shadow Assassin, can we? Huh?

    *makes puppy eyes*
  17. Of course, Lilpuff


    And haha, yes Haruka, you did


    Waiting on 1 more person to join before we can start
  18. Yay! ^-^
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