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    | IC | OOC |

    "Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere."
    -Gilbert K. Chesterton

    Humanity is constantly changing. Our way of life is forever adapting and evolving to everything around us, shaping to keep up with an ever revolving world. Society changes and along with it so does our culture. Technology is constantly barreling forward as new devices are being designed every hour of the day. But humanity itself is also changing, in ways mostly unseen to the naked but under a microscope there's a very different story.
    After millenniums of Earth being routinely doused in what is known as coronal mass ejections, the side effects are starting to show. The coronal mass ejections or CMEs, are a massive burst of solar wind and magnetic fields being released into space and often directly at Earth. Most often these CMEs also accompany solar flares which release addition energy from the sun into space only for it to collide with Earth. Carried within these events are high energy particles and it is these particles which have began to cause humanity to change and develop new and sometimes unfathomable abilities. Composed primarily of high-energy protons and atomic nuclei, they are of mysterious origin and the limits to their potential remain unknown.

    As such the world has reacted in numerous ways to the emergence of these so called 'super-humans'. Some cities such as Chicago, have come to recognized them as allies and forces for the betterment of mankind. While other cities such as Moscow have seen the darker side of humans containing seemingly unlimited potential as the city was dragged down and nearly destroyed by a man possessing control over deadly radioactive blasts of energy. As such, these 'super-humans' walk a fine line in how much they can reveal themselves, some prefer to come out under the cover of night. While others cover themselves in elaborate disguises to keep their identity safe, and yet there are those who are still brazen enough to show their faces and the full force of what exactly they can do. It is actions like this that strains the relations between 'super-humans' and the 'mundanes', going forward it will only be their actions that defines how much faith and trust humanity chooses to put in them. Or if all else fails, how much force they'll put into hunting down and exterminating those who endanger lives.

    Ultimately the 'super-humans' have been dealt the winning hand, it's up to them whether they choose to play it or not.
    | PLOT: |

    Before today you were just an ordinary everyday Joe, or at least so you thought. Inside you laid the potential to become something greater but it was stunted, it hadn't fully developed. Packing your bags, you said goodbye to your parents, your roommate, your loved ones or whomever else you had in your life as you made your way to a special presentation at your school; San Francisco State University. Taking your seat or perhaps even taking part in the demonstration you watched as the experimental prototype Particle Accelerator came to life. The air in the room was like electricity as excitement flowed through your body, each and every hair feeling like it was standing on end until suddenly an awful noise filled the room. Something was wrong with the machine, and without any warning it suddenly malfunctioned, sparks flying everywhere before it launched a massive shockwave knocking nearly everyone in the room to the ground.

    That was the last thing you remembered before waking up in a hospital bed and being discharged shortly thereafter. Life seemed to go back to normal, the incident being nothing more than a small stain on the University's record since no one died, but yet not everything was the same. Perhaps you notice it when you went for your morning jog, or maybe while you were doing some other meticulous task but your body has developed some strange and unexplainable gift. Yesterday you were out of breath keeping pace with your dog, but now you barely break a sweat passing cars on the I-80. The particle accelerator had activated the latent potential within your body, perhaps it did the same for everyone else in the room or perhaps you were special. Do you keep this discovery to yourself or do you decide to tell everyone around? More importantly what do you use your powers for? Fame, fortune, or some other self gain? Or perhaps you'd rather better mankind, do you risk yourself for others? Do you save the innocent, heal the sick, go above and beyond your duties as a civilian? What you do with your powers will shape your future, these are not decisions to be made lightly, for if you do then the consequences could be severe...

    *Note: The IC will be picking up the day of the demonstration, but you obviously know how that's going to go...
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  2. Sounds intriguing, the only thing that I'm wondering, does everyone have the same abilities, of so, then what are they. Or does everyone possess their own unique power?
  3. Oh everyone can have their own unique power, I suppose I should have made that clearer.
  4. Hm, what about a power that can (temporarily!) shut off other powers? Like, the character would have to touch another person, or the actual power itself to stop it from working. Or maybe like a type of forcefield that never goes down, just keeps interfering with other powers wherever that character is.
  5. I'm open to almost any power so long as it has limits and doesn't forcibly cripple another player in such a way that they'll avoid you in the IC. As such, if you have to touch the character for the power to work that would be great since it's avoidable!
  6. There's a character I've been playing around with a bit, I'll run her specs by you see what you think, tomorrow. Right now I need my sleep XD or at least try to get a little of it.
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  7. Alright sounds good! Just to let you know the OOC is up, you just have to click the 'OOC' on the OP.
  8. It may look a little strong, but I try to level her depending on what kind of powers are happening in the roleplay itself. This character would be a physically very weak character.

    The powers themselves as described here are tied into each other, merely separated and given different names for the sake of clarification of what they really do. Writing it all in one paragraph has been proven to be quite confusing.

    Also, most of her powers, such as the Acidic part, will be discovered at a much later rate. It's not like people go and slash themselves and make it rain red for the fun of it. The rest of her powers aren't very obvious either and require another character's powers to even make it visible that she has anything special at all, so depending on the roleplay it could take a while before she discovers them.

    The specs of the power as I've used it before:

    1: Power immunity.
    Alexiana is immune to powers being used on her directly. If someone for example attempts to read her mind, or move her with telekinesis it will not take effect. She will feel a tingling sensation in her body, but that is it. But that is only where her blood flows. Hair, nails, and clothes are able to be affected by other powers.

    2: Nullification.
    Should Alexi draw blood and spatter this out over the power of another person, the power will be cut off and stopped. If the opponent were to reactivate what they were doing before, she would have to repeat the process.

    3: Acidic. (she will rarely use this as, personality wise, she's a softy that hates it if others get hurt, but it's her only means of actual offense)
    When Alexi's blood comes into contact with another person's skin her blood will have a scorching effect. Like acid. It is mainly just an annoying sting, unless a larger quantity is applied and remains there longer than two seconds. In that case it will burn harder. The longer the contact between blood and skin remains, the more damage it will have. Getting her blood in someone's eyes could potentially blind them (this will not be used in the RP unless specifically requested)

    1: Her greatest weakness is her own bodily limitation. Just as any ordinary human being her body can only handle a limited amount of blood loss before passing out. If blood is still drained from her then she will die.

    2: Her blood replenishes at the same speed as a normal human.

    3: The cuts leave scars. Meaning she has no super healing.

    4: To be able to access her power she has to have something sharp with her at all times or be close enough to touch.

    5: The immunity from powers is not the same as immunity in general.
    All though Alexiana can't be burned away by fire powers (for example), she is not immune to fire in the form of a torch and would burn like any human.

    6: Aside from the nullification her powers give her no physical advantages over her opponents.
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  9. It's perfectly well limited, my only concern would be the immunity to powers as there are some blurred lines there. If a Pyrokinetic set fire to a house and she ran into the burning building, would those flames hurt her?
  10. Sorry, ninja-edited a little bit info in there

    Anyway, if a Pyrokinetic were to set fire directly on Alexiana, she'll just end up buck naked and probably bald. As point 5 of the weaknesses indicates, fire itself could definitely burn her. As a Pyrokinetic would set fire to an object and place it directly on Alexiana she would burn. Same for if she were to run into a burning building.

    I could give another example:
    If someone sent a tornado towards her, fueled by air magic, she would stop the air magic when it touched her. That doesn't mean the wind will instantly disperse however, so it would still knock her over, blow her around a bit, you know.
  11. Okay thanks, that clears that up!

    In which case I am okay with the power set you've laid out.
  12. Awesome.

    I'll PM you a character when I have her written out, I unfortunately have to go now, so see I'll contact you when I'm back.
  13. Alright I look forward to it, the CS layout can be found in the OOC.
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