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Absentee Ballots and You!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Slyen, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. So to make this all official like and all I am making this post. I am taking a break from Iwaku.

    I've been on here and there but otherwise inactive and it will continue to be so. For those of whom know me, you know I havn't posted in a few days and before that who knows. It's been even longer since I have participated in a roleplay.

    What is driving my abscene is a need to focus now on several projects going on offline as well as online. The major one that is driving my absence is that I have recently taken on a role as assistant GM if you will for a LARP. I won't have time to participate in RPs here, RPs offline, work, and still have time for my girlfriend so I am dropping the already least active of that list now that one has grown in activtity. And look... now I am running in circles.

    So long story short: Not going to be here much, but that really has been the case for the last month. Going to probably post even less however.
  3. Life can get busy some times, old chap; have a good one, and do remember to pop back when you can.