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  1. It was the start of summer. Summer. The beach, sufing, partying, loud music and having one of the greatest times whilst not at school. Sky's family recently moved and they were currently living near the beach so they could be beside a wide, ever lasting ocean that they could swim freely whenever they wanted. That was when the beach wasn't in use, and there wasn't large parties going on for the people who had just finished up school and were celebrating being homework and work stress free. Sky also went to high school, but she didn't have many friends. She liked it that way. She was in her room, staring out of her large glass window which over looked onto the beach. It sure was busy that day. Tons of teenagers were running around, surfing and swimming, whilst Sky was up in her bedroom. She wondered what it was like to have a large group of friends and what partying in the summer was like. She threw the thought to the back of her head and looks down at her paper, she was drawing the beautiful sunset of the beach and had been working on it for thirty minutes.

    She heard a knock in the door.

    "Come in" She says and spun around and sees her mother enter.

    "Aren't you going down to the beach? It'd be nice if you'd socialise a little more with kids your she, you'd really like it. Go down to the beach for a bit and try and make friends, you could really enjoy it" Her mother says.

    Sky was about to reject the offer but then places the pencil down that she was using to colour in the sunset down. She looks through her drawers and picked out a bathing suit, towel, sun screen and anything else she needed. "Fine. But not for long" She let a smile prick her lips and she giggles.
  2. Jared sat along the beach, relaxing in the sun as a couple of his friends play volleyball just beyond him. He had come here after they begged for twenty minutes, to which he had eventually agreed to. It wasn't that he didn't like the beach, but he preferred to go alone, where he could just think and enjoy his time without any distractions.

    He should have known that he wouldn't have been able to relax long before someone stood in front of him, blocking the warm sun on his body. He looked up, making out the form of his closest friend, Dean. Jared smiled, patting the space beside him, only to sigh when Dean shook his head.

    "You should come play with us, dude." Dean offered, motioning to where one of the other guys hit the ball. He cheered as the other side missed, giving his teammates high-fives. Jared smiled at their excitement, but otherwise shook his head.

    "I don't feel up to it. Sorry, Dean." Jared said, shrugging as his best friend huffed. He knew Dean would understand though, so he wasn't surprised when Dean didn't reply, but rather shrugged and headed back to the game. Jared, on the otherhand, laid back on his towel, staring at the sky and the specks of birds flying overhead.
  3. Skye exited her home and then walked down to the beach, she changed in the girls bathroom into her bathing seat and walked out of the toilet, checking herself in the mirror. Soon after she left the bathroom a few minutes a group of her classmates called her over happily. She walks over to them cautiously, not wanting to be too close to the water which they were swimming in.

    "Hey Skye! Wanna swim with us?" They asked happily.

    She shook her head but smiles. "No thanks, but thank you for the offer!" She says to them and they nodded, going back to swimming.

    Skye move to sit down by a few rocks in the sand. She was sitting by herself but didn't seem to mind that much. She watched her classmates who had offered her to swim with them, and then looks around the beach.
  4. Jared sighed as the birds left the sky, heading towards the water for a chance of catching food. He debated on going swimming, but he hated the feeling of trying to get all the sand off his body afterwards. Of course, he could use the showers they had offered here, but he was a little shy about being naked with a bunch of other guys, so it wasn't worth it.

    That's when he saw Skye sitting by some rocks alone. He knew her from school, but he had never spoken to her before. So, ever so quietly, he got up, shaking off his towel, and waving to Dean as he looked over at him. When his best friend smiled and turned back to the game, he walked over to where Skye was.

    "Mind if I sit with you?" Jared asked when he reached her, offering a friendly smile to ease his awkwardness. He wasn't used to talking to people he didn't know, as Dean did most of the talking for them.
  5. Skye noticed someone nearby and looks up to see a guy, another classmate. "Hey! Sure" She says and smiles back at him. She had seen him sound during lessons, but didn't talk to him. She didn't talk much to her other classmates anyways, but was polite towards others. His name was Jared. She noticed that he was friends with some of her other classmates too.
  6. Jared smiled at the greeting and took a seat, spreading out and resting back on his hands. "It's a beautiful day, isn't it?" He asked, allowing the sun's rays to keep his skin warm. He glanced back to Dean, who was watching him with a smirk. Jared rolled his eyes, and returned his focus to Skye, tipping his head. She always seemed nice enough, and it made him wonder why she was alone.
  7. Skye nodded, "Yeah. My mom told me to come to the beach... I think she's worried about me not having any friends" She said and shrugged like she wasn't that bothered even though she wanted to have friends to hang out with and to to the mall with. She was.. Different. She didn't want to risk anyone finding out her secret, especially not today. Not any day either. She made sure to stay cautious of the water. One speck of water and she'd have an entire tail, people would freak out and she'd be cast away and she'd probably be photographed, have articles about her and all of this made her have a headache.
  8. Jared smiled, relaxing under the sun. It seemed so natural to sit there, just chatting and enjoying the sand beneath his fingers. He remembered when he and Dean had done it quite often. He missed it now that Dean had more friends than just him. "I know what you mean. I have only one friend, but my parents are always trying to get me to make more." Jared replied, glancing towards Dean just in time to see him hit that ball and score a point. "It can get annoying at times."
  9. Skye stared straight ahead. She then nodded. She stayed at the beach for the entire day, she spoke to a few of her other classmates as well. When everyone had left and the beach was practically empty she went by the sea and draped her fingers into the sea. She decided to go for a swim. She looked around. No one was watching. She then hid beside a few rocks and went for a swim, a beautiful tail replaced her legs.
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