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  1. We've all experienced that sensation in our stomachs, that fluttering fuzzy feeling of crushing on someone. And somehow you seem to be happier and smiling where ever you go. You want to be close to them, and talk to them constantly, no matter what time of day. Well this exercise is going to take this sensation to the next level.

    Write about someone you love or previously loved and convince the readers why that person is worthy of being loved.

    Don't feel this way towards a certain someone?

    You may write about someone you despise and convince your readers to be in the same boat as you.

    The point of this exercise is not only to express yourself but to make us - the reader - empathize with you and feel exactly what you feel. You may write about this in first person or third person. Or you may write it as a poem, whatever helps you get your feelings across.

    Also, no names may be used in this exercise.
  2. Re: Writing Exercise: About Your Lover

    I’ll be honest with you, I saw her as more of a rival at first, as opposed to anything else.
    We were both in the top sets for everything – we still are. Though she didn’t know it, I always felt a pang of disappointment when I was beaten by her. Which, come to think of it, was pretty much always.
    But then, we started talking, and she turned out to be a person I felt more comfortable with, as a friend. We talked about plenty of things – sometimes, the conversation stopped making sense, or I inadvertently killed it. Hey, it’s what I do.

    I suppose it’s what made me want to be her rival that also made me her friend. We both just wanted somebody who could hold an intelligent conversation for more than two seconds, and having one more person side with you in inevitable science vs. religion debates never hurt – well, when they know what they’re talking about. I usually did, but I was always the John Watson to her Sherlock – I could do things, but whatever happened, I was always second best at it. But I didn’t mind – she was a great friend.

    There was no real moment when it clicked – it was just a gradual development, wanting to flourish into something wonderful. I started noticing her figure, her features, her hair… Everything that I’d normally pay little heed to, I was now studying profusely. Alas, I knew it was never meant to be – the short one with the weird hair, and the chaste prodigy with no interest in romance. Yet, my heart yearned for her.

    The weeks went by, and though it took a while, I grew to resent feeling love – well, affection in general, really. My family would always be loved by me, but it was the distracting feelings of love that I wanted to cast out so badly. My sense of feeling was fading anyway – my heart, so to speak, was rapidly becoming useless. So, when I stopped feeling love, I stopped wanting her. We’re still friends, but in the end, it was impossible, and impractical. I regret nothing about abandoning my wish to at least hint at how I felt towards her – in fact, I’m rather glad. It would have made things unnecessarily awkward. I would never have been able to look at her straight – she’d obviously say no.

    She’s a wonderful, wonderful person, but I’m just not cut out for chasing that sort of dream. I’ll worry about relationships when I want to.
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    I just got out of a relationship...oh sure it was great at first, even though it was long-distanced. That was, before he found someone else, then it was picking me apart, making me feel useless and worthless.

    Now, there's this guy at work...he's cute and charming and knows how to read me like a book. I won't lie, I am pretty transparent but I tend to always have a smile on my face, whether I'm unhappy or not. In spite of my smile, which other people now think I'm joyous all the time, when something is bothering me he seems to have a sixth sense about it. I don't know whether its because he can read body language really well or just knows me better than I thought he did, and honestly I don't care. He will pop back to the back room of my department and scare me, then giggle about my reaction (I get scared pretty easily). I would just glare at him with a smile on my face, feeling infused with joy at the fact that he would "scare" me. He would talk with a co-worker who is a friend of mine and he admitted that he did it to check up on me. I'm known around work for my klutziness and one night I had actually cut myself pretty badly, patching myself up with a bandage and continuing on with my work. I had also been threatened by an old friend of mine who had randomly appeared where I work, staring at me for a good fifteen minutes. I had calmly walked out of my department and gotten ready to go home, waiting for a friend to walk out with. He was standing a little ways aways, checking on everyone (since he's a manager lol). He must have seen me shaking through my smile, or the fear that was in my eyes. I had never used to wait thirty minutes to walk out with my friend, but I had that night.

    The next day, he pulled me aside, asking it I was okay. Of course, being as stubborn as I am, I lied and said I was, turning to walk away. He knew me too well! He had me sit in the office with him and looked me in the eye...he commented on my odd behavior and said he could tell I was upset. For me this was odd, I didn't feel that I was acting any different, besides jumping at every sound, but he had.

    The fact that someone could care so deeply and see past the walls I constantly put up, that puts the butterflies in my stomach...
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    My mother was never a model for a successful and love filled relationship. She was, however, the perfect model for what NOT to do in a relationship when you have children.

    Rule 1: Do not put your love before your children. Especially if that love is the third one of the year.
    Rule 2: Do not allow your love to become the ruler over your children. [Insert the latter of rule 1 here.]
    Rule 3: Do not forget who you were before your marriage. Love makes you do silly things but its not love if you toss the aside after getting bored of their sex.
    Rule 4: Do not have your children keep your dirty little secrets away from the current husband. Especially if they are plans to run away with another man. That
    tears children apart more than you know.
    Rule 5: Lastly, do not blame your child for your current situation. Do not tell your child they are hideous. Do not ever tell your child they will amount to nothing.

    My mother met most of her men online. The one she met, that was worthy, she threw out on the street after dragging him 3 states down to live with us, was met in the real world. He was lovely, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. You could talk to him and ask for advice without any consequences. And most importantly, what I remember most, is his motto. "The most beautiful things in the world are flowers, women, and children."

    I used to hate online dating, thinking it was ridiculous and that the only people who had met online were desperate.

    However, my husband changed my mind on that. We met online about 8 years ago now on a site called IMVU. However, I hated him at first. He was about as annoying as this guy. But the more he came around, I saw he was trying to change, so we began role playing together and became good friends. But then tragedy happened, for anyone who has a friend online. Things changed and we were not allowed to speak as often so we reverted to messaging back and forth. Sometimes months went by before one or the other got a response. Things at my house became.... to say in the least... apocalyptic. There was new 'order' in the house with the dictator being the forth husband of my mother, who happened to be a sexist, racist, closed minded, man who worshiped the 'extremist' Christianity where beating you children was an acceptable punishment. After that, we lost touch and I hadn't heard from him. Somewhere, somehow, I do not remember, we got in touch again through email this time. Me, being paranoid as anything, still kept it a secret and hidden the best I could because I wanted to be nothing like my mother. However, a year after emailing, we got together and started dating. He lived in New York. Upstate New York. Not the city. I lived in West Virginia. Yes, we have shoes, plumbing, and can read. Well, dating brought us to texting each other and then eventually we video chatted. Just emailing and texting alone came at least 5 years after we met. We dated for 2 years, and then we finally got to meet. His parents brought me along to a family gathering, the first time I ever met ANY of his family or him. It was the best first date I ever had. 4 months later, we got engaged. 3 months later, we had a courthouse wedding. And now, we are 7, almost 8 months into marriage and it is lovely.

    One thing I did not mention. He is my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first marriage, and the first time I have EVER been happy.

    Our first kiss? It was at Busch Gardens on the trellis cars going around the park... during the fireworks.
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    I always knew we'd fall in love. It seemed to be the way of the world, friends torn apart, and then thrown back together. When it finally happened, it was too late. She was gone beyond the ken of my heart, taken into another man's confidence just as deserving of her love as I was.

    "Friends?" she asked, a warm smile on her illuminated features. I remember the jasmine scent on the breeze as we talked in the meadow. Spring turned to summer around us, new life lost to the heat of the moment.

    I could only nod, foolishly, hopelessly, and futile Who was I, to tear her marriage apart? I had my chance, and had it over, and over, and over again. Missed opportunities and missed connections fuelled our troupe, it gave our art life, and our plays meaning. I had grown comfortably numb to being the lovestruck fool without a voice.

    "You're great..." she added, curling her buoyant red locks around her twitching fingers. She seemed nervous, but who could blame her? I think that day was the first day she finally realised just how I felt about her. She won't talk about it now, happy in the status quo, but I know. I know I will always love her, no matter how loud the silence. I know I will always care for her, die for her, and fight for her, wherever and whatever happens. After all the love, light, and peace she has given me, she will forever be the muse to this old bard's weakening heart.
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    It was nothing as i had ever expected in such a relationship. For a long time I had liked her but, there was something unique about her. We had gone so well before and even through the fights and arguments it had worked but, when our demons met, things got complicated within a rush. We both loved each other when we was human but whenever someone would transform, it became a love/hate situation and things was never the same again.

    We connected so well and even thought we had similar traits, we was also so different and that's what probably kept us together. Our common dislike for other's is what clicked it at first, how we had both had bad past experiences and was going through hard times also helped with the clicking. It was like meeting my exact opposite but also my exact copy but in the opposite sex.

    We always pondered on how we never met sooner, Giving the fact of our ''Unique'' demons and traits but in the end, it was almost like giving a miracle to me after years of torment and torture. It seamed like nothing to stop us, how blind we was.

    Our times spent together was always either fighting for superiority ( Actual nearly killing each other fighting ) showing who the dominant one was as, both our demons never liked being told how things was done and never liked being commanded what to do. We was both powerful which never helped with our relationship but, We would never kill each other because our love was too strong to do that. As humans, our show of love was normal as anyone else's but, for demon to show love was to fight.

    Sometimes I would wonder whether such a connecting will ever be made again but, All that has been said will never be remembered as the memories was wiped from my mind and gone for good. ( This is about my RP character by the way. Hope you enjoy. )
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    Oh, prince charming. How I've always dreamed of you with your golden locks, sparkly white teeth, well-dressed and mannered, and drop dead gorgeous looks. What a sight! Then, I met him and I've forgotten about you.
    Reality hit me right in the face and grabbed me by the hair slamming me down to the ground. Especially, when you've blindly dreamed of a Mr. Perfect coming to your rescue from, god, who knows what? There's never a happy ending. It's always, "what if" every single waking moment you are with that person. Doubt. What a relentless emotion.
    He looked at me, kind eyes, what sweet kind eyes, and that darn cute smile. I know, he would never hate me. I know he would never hurt me. I know, he loves me. On the other hand, damn that emotion that I cannot control. "I love you, and I can see myself only loving you and no one else." He says to me almost every day. Such a beautiful heart. How I wish to grasp it in my cold emotionless hands that he holds so dearly and close to his chest. That dedication, that stubbornness! How could he deal with such an emotional strife such as myself? There it was, it came creeping back. "What if..?" I found myself telling him possible stories asking him what his thought was on situations that could occur to us. He would only chuckle and answer me willingly, always in a positive happy way. Months went by, memories between us, the monster finally creeping back in it's well deserved cave. Finally, I am happily smiling and jumping in his arms. Welcoming that wonderful warmth of what being young and in love was all about. I found myself saying the exact same thing he would say to me everyday, "I love you, and I can see myself only loving you and no one else." He would only smile.
    Only smile.

    Oh, dearest prince charming, can I dream of you once more? Can you come to my rescue? The monster is back, and I think this time, it's not going back to it's cave. There was never a cave in the first place.
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    He was just another stupid volunteer who was just gonna get in my way. I groaned and thought great another dumb teenager who was gonna get his finger ripped off by the owls. I was wrong he was good training with the hawks, he liked the same things I did but only one thing was wrong. He still has a crush on his ex. He and I made great hilarious conversations and we hanged out a lot. When he finally opened up to me he asked me how to get back with his ex. My heart shriveled up and sank to the bottom of my stomach. I knew that the 2 year age difference would make dating difficult but no matter how hard I try to let go he makes we melt all over again.
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