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    I asked who he is, but the answer was always the same
    “I can be whoever you want, but Trickster is my name
    A clever magician that will have you believe
    That he keeps nothing up his sleeve”

    But trickster has a whole new meaning
    When every word spoken is a lie in disguise
    An alternate plan to revise

    Trickster, I thought I knew you
    Trickster, what a game
    Trickster, I know now
    Not to take lightly someone’s name


    "They call me The Trickster or The Joker, I don't think anyone knows my name"
    Aleksi Ragnavaldr Satu

    Aleksi means Helper or Protector
    Ragnavaldr stands for Wise Ruler
    Satu means Fairytale
    He uses all names as his first name, depending on what he is in the mood for

    "I just told you the two most used, but I have many more, do you really wish to know them all?"
    Alex (ignores this completely)
    Lex (indifferent, mostly forgets to react to it)
    Lexi (for some reason he loves his and gets all happy from it)
    Alli/Aly (he hates those, will reply with a snarl)
    Ragna (most liked nickname)
    Sati/Saty (hates it as well)

    "Oh sweetheart, I have absolutely no problem to undress to prove it. Not that it says anything, for some one with my power... but I would gladly undress for you.."

    "Officially legal... Not that it changed anything"

    "Anywhere, Anyone, Anytime... So wanna get sweaty?"
    Pansexual, Hypersexual


    "A self fulfilling prophecy... Just look at my dad... Oh well"

    "I am honored, but I think it is not wise to provide me with such an high position"
    Lieutenant Unit 2

    Godly Parent:
    "This should not really be a surprise"

    "My beloved brother, oh do I like his history. Also the reason I always use protection."
    Sleipnir, the eight legged horse

    Additional powers:
    "Nifty little thing, this power, helps me getting out of trouble"
    Mnemokinesis and Cognitokinesis
    The power to manipulate ones memories and their thoughts. Aleksi uses this power mostly to help him get away with his deeds. Or to get into someones pants. He can only do this to one person at the same time and he has to keep eye contact. It requires focus and if the others will or thoughts are too strong he won't be able to bend them. Mostly he just places slight suggestion into someones mind to make them follow his lead or forget about their anger.

    "Another helpful trait from my beloved father..."
    Aleksi can shift into any (living) form at will. However he needs to focus on the outcome. Some forms he has mastered and therefore only take little time and concentration are; cat, horse and snake. He can (almost) effortlessly change into these beings. It is the changing back to his original human form that costs him most energy and can only happen when he is in a calm state of mind. Another problem with changing back from animal to human that he doesn't wear any clothes. Wounds he has as a human will stay on his body when he changes to animal form. In all forms he can be recognized due to the mark on his leftshoulder (in all forms). As a human it looks like a black tattoo, in his animal forms it will be a light patch of fur, much like an old battle scar. If Aleksi is severly injured, he won't be able to change back from animal form to human, though he is free to change from human to animal (most likely cat) in order to escape. The biggest disadvantage is that if he stays too long in an animal form he is not familiar with, he may take over the animal characteristics. If he is unable to turn back, he may lose his humanity completely, however for this to happen he has to be forced in the same animal form for several days or weeks, depending on what animal it is. During transformations he is extremely vulnerable, because he has no way to defend himself without breaking off the transformation. Being stuck in between forms can be very dangerously, due to the fact that his body may not connect vital organs well. Once Aleksi is stuck between forms it will take immense energy and concentration to go back to human or fully change to animal, leaving him unable to change for several days.

    "Stubborn and lazy... It fits really well"
    Fully changed Aleksi looks like a cute adorable little kitten or a huge black panther, depending on what he had in mind. His fur is pitch black, except for the mark on his shoulder which is white in panther form and light grey in cat form. He mostly uses this form and is most comfortable with this form. Changing to this form can happen in the blink of an eye, while changing back takes several minutes. Half changing include only the rectractable catnails and slit pupils. Advantages of this are night vision. A more progressed half transformation includes tail and ears. Advantages of this are enhanced senses and greater balance.

    "Hardworking and loyal... not really my thing"
    Aleksi is able to change into a black steed at will, where the mark on his shoulder will look much like a burn mark that is used on horses. He isn't a big fan of this form and will only use it when needed (aka when someone is injured and that person has to be brought away quickly). Changing into this form may take several minutes and he has to be focused for this. Changing back to human can take up to a full hour and he can only do this when not being distracted. Once changed back he will need sugar to make up for the loss of energy or he will pass out. If he doesn't have enough energy he will need to stay in Horse form until he does, or he will be stuck mid-transformation (which is not a very pleasant thing). He is unable to do any half changes with his horse form.

    "Sneaky and dangerous... Nothing wrong with that, right?"
    His last familiar form is a black mamba with a white mark on his head (unlike the other forms, since snakes do not have shoulders). Changing into this form is quite easily and can happen in the blink of an eye. If he wants to go back to human form it may take several minutes and he won't be able to digest food very well afterwards. He mostly feels sick, due to the poison residue of his snake form and be unable to preform any tasks that include strength. Halfchanging includes a forked tongue to taste the air and dulled/glazed eyes (since snakes are mostly blind). Advantages are that he has fangs that hold poison like the black mamba, with a paralyzing effect that can end up deadly if not treated.

    "I can assure you that it looks better without any clothes... I aim to please... in every way"

    Aleksi has dark brown hair that happily curls on top of his head. It can give him the innocent look, as well as the badboy look when needed. If anything Loki knows how to use his body for his purpose, and will do so without hesitation. His eyes are dark brown, giving him an honest look that he does not at all deserve. It makes people easily trust him, or so he has noticed. Big mistakes for them. His eyelashes are quite long, giving him a feminine look, which only further helps with seeming innocent. His face can at times be clean shaven, but mostly he likes to keep a dark haired stuble around his chin and jaw. As long as it doesn't get too annoying during his more close up encounters.

    From head to toes he stand 5'10" (1.79m), though he may or may not wear high heels and be fabulous in them. Not for extra height, but simple because he likes wearing high heels and feel sexy. His body is trained, sporting an drool-increasing nice V, yet still not overly muscular. It are mostly long muscles for endurance ("in the bedroom") and he is quite flexible because of this ("Also very handy in the bedroom. I can do any position you can think of"). His arms are also very defined, thanks to doing a lot of parkour through the city. To make it all complete he has a nice firm "sexy" ass, which is even prettier when he wears heels.

    His usual attire is casual. A pair of ripped jeans and a shirt of some button ups on top of them. He likes wearing leather jackets when the temperatures drop. His outfit is made for comfort and the main condition to his clothes is; how easily can they be taken off? More than often he can be seen walking around only half dressed, especially after transformation, and he absolutely has no shame to put his body on display. As mentioned before he likes wearing high heels, but can mainly be seen in simple sneakers.

    "Charming and full of misschief. It is all fun and games for as long as it lasted"
    As many of Loki's childern, he was not really the product of love. Just a heated moment with a handsome stranger that left soon after the deed was done. Oh, he did came back a couple times, not for his son, but for the fun his mother could provide. His mother tried to give him a decent upbringing, but Aleksi was just a wild child. He knew the rules very well, but sticking to them was a real problem. He always knew his way out, he always figured how to find loopholes with in the boundaries and limits that were set. From a young age on, he would get into trouble, but evade real problems. He didn't mind making people turn on each other, and he didn't mind that because of that he never had real friends. He saw no need in those long lasting relationships, but he knew how to use most people he encountered in his life.

    Aleksi was a free spirited young male, that had no regards to others limits. His curiosity in everything fuelled his need to expierence. The norm of society never held him back, nor stuck to him as he went with who ever wanted him. By the age of sixteen he was living on the streets, kicked out by his mother who had enough of his troubles. He would simply go home with anyone who provided him a stay, which worked out pretty well for him. If he found no home as a human, he simply changed to his cat form. Another easy way to find shelter, though harder to explain when the humans that took him in found a young stranger in their home.

    His house hopping came to a stop for quite a period when he reached the age 20. At that time he was staying at a bar, listening in on some males discussing the sexuality of some other male. Interested he joined in on the conversation with the statement he could distract anyone and seduce them at his will. The four males of course did not believe him and a bet was placed for quite a high price. The male that he had to seduce? No one less than Bartholomew Dufus Fafneir (@DoomyCakez). And in the beginning it indeed provided not to be easy, but if anything the young male was no one to give up easily. He pulled all tricks known by man and it worked to move that stone cold heart. Just a few weeks and he was living at the males place, and the young male quite liked the easy life. Easy it was indeed, until of course the lies caught up and the bet was laid out.... Thol was furious, but Aleksi only laughed. The money he got out of the bet was well spend to buy himself a place to call home.

    "I like everything there is to life"
    - Lazy days
    - Sunbathing
    - Anything sexual
    - Dares and challenges
    - Misschief
    - Ice cream and Slush puppies
    - Crawling up on someones lap (both in human and cat form)
    - Parkour

    "Hmmm I don't think there is much that I dislike... not even rules, it is funny to come up with ways to avoid them"
    - Rain/Hail/Storms
    - Closeminded people
    - Sour Candy
    - Being locked up or restrained
    - Being bored (this includes stupid meetings, having to listen for an extended time to other people, reading, people telling him what to do or reprimanding in him on his behavior and a lot more)

    Weapons of choice:
    "Vikkelä and Näkymätön... They never dissapoint me, though I have to say I hardly ever use them"
    His twin daggers
    His daggers are more for the show. He can only use them in his human form, but only uses his blades as a last resort.
    Vikkelä means swiftly and Näkymätön means unseen.

    Additional Information:
    "Oh there is so much more than what meets the eye" -wink- "Come and spend some time with me. You won't regret it"

    - Aleksi is fluent in Finnish and Swedish. "It is funny when people think you are saying sweet nothingness in their ear while you are actually telling them that they are stupid idiots"
    - "Yes, I had a fling with my Commander. So what? I regret nothing... It is all actually quite funny, you know" That will mostly be his thoughts about the whole affair. Most likely he will bring it up countless times.
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  2. Stripper


    Leviathan Jedediah Schwartz

    The Baby (of the Family)

    Stage Name
    Little Freak

    He is 24, but he looks midteens. He acts the age he appears.

    23 September 1991

    Birth Place
    Dresden, Germany



    Even though he has been part of this world for so long. He still has an air of innocence around him, which with no fail always confuses new clients. His youthful appearance and behavior keeps this idea up for a long time. No matter how freaky he can get in the bedroom.

    Nothing can bring him down. He always finds something to cling onto, he always carries a smile around him. Unless people are mad or dissappointed in him, then you can see an adorable pout on his face.

    He looks 10 years younger than he is and due to his upbringing he can be a bit childish at times. He still doesn't understand the need for technology and devices. His energetic behavior also enhances the idea of him being very young.

    With his innocence comes still a load of naivity you would not expect from someone stuck in this field of work for nine years. Whether it is all an act to keep the clients happy, or him really being so blind and ignorant at times in a question that probably will never be answered.

    He can easily be persuaded and manipulated to the will of others. Just a few sweet words or some promises and he will do what ever you ask of him.

    He has been brought up to respect those older and even though he knows he is sometimes older in age, he still seems to submit to anyone that acts with authority or knowledge, whether this is based on real authority or not.

    He is absolutely loyal to mister B. Velvet and nothing will ever change his mind in this. He likes the Devil's Playground and it is far better than the club he came from. They (the strippers) are given food and shelter, so how is that a bad thing?

    Though he does not act it out. He is very religious, mostly because of his history. He knows the Bible by heart and when he has the time likes to read some verse. He will always, no exception, take of his cross. (The only reason he ever denied a client)

    He is a hardworker and he will try to meet every expectation that is set for him, even if they are only in his head. This made him to the little freak he is, for he feel that he can serve mister B. Velvet better that way and thus lives up to the expectations of being a good stripper.

    Health Ailments
    Severe Stockholm Syndrom



    Known Languages
    English, German, Latin




    Hair Color
    Dirty blond

    "What ever it does that day"
    Sometimes he has it combed back (when a client asks for it) but mostly he lets the hair just fall down in a nonchalant, out-of-bed-look.

    Eye Color
    "Like a deer"
    Dark Brown

    Skin Pigment
    Fair - Pale

    Skin Texture



    Notable Features/Body Modifications
    His cross piercing in his left ear. Under no circumstances will he take it out.




    "I don't really like sports, too much compitation"

    "Nothing too fancy"
    He enjoys a simple meal far more than something exclusive

    "Anything light and nice sounding"
    Romantic love songs

    "Nothing scary or gross, please"
    Romantic Comedyies

    "I like pastle colors most"
    Light pinks and purples

    "I can do anything you want me to"
    One would suppose that his kinks are cuddling and vanilla sex, but nothing is less true. Little Levi is a freak in the bedroom. So bring the pain and make him bleed.

    || BDSM hard core || Being bound, tied up, blindfolded || Being totally dominated || Public Sex || Deep throating || Choking, scratching, biting || Chains and Whips || Humiliation || Toys || Pet Play, Collar and Leash ||

    "Some say I have the voice of an Angel"
    Reading (Bible mostly)
    Just being around people
    Pleasing people
    Sweets, especially cherry flavored things
    Kittens and other cute animals

    "Others say I am just a scaredy cat"
    People being mad at him
    People making fun for him because of his past
    Being alone in the dark
    Watching sex or sexual behaviour


    "God is my only true love and best friend"

    If you want a (past) relationship with Leviathan, just talk to me in OOC or PM me

    Boyfriend/Known Lover(s)

    Best Friends




    Fuck Buddies


    Secret Lover(s)


    "I guess Michael can be counted to this list?"

    When Did You Become A Stripper?
    "Rumspringa... Nine years ago, though I am honored to work the last three years for mister B. Velvet"

    Why Did You Become A Stripper?
    "It a kinda just happened...I was caught experimenting with my best friend, Michael. He was the son of the Chuch leader so of course he was not to be blamed... After that, what else to do when you only have your body to offer?"

    Does Your Family Know?
    "Yes... they know."

    Do They Approve?
    "Judging on the fact that I am shunned and disowned and not allowed to go back... No, I don't think they approve"

    Theme Song

    I couldn't choose I am sorry

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  3. Stripper
    Emilian Mihai Lymarov
    "In Romani my name says roughly translated Rival, who is like God"

    The Gyspy Boy

    Stage Name
    Sweet Cheeks

    27. He looks mid to late twenty, so not that far off. He acts his age, though can be a bit stubborn.

    15 May 1988

    Birth Place
    Somewhere in Serbia

    Demisexual -leans towards males-

    He can be very stubborn. If he has something in his mind, you won't be able to talk him out of it. Whether this is an opinion on someone or an idea, if it is in his head, it won't leave that easily. No matter how many people tell him it is not possible or it is not the way he thinks it is.

    He isn't afraid to speak up and from his childhood on he is used to pick up a fight when he has to. He doesn't care if you are the alpha or the omege, if you attack him he bites back. Though he is not stupid and knows when to walk away from a fight. However he will do so with his head held up high and not with his tail between his legs.

    He spends a lot of time on his appearance. Everything has to look perfect, before he wil show himself. However this only comes up when he is around mirrors, once the mirror is a way and he can't look at himself, he just goes for it, knowing he looks absolutely perfect.

    He knows what he is worth and he also knows and accepts his own weaknesses. He will not try to pick an useless fight, and he has no trouble admitting his wrongs.

    He has a hot body, a pretty smile, nice eyes. He knows how to lure people in and not in a bad way even. He just easily socialize with them and people seem to be drawn in by him.

    He is not someone to just lay down and roll over when someone tells him to do so. He will only do what he agrees with and if someone tries to push their authority on him, he will most likely do the opposite.

    Though he has no problem with nakedness and sex around him and he has absolutely no problem with displaying oversexual behaviour. He will keep his distance from the actual act of sex. He has no problem with giving a blowjob here, or a hand job there, but going all the way. No... he won't give up his booty that easily, though by no means he is a virgin.

    Though he likes talking with people when he is on the job or doing a preformance, he can be very silent when he finally has time for himself. He likes to be alone and just escape from all the noise and talking. Also you will hardly have a deep conversation with him, since he will fall silent when things get too serious or too personal.

    Health Ailments
    None so far known

    Romani (Gypsies in common terms)


    Known Languages
    Serbian and Russian fluent. Bits of Italian, German and the Scandanavian languages. He has a heavy accent in his English, he will understand most but has a hard time expressing himself.


    75 kg

    Hair Color
    Dark brown

    His hair is always kept short and neatly trimmed.

    Eye Color
    Emerald green

    Skin Pigment
    Sunkisses, golden bronze

    Skin Texture

    Several scars, mostly on his shoulderblades and arms.


    Notable Features/Body Modifications
    He has a tribal tattoo on his back and a rosary around his right ankle


    "As a bartender, it would be weird not to drink"
    Yes, he likes tequila and cocktails on a tequila or vodka base

    Horseback riding "Bareback of course"
    Fire breather "Proffesional Pyromaniac"

    He likes the Italian kitchen very much

    Hip hop

    Action movies, though he is also fan of horror and thrillers

    Natur tones (green, brown) and blues

    He is not really into the whole sex with strangers/clients thing. Yet thanks to his killer preformances on high heels he is kept around. Plus he does do handjobs and blowjobs, if necessary.

    ||Massages||Hair pulling ||Dirty Talking||Biting||

    Working Out
    Prancing around on High Heels
    Entertaining people

    Sex with Strangers
    Being bound down
    Having to stay in one place for a long period of time
    Jealous people
    People that are overly competitive
    People who take things to serious


    If you want a (past) relationship with Leviathan, just talk to me in OOC or PM me

    Boyfriend/Known Lover(s)


    Best Friends


    Dante - the Main Stripper- Mostly because Dante sees him as a rival and starts shit. He is quite indifferent about it all.

    Fuck Buddies


    Secret Lover(s)


    When Did You Become A Stripper?
    "I think I have been here for almost a year. Far too long if you ask me. But I am moving ranks fast, some say I have the qualities to kick Dante (@Prince Shattered Charming ) of his throne"

    Why Did You Become A Stripper?
    "I was part of a popular boy band, however things fell apart when we finally hit the States. So the step to stripping bartender was not that big. I like to entertain people and as long as they keep their hands to their own, working here is not that bad... for now"

    Does Your Family Know?
    "Oh, the boys definitely know. Oh, you mean my family by blood. I don't know, nor care"

    Do They Approve?
    The boys laugh about it, though I hardly have any contact with them. As for those bound by blood, I honestly don't know. As long as I keep clean they would approve"

    Theme Song
    Also very nice reference for his skills and tattoos

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  4. [​IMG]
    Micah Visnjic


    Birth Date:
    15 September

    Zodiac Sign:


    Proclaimed Asexual {very much in denial/closet homosexual}

    Opinokinesis {The ability to manipulate senses of himself and others}

    Micah has short, slightly messy, brown hair. He mostly just lets the strands do what they want themselves, giving him a more boyish look when he wants to. His thin lips can curl up into a charming smile, yet most of the time they form just a thin line, definitely when he is concentrated. His eyes have a friendly honey color, which gives him a very trusthworthy look. His skin has a sunkissed bronze tone, due to his heritage.

    Micah is not an overly muscular guy, yet he does have a toned agile build. His height is not that impressive, just an average 5'9". He weights around 145 lbs, giving him a small frame. He is mostly clothed in semi-formal clothes. A white button down shirt on top of black dress and a tie around his neck is his favorite outfit. He can been seen wearing glasses, though he does not really need them to improve his eye sight. They simply help him with getting less headaches if he reads or study too much.

    Micah was not the result of a lovemaking sessions between lovers, now he is the results of a trading. Body for food and water. Despite his loveless start, his mother had always been good for him. Many had thought she would have aborted him, but she had always kept him. For what reason? Because she was convinced that one day he would be important to the world, and it turned out her superstition was right. Or at least partly. When his mother caught the Dread herself she brought him to the Eythix Lab, knowing that she wouldn't last long herself. After all his mother was once born on a lovely day in May, thus a Gemini. She died within a week after he had been taken in by the Lab. He has spend there the rest of his life, helping them were he can and bothering them to read material of the researches that may or may not be for his eyes. He is practically seen as a scientist himself, or maybe that is just him.

    Good traits
    He can easily oversee a situation and decide what the best option is to go with.
    Helpful. He will try to help whoever he can in whatever way possible.
    Teacher. He is very patient and won’t mind explaining things four or five times.
    Diligent. Give him a task and he won't rest before it is done (or when someone forces him to stop).
    Modest. He is a very humble guy, that doesn't like getting praised (unless it is for his work, but even then he will be modest about it).

    Bad traits
    Loner. He tries to avoid large groups and is mostly distant to people.
    Perfectionist. Everything has to be perfect and failure is not allowed.
    No humor/fun. He just likes to get business done and often forgets to enjoy life once in a while.
    Overthinker. He overthinks everything and worries about the littlest things.
    Can't handle critism. Since he is a perfectionist, he has a hard time excepting that his work is not well done.
    Shy. He is not someone to speak up or blindly speak his mind, unless he sees someone make a mistake.

    ~ Fingertapping either mindless on a table or against his lips while thinking when he sits.
    ~ Twirling his glasses between his fingers as he stands and contemplates.
    ~ Pulling down his sleeves repeatingly when he is nervous.


    Great knowledge. Books are his life and math is his love. He is a walking encyclopedia and he knows his facts.
    Solving riddles or puzzles. The puzzles or riddles normal people take several hours to complete will take him a few minutes.
    Photographic memory. He can remember whole maps after having seen them for just a few minutes. He can recall almost exactly what he read on which page, even over a few days time.

    Teamwork. He has a hard time 'sharing' work. He will be too critical and rather do everything himself then letting someone else do it.
    Sympathy. He doesn't know how to show it nor how to handle receiving it.
    Giving compliments. Due to his perfectionism, he can always find something that is wrong with it.

    Failure. That is one of his biggest fears. That he will not be good enough at something or that he will make a mistake.
    Dogs. As a child he was once attacked by a dog and now he is still afraid and very uncomfortable around them.


    ~ Books/Reading/Library
    ~ Math/Physics/Science
    ~ Chess
    ~ Cats and Rabbits
    ~ Puzzles and Riddles
    ~ Studying languages

    ~ Being in the spotlight
    ~ Failure/Mistakes
    ~ Asking for help {when it comes to things he is good in/with}
    ~ Crowds {Too many people/sounds/social interaction}
    ~ Fighting
    ~ Being disturbed from his work
    ~ Close body contact


    PM or tag me if you want to discuss relationship

    - Friends -
    People you like, and are friends with
    - Neutral -
    People you could care less about
    - Enemies -
    People you hate with a fiery passion, or just dislike
    - Family -
    Father - Unknown.
    Mother - Deceased (5 jears ago)

    Living Space

    Slightly messy with papers and pens laying around everywhere, yet he know perfectly were to find his stuff. The books seem to be just randomly put on the shelves, with no alphabetic order or anything, yet Micah knows exactly where he needs to get which book and he hardly ever grabs a wrong book. The small bed however is always perfectly made up, as if it is never used (which might just be the occassion), since he mostly falls a sleep behind his little oak wood desk.

    There is little technology in his room, not that he is against the use of it -not at all- but simply because he prefers to work on paper in his room. The room is filled with the smell of old books and leather, with makes it for the young male a safe haven. He often comes here to think or when he needs some time alone. All books he owns, are read by him at least one time. Most however have been devoured several times, as they help him escape every now and then into a fantasy world far far away.

    In the corner opposite of his desk is a little oak wooden closet for his clothes, that are all neatly hung and ironed. Just like expected from a dilingt Virgo, his desk lamp is mostly the first light on in the facility and the last one to go out. He often needs to be reminded by physicians or other people that he needs to get some sleep and that the books and problems will be there tomorrow as well. His bed is small and simple, yet gives him all the comfort he needs. It is placed in the middle of the room so he can always reach his books easily. When he is not sitting at his desk, chances are high you will find him sitting on his bed, hunched over a book.

  5. [​IMG]

    Goldilocks (Absolutely hates it)


    His clothingstyle is easy. Mostly lose pants and a tight shirt and open jacket. Anything that can either be used to cover his appearance and make him seem like nothing special in a crowd, yet at the same time won't hinder him when he has to run or fight.
    His hair is high blond, almost golden, and it is long overdue for a haircut. However Zach likes the way it spikes down to his neck. His eyes have an amber color to them. Some may even say they light up bloodred, yet that is just the light. Due to working out, doing parcour and several fight sports he has a very muscular and flexible body. He stands at 6'1" (1.85m) with a body that has several scars from fights. He has a tribal yin yang tattoo just underneath his left collarbone.

    Zach is rebellious. He doesn't like being told what to do and mostly doesn't do to well with authority. He can have a loud mouth and certainly can pick up (and win) a fight. He won't easily back down, since he knows what he is worth, but he knows when he has to admit that someone might be superior to him. However beneath the hard exterior lies a hearth of gold. Despite not having it had easy in his life and knowing the hardships that have made him a lot less carefree than he used to be, he does care about people. He can be helpful if he wants to be, though his patience is mostly challenged by his quick temper. When relaxed and at ease, he has an everlasting smile on his face and can be quite humorous. In truth he is a very loving and caring young male, but society and his upgrowing have taught him to toughen up and not take shit from anyone.​
  6. [​IMG]


    His clothing style is always sharp and formal. Black dress pants, white button up and a black blazer. His tie being the only colored thing mostly. He loves to wear expensives suits, that compliment his long build and of course muscles. However he is not overly muscular, compared to some other wolves.
    His height is 6'2" (1.87m) above average, yet nothing too impressive. His build is mostly like a swimmer body. The muscles are definitely there when he stretches or uses them, but not overly visibile when he just relaxes.
    His hair is deep black, falling to the back of his neck. It mostly is a bit spiky, but he has given up on trying to get it orderly. His eyes are a deep chocolate brown color, some say almost black.


    Nathaniel is a very intelligent male. He can have a sharp tongue to accompany his quick wit. He also picks things up in a short amount of time, making him a fast learner.

    He knows what he is worth. He has a great self-esteem. However he is not vain or prideful. He knows what he is made of. He will not let anyone just walk over him.

    Nathaniel doesn’t like being told what to do, definitely not if he thinks it is unfair. He won’t give up easily, nor give in. He will go to great lengths to keep his own respect and self-worth. Also when a choice has been made, he sticks with that choice. Due to his analistic behavior it is (in his eyes) the best possible thing to do and someone needs to come with good arguments to bring him down from this.

    Though he is not hot-headed, he can put up a fight when he thinks it is necessary. He is not someone to just let anyone walk over him, when they see fit.

    If he doesn’t want to talk about something, he tries to avoid the subject. Same goes for problems, he tends to ignore them until he no longer can go around it. Mostly he has a problem with facing his feelings, and will just try to shrug that off.

    Wolf form
    In his full wolf form he has black fur that is thicker and longer than most wolves. His eyes stay the same dark color as they are in human form. Again I didn't know if you wanted them to be able to fully change to wolves or not.
  7. [​IMG]
    The Story

    The Mares of Diomedes, also called the mares of Thrace, are four wild, uncontrollable, man-eating horses. They belonged to the giant Dimedes, who was the king of Thrace and son of Ares and Cyrene. His Mares were ruthless and merciless with their undying thirst for human blood and unquenchable hungry for human flesh. Only once they had found they had their prey they would calm down.

    King Eurystheus had tasked Heracles to captures these four Mares as his Eight Labour. The legends differ on how he finally caught them. Some say he cut free the horses and scared them to higher grounds, while quickly digging an trench and thus creating an island as he filled the trench with water. When Diomedes came to collect his horses, Heracles killed him and fed him to the Mares. Other tell a different story where Heracles fought with Diomedes, while his companion, Abderus, was left in charge of the horses and found eaten upon Heracles return.

    Either way after eating human flesh the horses had calmed down enough for Heracles to bind their mouths shut and leading them to King Eurytheus. In his turn the King gifted the horses to Hera. Though others claim the horses were sacrificed to Zeus, who refused them. Descendants of these horses were rumored to be used during the Trojan War and Bucephalus, the horse of Alexander the Great, would descended from these mares as well.
    The Mares

    Lampon (the Shining)

    (art @ annartistry)
    Xanthos (the Yellow)

    (art @ Tira-Owl)
    Podargos (the Swift)

    (art @ MattBarley)
    Deinos (the Terrible)

    (art @ BenPhillips)

    Powers and Weaknesses

    Besided being quicker and more violent than normal horses, these mares have no magical powers. Their teeth are razor sharp and their tongues are rough in order to scrape skin and muscles of bones. They are wild and absolutely won't hesitate to kill whatever prey they can find.

    They can be killed like any other animal, most effective would be an arrow through the heart. Other weaknesses are that they can not fight the person who is on their back and have gone mad with hunger. There is no logic behind their attacks and they will not work together.

    As for their appearance, only those of that have Greek Blood will see their true forms. For others they will seem like normal, but hysterical, horses. However they will be able to see the sharp teeth when the horses attack them, and probably see their true form seconds before they die. Though this rumor has never been confirmed.
    The Artifact

    After Zeus' blatant refusal of accepting the horses, it is only ironical that it is his artifact that is hidding within them. In their hearts to be precise. The eagle is hidden in Xanthos, the other three parts devided over Deinos, Podargos and Lampon. The broken artifact can only be put together by the flaming Hammer of Hephaestus. The Children and the Familiars will not have this knowledge to begin with, however Iridescent may be aware of ways to fix broken artifacts.

    It didn't matter where they came from or how they were set free. Only the Gods would know and even they were clueless. The ground trembled under the force of the sixteen hooves from the Nightmares of Diomedes. Their eyes were wild, filled with madness, as they had little care for whatever and whoever was in their way. The cold air was filled with the white huffs of their breath as they stormed straight ahead at the Mall. They could feel the Godly Energy there and it was driving them insane.

    Years they had gone without flesh, without blood, and now that hunger and thirst would finally be ended. Podargos the Swift was in the lead of course, followed by Xanthos the Yellow on her left. Lampon the Shining was not far behind them on the right and the quartet was completed with Deinos the Terrible. The last mare already licking the blood from her lips as she dragged a child with her. Her sharp teeth had sunken into its shoulder as she shook her head. The body moving like a ragdoll as she tried her hardest to get some part of that meat.

    The Mares of Diomedes did not stop for anything or anyone as glass shattered when they stormed into the building. The sounds that came from them were more growls than neighs as the creatures quickly scattered over the place. The shocked screams and shrieks of those who where trembled under their hooves was music to their ears. The horses running high upon that fear they casted as their eyes seemed to light up with fire. It had been long since they had been able to be part of this world, and they would certainly leave their impression.

    Lampon had taken a turn to the left, for she preferred fair maiden blood. The smell coming from there to irrestible for the Shining to ignore. Deinos had come to a stop in the middle of the food court, ripping and twisting at the child. Though one tiny human would not be enough for her, for she was the most insatiable of all. It was thus that she had recieved the name the Terrible as her teeth ripped open the throat ending the cries of her prey.

    Podargos was hunting down a middle aged male, enjoying the hunt as her speed was no match for the human and she quickly caught up. Her hooves trembling over the body, before she turned around on her hindlegs. Her title, if one could call it that, was based on her speed and quick adaption. Xanthos was perhaps the most civil, the most sophisticated of them all. Her attention locked on to the right as her tail whipped around her body. The split ends curling around the neck of the poor person she had chosen as her first victim, who had golden hair, just like her mane, hence the name the Yellow as there were no really outstanding features about her.

    The four Mares of Thrace would once again remind people were the expression Nightmare came from as they brought chaos, pain, disaster and fear. It only drove them wilder as they hunted down their preys. For this time, only one would not be enough. They would not stop till all were gone, til their hunger was starved and their thirst dried....
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  8. "From the makers of 'Mister, What is in THAT Bag?' and 'I Want to Marry a Parttimer', NekoNeko Studios welcomes you to 'The Downlow with Miyasai Tikki'! I'm Miyasai Tikki, and let me be the first to announce that I am beyond excited for today's special guest: BEIGI Corpation's own Nagasama Hirochi! Welcome, Nagasama-Senpai!"

    "Thank you for the warm welcome."

    "BEIGI Coration has paired with NekoNeko Studios on many occassions, what with his recent international hit, 'Hey!', and his critically acclaimed production, 'My Westerner Boyfriend'; however, I can say now that no one is more excited that I am to discuss your newest Television creation!"

    "I'm flattered... Really! If you keep throwing compliments at me, I'll have no choice but to ask you on a date, Miyasai-Chan~♡"

    "Oh you! Stop with the flirting and give us all the downlow on your recent production! I hear tell it is truly a masterpiecr in the making! Please share!"

    "Ah yes... I can definitely say it goes far beyond the bound of what one would consider normal Japanese Television, Miyasai-Chan. With the recent influx of Anime popularity and such companies gaining most of the views in the production market, I had to admit that I was fearing many reality television shows and their popularity; however, I can guarantee you... and our lovely audience, of course, that what BEIGI Corporation has come up with is a show to shock our views back to life and place Japanese Reality Television back into the lime light!"

    "Please! Descripe to our viewers what this new show is all about!"

    "Ah yes, of course. Ahem... Picture this: A single, three floor home. This house, having a total of 8 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a single kitchen, livingroom, etc. And whatever else a house is suppose to have, is not made to house a large family."

    "Interesting... Do tell more!"

    "This house has been bought and rented out to 8 individual persons, coming from a walks of life. Some may have past relationships, while some are total strangers, but these individuals are paired together and must rely on eachother and live together under one roof. They shop together, eat together... Sleep together, but the main means of this is to survey the grounds and secret life of being a 'Roommate.' Thus the title, 'How Do You Roommate'. These lovely individuals must live with eachother for a total of 4 months, surviving just as any roommates would do. I expect drama, romance, humor, violence... The entire package!"

    "Really? That's quite a few people... Is this scripted?"

    "Of course not! We have set up cameras all over the house to be able to watch nearly every aspect of their lives!"

    "Rather intrusive, but interesting nonetheless! What is the point of all of this?"

    "Simple. It is a social experiment on humanity. Are we really all different? Does coming from a different background make someone better than another? What happens if we attempt to strip away all titles and simply make us equal? Will we lash out and seek social order, or coincidence with eachother and come to some sort of agreement? These people have been picked from a list of volunteers and have been paired up as the most adequate for this social experiment."

    "Indeed... I heard rumor that Actor and Musician Oki Umrie shall be taking part in this experiment. Is that true? Can we look forward to more famous famous faces to come through!?"

    "Ahahahaha... As I said, Miyasai-Chan. Our chosen participants come from all walks of life. All rumors shall be answered once the show comes on air next monday. Sooo... you will have to wait until then to find out!~♡"

    "What of the rumor that one participant is an exconvict?"

    "All is fair once inside the house, but I shall not say more than that! Tune into find out!"

    "We are all excited to see the first Episode of 'How Do You Roommate', airing next Monday at 3:30p.m.! Stay tight audience, for our next interview shall be the publicist of Ryochi Sammara, who shall discuss the allegations of her secretive relationship with a University Student! Stay tuned and thank you for joining us today, Nagasama-Senpai!~♡"
  9. [​IMG]
    There was no easing into this, you were either in prison or you were free. There was no inbetween, no progress to go from one to the other. It was simply all or nothing and for the twenty-six year old it was quite hard to grasp still. Oh Ryouichi knew he had spent the past eight years in prison innocently, but still the release had gone so sudden. It was as if it was yesterday that Daisuke had contacted him about the fact that the case might be reopened, while in reality that was four months ago now. Yes, it had still taken that long to make a strong plead and completely rid Ryou of his sentence.

    The male knew he had never been completely innocently. He had broken a lot of laws, though he had never ever gone that far as to actually rape and murder someone. However it was hard to convince the jury and judges when you had a lot of violence acts against you and it had been even harder to see his crime apart from the fact that he was a known gang member of the Scorpions. Plus having the name Death Angel did really not help when you were trialed for murder. If he had to believe his childhood friend and lawyer it had been a complicated task to get him free, but in the end they had their victory and here he was. A complete free man again. He still could only half believe it as he had without protest agree to some kind of social project, when Daisuke had brought it up that it was a good way to get used to living as a participant of society. Ryou himself had thought less of it, but back at that moment he had not really considered the fact that his freedom would indeed soon be a fact.

    His hand pushed through his dark brown locks that fell to the base of his nape. Yes, having worked up ranks quite quickly and well in prison had its advantages. One being that the guards would be more wary of you and not dare to shave you bald. His fingers trickled over the tattoo in his neck, rubbing over the scorpion as Ryou had to admit he was actually a bit nervous about this whole ordeal. He couldn’t care less about the others, he just hoped they would all mind their own business and not bother him too much, but it was the freedom of choice that was getting to him as he sat in the Mercedes. He could feel Daisukes eyes on him every now and then, while he just watched the world pass by. At first sight not much had changed, but he knew that was only an illusion. Society was something that stood not a day still, even if it seemed like that in the security facility.

    There hung a silence in the car, as they would first go to Daisukes place, where he apparently would later be picked up to be brought to the location of the project. However Ryou didn’t mind the silence, he wouldn’t know what to talk about anyway as he listened to the songs that the radio played. He recognized nothing of it, but that was quite understandable as he turned his head to stare at the road in front of them. Questions like ‘how does it feel to be finally free?’ and ‘what is the first thing you are gonna do now?’ would be wasted on him. Since Ryou had absolutely no idea, so far it didn’t feel much different from being inside those stale grey walls. And really, what was the first thing to do now? He had never had any plans before he went to prison, so that had not changed now that he was out of the facility. He was actually happy that Daisuki didn’t pester him with useless chatter, as he had never been one of many words.

    His green eyes fell down on the little bag on his lap. #341862 Minami Ryouichi. Those same numbers were repeated on his right arm with inked. An eternal reminder of his stay in that hell hole. Yet that was not was he was looking at, it were the few items in that bag. The only possession he had still left, together with the clothes he wore. He picked out the old Nokia as he wondered if the phone would still work if he charged it. Not that he had anything interesting on it, just the numbers of some other Scorpions. There came a chuckle from beside him and he looked up. "I got you a new phone, since I knew you could use an upgrade” Daisuke broke the silence. Yet was met with no reply as the male frowned slowly. Well, that was to be expected. “Don’t worry, I saved all important numbers on it already. Such as mine, your social workers and your therapists” The other male continued. The frown deepened. “Therapist?” His voice was low and rough, rather intimidating, though he didn’t mean to intimidate the other. It was just an habit, something that would probably take a long time to disappear.

    Daisuki nodded softly as he pulled up to his home. “Yes, anger management. It was one of the condition for your freedom” He answered. Ryou nodded and rolled his eyes. Though that was also something to be expected. He sat still until the other had actually gotten around the car and pulled the door open. The lawyer not saying a word as Ryou moved a bit hesitant. That was right, freedom of choice, freedom to move when he wanted, where he wanted, how he wanted. He pulled his wallet out of the bag, pushing it in the left back pocket of his tattered jeans. Yes, some habits would never change as he walked inside. The keys of his old home, he had no idea if his father still lived there, found their way into his front left pocket. Cigarettes in the right front one and that were all the items from the bag. Now, it would be a simple waiting came again as he sunk on the couch after following the other into the Lawyers home. “Black as my soul and heart” He answered to the question how he wanted his coffee. Though for the first time there had been an amused tone to his words.


    "Cameras ready? Yes, everything set up so he won't notice a thing?" A female voice asked outside the house Ryou had just sat down in with his coffee. One last check to make sure everything was hidden. "Nagasame, we are ready. Picking up the first participant now" This was quite a wide arranged thing. So far the participants were still unaware of the fact that they were the ones chosen. Everything was set up so that they were away from their homes as they made their move to pick them up. The belongs of the participants had been picked up this morning and a second crew had worked on getting the house set up. Pictures had been taken of their rooms to make sure everything was identical in the new home. The woman whipped her hair out of her face as she walked up to the door.

    Ryou had just finished his coffee, while Daisuki explained how his new phone worked. He didn't like the sleek buttonless device, but he accepted the gift from his friend. He now knew how to call with it and how to send texts. There was a lot more he could do with it, for Daisuki had mentioned all the other stuff on it, but they were interrupted by the harsh sound of the doorbell. The sound of it made the male automatically cringe, though he had no idea why. His friend was already in the hallway opening the door. "Hello, we are looking for Minami Ryouichi" A female voice sounded and the man in question frowned.

    "You have found him" Ryou said as he walked into the hallway. The woman smiling even brigher now as she saw him. "Good, I am Fujimoto Kazumi from BEIGI Corporation and I can happily inform you that you have been selected to participate in 'How Do You Roommate?" Her voice was far too enthusiastic, too happy for the males liking. However the young female didn't seem to care for his held back reaction as she motioned him forward. "We have already set you up at the house that will be your home and we will drive you there. In the car we will give you a copy of the key. Come on, come on now! My colleagues are picking up the other participants so you all will arrive around the same time more or less"


    The drive towards the house had not been long. The female pestering him with useless, meaningless question. Like what his favourite food was - happy if it was edible - what his favourite color was - green - and why - just because - his favourite tv show, his favourite musicgroup and another bunch of stuff. Most of it he had not even replied to, or just vaguely answered as he watched where they were going. The car came to a sudden stop in one of the nicer neighbourhoods, while for Ryous feeling they had been driving in a circle more or less, in front of a house that look just like the others. The white, spotless outside and well kept grass made him feel slightly uncomfortable for a moment as Kazumi handed him the key. "Remember you only get one copy of it, so don't lose it" She said, before urging him to get out of the car and into the house.

    He stood hesitatingly in front of the white door for a moment, before he turned the key and pushed the door open. He waited for a moment, but it seemed like he was the first one to arrive as he let the door fall close behind him again. He walked further into the luxurious big home as his eyes scanned every bit of the new enviroment. On his right was a stairway, which probably led towards the bedrooms and bathroom as he moved straight ahead. The livingroom was spacious, yet cozy... too cozy for his taste as he walked further towards the kitches. It was clean in classical black and white and he took a deep breath. Okay, this... this made him feel more 'at home' as he leaned against the kitchen counter. From here he had a perfect overview of the living room and would be able to observe anyone who came inside, without being directly spotted himself. Or so he hoped as his fingers moved to his pocket. He fished out his cigarettes and lighter as he lay them on the counter. Ryou quickly searched through the cabinets to find a simple metallic ashtray. Funny how it was so cheap, compared to the rest of the house.

    The male took another deep breath as he lighted the cigarette. Another deep breath, before he let the smoke escape into the air. Okay, so he was gonna be stuck in a house with seven strangers. He could do this. It was weird to think he was nervous for something like this, but it was a lot to take in. And if Ryou was honest, it was all quite overwhelming to be here now, considering he had been stuck in prison a mere two, three hours ago? However the nicotine did calm him a little, took of the edge of his stress as he waited for whoever would be the next person to arrive at this place.
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  10. [​IMG]
    Full Name
    Zlatko Andrija Markovich

    Mister Encyclopedia


    Zlatko's hair changes color over the year. In the summer and when it has been sunny it has a red, rossy tint, while in the winter and there is less sun it becomes darkbrown. His hair is slightly curling, giving him a bit of just-out-of-bed-look. His eyes are dark brown, though they look almost black. He has very long eyelashes, which give him a bit more of a feminine look. When he smiles he has little dimples on both sides.

    He stands 6'0" (1.84m) and weighs 158 lbs (72kg). Though his muscles are defined, he is not overly muscular. He has a small waist, again giving him a more feminine look. Overall he has more a swimmer's body, that hides the strength he actually hold. As for his clothing style, it is mostly comfortable clothing, jeans with a hoodie, simple Tshirts. At times he likes wearing V necks, or just cover himself up with scarfs. He doesn't really do fashion and just wears what he wants or feels comfortable in that day.


    Caste Ranking

    Previous Position

    Being Dominated

    Zlatko likes nothing more than someone who knows how to handle him and shows him his place. Even if he might be a powerbottom, he loves crawling to the dirt for something worthy of that.

    What is there not to love about the feeling of a dick rubbing against the back of your throat? Also, he has no gagreflex.

    Yes, this is one of his absolute favourites and he doesn't even mind in what kind of way it comes. He can totally get riled up from it.

    Mostly because he doesn't keep up with current relationships, but also he likes the rush of fucking someone that is actually someones elses. And well, there is a certain satisfaction in being able to steal away a man. It empowers him really, and no, he absolutely doesn't feel any guilt for it.

    This connects back to the humiliation. He loves them to be used on him, the more unexpected the merrier. The feeling of being played with, though not being touched or simply during lessons with the help of a remote-vibrator. There is nothing like it.

    Orgasm Control/Denial
    It is only logical with the love for being dominated and humiliated. Zlatko enjoys it when the other know how to bring him down till he is absolutely worn out and a mess, yet still begging for more

    Vanilla Sex

    If he abandons his studies, he does it to unwind. So he want to feel it the next day. Vanilla sex is like playing the same song over and over again. It gets boring quickly.

    This is also quite obvious. Whatever happens on the toilet, should stay in the toilet and not his body.

    Recieving Blowjobs
    Though he loves giving them, he isn't fond of recieving them, unless it is in the form of teasing or foreplay. He is not interested in knowing what you can do with your mouth. Though he has absolutely no problem with going on his knees for you. Oh no... not at all.

    Permanent Mutilation
    Well, who would like having permanent scars from someone that they maybe had seen once in their life?

    He just doesn't like them. The drooling, the smothered noises... he hates it. Besides how can he be vocal with such a vile thing in his mouth?


    This goes without saying. Zlatko likes to learn and is extremely smart. His photographic memory is also a big help with this. There are not many subjects he knows absolutely nothing about and if he finds himself not knowing the answer to something, he will work it out till the bottom.

    He is a very hardworking boy. There is almost nothing that can keep him away from his studies. If he has to work on groupprojects, he will either just do everything or constantly nag others whether they are already done or not. He is not a person to stop before things are done and he mostly places his personal deadlines a month before the actual deadline. With groupwork he will absolutely put you through hell if you don't meet his deadlines.

    Everything has to be absolutely perfect. He won't accept mistakes or errors, no matter how small or big. Failure is absolute something he is (almost) deadly afraid of. If he is graded below A for a subject that requires intelligect you might as well just kill him.

    Yes, he can be quite a know-it-all. He doesn't hesitate to correct people when they are wrong and he always has something to say about everything. Also he can be quite straight forward in pointing out mistakes, definitely in work of others and tell them how to do better.

    His mind is mostly focused on work, project, essays and what all not that the actual social part of school. He doesn't keep up with the rumors, the trends, the fashion. He just likes drifting in his own bubble of serene dilligence, rather that putting up with useless stuff such as who put his dick in whom.

    Not with fists perhaps, but Zlatko will not easily back down as long as he can talk. He will not step away from a possible debate or discussion. Neither will the Serbian boy give in quickly, he can provide quite a challenge. Though there are moments when he knows to keep his mouth shut.

    Despite all he can be very helpful to others. He loves to teach others and share his knowledge with those that are honestly interested in it. He makes a very patient and good tutor, as long as the other is hardworking and not slacking off.

    Zlatko can come off as a bit awkward, even if he really has a golden heart. He can be a bit shy and mostly he doesn't know when to stop talking about a subject, definitely when it comes to something he likes. This can provide many awkward situations. He doesn't know how to do small talk and doesn't keep up with the current trends, so all he has really is his intelligence.

    He grew up in a small town on the Croation-Serbian border in the middle of the Serbian-Croatian war. At the age of seven Serbian troops completely tore up his hometown. His sister was raped in front of his eyes, his father shot through the head. He has still no idea how he got away from the madness and the scar from a bullet that grazed him is still a silent reminder of that horror filled day. He was very lucky to find a refugee camp...

    A year later he was adopted by a lawyer couple, after the woman found out she was infertile. They raised him as their own child and thought him the importance of knowledge. If you knew you way with words, you could get away with anything. And thus he became a very diligent boy, who much rather stayed with his books that go out to play with other kids. Under their care he quickly learned the English language and in highschool he was almost top of the class and mostly even top of the year. He was rather behind his books and working on his studies, than going out of doing sports or anything. His sexuality, not really something he was bothered with at all, though he did realize he didn't like girls in the way most boys did. Something that became obvious during Prom, where he ended up making out with one of the jocks in the bathroom. He had told his adoptive parents, who literally told him they couldn't care less what gender he loved and with whom he decided to share the bed as long as his studies would not suffer under it.

    In order to have him grow more social, they shipped him towards Hell, thinking the strong regime would be best for him. At first his adoptive mother was scared that he would dislike it, but that fear disappeared when the boy found his place in the game. It was almost as if the role brains was made specifically for him. He didn't mind being on the background and mostly overlooked. This way he could just concentrate on this studies without having to worry about being targetted. This year he even may have went that far as just to snatch the card from another student. Though it is unknown if that is just a rumor or the truth...
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  11. DISCLAIMER: the content in this post is not mine! It belongs to Free, who I offered my help!


    • Hello, welcome to Hell.
      A school that is secluded and where the teachers act like nothing is amiss... Where nobody will hear you scream.

      Nobody knows how or when it started, all anyone knows is to obey the caste system, to follow the rules, to follow your higher ranking classmates, and to never disobey them.

      At the start of every new term a new caste occurs. You get a whole new fresh start... That is, if you find the right card.

      The King, the highest rank
      Then the Queen
      That is the highest tier.

      The second highest contains:
      The Jack, who is supposed to be the King's closest adviser.
      Then in the same tier is the King's Wannabe or Flatterer and The Pleaser.

      The third tier consisting of:
      the Messenger, the Perps (the excelling students), the Slackers (the idiots).

      The four tier:
      the Geek (otaku), the Goth (emo), the Brains (the nerds).

      And finally, the last tier:
      the Targets. They are the ones that refuse to participate in the Caste Game, and automatically become targets. They are the bullied, used by the other higher ranking classmates, and are tormented on a daily basis.


      Obviously if you find the king card you become king, if you find the queen you become queen, and if you find the jack you become the jack. If you find the joker card you become the wannabe or the pleaser.

      The number cards correspond with the other positions, the higher the card number the higher the rank. Now it's just the question of whether or not you'll get a good card.
      Good luck.

    • 1. I'd like this to be a descriptive, third person roleplay. No first/second person please!

      2. At least one solid paragraph of 5-7 sentences! More is definitely welcome however. ^.^

      3. No bullying OOC! You will be kicked out permanently!

      4. This is an all boys school, so no girls. XD Sorry, I have nothing against them! I'm a girl myself, I just love MxM! ;)

      5. For this I'd prefer realistic pictures, but perhaps providing a a realistic and anime could be a possibility too, it depends on who joins really and what you guys prefer!

      6. Smut will happen, this a mature rp, but out it in spoilers or something if you are doing it in the actual topic, or move it to another thread or pm's!

      7. Please tell me if you have any questions or concerns! And most importantly, have fun! :)

      **You can reserve a spot if you PM me, first come first serve!**

    • First Tier
      The King - Gideon Jones, 22, Switch (Target) ~ Gateman
      The Queen - Jesse Jay Cordey, 22, Switch (Pleaser) ~ Emi

      Second Tier
      The Jack - Kris
      The Wannabe - Langston Kasper Williams, 23, Switch (King) ~ Shattered
      The Pleaser - Thomas Ryan Dawson, 22, Switch/Submissive (Geek #1) ~ Free

      Third Tier
      The Messenger - Dominik Andreas Kron, 21, Dominant (the Goth) ~ Noctis
      The Prep #1 - Kori Hansen, 21, Bottom (Brains 1) ~ Free
      The Prep#2 -
      The Slacker #1 - Bore
      The Slacker #2 - Alejandro Francisco DiCarpio, 24, Power Top (Wannabe) ~ Shattered

      Fourth Tier
      The Geek #1 - Soren Rene Belrose, 21, Switch (Queen) ~ Lady
      The Geek #2 - Nathan Denver Brown, 19, Uke (Target) ~ Bore
      The Goth - Sebastian Greyson, 18, Uke (Target) ~ Emi
      The Brains #1 - Name, Age, Position, (Previous) ~ Shattered
      The Brains #2 - Zlatko Andrija Markovich, 19, Powerbottom (Brains #1) ~ Darkius

      1. Lewis Ames, 22, Switch (Target) ~ Free
      2. Kris
      3. Cassius Nolan Wilmore, 22, Submissive (Geek 2) ~Lady
      4. Ashley Leon Hansen, 19, Switch/Top (Target) ~ Luxii
      5. Ethan Intinal, 20, Switch/Bottom (Prep) ~ Peaceswore
      6. Miles Kade Morgan, 18, Dominant Bottom (none) ~ Yaoi Master Gavin

    • Full Name:




      Position:(uke, seme, seke, please have a variety if you are doing multiple characters)

      Caste Ranking:(what position are you in the Caste Game?)

      Previous Position:(what position were you last.)






      **Please fill this out completely.**

    Hello, welcome to [I]Hell.[/I]
    A school that is secluded and where the teachers act like nothing is amiss... Where nobody will hear you [I][B]scream[/B][/I].
    Nobody knows how or when it started, all anyone knows is to obey the caste system, to follow the rules, to follow your higher ranking classmates, and to [B]never [/B]disobey them.
    At the start of every new term a new caste occurs. You get a whole new fresh start... That is, if you find the right card.
    The King, the highest rank
    Then the Queen
    That is the highest tier.
    The second highest contains:
    The Jack, who is supposed to be the King's closest adviser.
    Then in the same tier is the King's Wannabe or Flatterer and The Pleaser.
    The third tier consisting of:
    the Messenger, the Perps (the excelling students), the Slackers (the idiots).
    The four tier:
    the Geek (otaku), the Goth (emo), the Brains (the nerds).
    And finally, the last tier:
    the Targets. They are the ones that refuse to participate in the Caste Game, and automatically become targets. They are the bullied, used by the other higher ranking classmates, and are tormented on a daily basis.
    Obviously if you find the king card you become king, if you find the queen you become queen, and if you find the jack you become the jack. If you find the joker card you become the wannabe or the pleaser.
    The number cards correspond with the other positions, the higher the card number the higher the rank. Now it's just the question of whether or not you'll get a good card.
    Good luck.
    1. I'd like this to be a descriptive, third person roleplay. No first/second person please!
    2. At least one solid paragraph of 5-7 sentences! More is definitely welcome however. ^.^
    3. No bullying OOC! You will be kicked out permanently!
    4. This is an all boys school, so no girls. XD Sorry, I have nothing against them! I'm a girl myself, I just love MxM! ;)
    5. For this I'd prefer realistic pictures, but perhaps providing a a realistic and anime could be a possibility too, it depends on who joins really and what you guys prefer!
    6. Smut will happen, this a mature rp, but out it in spoilers or something if you are doing it in the actual topic, or move it to another thread or pm's!
    7. Please tell me if you have any questions or concerns! And most importantly, have fun! :)
    [B][I]**You can reserve a spot if you PM me, first come first serve!**[/I][/B]
    [B]First Tier[/B]
    The King - [URL='https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/caste-game-mxm-open.134599/#post-2786653']Gideon Jones[/URL], 22, Switch (Target) ~ Gateman
    The Queen - [URL='https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/caste-game-mxm-open.134599/#post-2786043']Jesse Jay Cordey[/URL], 22, Switch (Pleaser) ~ Emi
    [B]Second Tier[/B]
    The Jack - Kris
    The Wannabe - [URL='https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/caste-game-mxm-open.134599/page-3#post-2789965']Langston Kasper Williams[/URL], 23, Switch (King) ~ Shattered
    The Pleaser - [URL='https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/caste-game-mxm-open.134599/page-3#post-2788262']Thomas Ryan Dawson[/URL], 22, Switch/Submissive (Geek #1) ~ Free
    [B]Third Tier[/B]
    The Messenger - [URL='https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/caste-game-mxm-open.134599/#post-2784383']Dominik Andreas Kron[/URL], 21, Dominant (the Goth) ~ Noctis
    The Prep #1 - [URL='https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/caste-game-mxm-open.134599/page-5#post-2793767']Kori Hansen[/URL], 21, Bottom (Brains 1) ~ Free
    The Prep#2 -
    The Slacker #1 - Bore
    The Slacker #2 - [URL='https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/caste-game-mxm-open.134599/page-11#post-2798755']Alejandro Francisco DiCarpio[/URL], 24, Power Top (Wannabe)  ~ Shattered
    [B]Fourth Tier[/B]
    The Geek #1 - [URL='https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/caste-game-mxm-open.134599/page-4#post-2792060']Soren Rene Belrose[/URL], 21, Switch (Queen) ~ Lady
    The Geek #2 - [URL='https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/caste-game-mxm-open.134599/page-4#post-2791015']Nathan Denver Brown[/URL], 19, Uke (Target) ~ Bore
    The Goth - [URL='https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/caste-game-mxm-open.134599/page-4#post-2790939']Sebastian Greyson[/URL], 18, Uke (Target) ~ Emi
    The Brains #1 - [URL='https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/caste-game-mxm-open.134599/page-11#post-2798759']Name[/URL], Age, Position, (Previous) ~ Shattered
    The Brains #2 - [URL='https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/caste-game-mxm-open.134599/page-8#post-2798241']Zlatko Andrija Markovich[/URL], 19, Powerbottom (Brains #1) ~ Darkius
    1. [URL='https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/caste-game-mxm-open.134599/page-3#post-2790290']Lewis Ames[/URL], 22, Switch (Target) ~ Free
    2. Kris
    3. [URL='https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/caste-game-mxm-open.134599/page-3#post-2790343']Cassius Nolan Wilmore[/URL], 22, Submissive (Geek 2) ~Lady
    4. [URL='https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/caste-game-mxm-open.134599/page-8#post-2798394']Ashley Leon Hansen[/URL], 19, Switch/Top (Target) ~ Luxii
    5. [URL='https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/caste-game-mxm-open.134599/page-5#post-2793589']Ethan Intinal[/URL], 20, Switch/Bottom (Prep) ~ Peaceswore
    6. [URL='https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/caste-game-mxm-open.134599/page-11#post-2798645']Miles Kade Morgan[/URL], 18, Dominant Bottom (none) ~ Yaoi Master Gavin
    [tab=Character Sheet]
    Full Name:
    Position:(uke, seme, seke, please have a variety if you are doing multiple characters)
    Caste Ranking:(what position are you in the Caste Game?)
    Previous Position:(what position were you last.)
    **Please fill this out completely.**
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  12. [​IMG]
    Interaction: The Twins NPC
    Mention: Thol Doomy
    Group/Position: Apostoloi Lieutenant Unit 2
    Parent/Mount: Loki / Sleipnir
    The dark brown orbs opened to the darkness that hung in the room. The pupils immediately changing from round to more ecplise to catch as little light as there was in the room. The owner of those changing eyes was no one less than Aleksi Ragnavaldr Satu, or whatever of those three names he chose to use. He became more and more aware of the annoying weight on his chest as he raised his head from the pillows to look at the blond hair that was curled over his shoulder and belonged to the lovely lady that lay on his chest. His eyebrows furrowed as he pushed her off, gently enough not to wake her, but there was nothing loving in his movement. He stirred more as he pushed himself up to a sitting position. "Going anywhere, General?" A voice from his other side called and he looked into a pair of bright blue eyes, accompanied by that same flowing blonde hair. Twins... that was right. However General... why was she.. ow right. The higher the title the easier the ladies. "Yes, I have important stuff to do" He answered. God damn did he hate small talk like this.

    Her hand reached out to grab his wrist, halting him in his movements to actually get out of the bed. "No time for an... exciting goodbye?" The female asked, he had really no idea what her name was. Or her sisters. Ugh, why where they always this clinging in the morning. "I am sorry, I am already running late for the meeting" He said as he pulled his wrist lose from her grip and now succeeded in getting out of the bed. However so did she as her arms curled around his waist, her breasts pushing against his back. His eyebrows only furrowed more together. As nice as it had probably been last night, he really wasn't in the mood right now. And that said something, for Aleksi was always in the mood for something. "At four in the morning?" She whispered into his hair. Her warm breath playing over his skin as he pulled her hands from his body, before she could head for more private areas. "Are you questioning me?" He inquired as he turned to watch her. Why couldn't she just accept the stupid lie, while she did so easily fall into his other lies this morning.

    "I just think it is weird that a strong and high ranked General like you is suppose to go to a meeting at four in the morning" She said with a seductive edge to her voice. She moved closer again, brushing her hand over his cheek. Really, had he not been clear enough before? His hand wrapped around her wrist, now harsher in his movements. "I am sorry, darling, but I really have to go" He said as he took another step to the door. He didn't even care to collect his clothes. He never wore anything important on his body when he went out with the intention not to stay the night at home. "When will we see you again, General?" The woman seemed to have understood the fact there was no way to hold him here. He opened the door, naked as he was, turning around with a grin. "Just ask for General Bartholomew Fafnir, they will know where to find me" He answered as he blew her a quick kiss, before stepping out of the house and closing the door behind him.

    Yes, Thol was gonna have the time of his life when these ladies would actually show up for a rendez-vous. He just hoped he would be around to catch that look on the real generals face. He shivered as the cold night air tickled over his naked skin, before letting himself fall forward. Little black paws catching him as the male had changed fully into a black cat in mere seconds. The fluffy tail moved gracefully through the air as he sniffed to pick up any scents to figure out where he was. Yeah, last night he had been too distracted to keep up with where they were going. The door behind him opened as he quickly shot away, one of the sister was now standing outside. "He couldn't have gotten far" The cat shook his head as he watched the girl run to the other end of the street. That desperate... tsskkk. Aleksi moved to the other side of the street, not really feeling like going home just yet as he caught the scents of freshly prepared food.

    His stomach twisted as he figured there must be some kind of restaurant nearby and he literally just followed his nose. It was quiet on the streets, then again it was four in the morning, according to the girl at least. Judging on the smells, noises and light it was later than that. Damned, he normally didn't stay that long at other people places. However he didn't take the time to scold himself, since who cares? It was not like there was anything important happening. Besides he had found that restaurant indeed as he moved through the allie. He sat down on a little wall, watching for a moment, but no one came out the back anymore. He wondered why there weren't more animals here, since this was a perfect oppertunity for strays to get food. Than again, normal animals didn't have the ability to momentarily change into a human in order to open up the dumpster. Gross? Well, most food was packed and perfectly fine. Aleksi had never been a big eater, which showed in his slender, slight underweight, frame as he picked out some salmon. He let the lid of the dumpster fall close again, the sound of it apparently alarming someone inside as he heard some shouting voices.

    His hand moved up to his mouth as he took the raw salmon between his teeth and turned on his heels. "Some stupid cat stole fish!" He heard one of the workers say as he ran around the corner, yet they didn't follow him as he finally found himself a lovely spot where he wouldn't be disturbed. He watched how the city beneath him came to life and started with its morning rituals as he enjoyed his high quality -and free- salmon. It was not that he did not have the money to spend on food or anything, but this was just as easy. He hated doing groceries actually, so this was an easy way out. He licked his lips and paws clean as for a bit longer he enjoyed the sun, before actually moving towards the 'Headquarters' of the Apolostoi. The only problem would be was that he could not actually open the door, and turning back human was not an option now as it was a lot busier. Unlike stories, shapeshifters were actually completely naked when transforming back to human form, which was the reason he needed to get inside so he could pick up some clothes.

    However Aleksi could be patient as he simple groomed himself like any cat would do, before he noticed someone coming outside. He sprinted forward, mewing as some tailhairs could caught between the door. He really needed to speak to Jasper about placing a cat door or something so he had always access to the building. He shook out his fur again as he moved through the hallways, where no one seemed to be surprised by a black Norwegian Forest cat walking around. Or they just didn't care. Aleksi had no idea, but he didn't mind the lack of attention at the moment as he stalked through the hallways to get to his room.

    • New York, may 2015. Nothing was out of usual, or so it seemed for the humans that lived in the city. The weather was nice, the economics went up, there were more jobs and the crime rate was quite even. People were happy to be New York Citizens and every one was minding there own business. Some going to their jobs, others taking the kids to school. Young people on their way to the University or College, while others did their groceries. The streets were alive as always and not one of them seemed to notice the dark creature in the midst of them.

      No one, except for a blond male with feiry blue eyes. He was dressed in clothings that didn't seem to fit in this time, and maybe they didn't. However what he held in his hand seemed to be more out of usual than anything. Still none of the people reacted as the male ran up the busy intersection. With ease, he avoided the cars that didn't seem to stop for him. "Saraphiel!" He screamed, the black creature turning to his voice. It shrieked as an arrow landed in his eyes. The young male jumping on top as the creature tried to end the pain, his blade cutting effortlessly through the flesh. Some green substance oozed out of the wounds as the male gracefully landed on the creatures other side. Yet there was no moment of rest as he had to jump out of the way of a car. At a street light he turned to see the creature fall apart, return to dust, but the male couldn't care less. "Fucking demon blood" He muttered as he tried to clean off his blade.

      "You alright?" A blackhaired male, smaller than him, ran up to him with his bow in hand. One arrow still laying ready though the creature was nothing more than dust and green substance now. The expression of the blonde changed drastically as he looked up at the voice. "Nice shot, Lightwood!" He ignored the question completely. Of course he was alright. He was always alright. This was what he was made for, this was his life. The darkhaired male shook his head as he put the arrow away. Of course the other would compliment his fighting style rather than answering the question. "That was the third one this week... there seems to be an increase" He muttered as the blonde male already walked away. The smaller male quickly went after him, avoiding to walk into the mondanes easily. "Herondale! Where are you going? We need to report to the Institute!" Yet, the blonde didn't change his direction. He only turned around, walking backwards just as easily. He ran an hand through his golden locks as he still knew perfectly to aviod walking in on others. "Devilish Paradise, maybe that stupid warlock knows more" He said as he turned around again, diseappering around the corner.

      Yes, this was a normal occurence in New York City now. Ever since the Mortal War for the Instruments, the acitivity of demons seemed to have increased. More and more creatures of hell found their way to the human world, undetected by humans themselves. However demons weren't the only non-human creatures that walked the other, and not all non-humans were as bad as others, though the opinions on each race differed on that. Though the humans had no idea that these vile creatures walked on earth, they had no idea there was more than just humans. And yes, there was a lot more. Nephilim, Warlocks, Fairies, Werewolves and Vampires walked among them. Mostly hidden by glamour like demons, so that humans were unable to see them. Those who did not have magical powers tried to be as human as possible, after all the Law was holy.

      The Law was actually written down by the Conclave. It was the law for Nephilim, humans with Angel Blood in them. They formed the Shadowhunters, an alliance that was tasked with the protection of humans. They would use the powers that were granted to them by the Angel for good purposes, for saving humanity, they were the Angels on earth. They would kill demons before they could do harm, they hunted down vampires, werewolves and warlocks that didn't live up to the Law. And in a matter of a decade the Downworlders, such as non-Nephilims were called, had forced the Law onto them also. Each werewolf pack had their own way to incorporate the law, as in they were no longer allowed to change humans, they were no longer allowed to attack humans, they had to hunt like ordinary wolves. Every vampire clan took in the law as well. There was no acception anymore for feeding on humans. No more making humans into their slaves, for those who did were brutally slaughtered. Either by their own kind or together with their whole clan by the Nephilim.

      It were dark times for all the races. There were a lot of wars, none of them agreeing to either sides. After a lot of deaths, destruction on both sides, it was decided that things could no longer continue as they were. After all humans started to become more and more aware of what was going on and eventually there was a Treaty. Eventually the Treaty lead to the Contract, claiming that if a Downwolder would attack, harm or expose a mondane to their world the Nephilim were allowed to kill that Downworlder. In theory not much changed, to the anger of Downworlders, however they were now too low in numbers to start yet another war and they swallowed in their pride. The Contract was sighed by a Nephilim, a Warlock, a Vampire, a Werewolf and a Faery.

      This happened a little over 50 years ago. A new generation of Nephilim had been born and was growing up in this 'peaceful' world. They were still fed with the prejudice of their parents and Downworlders had not changed their opinion on those 'elitist' Nephilim at all. However the number of demon attacks seems to be increasing and no longer have the Nephilim enough power and members to take them all down. Nor do they have any idea what caused this increase, so now Downworlders and Nephilim will have to work together... but how will that end?

      • Downworlder is the widely used term to refer to beings that are said to be part human and part demon, and are even said to be the demonic counterpart of Nephilim. The term refers to the general idea that Hell (and thus their demonic heritage) is below the earth, while Heaven is above Earth. It is a name the Nephilim used and is now accepted in its usage, despite the protests from the ones that are meant with this.

        Downwolders come in many different forms and races. They all have their own abilities and their own cultures. Another reason for them to dislike the term Downworlders, which makes it seem like they are all one and the same. They have their own values and their own rules, which often leads to disagreements among the different races or even among one race itself. The official names for the different races that are meant with Downworlders are; The Children of Lilith (Warlocks), The Children of the Moon (werewolves), The Children of the Night (vampires) and The Children of Lylic(faeries).

        Although demonic in origin and nature, Downworlders possess human souls and are counted as members of the human race by the denizens of Heaven. Downworlders normally cannot bear runes and they cannot travel freely to Hell. According to the Accords, as long as the rules stated here are not broken, they can live in peace without bother and may even provide each other help when the need ever rises.

        • Warlocks are born from demons and humans, usually rape or deceit from shape-shifting Eidolon demons, disguised as a human, a human's loved one or an object of sexual desire. Because of their half-demon, half-human nature, other Downworlders sometimes insultingly refer to them as "half-breeds". Warlocks are immortal beings, that mostly stop aging after they have reached the age of twenty and before they reach the age thirty.

          A universal trait among them are their warlock or demon marks, a part of their body that is strange or unique that identifies them as unearthly. These can be extra, inhuman body parts such as bat wings, goat feet, lizard tails, scaled hands, cat eyes, or differently-colored skin and hair. Most Warlocks choose to hide this feature with their glamour from humans. However those that are granted with the sight can look right past these glamours. It is seen as rude to call a Warlock out on its demon mark, yet some may find pride in their marks and love to draw more attention to it.

          In addition to their immortality, warlocks are unable to have children. However they are capable of having sex. A female Warlock can get pregnant, though this pregnancy will always end in a still birth, if the child is not lost an beforehand. If a male Warlock impregnants a human, there is a big change that the mother will die in the progress due to the body not being able to handle the demonic energy.

        • Along with faeries, warlocks are the only Downworlders who can cast magic because of their demon blood; unlike vampires and werewolves, who were merely infected by demonic diseases. Because of their willingness to use magic when asked by mortals, usually for a price, even Shadowhunters work with warlocks, as partners or as hired specialists, to allow the Nephilim to make use of some of the demonic magic that their own powers and nature exclude them from.

          The language Warlock use to cast their spells is Chthonian, or the demonic language. Nearly all warlocks are, to some extent, practitioners of magic. Some inherit more magical aptitude than others, and those who cultivate that aptitude may become quite powerful. This also includes being able to cast magic without speaking the actual spell, however if a ritual is required they will have to speak. The most gifted may find themselves able to study demonic magic and become scholars in the secretive Spiral Labyrinth, the central home of warlock magical research and knowledge. They have invented quite a lot of new magic, which is dutifully recorded and kept in the Labyrinth. However, while warlocks inherently possess magic, some are still born without it, and they are known as ifrits.

        • Warlocks are independent and mostly keep to themselves, hence they do not have an established community or organized society. However, most warlocks are usually acquainted with each other and at least have way of contacting one another. High Warlocks are also seemingly appointed in every major city or locality around the world; known High Warlocks include Magnus Bane (Brooklyn), Malcolm Fade (Los Angeles), Ragnor Fell (London), and Aldous Nix (Manhattan till end 1920).

          Due to their immortality and not being able to have children of their own only a few warlocks opt to marry, let alone adopt children. However they are known to be great teachers, for those who ask for their help. Warlocks mostly dislike staying in one place for an extended period and love to travel and learn more about the world and different cultures.

        • Lycanthropy transforms a human into a werewolf, a demihuman whose demonic infection causes them to transform into a large and dangerous wolf under the light of the full moon, though they can also change at will. Werewolves in their lupine form are not merely wolves; they possess unnatural strength and speed comparable to that of demons, and their claws and canines are strong enough to be able to slash through a chain-link fence or bite through a padlock. While they still bear a little resemblance to their human selves while Turned, their eyes become that of a wolf's, and even their eye color changes to either blue or a bright color ranging from yellow to orange or gold.

          In addition to their supernatural strength, grace, and reflexes, werewolves have the same unnaturally accelerated healing abilities as most other Downworlders. They cannot regenerate a severed limb, but they can recover quickly from most mundane wounds.

          In human form, they look fairly normal, albeit a little ragged, as many of their kind do not care much about their appearances and do not bother to clean themselves up. Werewolves also retain their superhuman speed and strength while in human form. Werewolves are also mortal; they age and die normally like ordinary humans, though they do grow slightly faster.

        • Werewolves cannot cast any magic like Faeries or Warlocks. Their magic is the ability to transform fully into a wolf. Some Werewolves even have the ability to only change certain parts of their bodies. Other than this they have no further powers, though they do possess enhanced senses as a human and increased speed and strength.

          The only ways to permanently wound or kill a werewolf are either with the angelic fire of a seraph blade or with pure silver. Silver is associated with the moon, and wounds made with silver weapons will not only cause permanent damage to the wounded but will also cause them great pain, as even their enhanced healing abilities are not effective when a wound is inflicted by silver.

        • Werewolves, like vampires, must belong to a group; or, in their case, with a pack. The Praetor Lupus is in charge of ensuring that all new Downworlders find their place in their respective society, including finding packs for orphaned werewolves. Each pack is lead by an alpha wolf, and any werewolf that kills that leader will subsequently gain control of the pack.

          As werewolves, they follow the long held tradition of being mortal enemies of vampires. It is explained that the demons who passed on the disease to humans that gave birth to vampires and werewolves are believed to have been mortal enemies, and, as a result, the prejudice was passed down through their respective races.

          By the regulations of the Praetor Lupus, any werewolf who cannot consciously control his or her Change is deemed rogue, regardless of his or her intentions. This regulation is intended to motivate werewolves to learn to control their Change in order to avoid the consequences from the Praetor; an accidental attack is a disaster for both the Praetor and the werewolf community, and as such, they strongly enforce these rules to ensure the safety and security of unsuspecting mundanes and the werewolf community alike, as well as the secrecy of the latter.

        • New werewolves are created when an existing werewolf bites a human. Approximately half of the time, a werewolf bite will cause lycanthropy in its victim. In modern times, many safeguards against werewolf bites are in place, and much organizational work has been done by the Nephilim and by werewolves themselves to prevent unexpected attacks. As a result, rogue werewolf bites are a rare occurrence in the modern day.

          Aside than being bitten, werewolves can also be born from two werewolf parents, or can be Turned through a spell.
          The responsibility of the newly-made werewolf is to gain control of his or her transformation, otherwise known as the Change. With self-possession and proper training to control themselves, werewolves can easily adjust and live among mundanes peacefully without detection, more so than other Downworlders. After the first transformation, it takes a werewolf some time to be able to resist the effect of the moon in its different phases. Many lycanthropes, like train themselves to be impervious to the effects of the moon during most of its phases, but even well-trained ones are still forced into his wolf form during a full moon.

          Some werewolves are also born with lycanthropy through their werewolf parents, though not all children of werewolves will necessarily be born with lycanthropy. The child of a mundane and a werewolf has a chance of being infected, but they may also fight off the infection in the womb, thus resulting in a mundane child, while the offspring of two werewolves may or may not become a werewolf. If the child is born an ordinary human, they would bear a few unordinary properties, such as enhanced senses, increased hairgrowth and/or restlessness during the full moon.

        • Vampires generally tend to look pale, sallow, and thin, as though weakened by malnourishment or disease. Contrary to this semblance of death, their blood shimmers a bright red, brighter than the blood of humans; they even shed blood instead of tears when they cry. Being reanimated corpses, vampires do not have a heartbeat, nor do they need to breathe, although they are able to inhale oxygen in order to utilize their heightened sense of smell, to pass as human, or to blow on something. Their lack of breath makes them impervious to such things as asphyxiation, drowning, or gases.

          Additionally, the dirt of the grave in which a vampire was buried holds special properties for that vampire. He or she can tell, for instance, if that grave has been disturbed or is being trod upon or if dirt from that grave is removed from its site. Vampires have made use of this power to communicate simple messages over long distances—for instance, breaking a container of a vampire's grave dirt could be used to alert and summon that particular vampire. Clans sometimes even have a spot where a jar of every member's grave dirt is hidden, used for emergency purposes for when a leader needs to call on all their vampires.

          Vampires also cannot be tracked by normal tracking magic, either demonic or Nephilimic; however, powerful vampires tend to travel with mundane subjugates who can be tracked. Like warlocks, vampires are immortal and sterile; though unable to bear children, they are able to continue their vampiric bloodline by turning humans into vampires.

        • Like werewolves, they possess superhuman strength, grace, speed, and the unnaturally accelerated healing abilities inherent in most other Downworlders and are able to heal quickly from most mundane injuries. Their most prominent ability is their raw physical strength, which allows them to subdue any mundane prey with little effort. Allegedly, their abilities increase and grow stronger as they grow older.

          Their most mysterious power is the encanto, or "fascination", the power to mesmerize and essentially control their prey–mundanes. Vampires can, with simple prolonged eye contact, convince mundanes and even Shadowhunters of almost anything, and can persuade them into almost any act. This is a skill that must be developed and practiced by vampires, and so it is typically the older and more powerful vampires that can make use of it.

          Vampires are comfortable in darkness; their eyes adjust to seeing in darkness and seeing in light almost instantly, much faster than the eyes of humans. Vampires also have sharper hearing and eyesight than humans, and any fledgling who wore glasses in life will no longer need them as a vampire. Vampires can also shapeshift into bats, rats, and dust, maintaining their intelligence in either forms.

          However Vampires are extremely vulnerable to fire. While they are much stronger and more durable in many ways than mundanes and Nephilim, their bodies are weaker and less resistant to burning. As such, vampires are not only harmed by fire but can also be kept at bay by a protective boundary of fire or a burning torch. Holy water, and other common blessed materials, such as angelically aligned swords, are harmful to vampires and will scorch and burn their flesh. More generally, holy symbols may be anathema to vampires if the symbol holds weight with the specific vampire addressed. A crucifix may repel a vampire who held Christian beliefs before he or she was sired, but a vampire who was raised as a person in a Buddhist faith would not generally respond. Most vampires that did not ascribe to a religious faith as mortals do not develop an aversion to holy names as part of their vampirism. In addition, older and more powerful vampires often regain the ability to speak holy names and touch other religious objects such as the Bible.

          Vampires cannot stand the direct light of the sun. Mythology explains that this is a facet of their status as demonic, damned creatures, that they are cursed to not be able to look at the sun that gives life on Earth. Whatever the reason, sunlight burns the skin of vampires, as does witchlight, to a lesser extent, being light of angelic origin. A ray of sunlight will cause blisters and burns on a vampire's skin, but full exposure to the sun or being exposed fully to unblocked sunshine will cause them to burst into flame dramatically, and they will be consumed and reduced to ash quickly. For this reason, vampires are normally careful to remain dormant and inactive during daylight hours. Artificial light, such as that of gaslight or electric light, may cause discomfort in vampires if it is strong enough, but they are normally able to remain undamaged unless already very weak.

          As stated by tradition, a wooden stake pierced through a vampire's heart will slay them instantly. Vampire-slaying stakes are usually crafted out of oak, which is believed to help guide the wielder's hand to the source of demonic magic, in order to eliminate it. Silver is toxic to vampires and causes them to experience pain, headaches, nausea, and so on, though it will not kill them. Cutting off a vampire's head or bleeding them dry are other ways to kill them.

        • Vampires around the world may choose to band together and form a group of vampires, usually called a clan. There are several vampire clans throughout the world, with at least one or more in every major city. Usually though, no matter what clan they are affiliated with, vampires consider each other, to some extent, brethren. Clan wars do occur, however, and during these battles, leadership may change because, as with werewolves: Whoever kills the head of a vampire clan becomes its leader. Along with faeries, vampires are committed to notions of honor and etiquette. They take bonds very seriously, as well as oaths and vows. Blood-oath rituals, as in vows written and signed in blood, bind and compel vampires, and can only be violated when broken by another ritual.

          For some reason, vampires and werewolves also have a long-standing rivalry with werewolves, considered their mortal enemies. It is explained that the demons that passed on the disease to humans that gave birth to vampires and werewolves were mortal enemies, and that prejudice was passed down through their races.

          From as early as the 1780s until as late as the 1850s, the vampire Marcel Saint Cloud led the most powerful clan in Paris. During his reign, Marcel threw blood parties, resulting in a period of "vampire craze", during which several children and young residents were made subjugates. Because of this, Downworlders chose to stay away from Paris during that time, as Marcel often asserted power over them, and Paris, to a large extent, was considered the terrain of the vampire.

          A clan was existent in London during the Victorian era and led by Alexei de Quincey until his untimely death in 1878. Before this though, de Quincey led the clan liberally, secretly encouraging them to defy what he saw as the oppressive Covenant Law. During the raid on one of his parties, the Shadowhunters murdered several of the vampire members; de Quincey was later executed, with his few remaining followers. Whether the clan recovered from this is unknown.

          In New York, primarily Manhattan, a clan is existent as of 2007. The clan resides in the Hotel Dumort. This clan has motorcycles that can fly through the demon energy that runs them. Formerly led by Vampire Queen Camille Belcourt, though in her absense led by Raphael Santiago.

        • A human who has consumed enough vampire blood, known as a fledgling, will not abruptly Turn into a vampire. To be reborn, the human must first die a mortal death, during which the undead body will enter into a state of transition. They must then be buried, reanimate while in the ground, and then must make their way out of their own grave to be 'truly born'. They must then feed on an exceptional amount of fresh human blood within the next 24 hours to complete the transition, or else they will fade and die.

          Sometimes a vampire clan will turn a human into a vampire purposefully, and in those cases the transition usually goes smoothly. The clan and the fledgling's sire can be present for the vampire's rising, mostly to make sure that he or she is able to successfully rise, and can supply him or her with blood and take him or her to a safe place to recover.

        • Blood is the main component of a vampire's diet; all vampires need to drink some kind of blood for their survival. Whether it is the blood of humans or animals is up to the vampire. Mundane food can make a vampire sick since they cannot digest it, although some have learned to eat food with practice, most of which they have to spew out sometime after. Along with other Downworlders, vampires are generally unaffected by mundane drugs or alcohol they ingest. However, if they drink the blood of a drugged or intoxicated human, they become drugged or drunk themselves and may become susceptible to addiction.

          Victims of a demonic infection which turns them into drinkers of blood, they possess retractable razor-like fangs that are deployed from their upper canines when their bloodlust is roused. They sink these fangs into a surface vein of their victim and then consume that victim's blood until satisfied. The act of drinking blood brings a rush of energy and vitality to the vampire. Experienced vampires can resist this rush and cease their drinking in order to leave their victims alive and able to recover, though new vampires may have trouble controlling their urge to drink their victims to the point of death. Controlling hunger and the sheathing and unsheathing of one's fangs on command is also a feat harder to master with younger vampires.

          After the initial sting or a vampire bite, the poison contained within vampire saliva dulls the victim's pain and may make the experience pleasurable for the victim. The poison acts as a muscle relaxant and a euphoric, and even a strong Shadowhunter will respond to its effects. Vampire saliva, once in the victim's bloodstream, is also said to increase his red blood cell count, making the bitten human stronger, healthier, and able to live longer; the effect is small, but it mitigates the weakening effect of losing blood, and so a bitten human usually remains unharmed. A well-Marked Shadowhunter can retain his or her consciousness much longer than a mundane, though there is still a heavy risk associated with being bitten.

          When a vampire decides it wants more than a snack and wants a human subjugate, also referred to as darklings, the vampire will start feeding its bitten human small amounts of vampire blood to keep it docile and connected to its master. Subjugates worship their masters, and love serving them. All they want is to be near them. They follow their every command and finds offense when others speak badly of their masters. Most darklings continue serving their master in hopes of becoming vampires themselves once they die.

        • Due to the legend of their origins, the faeries are associated with the beauty of angels and the viciousness and malevolence of demons. Besides angels, they are the least understood of all magical people. Although they are widely believed to be hybrid descendants of demons and angels—something that their kind has seemingly not bothered to deny—faeries possess human souls just as other Downworlders do, and they are counted as members of the human race by the denizens of Heaven.

          The Fair Folk are known for their unearthly beauty and fair skin, appearing in various pastel hues of blues, greens, and violets, even pearl, to name a few. Faeries commonly incorporate flora and multiple forms of vegetation as part of their ensemble. Many faeries are extremely attractive with delicate and regal faces and exquisitely colored features, such as their eyes, with colors "as clear as glass".

          Among Downworlders, only faeries are more committed to notions of honor and etiquette than vampires. But while faeries always exactly follow the letter of any promise they have made, they deliver these results with great irony, and often use clever wordplay to their advantage in order to create loopholes. They are known for their cunning and their cruel sense of humor, and they especially delight in tricking humans—both mundanes and Shadowhunters alike. They frequently seek to bargain with humans, offering someone his heart's desire but failing to mention that that desire comes with a terrible cost. As time typically flows differently for them and in their realm, they are very long-lived and become only more artful and powerful as they age, though they are not immortal.

          The Fair Folk are also unable to lie. They might, however, tell what they believe is true, even if it is not. They may also expertly weave lies into sentences by using methods such as not telling the whole truth, letting others assume things, or not correcting the people with whom they're speaking; this does not, however, apply to half-fey, who can lie as easily as any other being. Just as the fey delight in manipulating humans, they delight in manipulating one another, and usually if the problems of the fey intrude into the rest of the world, it is the result of conflicts between rival courts; some of which are playful, while others are serious and brutal.

          Faeries are found in countless varieties, sizes, and types, and in all environments.
          • Brownies
          • Djinn - often mistaken to be demons
          • Elves (8 inch tall fair folk with sharp teeth)
          • Goblins and hobgoblins (Unseelie)
          • Kelpies (described as medium sized people with dark green hair, webbed fingers and shark teeth)
          • Knockers (Unseelie)
          • Mermaids
          • Nixies
          • Nymphs
          • Ogres (Unseelie)
          • Peris
          • Pixies (moth sized faeries with "cute" faces and sharp teeth)
          • Pucas (described as tall dark skinned folk with pointed ears)
          • Satyrs (Unseelie; half-billy goat, half-human creatures)
          • Selkies
          • Sprites
          • Unicorns (Seelie)

        • Faeries, like vampires and werewolves, possess the unnatural abilities of swiftness and grace. Some are even given wings, which may be due to their angel blood. The wings between faeries and angels vary as well, with angels having larger, pristine bird like wings, while faeries commonly have butterfly wings the color of kaleidoscopes.

          The magic of the fey is believed to be unique in the world. It is very old and powerful, but neither demonically nor seraphically aligned. They can harness the powers of the ley lines, along with other strange magics. The Faeries are older than the Accords, older than the Nephilim, and are said to even be the oldest among all races of Downworlders.

          Their greatest weakness is iron, particularly those merely wrought but yet to be heated and shaped, is toxic to faeries. Because of this, the term "cold iron" has been used to refer to the fey and the fact that iron is cold to the touch, which was at one time believed to be associated with its magical properties.

          Steel, an alloy of iron, is usually not toxic to faeries, as it is the purity of iron that grants its power over the fey, though it does weaken them to some extent. They are also vulnerable to rowan wood, salt, and gravesoil. While able to stand the presence and its touch, faeries are severely weakened and become ill if fooled into drinking holy water. Additionally, knowing a faerie's real name gives one power over them.

        • Faeries are organized and classified into courts, specifically the Seelie and Unseelie Court, with sovereigns presiding over specific territories in the human world and in their own. However, there are just as many, if not more, free-ranging faeries in the world who are neither affiliated with any Court, nor swear allegiance to any specific monarch. The faeries, as individuals, are then further subdivided into gentry and common folk.

          Though the fey are active members of the Downworld and are signers of the Accords, faeries are more removed from the affairs of the world than any other known creature, aside from angels. They usually keep to themselves, and have their own complex politics and social structures within their own people.

          The Fair Folk also has a somewhat difficult relationship with warlocks, particularly because they tend to look down upon warlocks for their willingness to perform magic for money, while warlocks often scorn them for their inability to lie, their hidebound customs, and their penchant for pettily annoying mundanes.

        • The origin of faeries vary according to legends and is not wholly known. According to one, faeries are fallen angels, cast down out of Heaven for their pride. Another states that faeries are born of the union of demons and angels, both of whom were present on Earth in the early beginnings of the planet's history. However, most known faeries nowadays are in fact the offspring of other faeries (just as most Shadowhunters are the offspring of other Shadowhunters and not born from the Mortal Cup), so how faeries were originally created is actually unknown.

          Faeries are capable of bearing children. However, they apparently do not reproduce often as it is very hard for them to get pregnant. A union between human and fey will result in a human offspring that may retain some faerie-like aspects or have a penchant for certain kinds of fey magic. Additionally, the children of faeries and Shadowhunters will be Shadowhunters, though they, too, will often have some faerie-like physical attributes, such as pointed ears. While most half-faeries would be primarily human, those who reside among faeries or in the Courts would have or develop stronger faerie qualities, much like with changelings.

          Because of their isolation and extensive interbreeding, faeries risk the weakening of their family lines. For this reason, faeries spend much of their time luring humans into their world: either by creating changelings, mundane children taken from their homes and replaced with a sickly Faerie child, or by enticing adult humans into their revels. With the adults, they trap them with their faerie magic in their realm until they forget their former lives and "go native," or at least until they can be used to produce new faerie children. However, the changeling children they bring in mysteriously take on fey attributes and are able to perform some faerie magic, thus bringing fresh strong blood into the faerie lines.

          While this topic has been debated by Shadowhunters, the Law forbids the Nephilim from interfering with this process of child exchange. It was ruled as such because both of the children are raised in loving homes—the fey choose the unwitting adoptive parents of their offspring carefully—and because no better solution for refreshing the faerie bloodlines has been found. Pragmatism leads Nephilim to prefer that the fey create changelings rather than abduct adult mundanes into their revels.


      • Shadowhunters, also known as Nephilim, are a secretive race of beings who are humans born with angelic blood. They are the warriors on Earth of the Angel Raziel. They are appointed specifically to control and preside over the Shadow World, as well as over the demons and Downworlders who inhabit it. They have fought the demonic forces valiantly for well over the span of a thousand years, creating their own culture and civilization within human society. Their mandate is to keep the peace in the Shadow World and keep it hidden from the mundane world while protecting the inhabitants of both worlds.

        Despite their ancestry, Shadowhunters are mortal and therefore vulnerable to old age and death; however, their angelic blood endows them with special abilities that allow them to achieve feats beyond humanly possible through the application of angelic runes. Often Nephilim however lead a short life, due to their nature to want to protect the worlds and often find themselves in dangerous battles with demons or Downworlders.

      • The Clave is the general organization of all Nephilim, headed by the Council, the governing body of the Clave, the Consul being the highest appointed official. The Clave keeps and interprets the Law, and decides on important matters that affect the Nephilim. Members of the Clave have rights to contribute to any Clave issue under discussion.

        When Shadowhunters reach adulthood at the age of eighteen, they must decide whether to declare their allegiance to the Clave and become full Clave members, or to leave their life behind for some reason. Members of the Clave are then divided into smaller groups in different countries and cities of the world. Institutes serve as their seats of power, and every active Shadowhunter answer to them. While these regional groups coordinate their own local decision making and organizational structures as they see fit, the Clave may still interfere in some cases. The same is the case for young Shadowhunters whose parents have left the Clave: every six years until the child is eighteen, the Clave will ask the child if they would like to join the Clave and become a Shadowhunter. If the child answers no every time, three times in total, they are free. At any point during the eighteen years, the child can go to any Institute and ask for training.

        The Covenant is the Law upheld by the Clave. It provides the rules of conduct for Shadowhunters and Downworlders. The Covenant protects the rights of Shadowhunters to enforce civilized relations among the Clave, Downworld, and the mundane world, and also protects the rights of Downworlders so that they may not be maltreated by Shadowhunters. It is also the Covenant that guarantees that the Shadow World remains shadowed from the mundane world. The Covenant also elaborates on the legal system of the Shadowhunters.

        The Accords acts as amendments to the Covenant agreed to be taken as the law of the land by all of the Shadow World, a treaty that ordains how Shadowhunters and Downworlders interact with mundanes and one another, as well as each group's rights, responsibilities, and restrictions. With the Accords, groups of Downworlders also in peace with the Accords agree to the same oath to never reveal the truth of the Shadow World to mundanes.

        The goal of the Nephilim is to fight, and someday end, the plague of demons on Earth. They are dispatched to every place on Earth to fight against demon hordes. The fight even continues after death. Their bones and ashes are used, as the bones of demon hunters are powerful protection, to fortify important buildings and to supply power to the Silent Brothers. Aside from this, the Shadowhunters have also placed the responsibility of upholding the peace and secrecy of the Shadow World, as well as the protection of the mundanes and the world in general from the supernatural, upon themselves.

      • Nephilim possess the grace of an Angel. Due to their long training they are mostly more durable and have quicker reflexes than mundanes. More often then not their senses are more sensitive, however they have no enhancement, unless they use runes. Runes are marks that a Nephilim draws upon his own, or someone elses skin. It calls upon their Angelic blood and give certain enhancements to the body that the rune is drawn upon. Runes will draw their energy from the person that wears them and most will fade over time. Some quicker than other, depending on the strength of the drawer as well as the receiver and the runes purpose. The runes are painless and look like tattoos on the Nephilim skin. Runes are mostly used for battle, but can also be used for bounds between peoples, rituals or even to console someone.

        Furthermore Nephilim have their Angel Blades to protect them. These Angelic weapons come in various forms and can be different for each Shadowhunter. Most Shadowhunter have their own prefered blade, but they are free to use what ever blade they have at hand. When not activated the Angel Blade may seem like a normal weapon or even an ordinary weapon. To activate the blade the shadowhunter will have to call its name (mostly one of the angel names). The Blade will then light up in Angel Fire, which will not harm its holder. Other Shadowhunters will feel a slight burn, but there will be little damage. However if used against a demon or a Downworlder, the Angel Blades can be rather destructive.

        Example Runes (open)

        *Note these are just meant to give you an idea*
        {td}Slows blood loss and speeds natural blood replacement.{/td}
        {td}Gives the Shadowhunter dexterity.{/td}
        {td}Sharpens vision; allows user to see faraway things more clearly.{/td}
        {td}Gives the Shadowhunter strength.{/td}
        {td}Mark of Cain{/td}
        {td}Retaliates intended harm to the wearer by sevenfold.{/td}
        {td}Grants partial and temporary invisibility through glamour. As a healing rune, it strengthens the victim's constitution.{/td}
        {td}Night Vision/Nyx{/td}
        {td}Allows the Shadowhunter to see in the dark.{/td}
        {td}Opening runes{/td}
        {td}A rune with several variations that ensure that there are no mundane lock, in theory, is closed to Nephilim.{/td}
        {td}Blood-replacement rune used to transfer blood when the body needs it, but is extremely dangerous.{/td}
        {td}Keeps the Shadowhunter warm.{/td}
        {td}"To hold against pursuit"{/td}
        {td}A curved rune that looks like a sickle, with three parallel lines and a rayed star. It can be drawn on doors to block it against pursuers, and its efficacy is largely dependent on the strength and accuracy of the Mark and the inscribing ability of the person who drew it.{/td}
        {td}Tracking Marks{/td}
        {td}Allows someone to track a person's whereabouts and, in some cases, see what the person is seeing, if one has a possession of the person being tracked. It is drawn on the back of the hand of the tracker, while gripping the object in the other hand. They are easy to learn to draw but difficult to use correctly. If used successfully, the Shadowhunter will see visions of the subject's location and may be accompanied by a knowing sense of orientation. This is often used by the Clave to track down criminals and even demons.{/td}

      • Most Shadowhunters spend their younger years as warriors. An exception would be when Shadowhunters join one of their two monastic orders: the Silent Brothers and the Iron Sisters. The Brothers serve as the keepers of their lore and knowledge; they serve as their librarians, researchers, and occasional medics. They reside in the Silent City. The Sisters design and forge their weapons; they are the keepers of adamas, the holy metal given to them by Raziel. They reside in the Adamant Citadel.

        The Nephilim do not conform to any mundane religion as they have allied themselves with every mundane belief system. Also, individual Shadowhunters are allowed to believe what they choose. Some Shadowhunters see their own lifestyle and beliefs as a separate religion. Mainly, they have their own beliefs about angels, demons, Heaven, and Hell, and they worship the Angel Raziel as their creator. Still, the Nephilim acknowledge the truths in mundane religions, mythologies, tales, and legends, and often integrate this into their real world knowledge.

        Shadowhunters may be trained at a very young age, by their parents or other mentors and guardians. Some Shadowhunters may train at Institutes. Typically, children of Shadowhunters, whether biological or adopted, can choose to train to be Shadowhunters when they're about ten. They can also refuse, and in a Shadowhunter family, that once meant the child was sent away, but the rules have since changed. Ascension would then be open to the non-Shadowhunter, adopted child. Upon completion of their training, it is customary and traditionally expected that Shadowhunters travel to other Institutes to learn about other Nephilim cultures.

        When a young Shadowhunter is set to begin his or her formal training, usually around the age of ten, they receive their first rune, typically the Voyance rune, in a formal ceremony done by Silent Brothers. In some cases, like when the child of former Nephilim choose to join their ranks at a later age, they receive these runes years later; another special case is the reception of a different Mark than what is usually given first when the child is weak or sickly.

        Parabatai is the term for two Shadowhunters who fight alongside each other. These Shadowhunters are partners and are particularly close to each other. Shadowhunters have the option to choose their parabatai before they turn 18, after which the option will the longer be available to them; in fact, having parabatais is quite uncommon among the Nephilim. The runes drawn by one's parabatai are stronger than those used by another. Also, there are some runes that can only be used by parabatai for it draws on the parabatai's double strength. It is forbidden for two parabatai to fall in love with each other. If this happens, they will be separated. In a Shadowhunters life, they can only have one parabatai, even if their partner dies.

        The color of marriage is gold. Shadowhunter women generally wear gold dresses and black ceremonial gear marked with gold runes for men. Marriages are often done in The Accords Hall in Alicante. Upon marriage, the family ring given to the woman upon proposal and engagement is returned. The Shadowhunters then mark each other with permanent runes of love and commitment over their heart and arm, signifying their love and devotion for one another. Same-sex marriage (and even relationship) are looked down upon, though officially legal.

        Relationships with mundanes, and any other species other than fellow Nephilim, are generally looked down upon by the Clave. In fact, marriage to mundanes are forbidden. However, Shadowhunters can be with Downworlders; they simply cannot be wed in a Shadowhunter ceremony because the Downworlders cannot bear the rune that is a part of this ceremony. Other forms of marriage to Downworlders are allowed, such as church weddings, handfasting, faerie ceremonies, among others, though some of these are not generally recognized by other Shadowhunters.

        To be able to marry a mundane, a Shadowhunter will have to leave the Clave and become a mundane, stripped of their Marks. There are three rules for those who leave the Clave. First, the Shadowhunter must sever contact with any and all Shadowhunters they have ever known, even their own family. Second, they cannot call upon the Clave for help. And third, the Clave can still lay claim to their children, wherein they can their children will be made aware of their lineage and will be offered to become Shadowhunters every six years until they are eighteen. However, this can be avoided if the prospective mundane lover Ascends to become a Shadowhunter.

        Ascension is the process through which mundanes become Shadowhunters by drinking from the Mortal Cup. The option is open to lovers and adopted children of Shadowhunters, and, in some rare cases, other Sighted mundanes interested or selected to become a Shadowhunter. Though rare, the Cup has been used to create more Shadowhunters through the years, when their ranks and populations were depleted. Mundanes who Ascend to become a Shadowhunter may then choose and submit their own Shadowhunter last name for approval, or just pick from one of the old defunct Nephilim names (names which have no longer had living or active holders for some years). However, drinking from the Mortal Cup is dangerous and does not always work. It takes special strength and resilience and they must be extensively tested, so most never survive the transition. Adults, particularly the "untrained and unworthy," could either be unaffected by the process entirely or killed outright, and it mostly works on children; at one point, the Council had considered lowering the age of agreement to Ascension to twelve or fourteen.

        When proven guilty of a violation of their important laws, Shadowhunters may be stripped of their Marks. This is mostly done when a Shadowhunter chooses to leave the Clave to marry a mundane, and become one in the process. Another act of treason to receive this punishment is by consorting with demons; this grave act may even be accompanied by the forceful transformation of the violator into a Forsaken mundane, as well as the removal of the family's Marks and the removal of their family name and records from Nephilim history.

      • Family and loyalty is very important for Nephilim. It often says a lot which family the Nephilim is part of. All family members wear a ring with their family insignia on it. It is common to give this to the person you want to marry as an engagement.

        Ashdown They are known for leading the Shadow Hunter Academy.

        Balogh They are the head of the Budapest Institute in Hungary.

        Blackthorn An old and wealthy family, that is very traditional. They are against the Accords and actively vote for having things back the way it used to be. Their insignia is a wreath of thorns.

        Branwell Very old, but open, family. They don't look down on Downworlders and belief that a lot more could be achieved if Nephilim and Downworlders worked together. Their insignia are waves of water.

        Carstairs An old family that is known for their hospitatlity and acceptance of Downworlders. They even opened their arms for a warlock becoming part of the family. Their insignia is a castle tower.

        Chaudhury They lead the Mumbai Institute in India.

        Fairchild A well known family for their passion of arts. They are fairly openminded, yet also distant from other families. Their insignia are faery wings.

        Gonzales They are the head of the Buenos Aires Institute in Brazil.

        Graymark They are the head of the New York Institute in the Unites states of America.

        Herondale An old and large family that likes to travel. Their insignia are herons in flight.

        Kaidou They are head of the Tokyo Institute in Japan.

        Ke They are head of the Shanghai Institute in China.

        Kriegsmesser They are head of the Berlin Institute in Germany.

        Lightwood An old and powerful family, with close ties to the Clave. They are very closeminded and see the Law very strict. Their insignia is a torch with flames. They currently lead the New York Institute in the United States of America.

        Lovelace An old, almost ending family. They are known for their dislike for battle, which is uncommon among Nephilim. Most of their family members quit with the Nephilim life before their 18th birthday. Their insignia is a loveknot.

        Makepeace They are head of the Melbourne Institute in Australia.

        Monteverde They are head of the Lisbon Institute in Portugal.

        Morgenstern An old and prideful family. They are known for their torture of Downworlders even after the Accords. Their insignia is a falling star.

        Pangborn An old, small family from London. Most known for Silas Pangborn who commited suicide when he could not be with his lover, his paratabai Eloisa Ravenscar. Suicide and depression seems to run in this family.

        Penhallow An old and wealthy family. They once were head of the Beijing Institute. Their insignia are mountains.

        Ravenscar A family that has died out, known mostly in the context with Silas Pangborn's suicide.

        Rosales A fairly young Mexican family. Their insignia is a rose.

        Starkweather An old and cruel family that hold on to old traditions. Like the Morgensterns known for their torture of downworlders. This came to an end when the Fair Folk kidnapped one of their children and replaced with with a sickly child of their own. After that they became rather distant and their hatred for the Downworlders only grew. Their insignia is a bold of lightning.

        Trueblood A family that ended rather abruptly when the last of their name left to marry a Mundane.

        Verlac An distant family. Their insignia is a serpent.

        Wayland An old, wealthy and influential family. Before the Iron Sisters they used to make the Nephilim weapons. Their insignia can either be a horseshoe, nails or a hammer.

        Whitelaws An family that used to run the New York Institute in the United States of America. They are known for their sense of justice. Their insignia is a scale.

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      6. Make sure your character is well balanced and fits into the role your character has. Warlocks tend to be OP, but always make sure that you leave room for other players to attack. Even warlocks don't have autohits. The same goes for Nephilim, no matter how well trained they are.

      7. If you want to adjust your character and it doesn't fit the description I gave, consult with me. Either through OOC or PM.

      8. All genders and sexualities are welcome. Though this is a libertine rp, it may not focus on such. If you stumble upon a hot and steamy scene, give a warning at the start of the post and/or steam. This counts for everything below the belt. If it turns to sex, place it in a spoiler with warning.

      9. If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask them. Either in OOC or through PM.

      10. Be able to use decent english and write at least 3 paragraphs consiting of 8+ sentences.

      11. If you want to drop out, or will not be able to post for a long time, let me or Doomy know.

      12. Try to keep it a bit even in all the different races. Not that we have 15 warlocks and 1 werewolf or something.

      ~Any rules may be added during the rp~

    • Downworlders

      Magnus Bane (Darkius) High Warlock of Brooklyn, USA. Owner of Devilish Paradise.





      Ravnozeta (Doomy) Keeper of the Balance. Bartender at the Devilish Paradise



    • ~GENERAL~
      (full name)
      Nicknames: (any nicknames your character has)
      Age: (Keep all the restrictions in mind. For Warlocks, Vampires and Fearies this at least includes the age they appear.)
      Sexuality: (your characters sexuality)
      -Warlock- Parent: (name of demon that is your characters parent include your demon mark)
      -Werewolf- Pack: (What pack is your character from and what is his position)
      -Vampire- Clan: (what clan is your character from and what is his position)
      -Faery- Kind: (What kind of Faerie is your character and what is his position)
      -Nephilim- Family: (What is your nephilims family from, include the insignia and how your character wears it)

      (what is your characters motto/quote/mantra)
      Religion: (Is your character religious, if yes what religion)
      Personality: (Short descripion or list)
      Appearance: (Height, weight, eyecolor, haircolor, build and personal attire. Include any tattoos and/or piercings)
      -Werewolf- Wolf: (what does your character look like as a wolf, picture is enough)
      -Faery/Warlock- Glamour: (What does your character look like without glamour, only picture is enough)
      -Nephilim- Angel Blade: (your characters angel blade, what does it look like and what is its name, picture of the weapon is enough)

      -Not needed if your character is a Warlock- Warlocks: (how is your characters relationship towards warlocks)
      -Not needed if your character is a Werewolf- Werewolves: (how is your characters relationship towards werewolves)
      -Not needed if your character is a Vampire- Vampires: (how is your characters relationship towards vampires)
      -Not needed if your character is a Faery- Faeries: (how is your characters relationship towards Faeries)
      -Not needed if your character is a Nephilim- Nephilim: (how is your characters relationship towards Nephilim)
      Past Relationship: (Note done any important relationships of your character)

      -not mandatory- ~RANDOM~
      Favourite color:
      Favourite food:
      Lucky number:

    • Devilish Paradise
      This is were the roleplay will start. It is a bar/club owned by Magnus Bane. It is a place that hold strongly onto neutrality of all parties. Weapons are allowed, but only if sheathed. Fights are allowed, but will mostly be broken up quickly. However sparring in the cages is allowed, as part of training or entertainment, as long as both parties agree. Everyone is welcome in DP as long as you can get past the guard. Upon entering the Guard will show you a tarot card and those who have the Sight can see what card this is and may proceed. Those who fail will not be able to enter under any circumstances. This to keep the people within DP protected.

      Devilish Paradise is known for its wide variety of clients. You can either come here for a drink, whether that is alcohol or blood, for dancing, for some sparring or whatever business you may have. The main rule to everything is consent of both parties. Upstairs are the private rooms that can only be used with Magnus' permission, however he doesn't care for what business you have in them, may it be sex, may it be an imporant deal as long as both parties agree it is fine. Still Magnus tends to give this permision only to those who he knows very well. If you break the rules of the club Ravnozeta, the bartender, may be ruthless. His power to bind someone and their powers is unlimited and he will not hesitate to use this in case it is needed. So be warned!

      Other than that, enjoy your stay at the Devilish Paradise, where anything and everything is possible.

      New York Institute
      The New York Institute is currently lead by the Lightwoods family. It welcomes all Nephilim inside. Only those of Nephilim blood are able to open the door, thus Downworlders can only enter if they are accompagnied by a Nephilim or if a Nephilim welcomes them in.

      The Institute is said to look like an old gothic cathedral. As it is covered by a glamour, mundanes see the church abandoned and almost in ruins because of it. The Institute also has a glamoured brass plate next to the entrance—a set of double doors—with the Institute's name etched into it. The interior of the Institute is enormous, with several corridors and hallways adorned with arches. The nave of the Institute, still with its pews, is also well kept, with witchlight and tapers in candelabras as its main source of light. The Institute has a huge library, training grounds, a green house, an infirmary and several rooms.

      Hotel DuMorte
      Hotel Dumort is a derelict hotel inhabited by the New York vampire clan, currently lead by Vampire Queen Camille. It was originally called Hotel Dumont, renamed by the vampires so it would translate from French to "Hotel of the Dead". It is located in the East Harlem.

      Praetor Lupus New York
      It is a fairly large mansion and home to several werewolves who don't have another place to stay. They welcome rogues and help just changed werewolves to control themselves.

      Sometimes called the Faerie and the land under the hill, is the territory of the Fair Folk, generally unwelcoming to outsiders. The food or drinks may trap people in the Faerieland, until dismissed by the Queen, which usually involves some form of trickery or bargain.

      Though it is described as a realm and one can travel in it like in a country, it does not tolerate being surveyed and does not have a consistent layout. Time flows differently in the realm, sometimes slower, sometimes faster. Seasons can change in the blink of an eye, mountains and caverns can appear where minutes before no such things were visible, and its rivers change their courses at the whim of some unknown force. No map of Faerie has ever been produced.


    • I may or may not inlcude questions here so I don't have to explain everything fourteen times or something

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  13. [​IMG]


    "Magnus means great in Latin, and I am the greatest warlock, so how could I pass upon that name?"
    Magnus Bane
    Magnus chose the name "Magnus" in reference to the term Magnus effect—a phenomenon where an object in motion suddenly changes its path and "goes somewhere you would never have expected." The name Magnus means 'great' in Latin and was one of the first names used among Romans. His surname, Bane, would mean 'glorious defender' in Slavic; however, the more appropriate translation of Bane is 'destruction'. If his whole name is translated, Magnus Bane would mean 'great destruction'.

    "The Great Warlock, The High Warlock of Brooklyn, Hot Warlock, Sexy Ass, Best one night stand ever... shall I continue?"
    He doesn't have any nicknames, those familiar with him refer to him with his first name. Those who dislike him mostly use his last name. Otherwise his titles are used as well, responses to this however vary depending on his mood.

    "It is rude to ask someone so straight forward for his age... Oh but I remember the Pharaohs, fighting side by side with Alexander the Great..."
    He is born in the 16th century in Jakarta, Indonesia, back then known as Batavia of the Dutch East Indies. This makes him 600 years old, however he likes to lie about his real age. Due to his warlockblood he stopped againg at 21 and he appears to be early 20.

    "I've been alive for hundreds of years. I've been with men, been with women—with faeries and warlocks and vampires, and even a djinn or two"
    Bisexual, though many claim that Magnus would be pansexual

    "Well, luckily I only have his eyes..."
    Asmodeus, Prince of Hell, Ruler of Edom. He has many demonchildern (the asmodei) as well as a scala of warlocks on Earth. However Magnus is the only one still alive, as he has claimed the immortality of the other warlocks to fuel Edom with their souls. In order to impregnant Magnus' mother, he tricked her into believing he was her husband. Magnus has once called upon him to find out who his real father was, but they have never again had any contact after that. Asmodeus had told his son that out of all his children, Magnus had made him the most proud. Magnus however despises his father (and all of the demons for that matter). The only thing they hold in common are the yellow/golden cat like eyes, which is as well Magnus' demonmark.


    "You endure what is unbearable, and you bear it. That is all."
    “They say time heals all wounds, but that presumes the source of the grief is finite.”

    "I have seen demons, I have been to hell... Yet I find myself unable to believe there is something like a God"
    Due to his knowledge of the existance of demons and hell, he finds himself unable to belief in a God. However he likes to talk about religion and traveled the world to find out the differences in culture and religion. The belief of (mostly) mundanes that there is something higher than them amuses him as much as it intruiges him.

    "Love me or hate me, both are in my favor. I am either in your heart or always on your mind"
    Sassy and Sarcastic
    No matter what situation or whom he is talking to, Magnus always has a reply. He likes to throw off people with his sarcasm and humor. He doesn't even mind making jokes at his own expenses, however rarily ever does this. It is very hard to shut him up, since the Great Warlock will always have the last word. Still he is a great mood lifter in serious or horrifying situations. You can always count on him to make you smile one way or another, even when you don't want to.

    Theatralic and Dramatic
    Yes, he loves to exaggerate with everything. His clothes, his words, his magic... He loves the attention he recieves from doing so, whether people are annoyed with it or genuinely impressed the Warlock did not care. This was just who he was and he wouldn't change that for anyone. After all he has been like this for a bit over 600 years so they better got used to it. He is very outgoing and likes to pull people out of their comfort zone.

    Flirtatious and Romantic
    Magnus is very open about his sexuality and well, he just loves to flirt. Even if the people he flirts with do not really appreciate the attention he gives them. However how flirtatious he can be, he is very romantic at heart when he actually has a relationship. He loves to shower his lover with attention, surprises and his general amazing presence. A trip to Paris, a two week vacantion on a cruise ship, explorering the rainforest, name it and Magnus will make it happen. However also with his romantic gestures he is as theatralic as always...

    Wise and Serious
    The Great Warlock of Brooklyn is not only fun and games however. If need be he can be very serious, mostly surprising others with his very wise words and great advice. He has a lot of experience and he is actually quite intelligent, so he knows what he is talking about. However mostly he can't help to make some of famous sassy remarks in between which often leads people to not take him serious when they should.

    Curious and Intelligent
    Magnus has an insatiable thirst for more knowledge, which makes him very curious. He loves to travel and meet new people and generally keep up with the changing societies and cultures. He believes that despite his immortality it would be wrong to keep holding on to the past. Other than that he absolutely hates boredom, so he is always looking for some new adventures. This also lead to him being involved in quite some scandals and problematic events.

    "A friend of mine once told me that I looked like a gay Sonic the Hedgehog and dressed like the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I am still failing to see the resemblance"
    Magnus is a 6'2" male with a weight of 168 lbs. His build is long and lean, which is made for grace rather than muscle. He likes to keep himself flexible and doesn't see need in physical strenght for he has his magic. Due to his mothers heritage he has an Asian look to him, which gives him a slightly darker skin tone and winged eyes. The later is something that he always amplifies with his make up. His eyes are golden/yellow in color with vertical pupils, the so called cat-like eyes. They are dark brown if he cares to cover them up with glamour. His black hair is usually kept slightly tousled and his face mostly clean shaven. Besides his eyes, his most prominant body feature is the missing belly buttton.

    His clothing style is very flamboyant and unique. He likes to draw attention with everything including his clothes. He is know to even change his outfits throughout the day. Something that always stays is the winged eyeliner and some silver necklaces and talisman he wears. Furthermore his clothing can range for dark depressing gothic to colorful and cheery gayness. He is known to use glitter and lipstick as well and doesn't shy away from other 'girly' stuff. His left ear is pierced, whereas he mostly wears five to seven silver rings through out the rim of it.

    "I am one of the lucky Warlocks that only has cat eyes as demonmark. I would die if I had been born with a green skin or split hooves or anything"


    "Shower sex is impossible with these bulky men"
    He is rather indifferent about them. As long as they don't drool around or bring wet dog smell with them, he is fine with them being around.

    "Ah, vampires... the only other that have been cursed with immortality"
    He used to be very close with the New York Clan when he was still dating with their Queen. And later when he helped Raphael with his Turning. However he generally indifferent about them and hopes they don't leave behind too much blood stains.

    "They seem so beautiful and harmless, right until they rip your heart from your chest"
    He is very cautious of them and rather doesn't get involved with them. He dislikes their cunningness and the way everything always has a price with them. He is at least upfront and honest about his price for this services.

    "What can I say? They live their lives so fast, you haven't even said hello and they are already dead"
    He admires the Nephilim for their mission and their determination, however he is still careful around them. It also depends a lot of the family the Nephilim is from as he has more than once ran into the not so lovely families.

    Past Relationships:
    Axel von Fersen:
    Paris, 1791. He met the count when the male wanted to use his magic in order to help the royal family perish in their escape. Magnus was instantly attracted to the combination of dark hair and blue eyes. After they succeeded in saving the royal family it was Axel who initiated a kiss, before fleeing the country. A few weeks later Magnus recieved a letter that the Queen and King got caught and if he were to help them again. Once again he helped the Queen, but the warlock chose not to pursue his lover as the mortal life was quickly fleeing from him.
    Camille Belcourt: The vampire Queen of the New York clan is a reoccuring lover. However they had a serious relationship for quite a while, until Camille announced to him that it was time to go back to her husband. After this they met up several times, but it never went further than some flirting and some one night stands. However he did help her when her clan had become addicted to drugs. Their drugparties (in which they sucked the blood of humans under influence) had caught the eye of the Nephilim. Magnus may or may have not played an important part in keeping the New York Clan alive.
    Imasu Morales: He met and fell in love with this mundane boy in 1890. It was nothing more than a vacation fling, yet a very important one for Magnus. Imasu made him realized that even a great warlock like him, doesn't have a talent for everything. Though Magnus offered the boy to come and live with him Imasu declined and broke up instead, before Magnus ever had the change to explain his demonic heritage.
    Etta: This was his first long lasting relationship with a mundane girl. They were together from 1938 till 1953. They broke up when Etta decided she wanted a family of her own and didn't want to throw away her mortality. She is a loved and cherished memory now. He hasn't found any love after her.

    Raphael Santiago: He was not a love interest from the Warlock, but still is an important friend. After Raphael was turned and went into a frenzy for blood, Magnus saved him and took him home. He helped the young vampire to get in control of his urges and introduced him to Camille, who quickly took him as part of her clan. He has always respected Raphael for wearing a cross, even when it burned his skin and caused him pain, and trying to walk on holy ground. The determination in Raphael to live as a human despite his demonic infection was deeply admired by the warlock.
    Herondale-family: Magnus has found himself involved with this particular Shadowhunter family quite a lot. Though he has had some crushes on the boys of this line, he never acted on his feelings. Mostly due to the fact they were already inlove with others or strugling enough to also deal with a crushing Warlock. It is the only Nephilim family he would accept in his midst without any supersition. If you would ask the warlock about his family, he will only answer with "Herondales make tragic lovers".

    Favourite color:

    "It is in my magic~"
    All kinds of blue, mostly turqoise however.

    Favourite food:
    "I have tasted so many dishes around the world, I wouldn't be able to say what my favorite is."
    Cupcakes... mostly decorated pink cupcakes. Yes anything sweet works for him.

    Lucky number:
    "There is no luck in numbers"

    Traveling "Just exploring the world"
    Reading "Traveling in the comfort of ones homes"
    Magic "I am a Warlock, what more reason do I need?"
    Attention "I just like to flabbergast people"
    Flirting "What can I say? Either you make a new friend or you have an one night stand"
    Dancing "It is like having dry sex, but then social acceptable"
    Parties "Is there a reason not to like them?"


    Rain "It always messes up my hair.."
    Stress "There is no use in it..."
    Unmotivated people "That is just a life wasted..."
    Judgemental people "Everyone is different, just learn to accept that."
    Having his magic taken away or restricted "Magic... It is like taking blood away from a vampire or the moon away from a werewolf. Magic makes me who I am, if you take that away, I am simply nothing"

    "Don't we all fear the same?"
    Never finding true love.
    Though he has had many lovers and relationships, they all ended for one reason or the other. He feels his immortality is a big struggle to have a lasting relationship. So far, no one has truly accepted him for what he is. Only for what he can provide or what he seems to be.

    Getting stuck in time.
    Magnus fears that he will grow to old grumpy warlock, that won't or doesn't want to change with the ever changing society around him. He is afraid that his immortality will eventually catch up with him and leave him closed off from the world around him that is full of live.

    "Come, here, Chairman Meow"
    He has a cat that is absolutely everything to him. Touch the cat and you touch Magnus. He is known for throwing the cat big birthday parties (where most people just come to for the free drinks). He has started this tradition in 1953. Furthermore Chairman Meow is the co-owner of the Devilish Paradise.

    "Ah, Peru. That is a lovely story"
    He is banned from entering Peru ever again in his life. The last time he had been there at the end of the 19th century, he quite made a scene. It may involve stealing a carpet from an old man and enchanting it to fly all through Peru, ending up in a desert to pursue a life as cactus (including shooting his needles with deadly aim despite his intoxicated state), haunting a village with his terrible talent of playing the charango, a shipment of birdpoo and angry monkeys.

    "In theory I am part Nephilim as well"
    His father, Asmodeus, was once an Angel before he followed Lucifer and became a demon. This has left Magnus with some strange features as the angelblood flows through his veins as well, though very weakly. This results in him being able to hold Angel Blades (though it weakens him immensely and it burns his skin) and to use Witchlights. Witchlights are are simple grey stones that emit white light when touched by a Nephilim, they only respong to the touch of someone with angelblood. However in Magnus hands witchlights will give off a dark red glow.

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  14. [​IMG]
    14 Februari 2016

    20.54 // 8.54 PM

    -10 C // 14 F

    Dark clouds filled with snow. Recent snow fall of 4 inch (10 cm) snow. More is expected over the night. Wind is quiet though.

    35% in view (almost first quarter)

    (art from Shadowhunter Wikia)

    Ravener (Lesser Demon)

    Close to the New York Institute. On the other site of the Garment District, near Chelsea

    They come in hordes of four or five. They need to be summoned by a Warlock. They are violent, but have little intelligence. Their green saliva is extremely toxic, and works like acid. Wounds need to be treated with magic from a Warlock, as the demon energy needs to be ‘pulled out’ from the wound. The toxin will cause a fever over the first two hours, followed by dizziness and hallucinations. The hallucinations can be so strong they cause suicide. In the end, if not treated, the person will die of a heart attack.

    (art from Shadowhunter Wikia)

    Drevak (Lesser Demon)

    Where Central Park, East Harlem and Harlem meet.

    They come in hordes of three. They are used to track down things or people. They are easy kills and have no intellect at all. However one should be careful for their venomous needles (both in their mouth as on their body). It is very easily to treat, but extremely painful.

    (art by SephirothArt)

    Asmodei (Lesser Demon)

    Close to Devilish Paradise and Praetor Lupus. On the point where Soho, Tribeca and Chinatown meet.

    Demon child of Asmodeus. Quite intelligent, but rather weak. They can either use their claws and razor sharp teeth or weapons. Mostly they are on their own. The bell on their tail will call out to other Asmodei (or Asmodeus related) demons.​
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    1st Period
    LiteratureEnglish (A/B)Science (A/B)Social Studies (A/B)Mathematics (A/B)
    2nd Period
    3rd Period
    4th Period
    Social Studies (A)Mathematics (A)JournalismEnglish (B)Science (B)
    5th Period
    CalculusPreforming ArtsReligionsSculpture, Ceramics and PotteryZoology
    6th Period
    Applied Arts DigitalPhysicsApplied Arts MechEconomicsGeometry
    7th Period
    Computer ScienceDrawing and PaintingChemistryCreative Writing and PoetryGeology
    8th Period
    Social Studies (B)Mathematics (B)English (A)Science (A)
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  16. [​IMG]

    Lorenzo Federigo Donati

    Lorenzo ~ lo-REN-tso ~ Italian form of Roman Latin Laurentius, meaning "of Laurentum."
    Federigo ~ fe-de-REE-go ~ Italian form of Latin Fredericus, meaning "peaceful ruler."
    Donati ~ do-NAH-tee ~ From the Late Latin name Donatus meaning "given".

    27 years old, born on 12 october 1989

    Male and male



    Napoli (Naples), Italy


    Audrey Melissa Perez ~ Thingtastic

    Italian, English, German

    CEO at MSC - Miniature Software Company, creating software, computer chips and memories etc.

    I don't know yet (I have no knowledge on American School System)


    Business Casual (will be worked out later)

    "I like to eat healthy. I stay away from the fast food as much as possible. However with a busy life it is not always as easy to stay healthy and not be tempted by the comforts of a quick microwave meal. I am not a picky eater though, and like to try new stuff"

    "I work out in the weekends. Push ups, sit ups, pull ups the whole things and I try to go on an evening jog every day. However I have to admit that doesn't always happen"

    "I would love to have kids, but not currently. I am far too busy with my job to give them the proper attention they need and I don't want Audrey to have to do it all by herself. I know she is strong enough to do so, but it is just not fair. If we have would have children that means combined effort as well."

    "Well, there is my nut allergy that is very sever. Furthermore I am not aware of any health issues I have"

    "I am allergic to shellfish, good luck I also don't like them in general. I also have a sever nut allergy as I mentioned before"

    "I am 1.84 or a solid 6 feet as the American would say. I can mostly look out in a crowd"

    "I have a decent weight, not too much, not too little, thanks to working out. I weigh around the 74 kg or 163 lbs"

    ~ Persistent/Stubborn
    ~ Confident
    ~ Easy going
    ~ Charming
    ~ Distant
    ~ Matter of factly
    ~ Responsible

    His parents met in Italian city Naples. His father was a simple sailor whose ship had docked there for a few days. His mother was an upper class lady. They met when his father was out with the other sailors at a bar. His mother had sneaked out of the house to go clubbing with her friends. They met eachother at one of the bars and one thing led to another. They both had a bit too much to drink, and kissing soon was not enough. Yet they thought they had used enough protection in some questionable shed where they had decided to seal the deal. They met up a few times after for the following three days, until his father had to move on. Two months later his mother found out she was pregnant, but there was no way to contact the male who had planted the kid in her. Her parents wanted her to abort the unborn kid, but his mother didn't want to hear any of it. Eventually she was kicked out of the house and she lived the last three months of her pregnancy with her best (male) friend.

    The birth was without any complications. His mother and her best friend lived happily in the aparment that they shared. However feelings started to errupt of course, eventually they decided to try a relationship and when Lorenzo was two years old they married. The parents of his mother slowly started to turn around, even if they were still not happy with how the life of their 'little angel' had become so differently from what they had wanted for her. Slowly the fights were talked about and peace settled between all members of the family. In his childhood not much happened. As he grew older he went to school where he easily made friends and sometimes caused a bit of trouble. Yet it was evident that he was quite a serious person, that absolutely did not slack on his work.

    Now his teens were pretty moving. The best friend of his mother got a job offer in the USA and that brought a lot of trouble. There were a lot of fights, which rubbed of on Lorenzo. He became more rebelious, started to neglect his schooling, yet he never did anything illegal. Eventually only his mothers husband went to the USA, but not more that six months later, he and his mother followed. He was 13 at that time, however he quickly settled in the USA as well. He adapted more easily than his mother, who missed the Italian weather and the Italian sea and Italy all together. However seeing both her men so happy, she eventually learned to love the USA as well. Now at Highschool he was not the top student perhaps, but he was a good student with an A/B average. Also once they were settled in the US he started to calm down more and got a more steady group of friends.

    From Highschool he went to college. He was moving into a more financial study, wanting to persue a carreer in the business world like his mothers husband. However during his first year in college, the project that was offered to his mothers husband was finished. He was facing the choice to either stay in the US or go back to Italy. While his mother and her husband went back to their homecountry, he decided to stay in the US and finish his school with the idea to eventually return to Italy as well. However this never happened. He had several jobs in restaurants to finance his home and study. Yet his grandparents also helped paying for his studies, since it was part of his future and they liked the idea of him going into the business world. Yet they never made a secret out wanting him to come work for them and take over the Italian family cooperation.

    Needs to be discussed

    Will be worked out

    ~ Cooking
    ~ Working out
    ~ Being outside generally
    ~ Having some drinks with friends

    Psychological Thrillers

    He doesn't really have a favorite music genre. He likes to work out with either rock or metal



    Go on a run or work out

    I was thinking penthouse?

    Michel Raymond Lightheart - 53 - Father - Alive/Unknown
    Roberto Veiri Dioli - 51 - Mothers Husband - Alive
    Elena Rossella Loredana Donati ~ 49 ~ Mother ~ Alive
    Sophia Zeta Orlanda Donati ~ 71 ~ Grandmother ~ Alive
    Fillipo Adone Donati ~ 75 ~ Grandfather ~ Alive

    A dog or a cat? No pets would be fine with me as well

    To be edited

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  17. Fancy bg code
    [div=padding:14px; margin:14px; border:2px groove;border-radius: 10px;background-image:url(http://previews.123rf.com/images/marabudesign/marabudesign1501/marabudesign150100078/35700822-Frozen-Ice-Seamless-and-Tileable-Background-Texture-Stock-Photo.jpg);hr=border:2px solid;color:#FAA3F4"-width:100%;position:relative!important;#FF050B;"]
    Rest coding/CS
    Black inner bg code
    Other colors also possible
    Music button code
    [div="float:right;border-radius:8px;width:32px;height:32px;box-shadow:0 0 2px 1px #ffffff;"][div="opacity:0.2;width:32px;height:32px;overflow:hidden;"] [div="position:absolute;top:-134px;left:0;"][MEDIA=youtube]9nLmBrTqC6E[/MEDIA][/div][/div] [/div]
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  18. [​IMG]

    • Nickname
      Luca or Luce (male)
      Luci (female)


      "Wanna feel it, hmmm?"



    • Parent
      Himeros, God of Sexual Desire

      Bow of Debauchery
      (imagine it being pink)

      Desired Form
      He can adjust his physique in order to be more desired. These are all limited to small body changes. He mostly uses it to be cool and have a different hair color every week or something like that.

      Strings of Lust
      He can see and pull the strings of Lust. He can even momentarily manipulate them or create strings that aren't there. In other words he could make someone lust after another person at his desire. However this will only last for a short moment of time. Any more than five minutes and he will pass out because of the energy it takes from him.

      He can regain his energy through (of course) sex. Not only sex he participates in himself (though this is the most effective) but he can also latch on the lust from other couples. Like a vampire feeds on blood, he can feed on lust for energy.

      Gender Bender
      Yes, he can change to a female. It will leave him with a major headache and he will need to sleep.

      Barnaby the Bunny

    • Strenghts
      "Anything sexual, obviously?"
      ~ Convincing people
      ~ Lifting the spirits of people
      ~ Reading into a situation
      ~ Making other people blush/embarrased

      ~ Easily distracted
      ~ Manipulative
      ~ Prideful
      ~ Quick to anger

      ~ Lazy days
      ~ Cuddles and Touching
      ~ Flirting
      ~ Flattery
      ~ Hot steamy showers "Just put me in it and taddaa every shower is hot and steamy <3"

      ~ Having to be all serious
      ~ Expectations
      ~ Arguing
      ~ Snobbish and close minded people

      He is a natural red head, his locks being a rich copper red, though he lacks the typical (ghost) pale skin and annoying freckles. His eyes have a deep amber color, some saying they seem blood red when he is angry. He has a lean, athetic build that is made more endurance, not for power. He isn't that tall, only 6' (1.84m), and he has no hopes in reaching any further, but he has made his peace with it.
      His attire is mostly simple. For school it is mostly jeans (more often than not with ripped holes in it), and a tight shirt. At home he walks around in jogging pants that hang low from his hips. His feet are covered with sneakers (he owns them in all colors of the rainbow) or funny socks. Overall his style is made for comfort..."And quickly undressing"

      Distinguishing marks
      ~ He has a tongue piercing (which he likes to play around with)

    • PM me/Tag me/Whatever
      "I am all free to play, baby <3"
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