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  1. So I noticed that images posted within spoiler tabs tend to be automatically shrunk down to a rather small size, though this only happens in spoiler tabs, which, to me, seems a bit counter-intuitive. (And, yes, I know that large images in general are resized to fit in the posts they're in, but I'm talking about the tiny icon size that images in spoilers are reduced to.)

    I can recall many times when I've wanted to post some rather large images (sometimes quite a few in one post) and, acknowledging how large and obnoxious they were, I put them in a spoiler tab so that they'd take up less space. But then, opening the spoiler tab, you'd have to click on each image one at a time to see it in full size, which seems tedious and unnecessary given the fact that the spoiler tab already stops them from taking up too much space on the page until you want to open it.

    I could understand the rationale behind images automatically being resized like that outside of spoiler tabs (or perhaps just in general), but I don't understand why it would only happen inside spoilers, when it isn't really an issue anymore. It just comes off as unnecessary at best and sometimes rather tedious to view at worst.

    Sorry if this isn't the right place for this -- I know it isn't exactly a concrete idea or a glitch or anything -- but I figured it couldn't hurt to point this out. Is there a good reason for this being the way it is that I'm just not aware of? Is it perhaps a truly superfluous feature that could easily be done away with? Answers appreciated.
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  2. Have no fear! Use the "spoilerbb" tags instead.

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  3. [​IMG]

    This changes everything.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
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