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  1. Is there a place where I can ask for A banner to be made, and, where do I submit it to become one? Can someone enlighten me on this process?
  2. Thanks! :3
    So, is there some other place where I can get a banner image made for submission?
  3. At the bottom:
    Or are you saying you'd like someone other then a staffer making you one?
  4. yes, the second. I'd like to look at it and make sure its all neat before having it go up. Not that I don't trust them, it's just that I like the idea of revising it before having a final thing.
  5. That case make an ad in the Hub here looking for banner artists. Know however if you're super picky you should pay, after all they're putting their talent to work for you.
  6. Thanks! And, no, i'm not super picky, usually one try at something is good enough for me, I just wanna make absolutely positive that it's all cool before sending her in.
  7. You can also make a request in the Writing and Art Museum!
  8. Thanks Diana!