Abortion Billboards, WTF?

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  1. Okay. I know I'm going to piss off a good amount of people with this thread.

    I passed a billboard today as I was coming home from class and this is what is said.

    *man and woman on respective sides of the billboard*
    "He pushed you to have the abortion...
    Once you did, he left you...
    Abortion is never the answer."

    Now. I'm not trying to make any of you pro-lifers mad or tell you you're wrong. You guys are entitled to your own opinion, and I respect you for that. Some of your campaign slogans are actually pretty effective. I just think this billboard went about it the wrong way.

    Personally, I think abortion is not the problem here. I think that a retarded, deadbeat dick for boyfriend is the problem. Most likely, he would have left you whether you had the abortion or not.

    Right. That was my little rant. I prefer no flaming, but I understand if I pissed you off and I'm sorry.
  2. Re: WTF.

    I'm pro-life and I agree with you 100% Patty. Seriously that guy was a dick.
  3. Pro choice, I agree with you too.
  4. me personally? i dont think dudes have a right to say either.

    but i woulda thrown sommat at the window.
  5. I have to agree, that was a totally ineffectual and wrong sided argument for anti-abortion causes. x___x As if keeping a baby was really going to save that relationship. >>;

    Diana is prochoice AND prolife. >:D
  6. Like, I would somewhat understand if the billboard said something like, He left you, and now you have no one when you could have had a child or something to that effect.

    But this is just stupid. lol

    As for my views, I'm like Diana. I'm kinda both. I think abortion is right for certain things. But I just think that having a choice is the best compromise. I don't really understand why people insist on caring about other people's babies that are not wanted and could go to help other things like, stem cell research.

    If you don't believe in abortion, Go ahead. Have your baby. I don't give a crap. If you don't want your baby, Get an abortion. That's your issue.

    At least that's how I feel about it.
  7. Life and Death are just Teenage Girls?!

    The avatar of life had a wonderful life. A least till she tired to date, and caught her boy/girlfreind cheating on her. Life was not so great then. A least till she arrived home late one night, and saw she had new neighbors. New neighbors that apparently had a lovely daughter that ...likes to run around the yard in the nude?! LIfe had to check twice to make sure she was not seeing things, and a quick look down...confirmed the other girl was completely nude. That silky black hair...those night-sky eyes....LIfe...just meet Death....

    Now what should she do? Strip, and go join Death? Kepe her clothes on, and simply go say hi? Maybe run into her room to masturbate? Sneak into the other girls room, and masturbate there? Shit! The other girl just saw her. Wait...instead of running away....the other girl was coming towards her! She grew nervous...no wait. She just had her heart broke. She was suppose to be crying right now, not fantasizing about what the other girl may be coming over to do to her...

    As the other girl introduce herself....Life tried to make a comment only to grow confused and highly embarrassed/aroused when the other girl asked if they could have sex! The other girl explained that as 'death' the only person that she could mate with without killing them...was her opposite life. And that was why she moved right next door to the current avatar of life! She wanted babies! Life wonder if her ex hit her, and knocked her out, and this was all some strange dream. But no, Death, lean over, and whispered about how she would be the best thing ever to happen in LIfe for her...

    Life blushed...as that was said in quite a sexual tone.
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  8. You bet your ass that's the answer for the guy.
  9. Is it wrong that I lol'd when I read that? o.o...

    Anyways, I totally agree with Diana and Patty. I'm pro-choice and pro-life for the exact same reasons.
  10. yunyun's bizarre adventure
  11. Jesus fuck, Raz.

    I knew that..... that shit happened... but I didn't know how...

    ......Why am I reminded of a bible story where I think God condoned the outright massacre of the Samaritans, right down to pregnant women being torn open and their babies being dashed to bits?
  12. Chewed. Accepted. Dissagree.

    but that said, I'm not gonna argue with a bloke who knows far more about the field than i probably ever will.
  13. Well, Raz, while I take your point as valid, that's not really what I was arguing here.

    My point was the billboard used a bad campaign slogan. I mean, if they took advice from you and used what you said, I wouldn't have posted this thread. Your rant was effective. Slogan on Billboard, illogical.