Aboard the Space Pirateship Wonderland

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  1. "Oi my names Captain James Cheshire and i need me self a nice crew of men and women who can stand their own in a fight. Who can also be very good thieves. But stick to the SpacePirate rules!
    1.) Follow orders.
    2.) If you retreive treasure it be yours!
    3.) If u can take an oppurtunity to get more members or even board and take over another ship znd become allies of our vessel.

    Now lads and lass' wont ye join my voyage for treasure upon the Wonderland!?"
  2. Celestia walked about as she usually did, watching and calculating each move of her potential victims. She didn’t care to use her looks to get what she needed, she preferred her skills. It wasn’t much of a bustling town as things get towards the inland, but many rich folks seem to make their way through here. Celestia did what she knew best for daily activities and that was pick-pocketing. As rich men walked by she simply tricked them out of their wallets, but she needed more than change.

    Walking by the docks she could see all of the cargo ships, but one caught her eye. The museum was displaying a few large jewels this week and as rumored the ship was running late. “Bingo” She said to herself. Celestia made her way off and under the docks, climbing the side of the ship. It wasn't easy since the ships were mainly smooth, but she used her daggers like claws. Once aboard the cargo ship she rummaged and found a few jewels for the taking. Yet her rummaging alarmed a guard and they didn't like asking questions. They barged in while she hid; gripping her gun waited and watched the two men that looked around. When the timing was right she opened fire and did her best to kill both swiftly. Celestia left as she came, with as much silence as she could keep. With a good rob of a cargo ship it was best to stay a little ways from there and visit her favorite tavern.
  3. Cap.Chesh sat in the Ol'Tavern with his plasma pistol on his boot anklet and broadsword on his hip. He took hiss black hat off and set it on the counter and said "oi lass ill 'ave me a pint" and payed his credits and drank away and spotted someone walk in a little out of breath.
  4. Celestia made her way through passing guys. "Watch your hand or lose it. Your choice." She said to a man who was drunk and wanted some of her. She sat at the bar as she always did after some fun. "Well Marcy how about a pint." Celestia gave a smile and noticed the pirate sittin not far away. "Hey Marcy who's the pirate, never seen him around before."
  5. Chesh continued drinking his pint until Marcy came over and told him someone wanted to know he is. So he got up and walked to the woman and smirked while putting on his hat . His face revealing his large cat like eyes znd facial hair like whiskers. He looked at her and said "Im the Captain of the Wonderland Captain James Cheshire but most call me Cap or Chesh."
  6. "Captain James Cheshire..." She said before taking a swig. He was quite cat like in looks, but every one who's heard of Chesh knew he was elusive. "What brings a Captain like you to this small port town." She said while memorizing his cat like eyes.
  7. Smiling a toothy grin showing hisenlarged and sharper canines" Im searching for men and women for my crew actually. Any gifts you posses lass?" He asked while sitting next to her.
  8. "My what large canines you have" She said with a chuckle. "When your breaking in and out ships you learn a thing or two. Like how to be stealthy, and I suppose you can say I have a nose for treasure. " Celestia said as she smiled a little.
  9. "Well how would you like to be my 2nd in command lass?" He asked laying his hand out for a pact.
  10. "Become a pirate and loot as we please." She had a wide grin on her face ans she extended her hand to finish the pact. "You seem to have found your second in command."
  11. "This isgrand!" He said laughing "next rounds on me friend!"
  12. Marcy gave them another pint as the two laughed together. "Taking treasure and kicking ass doing it, the pirate life was truly made for me." She said with a chuckle. "What is your next move, Cap."
  13. "My next move?" He thought for a moment."Ill need some more crew members. Perferably they have a talent that could help me."
  14. "Well then the search continues." She said while taking a swig.
  15. "Quite" he said taking a shot "well Celestia would you like to sleep aboard the ship tonight or are u staying at the inn?"
  16. "I'll sleep on the ship, his town was known for night raids." she said while she finished her drink. "Besides I'll be able to see where I'll be sleeping for a while."
  17. "Ay ay haha" he said as he started walking out "follow me!" He said as he smiled widely
  18. Celestia followed as he started walking out. As they came to the deck they passed cargo ship after cargo ship until they reached his ship. "Already interested to see inside." She said with a smile.
  19. "Welcome aboard the Wonderland " he said and swiped out his broad sword and twirled it around in a fascinating way and ran to the bunks.
  20. She already liked her Cap's enthusiasm and followed inside towards the bunks. "Your quite enthusiastic aren't you." She said with a chuckle.
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