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  1. Everyone has a small percentage of magic in them. Fire, ice, wind, destruction- everything can be controlled. Whether it will be as easy and limitless as wind or as challenging and possibly destructive as flames, a few people are born with control over something in the world. When they are hunted by those who believe them to be a danger, however, there is no escape visible. When you try, though, anything can happen.

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    2. Follow Iwaku's rules.
    3. Do not insult other people in this RP. Otherwise, you may or may not be bad. Playful insults are good, as is sarcasm, but full-out hating is a no-no.


    Temperament (Sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, melancholic)
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  2. Name- Ithric
    Age- 21
    Ability- Fire; Manipulation
    Gender- Male
    History- Refer to Charahub
    Personality- Refer to Charahub
    Temperament- Choleric

    Click here for Charahub!

    I promise he's more interesting than he immediately looks~
    I might add his sister at some point though.
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  3. Accepted! Mine'll come up soon enough. I have a lot of RPs to attend to right now, along with school and researches, so it'll take a while.
  4. Name: Xander Melnan
    Age: just barely 19, looks 16
    Ability: Illusion
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Quiet, sensitive, meek, mild, scared...
    Temperament: Melancholic Phlegmatic Mix ( I know, seems lightly contradictory, just you wait though!)

    Xander Melnan - Charahub
  5. History WILL be made, bu later, jus wanted to finsh this, so yired.
  6. Accepted! I have some school research to do right now, so, yeah.
    Also, your temperament makes sense. It's not contradictory.
  7. Name: Rei Yumene
    Age: 16
    Ability: Wind
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Cheerful, energetic, carefree, social
    Temperament: Sanguine
  8. Name: Natano Urakava
    Ability:Telekinesis, Life Manipulation
    History: Natano was born in small town, all time a year covered in snow, but one day, he felt from an mountain, into lake, he was almost drowning, when water fairies saved him, pulling to village near lake, before that, Natano doesn't remember anything, but he remembers, that his mother and father, were bright, like angels...
    Personality:Is very closed up, but also sometimes friendly, and even kind.
  9. Accepted! Squee! More members!
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