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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first creative challenge, so be respectful if it sounds a little newbie.

    Everyone knows that most characters have abilities: magic, moves, body abilities, and all those require a little bit of creativity!
    Here's what you'll do:
    • Pick a class for your character, give a small explanation so I really do get the point of it;
    • Name 5 abilities, and remember to be very original and unique!
    • Give those abilities a story and a description, those are very tasty!
    After coming up with answer for all those three topics, don't write it down like a form. I want a text! An explanation of your character and its abilities! Also, remember: a cook is a class, and so is a soldier or a magician. Don't go around thinking is only MMORPG included classes. After all, this is a creative challenge!
    [​IMG] Enjoy the challenge!
  2. Agent S
    Gimme $20, gimme $20
    Senior Operative: Surveillance/Investigative class
    Operatives in S/I are typically assigned on missions which require the detailed observation of a single target, typically in conjunction with the collection of certain data and evidence from said individual. They are chosen for being intelligent, low-key, and very thorough. The point of an S/I Agent's mission is to gather intelligence so that a suitable call can be made as to how to remedy a situation.
    S is very good at what he does. Of course, what he does is classified, as is his history. Rumor around the Agency has it that he was brought in with complete amnesia sometime during or shortly after WWII, and after his status as a non-hostile was confirmed, he immediately went to work for the Agency as they attempted to identify him. If he has been successfully explained, such an explanation was never released, but the common opinion is that no one, except for perhaps S himself, has any idea who/what he is or where he came from. He seems content in his job and is a good operative, never questioning orders and rarely failing a mission. His status a phobotroph, however, has lead to some harsh debate over whether or not such a being could possibly be considered a non-threat.
    The ability to be utterly unrecognizeable. He has a face. It just happens to be utterly impossible to remember, describe, or create any image of. Everything about him is impossible to use to identify. He has fingerprints that change constantly. His DNA cannot be mapped. Retinal scans fail. Every illustration of him is unrecognizeable, most artists become frustrated in the attempt. He is completely anonymous.
    Observant Invisibility
    While he cannot become truly invisible, S is capable of hiding himself from a deliberate search. In short, when this ability is active and a person attempts to search for him, he will be invisible. Even when activated, someone not actively looking for him will still observe him as usual- leading to a large number of cases where he is spotted at a glance, but when a person attempts a double-take, he disappears in the space of a blink. To a recording device which cannot be actively looking for him, he will still appear.
    Luddite Aura
    He will never, however, appear in recognizable form. His Luddite Aura causes all electronics and some machery exposed to him to spontaneously fail, happening with greater severity to recording devices such as camera or microphones, and with decreased severity to automobiles, appliances, and similar devices. This adds to his anonymity by making it impossible to get a clear photo or scan of him, in addition to making him very difficult to stop.
    All four of Agent S' limbs, in additon to his neck and torso to a lesser extent, are highly elastic, capable of stretching to over three times their normal length and bending in non-jointed areas, in addition to becoming much stronger than his normal, un-stretched limbs. This gives him a snake-like or spider-like appearance when he desires, usually used to feed his final ability.
    Agent S does not require food or water, but instead survive on a diet of human fear. A specific sort of psychic vampirism, phobotrophia enables S to frighten unfortunate victims and gain strength from their terror, absorbing much of their energy and leaving them exhausted, furthering their fragile mindset and worsening their fear in a circular pattern in which he grows stronger the weaker they become.
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  3. Right. This should be interesting.​
    for class, Hiru would be counted as more than one class so, enjoy.​
    Also Because Hiru alone does not have 5 abilities, I'll write his demons abilities as well.​
    Assassin: Hiru specializes in stealth and making quick kills. He usually has small items in his jacket. ( Throwing knives, smoke bombs, poison etc ) and some useful items for scenarios. ( Desert or hazard areas ). He mastered the assassin way so much that he became a teacher and taught others. He even had a book made about him but he was not aware of this.​
    Ninja: Hiru never really got use to the ninja arts but Hiru was trained to use Ninja's style of using swords. Hiru wished to develop a stronger connection to swords and how they work to their full extent as, His father was killed by a person who used a sword. This sparked a hatred in Hiru which he uses now to train and try to be better than the killer with swords.​
    Blacksmith: ( <-- not sure whether it's a class xD ) If blacksmith is a class, Hiru has been a blacksmith for a long time now, crafting swords, armour and other useful items for people to come and buy. He has learned recently how to use runes with weapons.​
    Red = Hiru Green = Nosfentor ( Demon )
    Fire manipulation:
    Hiru's father was a master of fire manipulation so it was easier for him to start using it. Over the years, he had trained in fire and unlocked blue flames. He even had a dragon give half it's heart to Hiru so than he uses dragon fire which is stronger than most flames. here is a few moves that he uses with his fire manipulation:
    Flame wave = a concentrated flame that lashes out of his blade or a weapon towards a certain direction.​
    Fireball = create a fireball in his hands and throw it at enemies.​
    Flame weapons = create a weapon out of flames to use.
    Telekinesis: Hiru trained under a psychic master to unlock some hidden potential that he had from his mothers side. It took a long time but now Hiru can use Telekinesis. This means that Hiru can use psychic magic to throw objects.
    Shadow manipulation: Hiru had been tainted by a shadow demon in the past and after solving the negative sides of the taint, he was able to change the taint into a ability through help of other people. Hiru can now travel through shadow.​
    He can travel through people's shadow and building shadows. Anything that creates a shadow, Hiru can use.​
    Fel magic: Nosfentor Is a Fel demon, Fel being a leeching magic which leeches life and energy. Nosfentor has lived longer than Hiru so he has been able to manifest and improve over the millennia's.​
    Shadow magic Expert: Before Nosfentor was turned into a Fel demon, he was a shadow demon, using his magic to consume others and evolve himself over time.
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  4. Storm Blade
    Arcantos is a Storm Blade, a master of not just fighting with storm-magic and sword combat, but also in combining the two. Using the magic and sword in conjunction to one another for a deadly and devastating combination of abilities, ranging from offensives to defensive, long range to short. A Storm Blade sacrifices power and proficiency for flexibility and adaptability.
    One of the major parts of the storm-magic is hydrokensis, the manipulation of water. The more unnatural the movements and shapes, or the larger quantity of magic used, the higher amounts of energy are required. Water tends to be the most used of the Storm Blade magic, due to being the most flexible of the magics, able to flow from offense to defense, or vise versa with ease.

    Air Manipulation
    Another major factor in storm-magic. While water can be manipulated into different sizes with each due to its fluidity, air magic tends to be basic. Either in gusts, or focused blasts of air. These more focused manipulations can also be used to cut, and these cutting edges tend to easily be able to cut through wood and often stone.Air manipulation can help ease the manipulation of water, as well as gathering water molecules from out of the air. Air manipulation tends to be the most defensive of storm-magic​
    Lighting Manipulation
    Lightning Manipulation is not as big or significant as air or water manipulation, due to the difficulty of perform it and the energy required. However, it is known to be the most devastating and offensive of the abilities. With air and water manipulation, the energy requirement for lightning manipulation can be lowered.
    Sword Channel
    Not only are Storm Blade's master of wielding the blade, but they can also use their weapons as a channel for their magic. Making it easier to shape and use certain types of magic, like coating the sword in the element, or launching a cutting wave of the element. Although relying on sword channeling will make a Storm Blade predictable and easy to counter, is it a strong tool in their arsenal.
    Sword Kenesis
    Instead of simply wielding a sword like normal, it is also possible for a Storm Blade to wield a sword, or several swords remotely. In fact, the amount of blades that a Storm Blade can control and use effectively in combat is a good way to measure a Storm Blade's skill and combat ability. Not only do they have the energy to control the swords in an efficient matter, the spatial awareness to control all these swords is significant. It is rare to find a Storm Blade that can control more than four effectively and efficiently.