ABC Style - How to Lose a Job

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List ALPHABETICALLY ways to lose your job.


A - Allowing hobos to eat all of the fried chicken.
B - Bellowing at your boss at the top of your lungs.


A - Aggravating all of your coworkers with Peruvian flute players.
Figuring you may as well make 200 copies of your butt and staple them to walls throughout the building.
Inking said message onto your bosses' desk, "It was me who farted in your salad."
Jumping across all the desks like a monkey imitating your boss at last years christmas party
Moving your bomb collection into building and the bombs are in inconvenient places that will also go off if touched.
Pretend to fall asleep while snoring loudly during a meeting.
Quietly calling your boss's house when he's working overtime to tell his wife you saw him at the strip clubs, before realizing you accidentally called his cellphone.
sending a message to your boss which tells him that he is an idiot
Telling your boss you slept with his wife.