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  1. Something?

    Do you know this creepypasta Abandoned by Disney?
    If not, read it, it's so worth it...

    Anyway ... I want to do a creepy roleplay with a related theme, an abandoned site which two people or more go to explore and it gets creepy.

    It doesn't need ghosts tough... or monsters, it can be left as a very dark and creepy ending like in this story or something..

    (it doesn't have to be a resort or a theme park or that kind of thing, but serious and please NO HOSPITALS, WARDS OR ASYLUMS, THEY DO SCARE ME AND KEEP ME UP AT NIGHT)

    In any case, let me know what you think! This time I will not think up the plot for you, so you better help me here. (I'm saying this because it is a terribly constant in here and I am too stressed for that right now ...)

    And please no female characters, this is non romantic by the way, it can just be friends.
  2. I'm in! I love this idea! :D
  3. No females? (It's a must have question, sorry)
  4. I quote from my resume, "I play both genders equally"
    But if you really don't want females to join, I just wanna say the idea is awesome.
  5. *points at the main post* I have a few ... personal issues, when it comes to female characters, it's a big problem actually, but yeah, I'm still looking for someone else to rp this with me, I had someone, but that person has school nagging him/her a lot and replies haven't come since ... I think last month.
  6. It's a horror so romance was nowhere in my mind. And in my past I've played mostly male characters and I was pretty convincing. I've been exploring this genre. I do have school [teaching] but I can commit to posting daily.
  7. You don't need to stress yourself out o n o;; I know what work is like.
    And well yes, I'd very much appreciate it if you used a male character,
    (likealot), if you want to I can start, but that's ... tomorrow.
    (it's midnight here and i'm having another migrain *crei*)
  8. aww don't cry. /pats
    I'm dead set on playing a male. OwO
    And don't worry, first thing I do when I get home is get on Iwaku srsly. Wherever I came from. Please do start, tell me where a character profile is needed. Rules, ooc discussions and whatever else...
  9. Well I don't like sheets, I like to play it on the go, so there's actual character development, the rules are:

    Keep your words to YOURSELF, I hate having my characters controlled, specially their actions, and when their actions are predicted, it angers me to no end.
    let's not fight, there's nothing I can't stand less
    Let's treat each other well and be friends ovo
  10. I honestly hate that too. It sort of displaces my thoughts, really distracting.

    So, lemme get this straight. Are our characters friends prior to the opening of the plot or will be friends or what? :O I know there is no plot yet. Just a starter.

    And...why aren't you asleep yet? D: What about your migraine??
  11. ...work.
    ...that sums everything you will ever need to know about me, pretty much.

    Anyways, I'd say they're friends prior, it'd be interesting. Specially if they each have a particular perk, one or two, for example I was thinking mine to be Agoraphobic, and his friend was helping him with this visit or something? Also for him to be afraid of the dark, it's just the perfect set.
  12. I've become somewhat interested in this...

    Gimme a short rundown of what you're expecting of me (should I decide to join) so I know what I have to work with, please?
  13. ... How should I know what to expect from you? It's a roleplay not parenthood.
  14. [MENTION=4534]Thomas McTavish[/MENTION]! I swear I nearly called you Bennett. :D

    Okay, Mine would be dangerously asthmatic, so he's living a health nutty active life. How's that?
  15. I've got not to be a female.

    But what do you mean by that?

    Gah, I hate it when bb codes don't work right. :/
  16. [MENTION=4534]Thomas McTavish[/MENTION]: I mean to not control my character, actions, thoughts, emotions, or what happens to them without my permission, do not god mod.

    @Locherne: I agree that'd be awesome, also hilarious eventually, I imagine he'd be the bubbly type? Like positive kun to negative kun. ahahh... my youth...
  17. Yeah, he'd be pretty outgoing, but only cause he doesn't want to let asthma dictate his life. Wow. But Posi-kun much rather just hang out with Nega-kun and friends anyway. Teases him a lot, drags him into all sorts of activities. That cool with you?
  19. Um no, I haven't. Or are you suggesting I do...?
  20. No it's just-
    Nevermind. It's rare to find people who have. Since you said that phrase about him nagging negative and stuff like that, that's exactly what positive does in the manga, it's a beautiful manga tough, despite it being boys romance, it is ADORABLE. (It really has nothing far beyond holding hands or one kiss)

    Anyway, it'd be interesting if he was like that to my character, a friendship of one pushing the other could turn into something that could save positive's life.
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