Abandoned by Time

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  1. Coffee.


    That was one way to the start the day in the city, in the fresh cold mornings
    of winter there was usually three things to do for a routine start the coffee
    machine, go to the bathroom, and take the newspaper from under the
    apartment's door.

    He never got to close to the door, his legs would tremble when he did, and his
    mind would turn fuzzy, so he had had to ask the mail man to push it the farthest
    possible from the door now. Continuing a routine usually meant also waking up
    his housemate, the person he shared the apartment with, he didn't like bothering
    him but it had to be done, every single day.

    He liked his housemate but at the same time he didn't, he was much into the occult
    and urban exploration, and had been yapping for a while now about some
    'abandoned by Disney' creepypasta, he liked seeing the young man so exited about
    something, just not creepy dark things involving ghosts. After all he was more afraid
    of the living than the dead, and he disliked someone exited about fiction.

    He sat down on the bar side of the table and pulled the coffee jar, poured some for
    himself on a dark blue cup, and some more on a light blue one, he just took the dark
    one and took a sip from it, before putting it down and pulling the newspaper to read
    one of the sections calmly.

    11 AM in the clock.

    "It's early" he thought, his eyes averting the little cat eared clock on the wall and
    drank a little bit more of his coffee, tired as he was he simply didn't care much about
    it, they didn't go to school for vacation, his parents wouldn't visit, his girlfriend broke
    up with him and his life had turned into this small 4 rooms apartment. Specially after
    ... that accident.

    He turned to his homemate's room door and decided to stand up and go knock on it.
    He wasn't fond of doing this, but besides his computer, his room, and the quiet moment
    he always had in the mornings, in the company of his coffee, he had nothing else better
    to do, to be quite honest.
  2. A sudden knock shook Matthew Lee awake. He was a light sleeper despite his habit of staying up late. He sat up, mussing his already very tousled hair. It didn't look so bad on him though, he had his hair cut so he doesn't have t fix it so often.


    "I'm up, Cloudy!" He chimed. It was a mystery how he could manage to be cheerful all the time, even when he just got up. He threw the sheets off himself and snatched random clothes from various parts of his room. "I've got some news! Well, I mean I've got something cool up!"

    He got out of his room, smiling at Cloud happily upon seeing him. "Good morning! Let's go on a trip together!"

    He hugged Cloud affectionately. "It'll be great! Just the two of us...out there, having fun!"
  3. He didn't particularly appreciate the hug, but he allowed it anyway, he
    truthfully couldn't deny him anything, and mostly because he wasn't sure
    about what he'd do everyday, he was too spontaneous and sometimes
    he'd come up with good things.

    However when he mentioned the words "Let's go on a trip together!" his

    idea of cool just came crashing down like it was some sort of glass that
    had just been kicked at. "...No" he replied, just tossing him to the side like
    he was just a little rag doll to him. "I'm not going outside, you know why"
  4. "It's kind of the anniversary of our first meeting pretty soon." Matthew said with a pout. "I want it to be special. You're special." He held both of Cloud's hands in his, bending just a little to match Cloud's eye level.

    Matthew certainly didn't look it, but he was a pretty sentimental guy.
  5. He only stared back at him with the face of a man who hadn't slept in weeks,
    a frown and the skeptical eyes of someone in disbelief, or more like so used
    to it, he moved his hands and placed one in his pocket and the other held his
    cup of coffee, he took a sip from it and sighed, breathing deeply.

    "I. Am. Not. Going. Outside." he growled, clear as day, glaring at the eyes of
    his companion.
  6. "Please?" Matthew's voice was half sweet and half desperate. "Two days?" Then he thought for a moment before correcting himself. "One day. And...one night..."

    "Cloudy...you know..." Matthew begun to prattle, "I worked really really hard to make this special. I know...it's not your idea of fun...so yeah, okay, you'd hate it. I'll adjust it. You can adjust our trip with me...but we'll be together...just us...you know...wouldn't you want to go...um...with me?"
  7. "No, not with you, not with anyone, I'm not dealing with another panic attack
    that could easily get me killed. You know? Agoraphobia?" he growled and
    moved himself away from his friend, he was, despite his looks, a very sentimental
    young man and a very friendly and nice person, but he didn't tolerate the fact
    that he just wouldn't take a no for an answer most of the times. "I'm not going
    out there anymore, enough said". And with this, he walked away into his room,
    wishing not to hear anything else from that matter.

    ((Ooc: he's a pretty tough headed kid, you're gonna have to charm him into going lol, or keep pushing until he says yes, I don't guarantee mental stability tough))
  8. Matthew was quiet for a moment, not really acknowledging Cloud's response. Whenever he thought back to how they met, Matthew would be filled with warm, happy thoughts. He'd smile if wasn't already and if he was, he might even giggle. That was how it made him happy.

    Somehow, there has to be something that could channel that vibe to his beloved roommate? Like a medium... He paced, pondering.


    A soft guitar melody made its way past Cloud's door as Matthew played.

    "La...la...laa..." he sang. "I forgot the lyrics...I've bad memooo-ry from those things-

    But I cleaaaar-ly remember-

    the song that plaayed-

    wheeen we first met-

    went something like thiiis-"

    His looks and skill could have made him a good singer. But like he sang, he has a bad memory.
  9. He cringed and put on his headphones, yes, when they met they were far younger
    and once more he was trying to sing. He had always been introvert and shy and
    did not like to play with the other children, unlike Matthew, who could always run
    and play with the others, while he sat on a corner, reading his book about animals.

    His mind did wander back in time for a little while, but then he stopped, having
    reached that moment in his life that made him not want to come out anymore,
    he put down his mug and stared out the window, it was raining, he needed to
    ignore Matthew.
  10. "Don't hate me, Cloudy." Matthew murmured. "I just want to spend time with you, I saved enough for a private place you know, it'll be literally just us."
  11. And then from inside the room, a yell let itself be heard, as loud as it
    could have come from the young man's weak throat:

  12. "...I don't want you to miss out." Matthew said simply.
  13. "Leave me alone" he simply growled, and placed on his headphones, isolating himself
    from the world that was Matthew's light, a world that just wasn't his to cherish or enjoy,
    he couldn't go out there to the world like he could, he couldn't risk any more panic attacks
    nor even the unnecessary ambulances, he wouldn't tolerate his own weakness anymore
    so shutting himself from the world was the only thing he could do.

    However he also knew his friend, so he couldn't really know what he'd do next to try
    to convince him.
  14. "Just this once, Cloudy!" Matthew hollered at his door, knocking a bit. "Just this once and I'll never ask you to come with me ever. I'll stay indoors with you!"
  15. He finally sighed having grown irritated beyond his common limits, he stormed out of his
    room, gripped him by the shirt's collar close to his face and growled under his breath
  16. "Do you want me to leave you alone?" Matthew said, surprised. "You want me to move out after our trip?"
  17. He stared directly at him and greatly annoyed "No. But you will never ask me to come out
    of this apartment ever again", with this reply he turned his back on him and walked to the
    hallway and stopped in front of his room's doorway "Are you driving?" he asked, certainly
    he couldn't tolerate anyone else's presence around him anymore, let alone to travel probably
    far from his town.
  18. Matthew was grinning triumphantly. "Uh yeah. Fixed the necessary papers and stuff." He doesn't have too many papers to fix, being a well traveled person.
  19. He looked to the side and then back at him "I imagine that if it's far we'll be
    leaving tonight, to arrive in the morning?" he asked, taking another sip from
    his coffee mug, the liquid almost over with, but he did seem to find it pleasing.
  20. "Yeah, sorta. It'll probably take until the afternoon but yeah." Matthew shrugged, biting his lip so he doesn't have to grin too much. He can't help it, he was overjoyed. He was practically bouncing on his heels instead of jumping.