Abandon: The City on the Edge of Hell

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  1. It was a grey morning. Fog hung low over the streets of the inner city, blocking the view of the higher floors of the apartment complexes that lined the road. Shiro shivered. She didn't have the body mass to deal with the cold drizzle, which she decided she hated about her design more even than that she had been designed to be a pet. She looked around. The city was awash with colour. The walls were black and dystopian, with red and orange lights shining through the murky clouds. Far on the horizon, she could see the ever present Wall stretching up into the sky, a constant reminder of her dire situation. Speaking of which... She looked for a news board. They were huge electronic screens that were placed at regular intervals on the walls of buildings and were used to give details of the city's happenings to the citizens that lived in it. In the bottom right corner, a counter slowly ticked downwards - 46:23:12. 46:23:11. 46:23:10.

    "46 hours, huh? I wonder who it'll be this time," she muttered into the still air, to no one in particular. Just then, a small vehicle, made of dark grey metal and decorated with the fake-optimistic orange lines typical of companies in Abandon pulled up to the side of the road. Shiro opened the sliding door, and got into the back seat. These seats had no windows for themselves, so her only view out was through the windows in the front half of the vehicle, and the back windshield. The driver turned round expectantly. "Oh, hello Shiro. Long time no see, huh? Same place?" The two acquaintances engaged in small talk as he drove, steering almost robotically through the streets, up some ramps to the higher tiers of roads, and eventually coming to a stop outside one of the smaller Grand Towers of the central district. When they arrived, Shiro disembarked. She walked to the driver's window to pay, but the driver insisted that she needn't pay - after all, they were friends. And a lot of friendships are very temporary in Abandon. She knew he was trying to build up karma. He had always been a cautious person. Even so, she paid what the fare would have been - 420 Kol - before heading into the building.

    There were two kinds of currency, she knew. The first was "money". It held different names in different districts, but in the Central District, it was named Kol. For now, the conversion rates between the different areas were roughly 1:1, except for the Farming District in the east, which was considerably higher at 1:3. There had been a political dispute in that area a few years ago, and people rarely visited, so the value of it's currency went down. The second was a universal currency called Karma. It could be built up and lost individually, as well as paid as you would pay money. Those who had very low karma at the end of every two weeks would be instantly obliterated, their soul sent to Hell by the Watchers who ruled Abandon. Those with low karma but who didn't quite make the cut were entered into a gladiatorial arena, where they fought to the death for the entertainment of the citizens. Only the winner would be offered a second chance.

    The inside of the building was a stark contrast to the outside world. It was a clean white, with blue LED lighting panels both on the floor and roof to provide an equal illumination to the entire room. The room itself was very spacious and very empty. At the far end, 2 elevators, one on either end of the wall, were positioned, and inbetween the two was a desk stationed with 3 receptionists. Before each receptionist was a line of at least 15 people. No doubt all trying to apply for the Guild, as she was. Most were turned away, but she had a feeling today was her lucky day, after 2 failed attempts. She knew what they said - third time's the charm.
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  2. "You may take my life, magi, but you will never take away my devotion! My ancestors smile upon me as I spit on your Blasphemous abomination of an Empire! I will..." - Gray had not allowed the man to continue. Instead, he had summoned a lightning out of thin air and literally baked the man alive. He had then moved towards the other poor bastards - traditionalist cult of the Sha'tar'i tribe, who apparently believed that the geographical distance and their numbers would allow them to successfully separate themselves from the Eternal Empire. Gray was disgusted - not with their beliefs and attempts, he could respect any belief system, but with their complete and utter ignorance. By opening a maze-like portal called a labyrinth, the first of the magi had guided entire armies through time and space to surprise enemies with both numbers and positioning, through the course of the War of the Shifting Sands. Thanks to this method the Solari had almost all of their battle force available for any given battle. And those morons still thought they could elude the rage of the Eternal Emperor by sheer virtue of their geographical separation from the main regions. Nothing appalled him more than ignorance and lack of learning curve, so characteristic of the other brutish tribes. Gray had never studied the arts of reading other men's thoughts, but he needed only to gaze upon the eyes of the former rebels now kneeling down before him and the few Solari soldiers in order to see awe, hatred and, mostly, sheer terror. He fought his urge to annihilate all of them here - that would serve no purpose now - they were already broken. It was much better if they were to breed, giving the seed of fear to another generation. "The Eternal Emperor himself spared your god upon your tribe's surrender and allowed it to crawl back to the astral plain. You'd do well to remember that, for the next time he may not be so gracious to you!" He smiled as he heard his words echo with power....

    and then he woke up... on the cold, wet street with the gentle rain drizzling upon him. His head hurt and, upon standing up, he realised his clothes were all wet and he involuntarily began to cough violently. Normally, in his own world that is, Gray would put some care for his own body, not too much, since he had an array of medical magi to heal him if needed. Howver now being in Abandon, he didn't need to worry for petty affairs such as physical well being. He had long came to consider death as another interesting experience, worth recording and studying and he had already died a considerable amount of times, never the same way, as he liked to brag to himself. He had never died out of common cold though, so if that was to happen it would be quite bizarre and yet, worth experiencing, perhaps even documenting. All those records of so many different sensations prior to his many deaths would probably earn him a new title, apart from the great fame, once he returned home. "Gray, the Undying has a great sound to it."

    Even at home he would fall asleep amidst a sea of scroll, or just in one of the many halls of the Palace of Wisdom, falling into exhaustion after several sleepless nights of research, with magic to boost his cognitive processes. In Abandon he needed not limit himself to only one place - he could literally collapse anywhere with a complete disregard for safety or comfort. His body ached, though, and without magic he had no choice but to endure the pains in his back for some time. "It's such a funny thing, to remember living at the most beautiful and luxurious place in the world, holding a godlike power, only to wake up at a backward alley street in the middle of nowhere, completely powerless in a dimension whose rulers have me completely subdued!" Upon looking around, he noticed several of the street's inhabitants throwing quick glances at him, some with disgust others with smile or interest - most likely they considered him passed out as a result of heavy drinking. "Drinking from the splendorous juice of wisdom!" he though to himself and laughed.

    The former magi had no knowledge of having been in this part of the city before and it didn't look like it was worth revisiting - same dark streets with shady LED lights, a monitor or two counting the time until the next karma cut... why had he come here in the first place? "Ah, yes, yes indeed" he smiled again as he saw the name of one of the higher buildings a few blocks away - that was one of the closer streets to the hospital where new souls arrived to this world. He had discovered many choose to succumb to the order that this inter-dimensional prison way ruthlessly trying to impose, namely to forget their past lives after only some time spent in Abandon. After a long time of try and error he had found out that people who just wake up in the city are far more likely to remember and even tell their stories. He was certain he had thought of doing something else, apart from meeting newcomers from different worlds, before he had passed out in exhaustion, but he couldn't remember."Perhaps if I had something to eat!" he though "I'd remember. I was never too good at thinking on an empty stomach!"

    With that thought in mind he slowly moved towards something that looked like a store in the nearby alley.
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  3. If someone had told Aran that in the afterlife, it rained almost every single day, he wouldn't have believed it. That sounded far too hellish, too sharp a contrast from the hot desert sun to which he was accustomed when traversing above ground. The first few days had been wonderful; rain was such a rarity where he came from, and the cold drops felt amazingly refreshing on his scales. But after a solid week of no sun, nothing to warm up his soaked body, Aran was starting to whistle a different tune. And after the first Reaping hit, well, suffice to say he was terrified.

    His fear came from the existence of the Black Market. Aran had seen so many things he wanted in the possession of those shifty-eyed ghosts, and he had a sinking feeling that even considering the purchase of such a thing was a hit to his Karma. But there was one thing he saw that he couldn't live without: a heat lamp. The vendor had seen the desperation written all over his serpentine face, and that had really been the nail in the coffin. The Karma price that was demanded was enormous. Aran had slinked away with his tail between his legs (figuratively speaking), but every day that passed without that source of pseudo-sunlight was surely more torturous than Oblivion could ever be.

    And so that brought him to where he was now: waiting in line to apply for a Guild. He didn't know much about them, but he'd heard rumors that working for one could get you positive Karma like crazy. He needed that magical heat-giver. Not to mention having a buffer would help calm his nerves throughout his stay. The bright light of the building's interior burned his eyes, forcing him to squint suspiciously at everything, but he assured himself it would be worth it. He filed in line between a girl with cat-like features, hissing to himself in Sohli about the trials to come.
  4. After about 30 minutes of queuing, Shiro finally reached the counter. She handed over her ID card, which was scanned before being given back to her. The receptionist typed in some details into the computer before him, then motioned for her to follow another man into the right hand elevator. As she walked she turned her head to inspect the next people in the line. There were 3 queues, but the other two seemed to be guiding people to the left elevator. She examined the person who had been behind her in the right-most queue. He wasn't tall, in comparison to the majority of the people in the room, and he shined in a kind of square fashion, as if he was covered in tiny scales. Since the Guild Registration process for this particular guild - the oddly named White Rose Guild - required that people were assessed in pairs, she knew that this would be the person she would compete against. She expected a series of trials that would test speed, courage, strength, skill and mind, though the challenges changed on a weekly basis, so she didn't know exactly what was going to be presented to her. She did know, however, that unless their scores were perfectly matched, only one of them would be accepted into the guild, if either. She reached the elevator, and waited for her opponent to join them.
  5. ~Cecillia~

    Cecilia, was bored, and more than a little agitated. After waking up in some...'hospital' place, she had now found herself standing in line at some place attempting to apply as a 'guild'. When had she ever waited in line? Back home, anyone who was anyone would just move out of her way before she started getting trigger happy with her flintlocks. Unfortunately, she found herself here in this place - wherever the hell this was - without any of her weapons. No doubt that traitor stripped her of her weapons before delivering what was supposed to be a killing blow. She couldn't entirely recall what happened after that she was sure she was stabbed through the heart - repeatedly - but after giving herself a quick once over, she discovered she was unharmed.

    Praise the sea goddess, she supposed. She was alive after all, she had cheated death again, as the minstrels back home might say. More nonsense and blowing up her reputation more than they should. Ah well, not that she cared. Having a reputation like that was good for business. Unfortunately, it seemed that her reputation didn't carry over to wherever...wherever the hell this was. That, was a problem for the Siren. After having everyone know who she was back where she was from...this, well, not being acknowledge was a major blow to her pride. She'd have to start over.

    Oh well. She filed in line behind some...creature she had never seen before. Some sort of lizard looking thing. She was used to seeing strange things. Live long enough and travel enough, you see almost everything. As far as she was concerned, this was just another big adventure she was going on. Except this time, she didn't have a ship. Or a crew. Or anyone that'd be willing to follow her command to the ends of the earth. Well that was fine. They didn't have to be entirely willing. Her voice was nearly irresistible except those with the strongest of minds.

    So, she would wait. After a bit of coercing, she found this...guild was accepting new people for 'adventure and fun' as she asked. She wasn't about to be turned down.


    Cyrus sighed, sitting on the rainy street as he flicked a cigarette butt onto the ground, before grinding it into dust with his shoe heel. How long had he been sitting here? Not long, if the time on the clocks were anything to go by. Just long enough for a single smoke. To him though, it felt like an eternity of sitting and doing nothing. Well, to most it would seem like he was doing nothing. In reality though, he was thinking. Or at least, trying to. Trying to think of the name 'Marina' and what it could possibly mean. That was the only clue he had to who he actually was. That name, and his. Cyrus Kingston.

    He sighed, and stood, lighting another cigarette in the process. Sitting here wasn't going to get him anywhere. Might as well just get a move on and get some food. That was the reason he left his rather...humble abode, in any case. His stomach growled contemplatively as if to remind him. He frowned, biting down a bit on the cigarette. He had enough money for a modest meal. Not Karma wise though. Karma was never a thing he had a whole lot of. Just barely enough to scrape by, as they said. Not because he did anything bad, rather, because he never did anything good.

    He noticed the lights of the hospital as he walked down the street. He had woken up there quite some time ago himself. At least, he believed he did - he couldn't quite remember. Ah well. Not like it mattered. Next time he woke up there, he'd probably wouldn't even remember anything.

    And that's when he accidentally ran into someone as he walked. Some..older looking man that didn't look to be all quite there. He simply gave the man a disgruntled look before continue his walking.
  6. "No....nako....don't....NO!!!" With that Leafonari woke up, heavy breathing, she looks around, didn't understand what happend. She holds her head and looks down. "What happend? Why am I here now? Where is nako?.....Where am I?" She whimpers abit and looks around further, before she stood up. The room looks like a hospital room. She looks at her hands, her arms her body, and her cloths. "I'm.....I'm alive?.......how?" She looks questionly around, she noticed that she is lying in a bed, and sat's up.

    Nari stood up, looking around at the other persons or more at the other Races. 'W-what are this.....this persons?....I...I never saw people like this....' She thought and walks a few steps, it feels like her body had to get used to walk again. 'What the hell happend? I.....I died, but I'm here.....did I survive somehow?......Or....is this the Afterlife?' She looked out of a window and sees all the rain. Her leaf like looking ears, lie down on her head, and with a sad expression she sighs. "How I hate rain.....but....better then Fire" She gulps, and shivered at this thought.

    Nari then turned around and walked to the only door, looking at the others, which were still asleep. 'When this is after life, and I died, is Nako then here as well? But.....where? Or did she survive? Argh I don't know, I can't remember anything......' She looked even more sad and tried to open the door. The door is looked, so she walks back to her bed with a sigh. She sit down and wait for something to happen.
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  7. Aran stepped up to the desk with his claws laced nervously in front of him and his reptilian eyes pointed downwards, afraid to look the receptionist in face. He barely knew what he was getting into; all he knew was that a Guild was his ticket to spendable Karma. "Your ID?" the receptionist asked when Aran was silent.

    "Ah, yes!" the reptin said with a start. He retrieved his ID card from the pocket of his tan cloth shorts -- the only clothes he wore -- handed it to the man at the desk, and received it back once it was scanned. After a bit of typing, the receptionist waved Aran through to the elevator. His sensitive eyes were slowly adjusting to the brightness of the room, allowing him to really look over the feline girl standing inside with him.

    The girl's cat ears reminded him of the felins from his home. Crafty creatures, felins. They believed most firmly in cultural purity, the exact opposite of the beliefs that reptins most commonly held. Most of the wanderers that Aran had seen pulled into the tunnels beneath the sand had stubbornly refused most of the help offered to them. As such, Aran was a little nervous around this girl. He gave her a weak smile and a small wave of his claw. Would she be joining the Guild with him?
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  8. Feeling the prickling cold sensation of the drizzling rain as she walked through the streets was something that Sylus enjoyed for some odd reason, despite being a smaller person who got cold easily. However, the constant raining would probably make her sick of it soon enough. While walking, she passed by many odd looking creatures, some large and deformed and others small and creepy, but none similar looking to her. Though it hadn't been long since she had been in Abandon, she hoped to meet a Forbidden, like herself, but it seemed to be an impossible wish. There was a variety of races and species, but none of her own. A silent sigh escaped her as she continued to walk aimlessly.

    As others continued to pass her, Sylus couldn't help but wonder if she should make 'friends'. There were definitely some shady looking characters, but some weren't too bad. The only reason why she didn't immediately try to reach out to others is because she wanted to see for herself what this place was like and how it worked. And now that she was pretty much used to it now, she had nothing else to do. She pulled the black hooded cloak over her head, concealing her white hair with its single black streak. Her bright yellow eyes scanned the others on the street as if looking for someone to prey upon.

    Just then, someone caught her eye. Or rather, something that someone had caught her eye. It appeared to be a stick with a lit end with the other side in the mouth of an intimidating looking man. The object and person were both unfamiliar to her, possibly because she had never seen it before. Quietly, she trailed behind, taking quite an interest in the object. The man had bumped into another person before continuing on with his walk, and she continued to follow simply out of curiosity.

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  9. ~Cyrus~

    Cyrus sighed, realizing he was being followed. The hell had he done now? He tried to keep his nose relatively clean in Abandon. Someone from a guild? He stopped briefly, pretending to check the time on a nearby store window as he watched her out of the corner of his eye. She seemed like trouble, and that was all he could really tell. Hell, he didn't know for sure. Just a gut feeling he had. In any case, he didn't fancy getting offed again. He rather liked his memories, even if they were...nonexistent to blurry at best. However, he was really no good in a fight. He knew that much at least, and his pursuer looked like she at least knew how to handle herself.

    In a fair fight, anyways.

    He took a turn down a deserted alley, not checking again to see if she was still following him. He hid himself behind a wall corner, waiting for her to pass. If she didn't show up in a few minutes, he'd go out the other side of the alley and leave it at that. Maybe finally get some food or something. That was why he was out in the first place, as his stomach kept reminding him.

  10. The object only continued to interest the white-black haired female as she went on with her tailing. Even with so many new and odd things, the cylindrical-fire-thing was definitely the most interesting. She could only wonder what its purpose was; possibly for medicinal needs? Or perhaps simply for show? She wanted to know--No, she needed to know. Otherwise she'd die of curiosity. Her natural behavior of wanting to know what everything was pretty much forced her to continue her pursuit.

    Soon, the man turned the corner into an alleyway. Of course, Sylus followed. She turned the corner, only a few steps behind him and not expecting much to happen.
  11. Nari waited while looking down. She looked up at the other beds when she heard a sound, sawing someone wake up as well. She just said "Hi" before looking away, to afraid to look at the other Races. She waited a moment longer, until the door opened and a Doctor like looking person. "Ah I see new people came." He smiled and walked over to Nari. She was feeling strangly calm suddenly, at least when she saw him. She stood up and the doctor looked at her. "Well then you two follow me" She followed him. He guided her towards the reception desk. "Here you will be registred as a new Person in Abandon." After the registration, he smiled again and presented with your ID card and 2000 of the local currency.

    "Take this as well." He gave her a key and a book. "This is for your home, a small apartment, and a guide book, should help you for the start in here." Nari nod and looked at the ID card, the book and the key. "Thank you for this." She said and nodded at him, before leaving the Hospital, and looking around. 'may I should get a look where I am.' She thought and walked around, put everything in some pockets of her dress. Walking though the alleys, she looked at one that could be a store, she sees a men walking towards it as well. She smiled when she passed him, still abit shy. "H-hi there." She then walked on his side. "I was wondering, if you could help me here. I'm new, and could need someone who helps me with the start, but when you are new by yourself, then we could maybe stay together, and help each other."

  12. ~Cyrus~

    Cyrus sighed. He didn't like violence, but if he had to use force, he would. This girl seemed dangerous to him, and he had learned to trust his gut over the years trapped in this hell hole. Well, the years he could remember anyways. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a small switchblade. The weapon wouldn't have any effect outside of the city, but inside it could still do a bit of damage. Well, in any case it was his only form of defense, currently. As soon as the girl turned around the corner, he leaped out from behind his position, knife poised to strike the girl should she make any sort of moves. He may not be pretty good in a direct fight, but he knew how to get the drop on someone and how to not get killed. In the next second, several things happened. First, he talked as he revealed himself.

    "Alright, that's close enough. Any further and I'll have to get violent. I'd rather not. I don't have Karma to spare." He said, holding the knife in his hand. "Why are you following me? I Haven't done anything so you can just go and we'll both walk out of here alive."

    As he spoke, he took a breath and spat the butt of the half finished cigarette onto the ground. It was easy to tell from his body language that he would hurt her if she tried anything funny. Whether or not he would kill her, was a different thing - that just depended on if she decided to leave him alone or not.

  13. The three people stepped wordlessly into the lift, the guild official then pressing the very lowest button. After a short pause, the elevator began it's slow descent. It chuntered slightly as it moved, while a small display cycled downwards through floor numbers. After what seemed like eternity, the elevator finally came to a rest, and the two people were guided out and led to a large room. The door was very plain, a simple white panel with an LED display stating the room number. The official moved his hand over this display, and a hissing sound was made, before the door slid open. The room inside had the same bleached white kind of feel as the reception did. It was a small area, with 2 further doors in the back wall, each surrounded by opaque glass, no doubt that could be turned to clear after the trial had started. The man picked up a small device that resembled a camera, and took a picture of each of them, to make sure neither were carrying any forbidden items. For example, active fragments. "Alright, if you'll each proceed to your appropriate door, I'll explain what you'll be doing." On further examination, Shiro noticed the system had been updated, and the doors now displayed the challenger's name, not just their ID. "This will be a test of speed and reflexes. Each of you will participate in a simple race in which the objective is to beat the other person while dodging obstacles. Neither of you will be able to see the other person, so move as quickly as you can. The winner will get 1 point." He hesitated, forgetting that one of the participants was a first timer. "This trial operates on a point system. There will be 7 trials over all. Each trial is worth 1 point, except for the last, which is worth 2. The one with the most points at the end will be recruited into the guild. If the scores are evenly matched, which would mean 4 points each, you will both be accepted, however background checks will then be done to ensure you weren't plotting anything." The doors slid open, and the two people walked through. On the other side, a 400 meter long obstacle course was set out. Shiro knew she had very little chance of losing this. She had never lost a race. It was the strength tests she usually lost points in. The doors closed, and the display attached to the roof above each person began to count down from 5.
  14. As Gray was walking towards the diner, he began to question his disregard for his body, as he would normally come to do after some decision that would bring him a particularly painful experience. Well in this case it wasn't pain, but rather - severe discomfort. At home his body wouldn't need external help to battle cold or infection, but the 20-year-old one he currently occupied was, sadly, not nearly as resilient. Perhaps he should consider looking for some form of medicine, as ridiculously as it sounded in a city where it is impossible to die. Gray smirked - the need for hispitals, food or medicine were just some of the many proofs this place was no afterlife, but rather a prison of some sort. A man passed by him, hissing at him before continuing his way, probably to the same diner as he was. Whatever, he didn't look all too trustworthy himself, so such behaviour was perfectly understandable and Gray The Enlightened had long forsaken his Solari pride.

    In a few moments, just as he was passing by the hospital, its gate opened soundlessly, to let a... small child pass. Or was it a child, really? He had learned not to judge the newcomers by their looks, size or voice long time ago. The creature had plant-like ears and other flora-like parts of its body, bringing him to think it was a creature of magic. The transition would probably be rough for it, it certainly wasn't any pleasant for him. "H-hi there." She then walked on his side. "I was wondering, if you could help me here. I'm new, and could need someone who helps me with the start, but when you are new by yourself, then we could maybe stay together, and help each other." He was quite pleasantly surprised, it had been a long time since someone actually approached him, instead of their interaction beginning the other way around. He looked at the creature that seemed female, rather thoroughly - it certainly had to be a creature of magic, he could see no apparent reason why someone would tinker with DNA patterns to make a creature like this. Suddenly he realised that, lost in his thoughts, he had not answered her question, just staring instead. "It would most certainly be my great pleasure." he made a friendly smile - "My name is Gray." Magi Gray The Enlightened, First of the Solari - that seemed so inappropriate now that it almost made him chuckle - "And no, I am not new, I have actually spend quite some time in this dimension." he noticed her slight confusion - "Do you ingest nutrients from external sources? I was just about to have a bite, please walk with me. How may I adress you, by the way? You could state any titles as well, I will make sure to remember them."
  15. She smiled at him, while he was talking. He seemed to be surprised that someone had talked to him.
    "My name is Gray." "And no, I am not new, I have actually spend quite some time in this dimension." "Do you ingest nutrients from external sources? I was just about to have a bite, please walk with me. How may I adress you, by the way? You could state any titles as well, I will make sure to remember them."

    "Oh yes, my name is Leafonari I don't have any title. You are here since a longer time? So can you answer me one question? Am I dead?"

    She asked, almost feared the answer she would get from him. She walks with him, looking sad to the ground at the answer.
  16. "What does it mean, to be dead, little one?" he answered vaguely? "Life is, strictly scientifically speaking, the condition that distinguishes humans, animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death. Death is the termination of all biological functions and processes that sustain a living organism. We are talking and going to have some dumplings, ergo it would defy all reason for us to be dead, wouldn't you agree? I will take the liberty of assuming that your questions has something to do with the information you have been given upon waking up and go on from that deduction, please, by all means feel free to stop me if it is wrong. The Watchers, the creatures that rule over this city, claim that this is where souls go after their death and if you have bad karma, you get send to what they call Oblivion or Hell. That happens in exactly" he took a look at the monitor at the edge of the street "43 hours. Since no one has returned from Oblivion and there is no official record of anyone moving from here to another dimension, this hypothesis remains disproved and even rarely questioned by this place's inhabitants. Nevertheless, it remains only a hypothesis, which, on account of my previous experience and what I just explained you earlier, I refuse to believe." As he was talking, they reached the small diner place, Gray opened the door and sat at the nearest table - the heat from inside felt nice, especially because his wet clothes began to dry out. With any luck, he would not get a cold, after he had had a cup of boiling-hot tea. "Forgive me if I overstep my bounds here, Leafonari, but am I to operate under the assumption that your culture is afraid of death?"
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  17. She nods, and still stays sad. "Nari is enough no need to call me with my complete name, but you are right, death is one of the two things my culture is afraid of....The secound thing is fire, beside of a little part of my People. Sadly that I don't remember more about my life......the only other thing I know from my old life beside of the culture, is my sister......but I don't know what happend with her."

    Hinari looks even more sad now, taking a seat next to Gray, taking a hot tea as well, and taking a sip from it.

    "What about your culture? Aren't there afraid of dying?"

    Her ears still lie down, her tail moving around behind her.

    "Isn't this world sad? Are there any plants? Or does it ever stop rain? Sorry for annoying you with such questions, but it is just....I don't like to life without plants, I don't like rain.....I don't like this world, and I'm only an hour here."
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  18. Once she turned the corner, Sylus was suprised by the man, who jumped out from somewhere and held a knife to her. At first, she simply stared at him, taking a good look at the mans face before turning her attention to the lit object, which had gotten mysteriously shorter. She zoned out of his questioning until he spat out the end of the item. Still following the thing, she crouched down and stared at it as if it would magically come to life. After a silent moment, she turned her head up to look at the man directly in the eyes with her own, vibrant ones.

    "What is this? What is its pupose? Is it dangerous?" Sylus asked curiously, pointing to the piece on the ground. She didn't seem to mind the knife being pointed to her because she didn't see him as a threat or dangerous.
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  19. Aran followed into the next room, another bright white affair with two doors, each displaying their own information. One panel listed Aran's name and ID, and the other...


    What? That couldn't be right. Aran blinked a few times and read the name again. That name was precious, no, sacred. Shiro -- that is, the Purist leader -- had once told Aran that among members of his race, names were unique, things to be treasured. So what was this girl doing with the same name? Did she steal it? Or...did the Shiro Aran knew pass away as well, and reincarnate into this girl?

    He only had a loose grasp of the reincarnation system in place in Abandon, but that sounded reasonable enough. So what should he do? Talk to her, or...well, it would have to wait. The guild official was talking, explaining the test Aran was about to go through. A competition. So only one of them would make it? But Aran couldn't possibly best someone who might very well have been his idol in life. There was a chance that they could both get into the Guild. Maybe Aran could throw some of these to keep the points balanced. He would just have to be careful.

    The door to the obstacle course opened, and Aran took his place at the starting line, bent low to the ground. He was fast, but if this girl was anything like a felin, he wouldn't be fast enough to win this trial.
  20. The clock slowly ticked down. 5. Shiro took a deep breath, and held it. 4. She released the breath. 3. Shiro focused on being fast, thinking about what fast meant. Imagining herself moving at incredible speeds. 2. 1. She drew in another breath, at full lung capacity and held it once more. 0. An explosion of energy surged through her legs as she accelerated almost instantly to her full speed. She continued to hold her breath - she needed every atom of oxygen she could get, and breathing out caused imbalance. Her legs were a whirlwind - a blur of white, black and blue. She held her arms out behind her in a triangular pattern to reduce air resistance, instead of swinging them at her sides as humans did. She already had perfect balance, so she could invest her arms into maintaining momentum instead. The obstacles were nothing for her to worry about, they were tamer than her last attempts, and she knew the real test of agility would come later. She reached the far wall and collided with the cushioned surface. It was easier than slowing down to stop safely. She let out her breath and began to breath heavily to pay off the massive oxygen debt she had built up.
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