Abandon - The City on the Edge of Hell

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  1. IC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/abandon-the-city-on-the-edge-of-hell.96709/


    Abandon. The one constant between all universes, all dimensions. The City on the Edge of Hell. When a soul dies, it goes to Abandon, regardless of where the soul came from and what the soul did in it's life. There is no heaven, but hell most certainly exists, and Abandon is it's only gateway. It is a city where creature of all races and all eras meet. They all have one thing in common. They are very very close to eternal hell.

    Abandon rests in a strange world. The planet is one constant climate and reminds Earthian visitors of the surface of Mars. There are no stars, no moons and no other planets, and yet, the landscape has weather and is lit as if it orbited a Sun. The city itself resembles 22nd century Britain, with moderate technology levels and no magic, and with a huge wall, almost 500 meters high, surrounding the entire thing. Few buildings have points that can see over this wall, and even if people do, all they see is an endless fog. It also rains a lot. In an average year, it'll be lucky to get 7 days without bad weather.

    Despite being inhabited by the dead and only ever lit by twilight, however, there is a low level of crime in Abandon. Or rather, a low level of dis-organised crime. This is because the city is ruled by powerful beasts known as "Watchers". In Abandon, there is a karma system in effect, instead of prisons or anything like that. You can increase your karma by doing good things, and larger good deeds will give more of a karma boost than smaller ones. Similarly, you can decrease your karma by doing bad things, and this is also proportional. At the end of a "season", that is, a fortnight, there is an event called "the Reaping". In this event, people with low karma get instantly sent to the hellish dimension known as Oblivion, where they spend the rest of eternity in a living hell. Those with moderately low karma (negative, but not dramatically negative), are given the opportunity to fight for their right to remain in Abandon. The 24 people with the lowest karma once the Culling of the worst has happened are placed in a gladiatorial arena. The final 4 remaining competitors get to live on in Abandon, and have their karma reset to zero.

    Of course, the gaze of the Watchers can only reach so far. Many choose to leave Abandon and live in exile in the Wastes around it, while others join one of the many Leagues of Abandon, and make a living off of destroying the monstrosities that exist outside the wall - monstrosities sent by Oblivion to try and obtain new subjects. This is a very popular method of gaining Karma, since their Karma won't decrease outside the wall, but they still gain Karma for slaying beasts. However, should you die in the wastes, you will not be revived at home like you would if you died inside Abandon. You will be taken to Oblivion. Additionally, crafted weapons have no effect on the creatures - only weapons known as Fragments can harm them. These weapons manifest differently based on who the user's soul was in life. All souls have the potential to gain a Fragment, but only those deemed capable of wielding it responsibly have theirs activated. The activation is done by injecting the body with a drug that only very high ranking League members have access to.

    While there is a currency system active in Abandon - Kol - there is a very large gap in the legal market, and naturally, a Black Market soon came into existence. Traders of this market do not accept Kol. They only deal in positive Karma. The Black Market is used as a way for criminals with negative karma to quickly return their karma to positive levels before the Reaping, without having to do hard work, only having to sell a hard to obtain item to a desperate customer. Nearly half of the competitors in each Arena are people who accidentally spent too much Karma on the black market. Since there is no official ranking board, there is no real way to tell if you will be entered into the Arena. You just have to hope your karma is high enough. There is also know way of knowing one's own karma value, they can only keep track of a rough estimate based on the likely positive or negative values of certain actions.

    The average street in a city center looks like:
    Show Spoiler


    and in the outskirts, more like:
    Show Spoiler


    While creating a CS, keep in mind how they would react to waking up in a hospital bed in this world, only a few hours after dieing in their own world. They may also come from any universe. Some universes may have had magic, some may have been under the rule of a Star-wars like empire. Same goes for time. It's not unheard of for a 500 BCE Egyptian to wake up with a 4000 ACE Space Pilot in the next bed over. However, only creatures with souls get sent to Abandon. No animals exist here other than what are genetically created by cloning and editing the DNA of a sentient who arrives here. Same goes for plants. No cavemen would be here either. Anything before the development of language would be unlikely to turn up. Anything that would have been bigger than 8 ft tall would have been scaled down upon arriving, for convenience. Feel free to create multiple characters, too. Please note, if a soul dies inside Abandon, it will reincarnate as a child, since it has no where to go but back to Abandon. The first arrival here is the only time where you wake up at your death age. The rebirth process may place one in a different race and occasionally even a different gender to your previous one, though these can be altered (for a hefty price) by genetic engineers.


    Appearance: (Anime or descriptions more appreciated than photo or realistic drawing, but anything is fine.)

    Age: (relative to human, IE an elf may be 300, but be 30 human years old.)

    Race: (If you create a new one or one that has features not common to the usual considered thing (IE, an Elf that's got really good physical resistance) then a few details in a spoiler is appreciated.)


    Number of rebirths spent in Abandon: (How many times have they reincarnated inside Abandon? Does not include first death, only deaths had inside Abandon.)

    Clarity of memories from first life: (How well do they remember the one life they spent outside of Abandon? Do they still identify it as part of their own past?)

    Potential Fragment: (If they were to activate their fragment, what form would it take? Note: Guns are very very rare. Nobody knows why ranged weapons are so rare. Some people suspect it is the soul automatically activating a safety mechanism to prevent the user from firing off too much of it's soul as bullets or arrows.)
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  2. Oh my god I love this idea so much. I've got a character idea ready to go, just gotta write up a bio!
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  3. How's this? Let me know if I should change anything!

    Name: Aran Ekis ("ah-ran," more of a click on the R like in Spanish, "eh-keeth")

    Appearance: Aran appears as a hybrid between snake and man. Smooth golden scales cover his entire body, from his tapered snout to his clawed feet and long, thin tail. Narrow fangs jut from his top jaw, sliding down towards his chin, and shorter teeth and a prehensile tongue sit inside his mouth. He is fairly short by human standards -- 5'4" to be exact -- and has a smooth, flexible build that sways back and forth in a hypnotic fashion as he walks. His hands are more narrow and delicate in appearance than a human's hands, but short, sharp claws sit at the ends of his fingers.

    Age: Aran is technically 13 years old, but this translates to about 26 by human standards of maturity.

    Race: In his home world of Zohon, Aran is known as a "reptin," a sub-class of Beast.
    Show Spoiler
    "Beast" is a catch-all term that refers to a variety of warm-blooded humanoids with traits similar to many different animals found on Earth. Typically, their lifespan is about 40-60 years, but they have heightened senses and greater levels of physical strength and endurance. Beasts are divided into six different sub-races loosely according to the type of Earth animal they most closely resemble: canins, felins, hooflins, avins, reptins, and rodins.

    Reptins in particular resemble various lizards and snakes. They are primarily herbivorous, in contrast to many Earth reptiles, but some are known to eat meat in accordance with personal preferences, despite their difficulty digesting it. A reptin's senses of smell, hearing, and sight are all quite powerful, and they tend to be quick on their feet. Their bites may be venomous; Aran's venom in particular induces gradual pain and paralysis over a 24 hour span. This is usually not fatal unless the victim has an allergic reaction.

    Vast underground tunnels are their primary habitat; their homes are kept relatively warm by the scorching desert sun above, but the darkness is more than cool enough for their survival. Because the land above their home is so difficult to traverse, reptins are known to be significantly more open-minded and hospitable than other Beasts, welcoming stranded wanderers into their care regardless of species. Clans are very large, usually reaching about a hundred reptins each. The bonds within a single family are very strong, but inter-familial bonds usually don't extend beyond common courtesy. Artistic pursuits are highly valued in reptin culture.

    Inherent magical potential is rare, but not unheard of. Reptin magic focuses on electricity, wind, and telekinesis. Most reptin mages employ a staff or wand to direct the energy more efficiently, making the spells easier to learn from a young age. Aran himself does not have any magical talent, but he is aware of its existence, for better or worse.

    Sohli ("sthoh-lee") is the common language spoken by nearly all reptins. It features many hissing and clicking noises so that even those with large fangs in the way can get the words out. Its accent, when heard in other languages, tends to manifest as a pronounced lisp.

    Gender: Male

    Number of rebirths spent in Abandon: None

    Clarity of memories from first life: Aran has not been here long; he holds onto his memories with all his might. He worked as one of the few English translators in his clan, and his fluency in the language is still intact. This skill became especially important when he joined a sort of cult known as the Purists, a group led by a being named Shiro that seeks to restore the balance of power in the universe through killing those on the high end of the scale. Aran practically worships Shiro with religious zeal, finding his ideals to be a fascinating and exciting solution to the slow spread of war through the four worlds of their small universe. Translating Shiro's sermons to Sohli for the benefit of the rest of the clan was a job Aran treasured, and he will not soon forget it.

    It should be noted that Aran himself never got any direct blood on his hands. His personality tends to reflect reptin ideals of acceptance and protectiveness, but the bottomless nature of his passion for the Purists has forced him into darker territory. This side of him only shows if you dig it up.

    Potential Fragment: A war scythe, a manifestation of his devotion to (indirectly) sowing death and destruction.
  4. That all looks good. A few things though: Remember that there's no magic in Abandon. Whether or not there is magic outside of Abandon's walls, people are yet to discover. Also I'm interested about this Purist cult. Do they intend to kill the Watchers themselves? How do they maintain a balance of Karma? Since organised murder is the worst possible crime, that'd take a lot of helping grannies across the road to bring back to 0 :D
  5. Well, the Purists were a thing when Aran was alive. Sorry about the confusion. .w.' He'll be carrying over a lot of the ideals, though. And re: magic, check, I'll keep that in mind.
  6. Oh ok I misunderstood. That's all accepted then.
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  7. I'll definitely join~~~~
  8. Awesome!
  9. Name: K022 - "Shiro" (22nd of 28 original race members)


    Age: 4 years. Maturity artificial (see race).

    Race: Neko
    Show Spoiler

    Nekos were created artificially several years ago by genetic engineers, by modifying a DNA set taken from a race similar to humans. They were originally designed to serve as pets to those who could afford them, however when many of the top developers were taken by the Reaping for effectively creating a slave race, the existing ones were given citizenship and were set up as part of Abandon's society. As far as anyone knows, the race was originally completely female, however recently, people have been reincarnating as male Neko. Neko have a very fast growth pattern. They take 5 years to grow to full maturity, and have a maximum lifespan of 22 years.

    Gender: Female

    Number of rebirths spent in Abandon: 0 - ensoulment suspected to be due to siphoning an incoming soul into this new body, instead of into a pre-made copy of their original body as would be usual for first time Abandoned.

    Clarity of memories from first life: Has no memories at all of previous life - also due to them being experiments. Memories were erased from the soul to make it easier to steal from the First Death system.

    Potential Fragment: Twin Swords - no known reason, though suspected that her original soul was two-faced.
    They possess a very slight curve, and a cutting edge on only one side. They have no crossguard, and are each a little shorter than an arm's full length. There is a backwards notch on each blade, which can act like a hook for parrying and for increased damage upon withdrawing a stab.
  10. I will create when I have the time, good idea.
  11. Name: Sylus


    Age: Roughly 21 years old in human years.

    Race: In her world, her race was known as the "Forbidden"
    Show Spoiler
    The Forbidden is a small, rare group who are believed to be descendants of a higher and sacred being. Because of this belief, they were often looked up to or feared. However, it wasn't just their name the others feared, but also their incredible speed, agility, skill, and strength. The Forbidden were also known for their single streak of oddly colored hair and piercing yellow eyes. Even despite being god-like, many hunted their kind in hopes to sell the bones, eyes, and hair, which are said to hold healing and strength attributes. This soon led to the near extinction of the Forbidden.

    Gender: Female

    Number of rebirths spent in Abandon: Zero

    Clarity of memories from first life: She remembers who she is, but can't recall if she had any family. She is also unable to remember anything about her previous home.

    Potential Fragment:
    A katana with a white blade and red spiked design along the sharp edge. The handle of the sword is pure black. The red on the blade symbolizes the people she's killed along with the guilt and responsibility she carries with it. The white is for her heart, which is pure despite her sins.
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  12. Name: Minami Anguis
    Age: 21
    Race: Manticore
    Gender: Female
    Number of rebirths spent in Abandon:
    Only one.
    Clarity of memories from first life:
    Few memories of her past life remain. What she does remember is very foggy and unclear and she often gets splitting headaches when a memory suddenly returns to her.
    Potential Fragment: If she unlocks her Fragment, it will be two hidden blades in black cuffs around her lower arms. Silver lines run over the cuffs and covers her fingers as well, almost forming a gauntlet.

    Gonna work on this x3
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  13. Name: Cecilia Cardona Delacroix
    ~Dread Pirate of the Eight Seas, Lady of the Mourning Rose, The Red Siren of Atlantis~
    (she has more titles. Don't ask her to tell you them all. You will, be there all day.)
    appearance (open)

    Normally, she looks like a beautiful human female. Red hair, blue eyes the color of the sky, anything anyone could ask for in a woman - if a bit skimpy in the chest department.

    Age: 26, if one were to compare her age to that of a human. In actuality? She's been around for much longer. Back on her own world, she was nearing the 200 mark before her demise at the hands of betrayal - by her former friend, and possibly lover.

    Race: Siren
    Race Info (open)
    The Sirens of Atlantis are a long lived people, reaching maturity around the same age as humans, but keeping their youthful and beautiful appearance well into their 400's.

    The sirens were often seen as a monstrous race of people. Sailors told stories about them, about how their enchanting voices would lead sailors to their doom. This...well, was mostly true. As an all-female race of people descended from the Goddess of the Sea, reproducing was quite difficult among themselves. Most often, when sailors were 'lead to their certain doom', it was a sirens attempt at gaining a mate. Most of the time, the men were treated like kings. However, it was impossible for them to leave Atlantis, meaning they were never able to return to their homeland. Thus the 'led to certain doom' myth was born.

    But that's neither here nor there. Sirens are known for their alluring looks, and should they desire, their voices could put people into an hypnotic trance. With their divine lineage, They possess strength greater than those of humans, along with faster reflexes and agility, and are able to heal much faster than the normal human is able to. Additionally, they can breathe underwater as well. They are right at home in wet environments.

    However, her voice's hypnotic trance is a form of magic. And since magic doesn't exist in Abandon, much to her dismay she can't use it. That doesn't stop her from singing, and from other people still thinking her voice is absolutely beautiful, though.

    Gender: Female

    Number of rebirths spent in Abandon: None.

    Clarity of memories from first life:
    memories (open)
    Mostly? Everything. Her memories are quite intact - even that of her death at the hands of her once friend and ally. She led a life full of adventure as soon as she was able to walk, leaving Atlantis when she was quite young, and stowing away on a human ship. At the age of 16, she planned her first mutiny, and took over her first ship - which she later named the Mourning Rose.

    She adventured, looted, plundered, and mapped for ages. She visited the most inhospitable places in her world, nabbing ancient artifacts and treasure. Rumor has it she even fought with the corrupted goddess of the sea on some forgotten island and won.

    To the kiddies, her exploits were legendary, inspiring many to follow in her footsteps. Whether most of the rumors surrounding her exploits are true or not, only she'll ever know. However, it is known fact she fought the legendary Kraken and came out on top. Rumors say that after a fierce battle, she stood atop its corpse as it floated in the water and her and her crew laughed, and then promptly made sushi.

    Her cleverness, quick thinking, and skills keeping her alive even as the rest of her crew were killed. She had her low points to be sure, and sometimes she would lay low for a few years.

    Eventually though, as all do - especially for those who chose a less than glamorous lifestyle, death came for her. She died at the hands of her former friend and ally, a human by the name of Rosalyn Lafayette, commandant of the Imperial Navy and ex-pirate.

    Later, Cecilia's death in her world would be seen as the end of the golden age of piracy, for a time before another red-headed siren that many believe to be Cecillia re-incarnated, started Piracy anew. This time, with sails, magic, and a flying ship....But such is a tale for another time.

    Potential Fragment: An exotic looking set of Hook Swords. One blades edge is the color of a bloody rose, with wave-like pattern on the blades. The other the beep blue of a sea, with roses engraved into the blade. Overall, the blades symbolize her love of adventure, treasure, elegance, and of the lives shes taken and willing to take in the name of it.

    Annnnd done~
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  14. I shouldn't be joining another RP but OH MAAN. THIS IS SO COOL.

    Show Spoiler
    As a Child

    As a Teenager

    As an Adult

    Name: Florence Clarke.
    (Perhaps. At least, that's the persona she's chosen to stick with for now.)

    Age: 28 years old.

    Race: Human.

    Gender: Female.

    Number of rebirths spent in Abandon: Zero.

    Clarity of memories from first life:
    Quite foggy. She honestly can't even remember what her real name is. Florence has many memories of her life on Earth, but they constantly torture her, tease her... because, as a con-woman from Victorian London, she can't tell which is real. She remembers many of her personas and her escapades as a con-woman, but she can't tell which one was the real her. From a very young age, as far back as Florence can remember, she began conning people. First, her adopted brother, then her parents, and soon after -- the world. In one memory, she's a child by the name of Gwendoline White who lied to the police about heading home to the "orphanage" with the food she had just "purchased." In another memory, she's a grown woman under the name Harriet Taylor, using her womanly charms to pull information from an intoxicated politician. These are only two of the many, many personas Florence can remember. One identity she recalls that she is particularly fond of is Florence Clarke -- hence why she's chosen to use this name in Abandon. It it no more true of an identity than any of the others she can remember, but until she can sort out these torturous memories, that is her "real" name.

    One poignant memory that Florence clings to is the memory of her death. She knows that the man who murdered her did so because he was somehow able to figure out who she really was. But Florence also knows that she didn't go down without a fight, and she thinks she may have managed to kill him as well. Her only hope to restoring any sense of identity, then, is to somehow track down this man in Abandon and get him to tell her everything he knew.

    Potential Fragment:
    A pair of forearm shields with singular protruding blades.
    Show Spoiler
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  15. Ooh that will be an interesting character. As for the Fragment, no that's not possible. The poisoned blade in itself would work, however, it would only effect mortal bodies. The Abominations outside of Abandon would be unaffected, as would the immortal souls of citizens. The main problem, which I neglected to mention earlier, is that Fragments literally take a small section of the user's soul and materialize it into a weapon. This is why ranged weapons are very rare, since there's no way of limiting how much of the soul is used as ammunition. Very masterful people, namely the Watchers, don't even need to summon a Fragment and can obliterate things just by thought. The problem with concealed weapons is that it is incredibly taxing to keep your Fragment out for long periods of time - you become slower, your reaction times become longer, and you begin to feel drunk. You start hallucinating, and eventually you black out. However, Fragments can be conjured at will, and through practice, it is possible to reduce the summoning time. So, how this applies to your weapon. While applying a poison to the blade would be possible, the poison would disappear if the blade was dispelled, and since you risk death if you keep a weapon out too long, then chances are you'd opt to dispel it often and only summon it when needed.
  16. Name: Cyrus Kingston

    Appearance: Cyrus Kingston
    He prefers to wear light clothing that's easy to move in. He has messy, darkly colored hair and grey eyes. He wears baggy jeans with simple worn-looking sneakers on his feet.

    Age: 21

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Number of rebirths spent in Abandon: He stopped counting after the fifth time. He's been in this place for a long time, longer than he cares to remember.

    Clarity of memories from first life: Cyrus remembers nothing to very little of his life before dying. Two names are the only thing for him to consistently remember.

    His, and someone by the name of Marina. The name feels him with mixed feelings. As though he should have fond memories of the name, yet at the same time an intense feeling of dread and anger.

    Sometimes, though, he'll have dreams that are quite realistic, as though he was reliving a memory, but whenever he wakes up, he always forgets them. Also, occasionally he'll see a face in a crowd of people that looks quite familiar, like someone he should know, but ultimately, it always ends up with him hallucinating or mistaking. As such, he tends to ignore these now since they have been occurring for quite some time.

    For a long time he thought the answers to his own past would be here in the city, and for the first few times he lived here, he tried. He has long since given up, though, after many failures and deaths - either as an accident or he got too nosy for his own good sometimes.

    Potential Fragment: His fragment is a claw-like weapon that covers most of his forearm with a hard, but light layer of armor. The claw has four blades on each hand, with another larger and longer blade extending along the forearm. Over all, there's nothing entirely special about his fragment. It's dull, and lifeless looking as though its seen quite a few battles even though he has never used it before.

    Decided to make two characters. Hope ya don't mind and I hope they are perfectly acceptable~
  17. Both characters are fine. Just remember with the second that with each rebirth inside Abandon, you get reborn as a baby again, and as such, your memories of past rebirths are going to be weaker each time. For example, if he remembered 80% of his latest life, he'd remember maybe 20% of his first rebirth.
  18. I figured something like that would happen upon each death. All he currently remembers is someone by the name of Marina, and his own name. That's how much he's lost. Pretty sure the next one he's not even going to remember that.

    Anyways, awesome. Can't wait to get started.
  19. @Ruko Ahhhh I see now. Okey, I shall edit what her fragment is. ^^

    Also, just a side note. If anyone has any interest in creating the character of the man mentioned in Florence's bio, that would be totally cool. (Obviously, I'm not expecting anyone to jump on board, but I'm just throwing it out there in case someone is interested. :P)
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