Abandon All Hope!

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    Come Play the game of death, Limited survival items, suspicious companions, and a simple objective....or is it?

    The setting is in a abandoned town famous for its tourist attractions, and also for the teeth chattering, stomach twisting haunted Asylum. Some time ago the town was very lively everyone going about there business, and the asylum held a rough amount of 400 patients. Sounds good so far huh?, A little girl named Emily was diagnosed with Mental illness because she claimed she could speak to the dead. Her mother Penny Thomas said her daughter left at strange hours of the night and didn't come back until the next day, but she would show up with strange markings. As a mother she had all rights to send her daughter away, but with Emily's parting breath she promised to curse the town and the people living in it even her mother. Sickness fell over the town, and the ones who weren't sick were kidnapped. A total of 34 people disappear children/Teens and Adults, So FBI located in Manhattan send there best; Detective Mason Arnolds to investigate the situation. On the second day of his investigation he suddenly disappears.

    No one visits the town anymore, its now abandoned with animals inhabiting the land. But the Kidnappings are far from over 6 people in distant towns four girls and two boys to be exact.

    You've some how heard of the 1Milion dollar reward its said to give who ever finds the detective and brings him home safely, You are to bring the following Item's.


    Your also aloud to bring ONE follower who may carry the same items.


    1. I really don't have any serious rules except for, Please try to put more than 3 sentences/ be very descriptive.
    2. If we have beginners to Iwaku give them a chance, as roleplaying's not the easiest thing to do especially when you have advanced people playing with you that expect the best.
    3. Visit the links inside this bio to signup/play.
    4. And have FUN!!.
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  2. Sounds like fun on a bun. Where do I sign up
  3. sign up its scary we need more players. join anytime.
  4. buuuuummmpp buuuumppp buuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmpppppppppp
  5. This still open?
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  6. Very open, and were still accepting

    BUUMP IT UP come join
  7. Kay :D
  8. Are you still open?
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