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    In the eerie small town of Lakeglasswood, Children and teens even adults are taken; by who? no one knows. But when weeks begin to pass bodies are found, ripped and torn barely able to distinguish who's who. Detective Mason Arnolds is called on the job to figure out what's been going on, But soon goes missing as well. People who come and ask around are short lived. The town's now abandoned, with no one but wild animals inhabiting the area. The buildings are ruins and some are crumbling to pieces. 6 people in distant towns disappear as well four girls and two boys to be exact.

    You've some how heard of the town and hear about the 1million dollar promise its said to give to who ever finds the detective. After signing up your sent a letter telling you the whereabouts and telling you to pack the following items.


    Your also allowed to bring ONE follower who may carry the same items, the limit is to what ever you can carry. By accepting this you've signed your fate over and there's no going back.

    Along with the letter you've received is a copy Video tape of detective Mason Arnolds stating the following.

    "This Is Detective Arnolds, Who ever finds this tape" (Panting) "Please Stay far away from Lakeglasswood! I found the bodies!...So much blood....So many dead...I could only save one. But they turned out to be working with who ever was doing the killings" (Tears/weeping) "Please tell my Wife Rabecka I love her....Oh god Im not going to be there for the birth of my first child." (Door opening/Creaking Open) "NO!...NO STAY AWAY!" (Gun shots and screaming/Panting) "There's some fucked up shit happening here!" (The tapes cut off)

    You've been warned the dangers, A taxi cab has been paid for you to ride in no charge. Others have arrived before or after you.

    The person Detective Mason Arnolds helped has escaped, and no one knows who they are or where they went.
    Watch who you make alliances with, someone among your group is not working on your side.

    Visit the link below to sign up!

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  2. Ezekiel sat in the taxi cab going over what he had seen in the video. He couldn't shake a sense of fear that he got from the moments he saw and heard detective Arnolds. Though Zeke knew he had to do this for his father. He needed the money to get out of debt, though that wasn't the only reason. There was... her.

    Zeke turned to see that Gwendolyn was asleep. Zeke smiled as he remembered their first date and how it was like magic. They had been going out for two years now. Zeke could confidently say that they have seen the best and worst of each other. That's why he was going to use any left over money to by a ring and propose to her when this was over. That's why he knew that he would do anything to protect her. Even give up his own life.

    When they arrived at their destination, Zeke gently woke Gwen. Gwen simply smiled and gave Zeke a peck on the cheek. They took their bags out of the trunk of the taxi and watched it drove off. Gwen took out her camcorder and taped Zeke, having a playful interview with him.
  3. Alex Williams

    The ride was long and tiring, but the best part was not having to pay out of pocket Alex checked his phone for messages and suddenly there it was the message from his step-sister Veronica. She would be arriving in a different Taxi, due to the fact he thought maybe if he left early she would stay home but boy was he wrong. 'That girls so headstrong.' He thought, Looking out the Taxi's window the image of creepy tree's and abandoned buildings partially crumbling came into view. His breath fogged the glass thanks to the winter weather, taking his hand he smeared it away to see more. "Can you say creepy?" Blinking in astonishment a building in particular appeared to him; The asylum. Silently he recited the full history of the town and chills ran up his spine, he had a knack for doing that sometimes unknowingly. The taxi drove around the drive way wheels crumbling on the pebbles and rocks underneath it until it came to a stop and parked. Grabbing his Bag next to him he flung it over his shoulder and looked out again, only to see two people already there. 'So Im not the only one after all?'. He smiled to the taxi driver and exited the vehicle. 'The best thing to do would be to learn about these people, and try to make the best alliances.' He brushed his chocolate brown hair out of his face with his fingers and smiled approaching them. "Hey, You guys here for the reward as well?"
  4. Clarabelle

    Clarabelle was sitting on the seat of the taxi cab, playing the tape in her camcorder over and over again, jotting down a few notes about the video into her notepad. Once she had watched the video through once or twice, she removed the tape from her camcorder and placed it back into her cream satchel that she would almost always use. The tape had been given to her by the person who asked her to investigate the town she was now being driven too, and she was interested not just in the reward, but all the supernatural phenomenons that could possibly have been going on. Ghosts and Ghouls always seemed to make her smile sometimes.
    Smiling to herself, Clarabelle loaded her own empty tape into the camcorder and pressed the record button. She then carefully wound down the window of the taxi cab and videoed her surroundings as the cab slowly got closer and closer to the town. Slowly, the taxi cab eventually came to a stop, and Clarabelle got out. She placed her satchel over her shoulder and turned the camcorder off fully, after finishing the recording before quickly putting it into her bag.
    Quickly, she waved farewell to the driver, before skipping over to where a group of people was seeming to be formed.
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  5. Brandon Jones

    He found himself at a loss for words when the driver finally pulled up in front of the asylum, in awe of the sheer size of the place. Finding answers would not be a simple task but he'd already known that when he signed up. "Jesus this place gives me the fuckin' creeps." The cabbie complained, shifting the gear into park so Brandon could exit the vehicle. "You and me both." He muttered as he gathered up his belongings before stepping out of the cab. He closed the door and went around to the drivers side to pay the man. "You got some balls man, no way in hell I'd go in there. Not even for a million dollars." Brandon gave the man a grim smile, sliding the crisp bills into his hand. "Some people don't have the luxury of making that choice. Thanks for the ride."
    He certainly did have a choice but he was a desperate man and the prize was just so much money. Brandon didn't think he could afford not to be here.
    He slung his backpack over one shoulder before moving to greet the small group of people he'd seen from the cab window. He assumed that like himself they were here for the money. He was suddenly struck by the thought that this might be some morbid competition, see who could survive the night. But it was likely just a product of his imagination, he had no reason to believe it was true. But he didn't dismiss the thought entirely deciding to stay alert for the duration of his stay. He also noticed the demographic of the current group- all white, all in their twenties. He was white too but he had at least 15 years on these kids. He hoped there would be some older participants so he wasn't always the odd man out. Someone he could relate to and have 'adult' conversations with. Surely with a prize of a million dollars there would be a wider variety of people? But he guessed the most likely people to put their lives on the line like these were twenty something year olds who thought they could defy death, and desperate fools like himself.
    He heard one of them speak up, asking if they were here for the reward. "Of course, who else would come all the way out here?" His comment was a bit snappy but he gave a disarming smile to show there was no attitude behind it. "I'm Brandon, who are all of you?"
  6. Zeke looked around at the others that began to arrive. Gwen Was writing in her little notpad. Probably analyzing the rest of the them. Zeke decided to step forward. "Hello I guess. I'm Zeke and this is my girlfriend Gwen. So... I guess you guys aren't here for the wonderful scenery so... I guess we will all be working to find detective Arnolds. We all should probably go over the facts we know to get a better understanding. Of course this isn't all cut and dry. Something out here is very dangerous... we also have to take the fact that we are all here for the money. So on some level we are all opponents to each other in this game. A million dollars can make even the most sane man do crazy stuff."

    Gwen without looking up gave Zeke a punch in the arm. "Sorry guys Zeke isn't exactly a bowl of sunshine and lollipops. Lets just try our best to survive and find the detective. That way we can all split the money evenly." Gwen gave them a smile.
  7. Alex Williams

    Startled by the random voice Alex turned around only to see a man who looked a lot older but wasn't to old, his smile held good intentions within so Alex returned the smile and extended his hand. "I'm Alex, Its a pleasure to meet all.' His British accent held no boundaries, it rang loud in each word. moving back so he could see them all he listened as the man named Zeke and his girlfriend spoke. "Absolutely, but Miss. Gwen has a point as well." He spoke with his hands and head a lot it was common so he never realized it. "1 Million dollars is a shit load of money, splitting it would be easy...And I'm sure if we all make it out of this we can come to some type of mutual agreement." Checking his phone again a missed call notification showed so he placed his finger up and smiled. "Gotta take this, One moment." Turning around he walked off a little and tried calling it back but to no avail, he could receive calls but it seemed he couldn't dial out. "Rubbish!". sucking his teeth he walked back over to the group "I don't think we should enter until my sister gets here...she should be on her way."
  8. May smiled at the taxi driver's ability to tell his whole life story in the few hours it took to drive to the asylum, from his step fathers abuse to his gimp three legged dog May assumed he was making most of it up so the silence wouldn't fill the car, she admired him for trying even though he laid it on a little thick with the flirting but she didn't mind, it's not like she'd ever see him again and he certainly wasn't going to try anything after eyeing her large black combat knife strapped to her thigh, her 9mm Lugars were hidden under her black jacket in their respective shoulder holster.
    As they neared the end stretch of the drive she blocked out the driver talking about his hooker ex wife and replayed all the facts she needed to know in her head, she had an amazing memory which was why she had graduated college a year early. She sighed deeply as she silently prayed to whatever god may help her that finding the detective would get her job back and her respected officer status, she loved her job and shooting the other uniform had been an accident, tigger finger and low lighting, guns shots going off and smoke through the hall, anyone would have shot the man who came running at her with a gun, it was just her bad luck it happened to be the commanding officers son.
    The taxi slowed to a stop just outside the abandoned town, May ran her green eyes over the decaying wooden sign that read "Welcome to Lakeglasswood"
    Saying her goodbyes to the driver she got out and slammed her door shut and moved out of the cars way as it backed up and turned around with a speedy haste, turning to face the town she slung her back pack on her shoulder and made her way into the town.
  9. Clive/Austin
    "Clive?" Austin rose an eyebrow, trying to get his brother's attention. Of course. Earphones. "Clive!" He pinched the male's thigh and got a sharp glare in result. Clive pulled one earphone out and huffed lightly, narrowing his eyes at his brother. "What?" His voice was edged with irritation. Austin yanked the other earphone out of his ear and tossed them across the seat, then motioned to the group people that came into sight as they slowed to a stop. "I'll get the bags from the back, you go do the greeting since you're much more...friendly then I am." And with that Clive hopped out of the cab, opening the trunk and pulling out Austin's overly stuff briefcase, a worn out duffel bag, and a side bag Clive always carries around with him. Austin had already reached the chatting group, his blue eyes scanning them as he examined their faces. "Hello, everyone, I'm Austin. And that--" He motioned to the smaller boy holding the bags, slamming the trunk closed and thanking the taxi driver, who began to make his way over. "Is my brother, Clive." He smiled warmly and took the briefcase and duffel bag from his brother. "Oh, er, yeah. That's me. Wow..um. What a nice group we have here?" Clive said awkwardly, shifting the bag on his shoulder for more comfort.
  10. Alex Williams

    Alex greeted the new faces 'More people, Whelp at least We wont have a small easy to pick-off group' he thought "Yes Hello Nice to meet you both Austin and Clive, I'm Alex" he hand gestured to Zeke and Gwen ready to introduce everyone himself. "That's Zeke and his girlfriend Gwen." Moving his hand he pointed to Brandon. "And that chap there is Brandon." Smiling he tapped his phone. "Oh yes also My sister Veronica should be joining us as well."

    Veronica Mills

    She had sent Multiple texts and phone calls to her brother but he wasn't answering."Excusez-moi Monsieur, combien de temps?" Lucky her Driver spoke French as well and answered"Un peu plus , Pourquoi si impatient?" She sucked her teeth and sighed"No reason, Thank you". She'd almost fell asleep until the driver announced they had arrived. Jumping up she gasped and looked at what she thought was a marvelous scenery."Oh mon dieu , oui ses étonnantes ?" He agreed she pulled out her phone and recorded herself."Bonjour!, Veronica recording number three I've finally arrived at Lakeglasswood the town in which those horrible rumors were said. As you can see Alex isn't here with me he left earlier....and isn't answering my calls or texts" Stopping the video she tucked
    her phone away as the driver stopped the car in front of a abandoned building the title had been long worn out but it was still apartment that the establishment was one a Pharmacy."This is as far as I'll go miss" She raised her eyebrows and twisted her lips, Pulling out her phone again she recorded the man."Wait say that again." He waved her off and shook his head."No, No Miss no recordings." Pestering him with the same questions he finally snapped.
    "Cet endroit est maudit ! , Vous ne me tuerez pas vous marchez le reste, je suis désolé ." She exited the Taxi still recording and he opened the trunk. "Im really sorry, this place..." he shivered and waved it off before entering the taxi and driving away. "Coward."

    (The conversation they held was simple, So basically Veronica asked "how far are we?" and he replied "only a little longer and asked why she was in such hurry". she replied in English. when they arrived all she said was OMG yes? this place is amazing... when the taxi driver snapped all he said was
    This place is cursed ! , You will not kill me you walk the rest , I'm sorry .)
  11. Clarabelle
    Clarabelle stood silent for the most part, while everyone went through with their introductions, making sure to listen very carefuly whilst trying to figure out when to speak. "It's very nice to meet you all," She began to say, twirling her fingers through her hair. "I'm Clarabelle, by the way. But if you'd prefer then you may call me Clara." She adjusted her bag strap and went into it, trying to fish out her own note pad, before then opening it up, and writing down everyone's names. This was mostly to keep track of who was where, and of course if someone did happen to meet their untimely demise she could at least attempt to alert a friend or relative of it. That was if she didn't die herself, which was another thing she wondered about. "So, we are all here for the money? And maybe the fame if we can solve the curse?" She eventually asked, while still writing into her small leather-bound note book.
  12. Brandon Jones

    Brandon shook the hand that had been extended to him by the younger male. He nodded as each person introduced themselves. Some of them were weird for lack of a better descriptor, Brandon would be just as wary of his surroundings as the people he was going to 'work' with. He smirked as one of them mentioned money could make people do crazy things. That much was obvious by the fact that they were all here. Just how crazy people would get remained to be seen. More people had joined them though they fit the same demographic, white and in their twenties. Brandon had lost hope for any diversity by that point. He wondered if anyone else noticed it. He also noticed a lot of them already knew each other or at least knew one other person. He hadn't felt right dragging anyone else into something potentially life threatening nor had he wanted to share the prize money. He waved his hand, greeting the new folks. "Hey new people, I'm Brandon."
    One girl had spoken up, Clara, talking about solving a curse. "Curse? What curse? I hadn't read anything about that..." He hadn't even known curses could be solved. Perhaps she meant to say case and got mixed up? The place certainly looked haunted by all accounts but he didn't think there was any supernatural thing going on here. Likely just psychotic people. He didn't know what was scarier.
  13. May walked up the the growing gathering of people and waved her hand through the air in greeting, seeing that everyone was introducing themselves she threw her name into the mix of others "Hello, I'm May" she wasn't sure who exactly everyone was but she figured she could figure it out later if they were all going to travel and investivate together.
  14. Clive
    He didn't pay much attention to the other's introductions, just smiled and played along like his brother so desperately tried teaching him before they left New York City. His smile was awkward, and his hand shake was bit too firm, so it was obvious it was an act, though he still kept at it. "Austin, could you please uh...hold this? I'm gonna go take a look around on the exterior of the so called 'Cursed' building." Clive practically shoved his bag at him, trying to get away from the group so he could breathe. Crowds were never really his thing, but when time came, he could always suck it up and act like a leader. In Clive's impulsive manner, her did actually wish to examine the building's outside walls and windows, raising an eyebrow as he gnawed on the inside of his cheek. Simply fascinating. Oh how he'd love to have father with him.
    Clive, you absolutely suck at acting was all Austin could mutter in his head, smiling to the other people charmingly and nodding as they chatted. He nearly tumbled over when his brother decided to throw his bag at him and claim to want to observe the building. A lie, and a truth. Sure, he did want to look around, but it was also an excuse to get away from everyone. Typical Clive. Austin perked up when someone mentioned the building being cursed, and instantly his mind clicked and he swiftly whipped open his overly stuffed briefcase. "I actually have multiple notes and articles regarding that matter," He paused, grabbing a sheet he had mercilessly wrote on, the page filled with words top to bottom and front and back. Some would say he was obsessed with note taking, but a detective would merely agree in his ways. Father was the exact same way, so he was sure that's where he got it from. "And if you look here, here, and here," He paused again, looking back at the group with an excited glint in his eyes, "There are many signs of this place being really, and truly, cursed. Sudden disappearances with no bodies found, all the mysteries this place holds," He sighed heavily, "Simply fascinating."
    (( Hehe, Austin had a little moment there. ))
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  15. The taxi cab ride was painfully long, and Carter prayed it would be over soon. His backpack and the weight of leaving his mother hung heavy on him, but a quick sigh relieved it as he shook his head. His cab driver made no small talk like the ones on T.V. shows, instead keeping a silent atmosphere, the only ambient noise emitting from his speakers: Bollywood music. Carter kept making awkward eye contact with him, and so Carter leaned against the window, humming Paper Heroes by Jenny Jones.

    As he arrived, he saw a fairly okay group of people, the size big enough to be hiding a killer, was the first thing to cross his mind. He got out, grabbing his backpack from beside him and thanking the driver in a small wad of money. Two seconds after he exited the cab and shut the door, the cab sped off in reverse, no doubt getting the hell out of dodge, out of this town.

    Carter approached the group, slinging his backpack over his shoulder and standing behind a couple people. He leaned to one side, eyeing everyone in the group, no one looking any bit of especially suspicious. But enough Sunday nights of watching his mom watch crime shows on the couch told him nobody's really innocent.
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