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  1. Abandi
    Theme song: The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun- By Celtic Woman
    High is the moon tonight
    Hiding its guiding light

    Heaven and earth do sleep
    Still in the dark so deep
    I will the darkness sweep

    I will the moon to flight
    I will the heavens bright
    I will the earth delight

    Open your eyes with me
    See paradise with me
    Awake and arise with me

    I am the dawn, I'm the new day begun
    I bring you the morning, I bring you the sun
    I hold back the night and I open the skies
    I give light to the world, I give sight to your eyes

    From the first of all time, until time is undone
    Forever and ever and ever and ever
    And I am the dawn and the sky and the sun
    I am one with the One, and I am the dawn

    I am the sky and the dawn and the sun
    I am the sky and the new day begun
    I am the sky and the dawn and the sun

    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f9/Northern_Iraq_landscape.jpg <-- what the land looks like
    The Altair and Cohen families have ruled their own kingdoms for centuries. The Altair family, hold a gemstone that the Cohen family desires- to show their ultimate power in the form of magic. The Altair do not want to use the gem, so they figure out a way to hide it from them forever. The Cohen are enraged that the Altair family has hidden the gemstone and they initiated war.

    The lands lay at a stand still, not knowing when the attack might be coming, but if it was coming...it was going to mean war.

    Abandi is a strange girl scarred by the murder of her parents. She has mysterious powers and fighting skills that in a world of darkness and blood, allow her to survive. Her older brother lost an arm fighting in the war that his father and mother were killed in. Knowing they would soon die, they imbued both their children with two halves of a sacred gem. The dark half went to their daughter Abandi and the light went to their son. The war has long been over and the siblings have been traveling from town to town, the brother finding work to take care of his "ill" sister. They meet interesting characters along the way and find out the war was only just beginning.

    Abandi- Young girl about the age of 17. She has gray eyes and black hair very fair skinned. Born at the worst time possible, she is to take the throne of her parent’s kingdom. Her brother is her only living relative. She possesses mysterious powers that only seem to present themselves when she is in terrible danger. (Played by Esthalia) View attachment 11641

    Gemini - A woman in search for the man who kidnapped her lover years ago. She is about 27 with long brown hair, blue eyes and tan skin. With a hot temper and a conniving mind, she is set on killing the man responsible for her heartache. Knowing that her lover was either killed or forced to join the enemy army, she kills only after seeing her opponents face. She believes if he is alive, he is looking for her as well. Background: After her lover was killed she was overtaken by depression, and in that depression she found hate and the need for revenge on the man who killed her lover. Skills and abilities: She spent time learning to fight with a pair of scimitars given to her by a close, older friend who knew the feeling of losing a loved one, and also knew Gemini was hot tempered and that given time she would look for the man responsible and want him dead. Strengths: She is quick and very deadly with her blades, she has only been in real combat a handful of times but has had barely a scratch from those battles.Virtues: Quiet, even meek looking, so she is generally underestimated in her abilities at the beginning of a fight. (played by Linarrina) View attachment 11643

    Ryogen- (feel free to change his name) Abandi's only brother and rightful heir to the throne. He understands his sisters special needs and has been taking care of her since they were children. He is a formidable warrior and huntsman. He lost an arm to the enemy when his parents were murdered. He has short black hair and a scar on his neck from training. Bright blue eyes and a need for revenge.Strengths: Having lost one arm, he is particularly dextrous with his one remaining hand, and has also acquired powerful muscles. Skills and Abilities: Can hunt very silently, and has a strong sword arm but dislikes killing. Has learnt to barter reasonably well, as well as diffuse possibly hostile situations with his understanding words. Virtues: Very quick to act in any given situation, often to protect others.
    Background: Ever since his parents were murdered and he had to flee with only one arm left, Ryogen quickly realised the need to protect his sister. Fearing danger in their own home, he quickly took her and has stayed on the move ever since. Although manual labour is tough, he begrudgingly accepts it out of the love for his sister. However, in his mind he is constantly being reminded of the one who murdered his parents, vowing one day to take up revenge once his sister can finally take care of herself.
    View attachment 11642 (played by plothole)

    Name: Aki
    Age: 18
    Sex: M
    ( Played by Ashaekin)
    Strengths:Powerful magician-when his spells work
    Skills and Abilities: Aki is one of the only wizards who learned the sacred art of orb making: the process of
    taking energy from a powerful source and holding it idle in a orb until needed for spells or replenishing magic.
    Virtues:He is very friendly and kind, almost too kind because he is always getting taken advantage of.
    Background:Aki was a wizard apprentice for years, until his master was killed and his spell book taken.
    Aki has since been on a journey to find the book and learn his masters spells to surpass him and take on his own apprentice. ((Aki and Abandi grow to be close friends-He learns how to call out Abandi's dark power in times of need to protect everyone, but he is the only one who seems to be able to do it. There is a bit of a romantic interest between Aki and 'dark' Abandi))

  2. The bright summer sun was reflecting off the river gracefully. Summer harvest had finally started and Abandi was in her favorite spectator spot. Her thin fingers were wrapped around the branches of an apple tree, her pale legs stretched out over the fruit baring limbs. She had her head hidden behind a cluster of leaves, content with being hidden but still being able to watch the simple farm folk work. Her brother was out in the field working, but she was no longer allowed.

    "Not my fault." She said stubbornly, spitting out of the tree at a passing herd of goats and their Shepard, an old man named Jep that normally yelled at her for such things. Jep held his walking stick high, cursing her to oblivion as she stood rocking herself in the branches of the sturdy tree. Abandi was young, but even younger at heart. Her body had matured to that of a woman's, but her mind was stuck as a child at times, simple and enthusiastic.

    "Old man!" She pulled her bottom eyelid down and stuck out her tongue, still trying to stay hidden. Jep simply swore under his breath and kept walking. Abandi looked back to the field, watching her brother work, and watching the wind blow through the magical earth. She curled her body around, swinging to another branch and settling down, staring intently at the field. she forced her eyes open to an extreme, her stunning silver irises piercing the people on the field. She remembered what her brother said before he left for work that morning.

    "Stay out of trouble sister..." she impersonated him to what she thought was perfection, "Abandi, no tricks, no pranks. We need money..."

    She giggled and grabbed the branches, shaking them until fruit fell.

    "Money!! Money!! Money!!
  3. Gemini punched the man in the face.
    "Tell me what you know, slime." She demanded of him.
    "I know nothing wench."
    She punched him again, in the same spot. This time while holding the hilt of her sword to make it hurt him that much more.
    "Keep it up and you won't have a face left. I will get my answers." She threatened him. This man was bad, and that meant he knew more than he was giving. She needed to know where the man who stole her husband was. She glared at the man as she paced the floorboards of the shack, placed by the side of a field near apple trees. It was far enough away from people that they wouldn't hear her beating him, but she needed to finish before someone noticed him missing.
  4. Ryogen worked. He usually liked to think about the various aspects of life, his kingdom, and what the future held, but today he simply worked. The sun was too hot to focus on anything other than picking the crops, and every time he let his mind wander he would end up trapped in the unpleasant chamber that occasionally, on days like this, would only bring memories of sadness and depression. Instead, he tried to suck it up and try to finish today's quota as quickly as possible. The work on the farm was menial, he admitted, but he doubted he could do much else that would leave him as satisfied.

    Gradually, the monotony of the constant motions lulled him into a blurry trance. Whilst uprooting a plant, he thought about how little money they would be getting for all of the honest labour he was doing. He was already getting half pay due to his.. shortcoming; added to this was the fact that Abandi now was banned from working as well. He felt like he had been a bit too harsh on her for that particular incident, but the fact of the matter was that it was getting increasingly hard to take care of her. He sighed: he was worrying again. Looking up, he saw Jep cursing loudly and dramatically waving his walking stick around. That could only mean one thing..where was she?

    He scanned around, sighing once again. He was aware that he had been sighing alot recently. Perhaps he was just bored of the work and wanted his life of luxury back. He remembered those days fondl- Oh no, she's in the bloody tree again.

    After a quick thought, he decided that he would have to continue working. Please, Abandi. Don't do anything foolish. He thought as he retrieved his trowel.
  5. " Swing, Swing! Abandi loves to swing!" Abandi rocked back and forth in the tree, she was very limber, like a gymnast. "Swing like a monkey-Abandiiiiiii" She held out her own name as she swung, letting go of the branch and rocketing herself to the next limb. Birds flew away startled as she poked her head into a fresh nest, gently touching a pair of robins eggs with wide eyes. She was quizzical as she examined them, her tongue slipping out of her mouth slightly as she absorbed their color and texture. A sudden sharp pain to the back of her head suprised her and made her jump, almost knocking the nest over.
    The angry mother bird pecked at her head, angering her. the bird tangled her long black hair- pulling at the strands with it's feet.

    "No! I'm not hurting them!" She flailed her arms, smashing the bird into the tree. It's lifeless body hit the ground and Abandi instantly started crying. It's wings twitched as it went through a final death rattle. Abandi watched it with watery eyes, slowly climbing down and picking up the dead bird. She returned to the nest and simply placed the bird on top of the eggs.

  6. Frustrated with interrogating the man she flung her arms up.
    "Tell me where he is or I'll make this last for EVER!" She yells at him. He cringes and says, "I'll never tell you anything." She whips out her scimitar and smacks him with the broad side, cutting his cheek with the edge as she pulled it away. Making a deep gash under his left eye.
    "Oh, you'll tell me." She picked up the weak man and threw him at the door of the little shack, shattering it he landed outside in a heap. Gemini stalked over to him and pointed into his bloody mess of a face.
    "You will talk."
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  7. Abandi's attention was intantly drawn to the man falling out of the doorway. she shimmied down the apple tree and quickly closed the distance between them. She reached the side of the shack and grabbed onto the siding, pulling herself with almost a cat like grace up onto the roof. She slowly crawled and watched the woman beating the snot out of the man.

    'Why are you doing that?" Abandi asked curiously laying flat and resting her head in her hands.
  8. Ryogen heard a crash and promptly looked up, dropping the clump of grass he was holding. Scanning the area around him, he quickly found the location of the sound. He saw a farm shed that had been broken, and Abandi in a nearby tree. Quickly he welled up with rage, knowing that if anyone saw this he would never be allowed to work on the farm again, and that they'd have to move towns again. Not wanting that to happen, he broke into a sprint. In a few seconds he had covered the distance. He turned the corner and suddenly stopped dead. In front of him was a badly bruised man who was bleeding, and a woman brandishing a scimitar.

    He decided not to speak, and ended up just standing there poised ready to.. strike or run? He didn't know, but he had better decide quickly.
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  9. Gemini whipped her head around looking for the girl who asked the question. She saw no one around her so she looked up. There was a girl on the roof of the shack looking at her, her long black hair hanging about her face as she held it in her hands.

    "Well, that's not really any of your business is it? Unless you'd like to be tied up and beaten as well I suggest you go on your way. I am not in the mood for games, nor am I ever in the mood to beat innocent looking girls such as yourself." She threatened the girl as she heard the man moaning behind her. he was trying to crawl away. She laughed at him.

    "HA! You think you can crawl away while I'm distracted? I think not." She picked him up by his hands that were tied behind his back, and the hair on his head and threw him back into the shack. Making him hit his head on the doorway on the way though. Before she followed him in she glanced around and saw a man with one arm standing not far away looking as if he didn't know wether to run or attack her. She rolled her eyes at him and started walking forward before he could make the decision.

    "I'm not done with you yet." Gemini said to him as she stalked back into the building, giving the girl on the roof a quick look that said 'Go.'
  10. Abandi frowned, but noticed her brother and rolled over onto her back , the warm roof was too hot on her stomach.

    "Ryo!!" She called, clapping her hands. Abandi's long black hair hung off the roof, her head dangling dangerously over the ridge. She felt the blood rushing to her head as she made silly faces at the beaten man.

    "Smelly man got beat up!"
  11. Ryogen's head snapped up to the roof as he heard Abandi's words.
    "Abandi.. just.. stay out of the way, ok? I heard the birds have some little hatchlings, why don't you look at them?" He turned his gaze to the mysterious woman.
    "And you: What is going on here? Did you do this to him?" Ryogen felt his fist clench, adrenaline quickly pumping through his veins. He got that feeling that he would always get before a fight. Once of invincibility. He hoped he wouldn't have to, though. She was armed and he didn't like the idea of losing his last arm.
  12. Gemini heard the mans questions so she stopped her walk, turned around on her heel and looked directly at him. He was handsome, even with only one arm. His hair was as black as the girls but his eyes were a bright blue, unlike the girl who had grey eyes. However, his looks did not lessen her displeasure with being interrupted.

    "Look, this is none of your business. This man is a thief and he has information I need. That's all you need to know. Now please, take this girl, and get out of my way. I don't want to hurt anyone undeserving, but I will if you stand in my way, and that IS a threat."
  13. Abandi frowned at her brothers words. She didn't want to be on the roof anymore, she wanted to be next to Ryogen. She stood up on the roof, her barefeet on fire from the burning tiles of the roof.
    "ow, ow, ouch..." she said to herself as she skipped off the roof and skillfully jumped down. She watched as the pretty woman threatend her brother and stayed close to the shack, staying far enough away that her brother wouldn't be mad at her.
  14. "Come on Abandi, this woman is very busy, and we should leave her be."
    Ryogen shook his head, shrugged, and walked away. He knew that it wouldn't be worth it to get into a fight. However, he thought it probably would be worthwhile to contact the town guard. Perhaps he could get Abandi to do it so that he could work whilst she kept herself out of trouble. He waited until he was at a satisfactory distance and then beckoned for Abandi to follow him. He tried not to look conspicuous, standing there on the field without doing any work, and eventually begrudgingly picked up a trowel.
  15. Instead of following her brother, Abandi approached the tall woman and looked at her strangely. Abandi had her hands stuck deep in the pockets of her dirty linen dress, fidgeting.
    She waited for the woman to look at her and she stuck out her tongue .Before the woman could speak, Abandi pulled her hands out of her pockets and threw sand directly into her face.

    "Pocket sand!!"
  16. After a while, Ryogen looked up. She hadn't followed him. Oh well, she was probably looking at birds or something. He threw his shovel to the floor and slowly sauntered over to the guard house. It was a hastily improvised shack that had obviously seen better days. Ryogen felt himself ooze with annoyance when he saw that there was no-one actually in there. He sighed again, then quickly scolded himself for doing so. Where was the town's law enforcement? He'd just seen an assault victim, and had calmly left the scene. And Abandi. He cursed, and walked about as quickly as he could back to the fields. He looked while he was walking: at the houses and trees. She wasn't in any of them. He reached the fields, about to just continue digging, when out of the corner of his eye he saw his sister chuck some sand into a very dangerous woman.

    He picked up the spade and started sprinting.
  17. Gemini was taken off guard. Spitting sand out of her mouth and wiping it off of her face with a grimace.

    'Poket sand? I'll show this girl pocket sand.' She chased the girl trying to scare her with just a facial expression. She scrunched up her nose and furrowed her brow and sneered at her. Pulling out both of her scimitars she growled low in her throat. That girl picked the wrong woman on the wrong day to mess with.
  18. Ryogen arrived just in time at the crumpled shack. He brandished his spade, yelling "Step away from her!". In a quick flash he was in between the two.
    "Abandi, run. I mean it." He muttered.
    Ryogen surveyed his opponent. She was well built, had two finely polished weapons, but did not appear to have any sort of armour on. On the other hand, neither did he, but at least he had a weapon this time. He resolved to wait for her to strike and then duck out of the way to take her by surprise.
    "Don't harm my sister. Leave from here. Now." He snarled, spreading his weight equally between his two feet and adopting a more balanced posture. He had never fought with a spade before, but couldn't foresee as it being too different from a mace, if a little lighter.

    He braced himself for the inevitable attack.
  19. Abandi stood fearless for a moment wiping the sand off her hands. She watched the womans face and suddenly started running, waving her arms in the air. It was a game to her, and it was fun. Abandi giggled and her cheeks went red with happiness.

    "Hahahahah!" She dumped the rest of the sand from her pockets as she ran. Abandi stopped in her tracks when her brother suddenly showed up. She gulped hard at the tone of his voice, running away and climbing into a sickly bush.
  20. Gemini was furious. First these two interrupt her interrogation, when she was finally getting somewhere with the stubborn thief, and now the girl throws SAND in her face and the man looks like he wants to attack her? What was wrong with them? Couldn't they see her? See that she was dangerous? She sighed. The girl didn't seem to look more than 15 but acted about 7. She was now hiding behind the man, giggling. Like this was some sort of game. She assumed the man was her protector, but what kind of protector only has one arm? She shrugged, raising her right scimitar and lowering the left, getting into a fighting stance.

    "You ready to dance, one arm?" She nicknamed the man and attacked. Not trying to hurt him but trying to distract him so she could knock him over quickly and end this debacle.