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  1. November 18, 2067
    "TNN news takes you live to the United Nations announcement, where the Secretary of defense, David Bane and Captain Sanders are going to give a live broadcast..."

    Samantha Sanders aproched the podium the camera was fixed on. Her metallic power armor was far bluckyer then her ussual suit, this one was at least a few inches thick. Her blue and yellow plastered suit matched her helmet which she held to the side of her hip as she finished tying her brown and blond highlighted hair with her off hand. She hid her light blue eyes intill she took a deep breath before starting her speach,

    "Man kind has been the most dominant species on Planet Earth since the stone age. Since we discovered life among the stars we discovered we're hopelessly, hell, hilariously out classed, numbered, and possibly out manned. In this time of desperation however, humans are easy to kill, but we survived worse.

    The alien who invaded thirty years ago, and singlehandedly leveled London a decade ago...is beloved to not be dead as we previously believed. We have a report from a reliable source that he is on his way, to our home with a fleet of space worthy battle ships, and at the very least, several billion soldiers at his command.

    We will need everyone we can get. Us Sentinels are here by declaring anyone he sees the Sentinels as an alli, are to report to the Unitied States of America, Chicago Illinois, Town Hall. The same can be said for any military leaders.
    This day make look to be grim, and I won't lie, it is satisticly unlikely that we will win, and an even unlikelyer chance of surviving. But time and time again, human beings have proven that we can be knocked down, we can be broken, we can be inslaved, but we will never surrender, we will never be kept in chains, and we will most certainly
    never be extinct!"

    The crowd cheers as Samantha finishes her speech. A moment later, she starts speaking with someone off camera, The Secretary of state adds, telling anyone to either hide, or to grab a weapon and join their nation's defense to assist in the battle.
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  2. Shadow had been keeping a close eye on the war efforts since the first invasion, so it was only natural that he found his way to Chicago when the call to arms was made. He had been protecting humans for centuries, and he wasn't going to let it end now, like this. He had chosen to take up arms alongside the humans and fight for them.

    He stood silently in the crowd during the meeting, being careful to keep a low profile. And as it drew to a close, he continued to avoid the others, evading any questions or conversations the other metas tried to start or giving minimal responses if evasion was impossible. He wasn't here to talk.
  3. Brem was in Chicago and on the job when the call was made. The usual scum on the underbelly of this city were trying to stir up trouble and she wasn't beneath kicking down a few doors and firing incandescently. As long as it paid something. Most folks would assume that a metahuman like her would only take the biggest jobs with the biggest payoffs but in the last few years those had fallen out of favor. They were messy. World leaders, figureheads. People just trying to change the world for the better most days. Heroes too. Someone seemed to always want a good man's life. A while back she would have done that without a second thought but since the last great event that shook the world pushed her to work alongside those 'heroes' she'd felt strange. After it was all over those she was with could have put her in jail for all she'd done before but they let her go. She owed them something after being given that kind of second chance.

    She stepped out of the back alley door, the barrel of her 9mm smoking and the traces of blue energy that wrapped around her right arm dissipating. She'd gone a bit overkill. Just as many bodies were left as dust as there were just shot up. She wasn't sure if it qualified as a merciful kill but it gave her something to do with her free hand without going akimbo. She came back up to the street, sliding on her sleek black bike parked there as she put the key in the ignition and let it spring to life. She was downtown. Wouldn't be too terrible a drive... the hero crowd wasn't really her thing but it sounded like an APB. She sighed and set the cordinates of her GPS to the town hall before shooting across the street.
  4. The meeting Was filled by nearly every square foot of the Capitol building and even around the building. Different creatures, monsters, humanoids, and even mages,made the crowd. Even with the massive numbers of metahumans and military leaders nobody within the crowd wanted to be there, even if any of the crowd enjoyed the thrill of battle.

    "I am not fond of organizing a military either but it's not like we have a choice."
    "Belive me, I'm no public speaker. I'd rather fight an army then tell everyone the planet is getting attacked."
    "Funny that you put me on sabotage duty, rather tha
    "Your best suited for it, after all you our-"
    "I swear to God, if you use that nickname out here I won't do it!"
    "You can pick your team, is that better?"
    "A litte. if we're going to be not getting so much attention then I want to keep it as small as possible."
    "At least two or three, minimum."

    The two women find their conversation as the woman dressed in purple spandex began idlly glancing around the crowd. She had been talking to Samantha Sanders, still fully suited.
    "Those two. Hey! Skinny and... Wastlander! Get over here!"
    Shadow and Brem instinctively looked over as the woman waved them over. They approached, as the wemon kept scilently bickering. When they came within ear shot the women Samantha told her friend, "Please don't be-"
    "Okay kids, your going on a suicide mission."
    "Rude...okay, its not on a suicide mission, just sabotage."

    The two of them playfully shoved each other before Samantha walked off to address the crowd.
    "I believe I have seen your reports before, your a Reaper, and you used to be a Spetzna or something right?"
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  5. Shadow nodded slowly. "What's this about?" he asked, keeping his tone only loud enough for the group to hear among the crowd.
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