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Tarnished Knight

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What's going on here? A knight wanders out for... er... a few months... and Iwaku makes less sense than ever! Miss Alarice! Is this where all my role players are?! And has anyone seen my lady?!

So many bright colors. Odin's beard I'm too old for this...
My love, you must cease these disappearing acts!
I must know who you are *sighs* if anyone else knows I am feeling rather stupid because I think I missed something

Anyway welcome to the Iwaku if you have nay questions just ask

*walks off into the shadows*
I have no willpower! Also, my monies were in trouble! Also, I never see you on AIM anymore and that is where I've been trying to log on more regularly. >_> ;; This Iwaku is madness, my lady! MADNESS.
SIR SABLE!! *tackles and luffs the Knight!* How I have missed thee!!
Welcome Back :D

If you have any trouble navigating the new site, do send your questions my way :D

Glad to see you're back Mr. Knight-san :)
Welcome back mate! Glad to see you have rejoined us on Iwaku! :DD
Haha. Thanks, guys. And Saku, I've been with my lady for... I don't know... maybe 8 years? OLD old schooler here. Used to be Sable...? I just wanted to type something different into my username slot so I switched it up. ^_-
Ah~ I remember Sable! xD VERY FAINTLY was a kid then
but I remember :O
Ahaaa~ Welcome baaackkk :D
Hey I'm starting to rememeber you, you were here way back when the Iwaku didn't have that crash and the site looked all blue. *think it was called 3.0 or something not sure*
Well well well... The fair knight returns from another pointless quest, and not even a good story to show for it, not even a nice scar, you sicken me.

Also I don't know you.

I'm Vay and welcome back. NEVER take me seriously.

Except when I'm being serious.
Which is almost never, By the Way I'm Grandmaster Karsikan, Resident Grey Knight.

Welcome back, Sablesies