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  1. Hi.
    I'm Tiberius and I'm rad.
    okay so that second part was a lie, but I can assure you I am Tiberius.

    I am new to this website, but I'm not new to roleplaying.
    (also, off topic, this website is hella swanky, I love the layout and options it's so good hotdamn)

    My favorite food is macaroni.

    I'd prefer to be called 'your majesty', 'tiberius the great and powerful', or maybe just 'tibby' I dunno.

    I look forward to meeting and roleplaying with all of you.
  2. I enjoy that your name is that of a Roman emperor.

    Also, hello!

    -leaves a plate of cookies before wandering off again-
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  3. I find your avatar and your request for an epic name like 'your majesty' to be a little ironic :P

    Welcome to Iwaku! Hope you have an awesome time :D
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