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  1. Name:
    EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) number 214. She is also just called Eve or 214 for short depending on who is speaking with her.

    She is 23 Years Old

    Her only job is to search for plant life in the galaxy to sustain the life of humans. Normally she does so on newer and undiscovered planets, but has yet to be sent to the old home planet of Earth. Until now that is.

    Brief History:
    EVE isn't an average girl. In fact, to most on the space ship, she is far from it. She, along with many other EVEs were scientifically born. While they are still flesh and blood, they were made thanks to strong DNA and genetic engineering. They are not like the naturally born humans and don't have the same rights as such. They were made and raised for specific jobs, just like many others that work on the station for jobs such as cleaning or maintenance. All artificial life forms go under the label of GEAR (Genetically Engineered Artificial Runners). hey are assigned their own specific tasks, running about doing all the work that normal humans can't and won't do. EVE models are the strongest of the GEARs, made to survive outside of the space station in tough environments, them being raised and trained for different situations since their creation. She grew up under strict environments, training and learning. And when she was not doing one of those two, she, like all the others, were in hibernation states until the next training or educational segments. Her life is serving those that created her, nothing more, nothing less. She learned to accept that. And once she was old enough and had completely the training, she was sent to many different words, looking for life for the natural born humans that enjoyed paradise in their safe and relaxing station.

    Of course, how could she ever guess that going to earth and meeting a funny human boy would change her whole perspective on life itself?


    She considers herself one of many. There are many EVEs like her, all with the same looks and training and so she figured, what can she do that another EVE can't? For this reason, she doesn't consider herself as an individual being, rather a tool for the humans and nothing more. And oddly, she's never found reason to fight this and was taught this way for so long that this, in a way, became an accepted part of her life.

    "EVE 214, being retrieved from hibernation. Stand by." Came the voice of the GEAR in change of retrieving the EVE from her hibernation capsule. After a number of buttons on the outside of the capsule were pushed, the door to the capsule finally slide open, revealing the white haired girl. To them, a generic EVE. One of many that were often sent out on missions to search for signs of sustainability. There were many EVE models, sent all around the galaxy. Those not in use at times were sent into hibernation until their next mission, so that their training would not be effected by outside activities. In hibernation, they remained unaffected by outside sources, making them prepared and souly focused on their missions at hand.

    After a few moments of the door being open and all the gas leaving the capsule, the girl's eyes slowly flickered open and she stood up straight, stepping out of the small space to stand next to the other GEAR as it spoke to her, "Good evening EVE 214. I hope you had a good rest. The captain wishes to assign you another mission. Please follow me."

    With that, Eve followed the GEAR up tot the captain's quarters and once there was left alone to walk into his office. This was the same every time. The captain sitting in his chair while his GEAR assistant, AUTO, stood next to him, red eye staring her down. Of course he was assistant to the captain, so it was his jobs to keep all the lower leveled GEARs in line. Which was pretty much all GEARs on the station besides himself. So, she didn't ever take the hard stares personal, "Hello Captain. You have a mission for me?"

    "Ah, yes. EVE 214. You will be the last to be sent out this term." He looked to the screen in front of him, "You will be sent to Earth this term."

    "Earth, sir? As in the Earth?" Eve asked, tilting her head to the side, a bit surprised that she should be assigned such a place. After all, the old home planet of humans was known to be environmentally destroyed, having taken years of pollution from the older population of humans that had long ago lived on it.

    Yet, it seemed the captain was indeed sending her to that planet because he nodded, getting out her normal tools, a pair of glasses that shielded her eyes from dirt and some of the sun's rays (as well as doubled as a video recorded if she needed to document something), scanner that scanned for plant life, and a blaster for protection, "Yes. The Earth is your assignment." He handed her the tools, which she put into her holster, except for the visor glasses which she put over her eyes, "If you find anything new or informative, document it. An if you find any sort of plant life, press the bottom on your communicator and we'll immediately start making out way back for you. Of course, until we get there you'll be in your hibernative state. If you don't find anything within one rotation of the Earth's main satellite then we'll make our way back for you. Do us proud EVE 214. "

    "Of course, Captain." And with that, the girl walked out of the captain's office and back toward the docking area. The station wasn't close enough to earth to send the transport ship yet, and so, she was lead to once again a hibernation capsule and put inside to go back into another hiberative state. This was normal for her though, and so had no fuss about it. This was all she knew really, so what was there to argue about in the first place? And so, she slept soundly in her capsule, until a few days later the station was close enough to Earth and the transport ship sent out, heading to Earth's surface.

    It was a noisy yet standard landing for the ship, though Eve slept through it all in her capsule. Once the ship had safely landed, there was a small pause so that the ship could scan the area to make sure it was safe, before the mechanical claws of the ship grabbed the capsule, setting it on the dusty ground, and then pressing the buttons in the corresponding order so that the door on the capsule slid open once more.

    Once awake, the girl peaked her head from the capsule, looking about. This planet was dusty, and much more dirty, than all the other planets she had ever visited. She really didn't see the potential of it and doubted any sort of plant life could possibly survive in a waste land such as this. Yet, searching for plant life was her job here and if she didn't do it, then they would remove her and put her back into hibernation. After so long in hibernation since her last mission, which was a few months ago at least, if not more, she wanted time to stretch and do something. And if it meant searching this desolate planet than so be it.

    Clicking the heels of her boots, she hovered out of the capsule, and took out her scanner. It was much easier to use her boots and fly, rather than walk the ground. Especially with how messy everything seemed. Down there she would likely be tripping over garbage and such. Up here, she didn't have much in her way.

    She began scanning pile of trash, a rather bored expression on her face. That is, until she heard the boosters of the ship start once more and turned to look over her shoulder, watching as the ship slowly disappeared from sight. Once it was gone, it was almost as though a wave of relief washed over her. She was alone. Able to do as she pleased. Even if it was just for a little while while she looked for plant life that might not even exist here. Until that ship returned for her, she was free.

    Wanting to enjoy her time and have a bit of relaxation before he actually started looking for the plants, the girl hovered a bit more into the air, doing a few spirals as she went up higher, a smile on her face as she took off, flying around and between the towers of trash and broken sky scarpers, even once or twice breaking the sound barrier with the speed she was going. It felt amazing and great to be life this and not asleep in a small container. Yet, she knew she had to get to work soon.

    So, after a good flight, she slowly made her way back toward the ground before landing and letting out a happy sigh. Hopefully this mission would turn out successful. hen maybe they would send her on more missions like this and she could be out like this more often. She sure hoped so. But, only time would tell.

  2. image.jpeg

    The rank smell of scattered debris, decaying foods, and mountains of trash stacked as high as the sky filled the air of the shimmering utopia which had long been nameless. When the streets were not filled with garbage and the remnants of human life long-before they escaped to the stars, it had been a city; a shimmering capital situated in the northwestern continent, somewhere between four great bodies of water previously known as 'lakes'. Judging by the assortment of thin metal signs attached to the backs and fronts of vehicles scattered around the city, it could be determined that the name of the city matched that of the 'state'.

    To the uninformed eye, the city was abandoned... But, only through closer inspection could signs of life be discovered. Examining the mountains of trash and focusing on the minute details would've revealed two sets of footprints; one human, and what appeared to be a four legged creature of some kind. Following these tracks would lead towards a large, almost freight-like structure painted the standard 'safety yellow and black' that one might see in a construction zone or inside of a janitor's office. Venturing further into the hollowed out trash compactor would have revealed the culprit behind those footprints; a young human, and his pet dog.

    The tiny puppy was about the size of a teddy bear and cuddled sweetly with his owner and best friend as they slept. Although it was still relatively new, the puppy was covered from head to toe in dirt, but the young man currently cuddling him didn't look much better. Dirt and mud-splats adorned his clothing and his unkempt hair would have fallen messily in front of his eyes had it not been for the large goggles on his forehead keeping it in place. The two friends rested peacefully, blissfully unaware of their role as some of the last living creatures on the planet. In fact, the only reason the small dog was even walking around was due to the fact that the young man had stumbled across a prototype cryogenic tube in the mid-town area that had preserved the dog in a youthful state.

    Before they could sleep yet another day away, a series of alarm clocks went off in sequential order, filling the room of trinkets with a melody of bells and whistles.


    "Mhmm... G'mornin, Sun!"
    exclaimed Wally as he stretched out his arms and cracked his neck. Blinking a few times to knock the sleep out of his eyes, Wally gently shook his little dog awake, smiling pleasantly down at his friend. "Time to get up, Roach! Come on, we've got a big day ahead of us!"

    Within a minute of waking up, Roach was just as energetic as ever. Immediately, he began running around Wally's feet, happily barking at his owner as if to say 'come on already'. Wally chuckled at his friend and gave him a nod of acknowledgement before he pushed himself off of his hammock. The torn up steel-toed boots that he wore made a heavy thud as they hit the metallic floor of Wally's little make-shift home and as he walked, each step made a subsequent thud. Before long, he had crossed the room and was now at his doorway. After pushing a few buttons beside the door to activate the opening sequence, Wally reached over to one of the shelves on his right and grabbed his backpack. As the door continued to open, his eyes were drawn to the small green bud popping out of a brown boot. Out of all of the trinkets he had collected over the course of the 10 years he had been awake, Wally was most intrigued by this particular item. It was odd to see anything that wasn't coloured either rust-brown or dirt-beige in the wasteland he lived in. Of course, Wally had cleaned up a few items (like his beloved 'rotating rainbow cube' or his collection of cassette tapes).

    When the door finally opened, Wally took a deep breath of the rancid smelling air and sighed happily. To others, the desecrated planet would have smelled as if it was literally dying, having begun to decay from years of neglect combined with the amount of garbage strewn across the landscape. But to Wally, it was the smell of his home. Today, however, there was a distinct second half to the smell; a distinct burning smell. Was there a fire? Wally doubted it, especially since the air wasn't dry enough to warrant another city-wide blaze and if there really was a fire, Wally would've at least seen where the smoke was originating from. But, then he spotted it; a large white cylinder shooting upwards towards the sky, a trail of fire propelling it forwards. Wally watched on in awe as he witnessed the ship blast off into space and immediately ran outside of his home to watch it soar away. As it burst through the thick layer of dust covering the atmosphere, Wally's eyes followed it along the way. But before he knew it, another flying white object caught his eye, but this time, it was the size of a young woman. Tilting his head curiously to the side, Wally whistled for Roach and motioned for him to run over to the area ahead of them where the mystery girl seemed to be walking around. Slowly, he followed after the little brown dog, curiously studying the girl with awe in his eyes. Was she... Like him?
  3. As Eve landed, letting out her sigh, she had full intentions of getting directly back to work, when there was the sound of something coming up behind her. Instinctively and using the skills she was taught in her training, she turned with quick reflexes, pulling her blaster from its holster and then shot at the noise, blasting a hole into the ground right in front of it. She waited a moment, letting the dust clear, waiting to see what had attempted to attack her. Yet, it seemed nothing was trying to attack her at all. Sitting there, looking as though the blast hadn't even scared it, was a little fluffy creature, looking at her with big friendly eyes. Tilting her head to the side in curiosity, yet smiling slightly in amusement at the strange creature, she put her blaster back in its holster, before kneeling and reaching out her hand, the little fluff ball walking over to her. She even laughed slightly as it ran all around her, and licked her cheek. As she giggled though, she heard another sound, this time from behind a pile of odd rubber circles. Once again, her blaster was it and shooting at the pile of tires, watching as whatever it was took to diving behind another pile. She did this with every pile until there was nothing more this thing could hide behind.

    As the dust around them cleared, she kept her blaster trained on the thing, approaching where it was on the ground, to see it was a boy. A human? No, no. There was no way a human could be here on Earth. They were all evacuated. So, was this a GEAR? If he was, then he was surely one that had been abandoned long ago, seeing as this one wore an outfit that was much different from the normal clean and newer looking uniforms those on the Space Station Axiom had. In fact, most on the Axiom had white uniforms. What he was wearing was brown. But, not only that, she didn't think there were any GEAR left on Earth. Most had either been brought back onto the Axiom after Operation Clean-Up was abandoned or had died here on Earth due to lack of resources and the dangerous conditions.

    Yet here was one. Keeping the blaster trained on him, she watched him momentarily, keeping an eye for any threats. He didn't have any holsters, and as such, no weapons. Would this GEAR have the plant she needed? She watched as fluffy creature that had been excitedly playing with her hopped over to the boy, then she took out her scanner, scanning him for a moment. The scanner buzzed letting her know he had no photosynthetic life. If he had no plant, and had nothing that could harm her, then he was nothing. He was just there and in no way effected her mission.

    And so, she turned, going back to scanning different items, in hopes that maybe she could find what she was looking for.
  4. Studying the mysterious girl currently standing before him, Wally found his feet unconsciously moving, guiding him closer towards her. But as Roach reached her, a sudden blast of energy surged out from an odd device in her hand, causing a tiny explosion close to the dog. Wally jumped in shock, ducking behind a nearby pile of discarded tires as he discovered the girl wasn't as friendly as he initially thought. She was really scary! Poor Roach, he thought, She blew him up! Visibly shaking, Wally peered out from behind the rock with a few tears swelling up in his eyes only to discover his furry little friend was perfectly alright. Sighing with relief and wiping away the tears, Wally watched as the girl suddenly changed her tune again, playfully petting Roach and letting him lick her cheek. Chuckling softly, Wally smiled at the adorable sight.

    However, the mood changed yet again as the girl suddenly noticed him and Wally saw her reach for her 'boom-boom stick'. "Eek!" Wally suddenly exclaimed as he dove out from his hiding place as it was obliterated, the force of the blast launching the non-destroyed tires into the air. Next, he hid behind a few discarded garbage cubes, but those too were blasted. After that, he tried to hide behind a large rock. This won't get destroyed! I'll be safe for sure! Wally thought, trying to calm himself down. However, another loud blast followed by a sudden rush of heat against his back later, and Wally was without cover yet again. The mystery girl had destroyed the rock! How is she doing that?! he thought, frowning a bit before his back went stiff as he felt the presence of a dangerous object pointed at the back of his head.

    Slowly turning around, Wally's terrified expression met the serious expression currently spread across the girl's face. Nervously, he closed his eyes and waited for her to pull the trigger... But no such event came. A beam of light suddenly shined on him, moving up and down as if it were searching for something. A beep came out of an item the girl was holding and almost immediately after, the light disappeared and she lowered her explosion-generator thingy.

    Then, she left.

    Wally quickly stood up, trying to understand what this girl was all about. First, she shot at Roach, then played with him. Then, she shot at him, shined a light on him for a few seconds, then she left. He stood there quietly for a moment, staring at her with his head crooked to his side. Roach did the same, curiously watching her walk away, waving her 'light device' on anything she saw. But after he recovered himself, Wally dashed after her with Roach right behind him. "Hey, wait up!" he called out, waving his right hand at her to try and get her attention.

    She didn't seem to be slowing down, so once he caught up to her, Wally decided to walk and talk. As he spoke, it seemed as if he was just vomiting words, as his emotions ranged from energetic to upset to overjoyed based on his question. "Hi! Who are you? Are you from around here? What's that light-thingy? Why did you shoot at me? What's that other thing? The one that makes things go boom. Hey, so are you looking for something? Can I help? I'd love to help! Did you know that we're the only two people alive here? Well, us and Roach. But, he's not a people! He's a fluffy four-legs! Or... What did they use to call them? The people who used to live here? Before I went to sleep. Do you know who they are?

    Hey, do you like music? I like music! My favourite song is "Put on Your Sunday Clothes"! Do you know that one? It's okay if you don't, it goes like this!


    Put on your Sunday clothes, there's lots of woorrld out theerree~

    Get out the brilliantine and dime cigaaaaars~

    We're gonna find adventure in the evening aiiiir~

    Girls in white, in a perfumed night, where the lights are bright as the staaaaars~!"

    Wally loved that song. He listened to it practically every single day and knew the lyrics by heart. For whatever reason, the film adaptation of "Hello Dolly" was a pivotal movie in his mind. Maybe it had something to do with his life before he woke up? Whatever his reason for enjoying the song, Wally always sung it while he was walking around or collecting scrap.

    But his joyful melody was interrupted suddenly by the rather ugly glare he received from the girl in white, who seemed annoyed at his mere presence. Pulling back a bit out of nervousness, Wally tried to figure out if she was preparing to shoot at him again. But before she could speak, he offered up one final statement. "What's your name? I'm Wally."
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