A Year of Miracles

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  1. Hello! before i let you read any of this i have a few things to point out!

    i really want feedback on this, but try not to butcher it please, i know its not top notch, but its not completely awful either.

    Regarding Arias past and all the obscure referrals she makes to things she is hesitant about, things she dislikes and such, you NOT suppose to know much yet, the point is for you to read, form your own idea on why she thinks a certain way, or what her true reasons behind her worry about time and how much she has.

    this story unfolds as you gradually learn about Aria through her interactions with others, but the way im doing it is a little different so... i would like some opinions on it.

    it will come out slowly, as i work one chapter at a time.

    ~Note! this story contains some Christian themes, but not too heavily, if you dont like it, dont read it. if you do read, dont hate.~

    A Year of Miracles

    Ch.1 A New Year

    Purple curtains flapped with a breeze that crept in through a half opened window. The crisp air nipped at the nose of a young girl, causing her unusual amethyst eyes to flutter open. She got out of bed, rubbing at her eyes as she went to close her window, shutting out the icy winter air. It was the first day of the New Year, a brand new start. She didn’t have long, so she was going to make the most of it. Her New Years resolution? To spend the next year smiling, and to make others smile. It may have been a childish or even naïve resolution, but she had her reasons.

    “Aria, would you like some breakfast dear?” the voice of an older woman rang from the main floor of the small two bedroom house.

    “Coming Mariam!” the girl replied.

    Aria hurried downstairs, her tussled chestnut brown hair bouncing around her shoulders. The house was filled the smell of maple, and the table was set with plates of pancakes.

    “This smells amazing!” Aria said taking in a scene that was not previously common to her.

    “Why thank you dear.” A woman in her late 40’s finished setting the table as a man only a few years older walked in. “Tom, you’d best hurry or you might be late for work.”

    “You know I’m never late Mariam.” He gave her a peck on the cheek before sitting down. He turned to Aria, who had already seated herself. “Now Aria, you’ve already been registered for classes at the local college under the name Sylvana, our name.” he took a bite of the pancakes. “You’ve got a week before the next semester starts, so I would hope that you take some time to get to know the town since you just arrived here.”

    “Thank you Tom, Mariam. It’s kind of you to allow me into your home.” Aria replied with a smile. Tom and Mariam Sylvana were what you could call foster parents even though Aria was 19 and old enough to live on her own. She was to spend the next year living with Tom and Mariam while she learned to live the way she wanted. She frowned at the thought of the four walls that had once kept her from the life she wanted, and pushed the memories away. “I’m really looking forward to the time I get to spend here”

    “And we are glad to have you.” Mariam said as she joined them at the table. The newly formed family ate a cheerful breakfast and worked together on the cleanup. Aria went back upstairs and showered, thinking about everything that was happening around her, and all that would happen in the coming months. As she brushed her hair and prepared for the day she found herself filled with mixed feelings. Her time in this town could be as much of a curse as it was a blessing. She wondered if it would be ok to make connections, even to build relationships with people she might not see for very long. She pushed her negative thoughts away as she headed back downstairs.

    She opened the front door and was greeted by the chilly winds of January winter. It was a beautiful day for winter, the sun warm on her face despite the frigid air. Aria walked about town, getting to know her neighborhood as much as she could. A thoughtful expression settled on her face, her breath coming out in white puffs of fog.

    Aria was content to walk for long amounts of time, and today was no exception. She had walked all the way from her home on the north side of town, through the more upper class east, the modest southern shopping area, even the park near the town square and the main street shopping area as well. She found herself in the slightly run-down west part of town in the later parts of the afternoon. Her somewhat round-about route through town was ending as she made her way back to her neighbor hood in the north.

    Aria checked her watch when she heard her stomach grumble. 3pm already? She let out a tired sigh, and then jumped as she heard crunching in the snow behind her. She turned around as a man tumbled to the icy ground.
    “sir, are you ok?” She hurried over, being careful not to slip on the ice.

    “Fine now lil’ lady” The man’s eyes were fixed on her as he got up. Aria hesitated when the faint smell of alcohol met her nose. She kept her distance.

    “If you’re alright then I had better be on my way.” She said, turning to walk away. The man caught her be the wrist and yanked her around so that she was facing him.

    “Now ya wouldn’t leave a poor old man teh fend fer himself?” he slurred, obviously more intoxicated then Aria had originally though. She reacted immediately.

    “Get off of me you drunken lecher!” she yanked her hand away and turned to run, slipping on the ice. She crashed to the icy cold ground with a thud. She winced at a sharp pain in her hand. She looked to see a shallow cut, bleeding only slightly. By the time her attention shifted back to her situation, the drunken man was upon her once again. His hands groped at her coat, in an attempt to yank it off.

    “I said get away!” just as she went to kick his feet out from underneath him, the man was yanked away by another, much younger one.

    “Didn’t you hear the girl? Why don’t you go home and sober up you old pervert, before I call the cops!” the young man gave the drunk a shove, and he stumbled off grumbling obscenities.

    “Thanks, if I wouldn’t have fallen I’m sure I would’ve been ok, but I still appreciate the help.” Aria smiled as she got up. She let her sleeve fall over her injured hand, figuring she could take care of the cut when she got home. “it’s already this late in the afternoon and people are still drinking for the holiday...this is one reason I hate New Years.”And that’s only the first reason. Aria thought.

    “Whatever, I was just passing by.” He replied rather coldly.

    Aria gave him a curious look. Upon further inspection he was quite attractive and appeared to be around her age. His blonde hair was in a seemingly systematic mess, and his eyes as icy blue as the sky reflected in the frozen puddle beneath their feet.

    “Anyway, my name is Aria, I’m new in town.” She gave a polite smile.

    “Chase.” the blonde replied bluntly.

    “Nice to meet you Chase.” Aria said, stopping as her stomach reminded her of her hunger. “Well, I had better be on my way. I hope to see you around town!” she gave a wave before heading off once again. She glanced over her shoulder to see Chase wandering in the opposite direction. She shrugged, humming a light tune as she made her way home.

    Tuesday January 1st, 2012, Progress Journal
    Well this was day 1, and things have already taken an interesting turn. A normal stroll turned into an odd confrontation, which ended with the weirdest type of meeting. I wonder if the rest of the year will be like?
  2. Next chapter i here, and if it makes feedback easier you can just PM me with your feedback!​
    Ch. 2 Hesitation
    Aria groaned as her alarm started to beep. She did a stereotypical roll-and-smack on the snooze button before shifting her feet towards the edge of the bed. She shivered at the ice cold wood as she set her feet on the floor. After a second she perked up a bit, realizing how long her day would be. To wake up this early and be out and about would have most people her age complaining, but she was actually a little happy. She stretched her arms and stifled a yawn as she walked to her dresser. It had been a week since she arrived in town, and it was her first day of classes at the college. After picking out an outfit she showered and stuffed her things into her messenger bag backpack. Aria ran down the stairs, grabbing an apple from the fridge and giving Mariam a friendly wave before heading out the door.
    She headed in the direction of the college, the slowly shrinking apple in one hand, the other holding the strap of her bag. A neighborhood kid waved enthusiastically and Aria turned and waved back as she walked. The only problem was turning the corner. Instead of continuing on, she slammed right into someone, falling to the frozen ground.

    “Hey watch where you’re-“the masculine voice stopped abruptly as Aria looked up. It was the blonde from the week before.

    “Hey! Chase right?” She smiled as she got up. “Funny running into you! You heading to the university too?” she asked in a chipper tone.

    “None of your business” the cranky young man started to walk away. Aria was a bit surprised.

    “Wake up on the wrong side of the bed?” she asked in a somewhat playful tone, following him since that was the direction of the university.

    “Does it matter?” he said quietly, and obviously irritated.

    “sorry.” She stayed silent, however unable to leave him since she was headed in the same direction as he was. The silence was heavy, almost suffocating. Aria couldn’t take the awkward feeling of quiet.

    “So it seems like you really are headed towards the university. What are you studying?” she asked politely, wondering why he was acting so cold.

    “Music” he said bluntly.

    “That seems nice, you should show me sometime, what do you play?” she asked. She was glad he was talking now.

    “We’re here” he said coldly. The university campus sprawled out in front of them, old and almost ornate. There was a sign in front of the building that read Harrison University of Fine Arts.

    “I’m going for culinary could you maybe-“Aria was interrupted when Chase jerked a thumb right in front of her face, pointing towards the eastern building of the university. “er, thanks?” she waved as he turned away. What a cranky guy. Aria chose not to think anything of it; she didn’t even know him so she was in no position to judge.

    “Hey! Aria, right? My name is Stella, nice to meet you!” Aria turned as a girl around her age greeted her.

    “yes, Aria Sylvana. Nice to meet you too Stella.” Aria smiled, shaking the girls hand. Stella shared both the class they were currently leaving, and the one previous. She was in the culinary program like Aria, however with less home experimenting experience. She had pin straight hair the color of caramel, grey eyes and lightly freckled cheeks.

    “I didn’t see you around last semester, I assume you're new here? If you have time before your next class would you like to going me for lunch?” Stella chattered as they headed towards the campus cafeteria.

    “Yes, I am new.” Aria was a bit surprised at how forward she was, but was also grateful. “I would love to join you for lunch.” She mirrored Stellas bright smile. She couldn’t help but think Stella had a nice smile.

    “I like your smile Aria, it’s so honest!” Stella complimented out of nowhere.
    “Funny, I was just thinking you have a nice smile too!” Aria replied, followed by the two of them laughing together. Aria thought nothing of the comment, and was glad to see Stella was a nice person.

    They shared an oddly normal lunch together, and parted for their last classes. Afterwards, Aria found herself pensive as she walked home. Stella had been forward and friendly, and Aria was incredibly surprised at the immediate bond they had formed. Perhaps tomorrow things would be different? It was probably one of those ‘caught in the moment’ things. No one was that friendly.

    Aria continued to rack her brain until her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a guitar. A melancholy tune drifted through the cold winter air and Aria stopped to listen a moment. She headed in the direction of the sound, spotting Chase sitting under a tree in a nearby park. The park was empty aside from the melody strummed out on the old acoustic guitar propped on the blondes lap. His back was to her, but as she approached he stopped playing and turned his head towards her.

    “Well looks like someone’s got good ears.” Aria said with a smile. Chase started packing up his guitar, a scowl on his face. “Don’t stop playing because of me, I can leave.” She said apologetically.

    “I’m done anyway.” He said coldly.

    “You know, you don’t have to be so angry. I never did anything!” she gave him a stern look, and then softened her expression, “You’re pretty talented with your guitar. What was then name of that song?”

    “Doesn’t have one.” He slung his guitar over his shoulder.

    Aria was a bit surprised by this, “you wrote it yourself?” she assumed. She figured if it didn’t have a name he must’ve written it himself.

    Chase flinched at this. He hadn’t written the song, however it was something he had played from the heart. “Look, don’t take it personally, but I don’t really care to talk. If you will excuse me, I’m heading home, so I would appreciate if didn’t stalk me.”

    “Fine, sorry.” A was a bit taken aback, but decided not to push her luck. “See you later!” she flashed him a friendly smile before going on her way as well. His expression never changed, instead it remained nearly emotionless.

    When Aria returned home she sat at her desk in her room and thought about Chase and Stella. Stella was one of the friendliest people she had ever met, and Chase was just the opposite. Chase must’ve had reasons for his cold behavior, and Stella... well maybe she was just a naturally friendly person.

    After spending an hour or two on university homework Aria sat down to a pleasant evening meal with her foster parents. She quite liked her home life; however she hadn’t spoken much with Mariam and Tom. She still had a lingering hesitancy to create bonds. What would happen as time passed? The future was too vague for her to let herself be carefree.


    Aria yawned as she sat in her first class the next morning. She was still adjusting to early rising. She caught a smile from Stella on the way out, and waved.
    “morning.” She said in a groggy tone.

    “Don’t fall asleep in class” Stella said with a chuckle.

    “I’ll try not to” Aria gave a hesitant smile.

    “Something the matter?” Stella asked as they walked to their next class in the science wing of the university. They shared a general chemistry class, and they were supposed to do a lab that day.

    “Not really, just tired.” Aria said, only half lying. Stella appeared to accept it with a shrug. “Stella, do you know a guy named Chase by any chance? Blonde hair, blue eyes, bad attitude?” Aria asked out of curiosity.

    “Of course, it seems like everyone knows Chase. Why do you ask?” Stella answered.

    “Just curious. He is a little...odd.”

    “Odd isn’t really the word I would choose.” Stella commented. “I would say he is more like...distant. He avoids people as much as he can and he makes it so that others want to avoid him too.”

    “Everyone? None of the girls try to get him to open up? I mean...he is pretty attractive.” Aria pointed out with an honestly curious expression. She was sure that girls must be attracted to his looks upon first meeting him.

    “They use to. During the fall semester when everyone was new, lots of girls approached him. Even I tried to talk to him; however he would have none of it. He would reply with short, blunt, and even cold statements until he was left alone.” Stella elaborated.

    “That seems so lonely.” Aria said quietly.

    “It does, however most people just thought he wanted to be left alone. Nobody really tried to figure out why he is such a loner.” Stella had a pensive look about her. “I tried several times to befriend him however he resisted and tried to drive me away like he did the others.”

    Aria was a bit puzzled, but figured he must have his reasons. “Well, he has never had to deal with me before, so I think I will give it a shot.” She smiled again.

    Stella smiled and nodded, as they grabbed their materials for lab. While Aria said she wanted to help Chase, she wasn’t even sure how to think of Stella still. What would happen when she had to leave? Did she really want to make friendships that she would have to end?
    The lab was simple and went by quickly, as well as her next class and lunch. As Stella approached her once again she felt her questions continue to multiply.

    “Something the matter Aria?” Stella asked as they walked towards the exit.

    “Not really.” Aria responded.

    “We may have only just met, but that doesn’t mean I can’t tell when you’re bothered. I’m pretty good at reading people.” Stella said, raising an eyebrow.

    “Just a bit... hesitant.” Aria shrugged, not being specific.

    “Making friends is not pulling teeth Aria, just be yourself, the people who matter most won’t care if you’re a little goofy or clumsy, and they will still love you no matter what happens in the future.” Stella reassured as she put a hand on Arias shoulder.

    The future... I shouldn’t worry, should I? If I do then there is no point to coming to this town and having this wonderful opportunity.

    “Thanks, I didn’t even tell you what I was hesitant about and you hit it spot on.” Aria chuckled.

    “I told you I’m good at reading people, besides, you seem hesitant when you talk to me, so when you actually said the word hesitant, I knew that must be what you were referring to.”

    “wow, we’ve used the word hesitant so much it’s starting to sound weird.” As Aria said this they both laughed, and it seemed like some sort of barrier between them had been shattered. Aria decided she wasn’t going to worry about time, and was going to live moment by moment. There had to be a reason she was still here, and she would definitely find it

    Tuesday January 7th, 2012, Progress Journal.
    After a couple days of school I’ve decided not to worry about the future. Ironic since college is ALL about the future. As for me, the present is what matters, and the future of a possible cranky friend
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