A World Within A World.

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  1. Okay! So, i have this really good idea, but of course, I NEED and WANT help from others. So,

    in the year 2067 Virtual Reality games have become a large part of many peoples lives, and the newest game have only made people wish to stay there, be careful what you wish for. Virtual Life, A game where anything is possible, magic, myths, gods, anything, has come about. The game holds infinity amount of skills, and all having to be used like you are in the real world. No visible HP bars are seen, making death based on the person's wound and how fast its taken care of. Pain can be felt in Virtual Life, as can exhaustion and hungry and thirst.. The currency of Virtual Life is Tel, round purple metal coins. There is no inventory system, so clothing is changed like dressing in the real world, and you can only carry what you can hold.

    There are not any type of vehicles, and also the setting is futuristic, but quests can lead you to other Non-futuristic places. (Like back in the past, to a dungeon, plenty of things.) There are also monsters and such. The population in the game, including NPC's is 1 billion. Also, the gear needed to play the game is called Nionet (Ni-o-net) and its a helmet. Similar to SAO the RP will start on the launching day, and the players will be trapped inside with no way out until one of them finishes the game. Death in the game means the same to them in the real world. There are five ways to clear the game, Kill the legendary criminal, Kill the legendary Monster, travel the game world in 362 days, Clear the Legendary Dungeon, or find the god Titan.

    I know there is much more to add, ill be updating this as i can think of more, but please, I would love to know what to add, or remove. Any ideas would be lovely.
  2. Do you have a reason for the characters to get stuck in the game? SAO had kayak a playing at being the god of his own world angle while dot hack had sentient AIs screwing with people.

    Having a tangible reason for getting trapped (game malfunction, game becomes self aware) will create a conflict that drives why and how the players try to get out.
  3. The game have become self aware and wishes for its "world" to stay "alive with players." It even creates a game character that it directly controls.
  4. Well now you got some cool ideas to play with from there.

    So the players have five ways to get out of the game. But the self aware game ought to be able to keep them from leaving, yet permits these avenues of escape. Why? The self aware game is either a) not yet omniscient within its own game world or b) likes to troll the players or otherwise observe what players do in a bad situation.

    What I am getting at is play up the game world as a kind of character, with motivations, limitations, etc. not only does that give you a fleshed out setting, it also makes the self aware game an antagonist, a conflict for the players to go up against. Given the anthropomorphic context of a self aware game, it doesn't even have to be a traditional big bad that anyone needs to beat per se. It could be an atmosphere of "the game doesn't want any of to leave."

    Hope that helps
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  5. Kinda, Thank you. The game is giving players the chance to leave to see if they can do it. Because the ways out are VERY difficult, even the game cant do it.
  6. Though, it still couldn't leave even if it did beat the game.
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