MISCELLANEOUS A world where everything is real...

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  1. So this is a setting for a world where all sorts of creatures, deities, sci-fi, magic and technology are real and exist at same time - this not artistic writing, just bullet points to set up the scenario.

    Long ago the universe started, it was just this blog of pure good energy, some call it God, I imagine an ever growing immense blob of shinning good energy in some bright aqua tone.
    That energy exploded, creating matter, creating the universe, creating all we know... what we refer as the Big Bang.
    The Big Bang was the first thing that ever happened, so when something else happens it creates a parallel universe, for each possibility there's one...
    So there's this one universe, the Alpha universe where nothing else exists other than the Good God energy blob.

    The whole fallen angels thing and Satan rebelling was in universe number 666, it basically destroyed that whole universe and it became Hell.

    Beings like god and the angels they exist consciously in all universes, meaning they are in all parallels universes and aware of all everything at the same time.
    Humans like us are only aware of what out senses can perceive, but we have an equivalent in every world, sorta like in the Jet Li movie - The one.

    In a parallel world we might not be even humans, I could be a lizard for example and you'd be a cat... but Diana couldn't be a cat (this pun is a reference to her previous name Diana NotACat - not 100% sure about the spelling XD).
    The reason for everyone having multiple possibilities in multiple universes is because life is not fair, we each face so many circumstances and are given so much false information that judging a soul based on just one live is not fair, so when one dies the soul merges with the one in the closest (more alike) universe, till all versions of one die and then the soul is this merge of all souls and has this infinite array of events to be judged on and that's much more fair.
    In the end it's simple, souls that are pure enough join the ever growing good god energy in universe 1, the others are kept as slaves in universe 666 - heaven an hell.

    So... everything I wrote so far is just an intro that I need to in order to get to the point of what are Gods, Deities, Angels and demons...

    Basically the devil is stuck in universe 666, he can only exercise minor influence in other worlds, but he managed to make terrible creatures come to live, the Titans (and other alike creatures from various past religions and mythological lore), sorta like the good God energy guided evolution to make men and women, evil devil energy created monsters, so to battle them good God energy made the deities, Zeus, Hades... Ra, Anubis.... Odin... you get the picture...
    The thing is these "Deities" were perceived to humans as gods and they began to act as if that was what they were (at least some of them).
    So the angels banished all the deities to one single the parallel universe, the universe where all deities, all supernatural creatures exist together and are abandoned by god and the angels.

    I call this Universe - Godless

    So in Godless all Deities struggled to conquer the earth, using human worshipers as ammo... technology was created along side with magic creating wicked stuff sorta like hightech/steampunk/magic technology, resembling the sort of thing you see in Final Fantasy games for example.
    There would also be places much more dark aged themed, medieval, primitive... as well as top tech places with no hints of magic.

    In this world everything is real, there are vampires, Dracula Rules Wallachia, artificially reanimated zombies are ruled by Hitler's head in a jar in Germany... fairies live hidden in the woods and so on...
    Many gods died fighting eacother, forged weird alliances, had children (demi gods) and now the world is ruled by several factions that can be made up for each RP being set in this scenario.

    And that's about it :)