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    Vaid and Marri looked at each other as the girl left for the night. It wasn't dark outside yet, the last of the sun's rays covered the forest in a golden glow. It was warm outside, slightly humid, and the wind slowly drifted by carrying the sounds of music and laughter. Vaid picked up a glass and found some wine to pour into it. "Well tomorrow we should really start training, don't you agree?" Vaid asked Marri without looking up from his wine. Marri turned and walked to the far end of the room and sighed. "Yes I suppose you're right," Marri sighed loudly and began to search though drawers and bookshelves, making piles of supplies they would need to bring.

    The next morning Vaid headed to dinning hall to wait for Lyra to come to breakfast. Back in the workshop Marri was fast asleep on the couch. All around the room were piles of supplies from papers, to ink, to food, to sleeping rolls, and much much more.
  2. Lyra had returned to her room, seeing to her wilting Lily before she even considered sleep. She slept through the night, only waking once to a sense of dread. She had gotten up, checked the room and then closed the open window before going back to sleep.

    The next morning proved to be a day full of sunshine, but the promise of rain hung in the air. She stood, dressing in a fresh change of clothes and student robes before heading downstairs for food. She was famished. She sat at an unoccupied bench and ordered a large amount of food.
  3. Vaid had seen Lyra walking into the massive dinning hall, but just barly. It was early morning and sunshine was pouring in through the giant windows and giving a pleasnt warmth to the hall. Students, teachers, and staff of the University were steadily pouring into the hall to claim their morning breakfast before their day was set to start. By the time Lyra walked into the hall Vaid had enjoyed a strong cup of tea to help him wake up and ate a large plate of toast, eggs, and medium-rare steak. Vaid sighed inwardly to himself as he stood up and headed over towards Lyra. He put a gentle hand on her shoulder and offered up a kidn smile, "Good morning, Lyra. Do you mind if I sit with you for a while?" Vaid knew his beavior was...... out of character, to say the least.
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    Meanwhile, far in the South.........
    A large orc riases his arm, whip in hand, and brings it down with a resounding crack. The skin of his victim tears open as the hardened leather makes contact with bare flesh, he screams out in pain and anger. The victim orc finds strength within himself from the pain and anger and lifts his end of the large mast with a grunt and finishes carrying it on board the large wooden and metal ship. Across the ship others were working hard as well. Orcs in red robes either worked on covering every piece of the ship with runes or were used to melt the metal so it would stay or bend to a specific angle. The whipped orc sat to take a rest as him and another orc finally finished settling the center mast into place. Once that was done an orc in green robes came forth to sing to the wood, so the mast and the planks would grow together to further strengthen the ship. Ocne completed a ship looked as if it had been grown and dressed in metal armor. The orc looked around him and let out a loud sigh. All around them hundreds of other orcs were building hundreds of other ships that resembeled the one he worked on now. The orcs had hidden their building in an enormuous cavern on the coast. The back end of the cavern could be blasted out and the earth moved until the armada could reach the river system that would carry them to the Human lands and then onto the Elvish and Dwarven lands as well. The Orc shuddered thinking about those other species. Those species who had once hunted Orcs to near exstinction and even now refused his species the basic rights that all other three races shared. The Orcs were once a very warlike people but after they faced exstinction they vowed to change their ways. For years the Orcs did try to change, but the other races thought it was a clever trick and never trusted them and still treated them like a threat. So the Orcs decided that if the other races wanted to fear them and treat them like beasts then they would ravage their lands like the beasts they were claimed to be. The Orc stood up and quickly made his way towards the cavern's mouth. The closer he got the thicker the smell of the ocean became and after a while the ocean came into view. The Orc took a long breath of fresh ocean air, tasting the salt and wind in the back of his mouth. With a smile on his face he made his way to one end of a large mast and began to lift with another Orc. THe vast majority of the ships were getting closer and closer to being built but with fewer mages than laboros the task of spelling the armada would take a long time. Though there was still much more to do after the armada was done. The seige craft still needed to be crafted and the seige weapons that would go on them. These boats were large enough to carry four seige weapons side by side and used from the water. Perfect for destorying the gates and walls of the Human's capitol city.
  5. Lyra looked up at Vaid, mouth full of food and she gestured sleepily towards the seat beside her. She was too tired from her restless night to notice the change in his behavior and too hungry to care. She finished half of her plate before even glancing at the revitalizing juice that she had ordered. She took a sip and relished the cool liquid sliding down her throat and settling in her stomach.

    Her eyes flicked to Vaid and took in his appearance, cheeks blushing as she realized how much of a commoner she must look. Her clothes and robes she had chosen were slightly rumpled, the fabric thinning and color fading with much use. Her nose scrunched and she looked down at her plate, eating at a much slower pace.
  6. Vaid summoned a goblet of wine as he waited for Lyra to finish eating. He glanced here and there, watching all the people hurrying to and fro. Vaid smiled inwardly at all the commotion going on around him. He would miss the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a large city. "Lyra, it's time we talked. Marri and I are ready to start your training. In order to do so we must leave the city," Vaid clasped his hands together and set them in his lap on his brown silk pants. Vaid watched Lyra silently, waiting for her to question his motives for leaving the city or just complaining about having to leave after arriving only weeks earlier.
  7. Lyra paused in her eating. She looked at him, taking a sip of juice before she responded. "What? Leave here?" Her eyes narrowed and she frowned. She thought about her discomfort the night before and her lack of sleep. Maybe she wasn't meant to be here after all. She didn't fit in, that was for sure. Her eyes flicked over the other students, noticing their easy demeanor with one another and the way they all looked happy. No one else had a book hidden in their lap. Lyra looked back at Vaid. "Perhaps it would be for the best..." She nodded, taking another bite of food.
  8. Vaid noticed Lyra looking around her, the hand in her lap lightly touching the book in her lap, the sadness in her voice. Vaid forced the sadness from his eyes and kept his face calm before he began to speak, "Lyra we're only leaving because you can't be trained here to do what you need to do. It's too noisy in the ways of magic here. There are thousands of people here using magic every day, manipulating it, their own energies mixing with the rest that are here. We need to go out and travel. We need to find places where you can connect with the elements witout any other kind of magic interfering. Things here seem lonely and that's my fault. If you had continued with your old teacher, if I had never stepped into your life, before long you'd have tons of friends," The last sentance felt like a blow to his stomach, the pain radiating outwards from the point of impact. Vaid stood up quickly and made sure his face and eyes stayed hidden, he knew if Lyra saw his face it'd betray him and she'd see his self-loathing and sadness. "Please, take your time coming to see Mari and I but make sure you come by before sunset. We won't be leaving today but about midmorning tomorrow."
  9. Lyra laughed. "I wouldn't have had friends anyway. Ill see you after breakfast." She finished picking at her plate and then rubbed at her eyes. She needed to join them. She just felt so exhausted. She knew she would be of no use after her sleepless night.
  10. Vaid and Marri where finishing up the few remaining tasks before spending the rest of the day relaxing. Vaid picked up around the workroom, checking packs and supplies, and laying spells to keep out thieves while they were gone. Marri had ran off to acquire horses.
  11. Lyra moved and found her way to the workshop, frowning at the activity but saying nothing. "So...what's the plan?" She asked as she seated herself, lilly in her hands. She stroked the petals on the flower and sighed before rubbing her eyes. "Also, are there wind mages by my room? I keep finding my bedroom window open..."
  12. Vaid paused in his preparations as Lyra walked into the now messy and cluttered workroom. He noticed how her robe slightly fluttered in the soft breeze and the pristine white lily in her hands. "I'm not sure what mages are near your room. Anyways, the plan is to head deep into the woods. Before you can master any other form of magic you must first master your gods given gift, earth magic." Vaid finished laying a few protection spells and the conjured up two goblets of wine with a flick of his wrist and handed one to Lyra. Vaid took a seat across from her and looked out the window at the deep green leaves, the rich brown branches, and the sunlight streaking though the gaps in the canopy of trees.

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    Lyra sat down and took the offered cup. She set her lilly on the table beside her and took a sip from the cup. "Oh...I see..." she yawned, looking at Vaid. "Well...what's next?"
  14. "For tonight, nothing more than relaxing and enjoying the city before we leave. Tomorrow we will leave early in the day, but not so early that we catch all the farmers coming into town to sell their crops and livestock," Vaid took a large gulp from his goblet and let out a loud and relaxing sigh. "It'll be nice to be out of the city again. Though this place is beautiful there is nothing I love more than traveling." Vaid set his cup down and walked over to a bag, picking up a map in one of it's pockets before returning to Lyra. Vaid set the map down on the short wooden table between Lyra and Vaid's chairs. He unraveled it slowly, careful not to damage it. He pointed out where they were on the map, "We are here and we will travel further north and then either east or west." Vaid moved his finger and set it down on a very large chain of islands on either side of the mountain ranges that were the home of the Dwarves. "Marri and I would like to make it to either set of the islands before the first snow. It's always warm there, all year round, and it'll be a pleasant treat for us to avoid the snow this year. Both island chains are large trading centers. Their governments are run by a mixture of the races and are known for their training in magical skills. Fire, wind, water, and weather magic are all known to be taught on either island chains but no official school exists. Regardless, Marri and I have friends who live on both sets of island chains and all of them are excellent teachers. Once we reach our destination North it'll be up to you to guide us from there," Vaid spoke calmly and clearly, even though the actual event they were about to attempt was daunting. Heading north to the uncharted areas of the Unending Forest only to then change direction to make way towards the home of the Dwarves. That would mean making their way though the thick forests, again, and then climb at least halfway up a mountain to make it to the Dwarves. Afterwards, they would have to move more south till the mountains gave way to the coast and then catch a boat. That or they would have to travel though the mountains to the coast, an idea that almost everyone would avoid. Even during the height of the summer some of the valleys in the mountains were known for filling with snow, melting, and forming a lake until the land naturally absorbed the water and the sun burned the water off. No matter what way they decided to go, it would be a long travel. Based on the amount of equipment around the room Lyra could guess that the amount of traveling being done via magic would be none, if any.
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  15. Lyra pursed her lips in thought. "Forests are easy for me to travel in...over the water..." she shivered and turned her eyes towards the map. She crossed her legs and stared at the large expanse of land they would be traveling. She looked up at Vaid, trust in her eyes. "Well...I suppose this means I need a restful nights sleep..." she smiled warmly and leaned back in the chair, fingers absentmindedly stroking the lily on the end table beside her.
  16. Vaid chuckled lightly, "Yes you will need a great night's sleep. Don't worry too much though. Mari and I have traveled quite a bit and you'll quickly discover that it only takes about a week for both the body and mind to adjust to life on the road. I think you'll enjoy the trip." With that Vaid finished off his wine and stood. "I think I'm going to go and walk around the city for a bit, care to join me?"
  17. Lyra smiled up at him and stood after finishing her wine. "I would enjoy that very much so. Would you port my lily back to my quarters for me?" She buzzed happily with the thought of fresh air and a journey. She wanted to see so much more of the world and the only way to do that would be to risk everything. "Oh...imagine how many other plants we shall see!" Her eyes sparkled with amusement and she moved to stand by Vaid. "Do you think ill be able to collect seeds while we're traveling?"
  18. Vaid wisked the lily back to Lyra's room with a flick of his wrist and smiled at her as the two headed out of the workroom. "I'm sure that will be just fine. We will see incredible places. Much of the land has gone unexplored and we will travel where the magic leads us. I remember on one journey Marri and I came across a lake that was fed by a waterfall. The lake and all the land around it was covered in snow, frost, and ice, even though we were in a tropical climate. The lade was inhabited by an elemental spirit of ice who loved the sun. So it had bonded with that lake over time and it's magic had grown so that way it could drop the temperature in that one area so that she might enjoy the suns rays without fear of melting." The two headed down a large spiral staircase that was grown around the outside of one the trees of the university. The staircase was large enough that even during rush hours around the school the staircases never got backed up. Below them they could see treetops, houses, farms, shops, gardens, and a lot of people walking about. The sounds of a flute, drum, and lute playing in harmony floated pleasantly on the air.
  19. Lyra was beaming, a wistful sigh escaping her lips at the prospect of all they would see. She followed Vaid, not even paying attention to her surroundings until. A plants friendly reminder to watch where she stepped echoed through her magic. She blinked, brought back down to earth and nearly collided with Vaid in her haste to catch up. "That sounds marvelous! I wish we could leave now." She looked up to find it was most likely too late to do any traveling. Most travelers left with plenty of daylight and she bet if they were to leave now they wouldn't even leave the grounds of the school before time to make camp. A pout came across her lips.
  20. "I'm happy to hear you're excited. That'll make this trip all the better," Vaid smilled at her as she stumbled. The sun was slowly sinking behind the tree tops and the the air was cooling slightly. The two of them had reached the gardens and didn't see too many people about. They began to walk to the gardens, looking at the orante trees and the magically bred plants. There was even a flower that released water droplets from the center of the flower. The petals constantly looked like they were covered with rain drops after a summer's shower.
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