A World of Mixes

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  1. In a world where scientists have created animal-human mixes, there are plenty of new races. There's anything from mouse mixes to gryphon mixes. But these new creatures are hunted by many regular humans who believe they are demons and abominations. It is in this world that a young dragon mix girl struggles to survive within a city, where a rumored secret society of these mixes, often called just that, resides.


    A young woman ran down alleyways, small dragon wings on her back flitting in her effort to increase her speed. The sounds of voices yelled out behind her, a small group of humans that were chasing her down with the intention to kill the Dragon Mix. Her long white hair whipped out behind her even though she tried to hold it, fearing that someone would grab onto it. Her bare feet padded along the ground, her panting heavy. She felt like she was going to be caught by the humans, in which case she knew it would end in death. A few small tears ran down her face, though she didn't dare verbally cry. It would waste energy she couldn't spend.

    She suddenly let out a small scream, one of the faster humans having caught up to her and grabbing her hair. She fell onto her back and the humans quickly surrounded her. One of them, the one that had grabbed her, pulled out a knife. She was just about to shoot fire at him when he cut her hair up to her neck with the knife. She went wide eyed and then passed out.

    Any Mix that was a supernatural Mix with special abilities had something that their power's strength was based on. Her hair had been the base of her power, and now she would hardly have any. The reason the humans had known this was because they had been hunting her for a while and most creatures didn't grow out their hair so long since it was a hazard. The humans closed in around the now blacked out girl, pulling out their various weapons as they glanced at each other. The only question between them being, "Who's going to be the one to kill her?".

  2. Shiruba stared at the other humans as he panted softly. His breath seemed to escape him as he tried to regain it within his lungs. His blood seemed to rush throughout his body as he counted the heads among the group. Although his vision was blurred, he knew where each individual stood and while he waited to regain his sense, he knew it would be soon time to act.

    His equipment clung loosely from his body as his clothes were torn around him. His body was covered in numerous amounts of knives and small explosives. A metal gauntlet covering his right hand as a sword decorated his back. He watched as one man walked forward and unceremoniously cut the hair from the small girl before them.

    He didn't seem to breathe for that moment.

    As he looked on, he could feel the words which left the man's mouth. The buildings surrounding them seemed to repeat his question as he looked upon the others for their response.

    As it grew ever more silent he began to ponder if the others would even consider the task or leave her to suffer without her powers being able to defend herself. As nothing erupted from the small crowd he began to speak up.

    "I'll do such a thing..." He breathed as he walked forward. His body felt like it was being automatically controlled as he began to search among his body for the correct knife to complete the task. As his hands began to move, his mind searched eagerly for an alternative.

    When he finally reached the body on the ground he was surprised to see her appearance. She seemed peaceful even in this state. Fair skinned and as white as snow, she seemed to show no signs of life besides the fact that her small body moved with each invitation of air.

    As he removed any remorse from his mind he began to ready something in the palm of his other hand. This was not what he would do. Something this rare would be something he could gain at least some profit for. As he tried to recount the number and position of those around him. As he finally decided on his action he quickly grabbed one of the many explosives from his belt and planted it on the man who had cut the girl's hair. As he did so, he forced a kick into the person's stomach, trying to push him into the crowd of the others.

    Hopefully it would allow him to escape.

    And with more hope, escape with her.


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  3. The men were surprised to find someone else in the area of the alleyways. At that, a man who had offered to kill her while the others' subconscious knew they couldn't. None of them had killed before and to start with a young girl... it was horrifying, even if they didn't want to admit it. The group simply stared at him as he walked up to inspect her small and hardly moving body.

    A few men in the crowded group even held out their knives. They felt the man was taking too long and figured that if he had a dagger he could just finish her off. Soon, hopefully, since the small girl was beginning to show signs that she was waking up. Her breaths becoming a little faster, her body twitching just barely. The powerless girl would be awake within minutes.

    They all watched the man as he stood there and stared at the girl, wondering what it was that he was doing. Was he hesitating or simply deciding how to kill off the Dragon Mix. She was one of the rarer Mixes, but that didn't mean she would be given mercy in the society. When the one who had cut her hair suddenly had a small explosive, they all panicked. Without even thinking, they scattered. Why would they stay near a man who had a bomb? They didn't have a death wish. Soon, the only people left in the alleyway was Shiruba and the small girl.

    The girl, Hiryu, let out a small groan as she began to awaken. A few small, harmless fires fluttered from her fingers. She was subconsciously testing her powers to see if everything had just been a dream. But, unfortunately, no. None of it had been a dream. Her hair was gone and she was defenseless. She was still mostly passed out, but her consciousness was coming forth, slowly but surely. Shiruba had seconds before she would be awake and running.
  4. The explosive erupted into a burst of fire as Shiruba quickly reached for the girl. He nearly froze as he saw a hints of flames leaving her fingertips. His mind grew cold of the fact if she awakened in his hands and as he carefully scooped her from the floor. He began to second guess his decision as he began to head down the alley. He could hear the sounds of shouting and screams as he pulled a small mask over his mouth which had a single symbol imprinted over the mouth. One of a snake entangled within a sword with a triangle surrounding the two. If he was about to be known to be within the city he might as well plan to be dead with what made him famous.

    As he rushed forward he found two paths presented before him. He cursed as he tried to remember which was the safer route as he heard more voices. He found a small window which led to a basement and pushed her through softly as he entered himself and collided against the ground. He pulled her away from the window as numerous people began to pass by.

    He cursed as he looked around. It appeared to be an abandoned place for old scientific equipment. It looked kinda horrid as he stared at some large ragged objects. He looked back at the girl as he looked at her wings. He was a bit surprised at how they looked and touched one carefully being careful not to stir her.

    As his hand moved, he touched the edge of one of the machines which began to moan loudly as he brushed past it.

    He felt like the entire city had heard the noise as he sat back immediately to assure no one from outside had noticed them.
  5. The small Dragon Mix was still limp in his arms when he picked her up, though she was beginning to move and squirm around. No more fire came from her fingertips, but she really was awakening. Although it wasn't the shouts or the screams or the explosion that were going to wake her up. It would be her captor to awake the small sleeping dragon. His rushing caused movement to her and she quietly mumbled, her small wings fluttering just barely and her short hair moving with the wind, no longer weighed down by itself. She was weak and it showed.

    As she was pushed through the window, her eyes opened just barely. She wasn't fully conscious, but she was on the verge of it. One more trigger and she would be awake and moving around. And this next trigger came soon. With the touch he put to her wings, she was awake.

    Her wings were special. Although they did have scales, between each one of those scales was a fluffy white feather. It would seem that she had bird wings, but they were true dragon wings. It was these wings that fluttered when he touched them and awoke her. Her eyes snapped open and she let out a small squeak, immediately beginning to squirm and struggle within his grip. Her breaths were mere gasps, her legs and arms thrashing about as if she were a child having a temper-tantrum.
  6. He touched the wings softly, a bit surprised by their texture and warmth. He didn't have much time to examine them as she began to stir. Her body suddenly began to thrash as she struggled against him. He nearly had a heart attack as he poked her side to quickly try and grab her attention. His other hand placing a finger between her lips to try and silence her as she checked their immediate surroundings.

    He immediately grabbed at a metal shard and tore it from a nearby machine. He glanced at her as she continued to move and raised his hand above her slowly as he looked into her eyes. He didn't even seem to make any slight movements as he brought his hand down upon her.

    The makeshift knife stabbed at a rather large spider which was near her head. He quickly discarded the writhing creature as he tried to move the arachnids blood away from her. It seemed to simmer as it ate away at the floor she lay upon.

    He cursed again as some seemed to have landed on his hand and removed his glove. He turned back to her and began to question if she even understood his language. He began to talk as gently as he could.

    "If you want to live. I advise making as minimal noise as possible." He replied as he poked her side again and looked out the window to make sure they didn't attract any unneeded attention. He looked back at her as he began to search his body. Not for any instant​ removing his eyes from her.
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    The explosion had stirred the city from its state of torpor, the once vacant and trash littered streets filled with scurrying folk. From on high he watched, feral yellow eyes staring over the scene. Long red hair blowing wildly in the frigid winds, as pale moonlight revealed the scars that littered his scrawny frame, a harrowing sign of the battles he had endured, and a promise of those he would soon face. He was known by many names and titles, but the one that stood out the most was “The crimson man slayer.” During the Great War he had butchered many, his blade drenched and forever crusted with the blood of his victims

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    But it was not pleasure that rested on his face, nor was it excitement, rather disgust at the scene he had witnessed. In this era of science, the need and path of the warrior was dying, soon they would become extinct. In this regard, the sword wielding kitsune was the last of his kind. He had lived by a simple code, a simple rule of existence, slay all evil.
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    Leaping from the building, Aquaria fell with uncanny speed and grace as he landed on both of his feet. Hands reaching for the hilt of his blade, drumming against it lightly as his right foot dragged against the ground, kicking up a trail of dirt. For awhile the Kitsune watched as those vile men chased the poor winged woman, he could never let such acts go unpunished, such revolting deeds unaccounted before. Those same men found themselves within his path.
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    The sight of a man wielding a sword, let alone a Kitsune caused them to laugh. Their idle thoughts failing to influence him, let alone shatter his bearing or resolve. “What have we here boys? Another freak?” One of them boldly proclaimed, confident that the delusion of numbers favored their position. “I witnessed the hate in your eyes…that I have. I cannot let such men who act on such depravity to move about freely!” He barked back, his voice stern yet cold. Though he didn’t seem like a fighter in both his stance and his stature, there still was something intimidating about this one.
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    “Is that a threat? Fool we outnumber you!” His words were met without delay. “It doesn’t matter if there be one or ten cockroaches that scurry from the light. In the end, they all are squashed just as easily.” The way he contested them, those animalistic yellow eyes of his becoming visible in the moonlight, they were the eyes of a seasoned killer. “Boss maybe we should let this one go…” One of them warned. Silence settled between them, as each of the men gauged their odds.
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    “Sadly…I have no intent on letting you leave here alive!”The crimson fox purred, the hoarse whisper of steel friction against steel penetrated the normal clamor. With blinding speed he closed the distance between them, their efforts to brandish their own weapons proved futile. With ease and without clemency he sent a volley of slashes their way. Streaks of blood slammed against the walls as one by one the men fell. Standing there, amongst the corpses he remained, closing his eyes as he sheathed his blade. “Slay all evil….nothing personal.” Aquaria whispered, waving goodbye to the dead men as a scene of carnage and spilled guts lurked in his wake.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    “Now for the other one….” He thought to himself as he calmly made his way toward the building they sought refuge in, kicking the door off its hinges as it was hurled across the scene. Stepping from its mouth the crimson fox appeared within their line of sight, hand resting on the hilt as he pivoted to face them. Those unnatural yellow eyes of his barreling down on them both, as if to figure the worth of their character and spirit; This was the eye of the samurai, and any of any worth or skill
  8. Hiryu squeaked when he poked her side and she went almost completely still, but she continued to squirm around as an attempt to pull out of his grip. She sniffled quietly and rubbed her eyes, looking over at him with her pinkish red eyes. She was scared and angry at the same time, the emotions swirling in her eye. She didn't even understand it herself. She felt him put his finger to her lips and quickly pulled away, hitting lightly at his back.

    She froze up when he pulled the metal shard from the machine and quietly whimpered, thinking that he was going to kill her. This fear increased when he raised his hand and stared into his eyes, being that this was always how she imagined dying. A human staring into her eyes with hatred as they brought a knife down onto her.

    She closed her eyes to prepare for the pain, but it never came. She opened her eyes, only to find a spider on the ground with its blood eating at the ground. She whimpered a bit and looked to him, shivering and holding her hands to her chest. It was then that he heard his words. Words on how to stay alive. She shuddered and closed her eyes tightly, taking in shaky breaths and stopping her whimpering. She could feel his never ending stare, afraid of what he would do with her. She was powerless.
  9. He looked at her a bit confused as she lightly hit his spine. He made sure of her not too touch his weapons as he pulled away from her. He noticed the water that developed within her eyes as she showed revealed the emotion of fear to him. He reiterated his previous words as he placed something within her hands as he turned. With no doubt he wouldn't remain unseen forever and as he heard the words which were yelled on the streets it only seemed to disgust him even more.

    As the door was shot forward and slid to his feet his stopped it and placed it aside gently. His eyes not even crossing the new intruder which now stood before them carrying blood and horrid intent.

    "I over heard you say something of slaying all evil... Well when will you slay yourself? After you have killed all others of committing some form of evil act?" Shiruba replied as he coughed and kicked some dust from the ground. He looked back at the girl as he tossed her a can of water as well. "People who simply believe there is nothing but good or evil are fools to think so. I see nothing but gray. Whether it be darker or lighter does not change the simple fact that it is gray. Do you agree with that?" He asked as he looked across the man's yellow eyes.

    "Do you not even consider that those people have families? That those of them have real reasons to hunt these others?" He asked as he watched on and revealed a similar bomb to what he used earlier. He weighted it within his hand as he held it forward. "I have no just reasons for killing people besides for my sister. You want to get in my way, so be it." He replied as he eyed the sword.

    "If it pleases you any, I believe I have heard of you." He replied simply.
  10. Like a well woven tapestry his words were poised, there elegance catching the kitsune a bit off guard, though his eyes and face failed to hint to any such thing. Silently he stared at them, eyes averting from the man to the woman, and back again. She seemed unharmed, a good thing, and this one seemed vid of any nefarious ill intent toward her. Those fox like ears flickered as he described his perspective of the world, though the gap between them as men proved greater than heaven and hell itself. So it became quickly evident trying to reason with the man would prove futile.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    Finally the silence would break, though his response would strike the lot as odd undoubtedly. “You have heard of me, but know nothing of me. The problem with gossips and tales is that people love to talk, and often they are full of bullshit.” He frigidly replied, feral yellow eyes easing up as if dispersing his once hostile intent. “I care not for your words of good and evil, the world is not simple and the consequences of our actions far to grand for us to fathom. As such I spend little time fretting over the pain left by those who have fallen by my sword. And instead focus on what I can observe the pain they have undoubtedly wrought.”
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    He paused, considering the man’s intent with that strange woman. “We can argue over theories all day, or we can accept what can be established, the choice is yours.” Aquaria replied, the arches of his lips contorting, birthing a smile. “But it seems you ar not evil this day, as such…you need not taste my blade.” He replied a matter of fact like. “I will die in due time, and if I fall from my path I will accept my honor over life.” True words from a samurai…
    <o:p> </o:p>
    Aquaria turned to face the strange woman, looking upon her weaken and terrified state with confusion. “Those who chase you are dead. For the moment bask in the delusion of security.” He whispered under his breath, wondering to what extent the rumors about him prove accurate. As the great crimson fox, a slayer of men, he was known for killing thousands during the great war. A number that was not exaggerated. In some regards he became a legend, a myth of shadows birthing as much fear as intrigue.
  11. Shiruba watched for any slight movement within the man's face. He noticed his glances at the girl and slowly placed the makeshift bomb next to her. He grabbed another carefully from his pocket as he gazed at the man. "If you wish, you can have your own decision." He whispered as he moved away carefully from the girl. "I will give her a chance and a choice. I believe in that regard it is just but she is weak. Even with such a weapon she has the least likely chance of survival. In any option it is still not just but I believe you want to protect her. How would that be just to the ones I care for? Would it be just for them? Or how do you know if this certain person has killed thousands. I don't fool myself wit looks but with the actions people represent themselves with." He replied as he listened to the kitsune's final words. "And don't fool yourself with that kind of talk. I try not to know of those I have to kill so I feel no attachment once I commit what is done."

    "Also, I recommend acting as if I will sell this girl into slavery. If you claim to be just that idea should satisfy you." He replied as he began to toss the explosive within his hands. "I respect what you are just realize that I do not have the same values."

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  12. The girl watched with fear as a man burst into the room, hugging her knees up to her chest and cowering. She was scared. Two men, both of them dangerous, both of them seeming like they at least wanted to protect her a little bit. She was shivering by the time she was told that the men who had chased her were dead and she glanced down at the small explosive that had been place beside her. She shakily stood up on her feet, picking up the explosive. "I-I don't trust either of you!" Her yell reverberated around the room and she took off running, dashing past the kitsune.

    Hiryu rushed out of the door and closed it quickly, activating the explosive and dropping it. She didn't want to kill them. She just wanted to get away. If they didn't open the door, they would be safe enough from the explosion. She, however, was running for her life now. She quickly got up the stairs and flinched as the explosion blasted behind her, propelling her forwards and through a door. She quietly groaned before running out of the house they were in, darting into an alleyway and then up a building's side railing.

    Once she got up onto the roof, she quickly ran off again. She jumped from roof to roof, using her wings to extend her jumps. She wanted to get as far away as she could as quickly as possible.
  13. "Failures are not tolerated."
    This motto that she grew up hearing came into action once again. Another mission. Arachne crossed her arms, just two of them. They had done well in naming her, as her other other six arms hung limply by her side while she listened to her orders. Her black eyes were blank, with no sign of life in them. These scientists in front of her were her creators. They were all she'd ever known. As a successful experiment, they had trained her and turned her into one of their weapons. She was to hunt down the failed experiments and drag them back to the scientists so further research could be done. She was given a large arsenal of weapons to use and information on the failed experiments. She looked at the pictures, memorizing the faces in her mind, programming herself to kill at first sight. Failures are not tolerated. It wasn't very humane, but what about her was?

    She had been searching for just over an hour when she came across a few dead bodies. Just one look at them made it clear that no human had done this. She looked through the information now stored in her brain. There was one...who was a legend of sorts. A humorless laugh left her lips. Legend or not, he was a failure. And failures are not tolerated. She saw a faint trail left by the killer and followed it easily. People stared at her arms, but she didn't much care. With a gun bigger than her arm, no one tried to mess with her, especially since her gun was one of the scientists' guns.

    She came across the building that seemed to hold a lot of commotion to be normal. She could already feel the presence of two others. Arachne ran a hand through her short, black hair and slipped silently into the building. Another mission, she reminded herself. This was a regular routine to brainwash herself. Because it was much less painful to kill while numb than otherwise. Not a mix, not a person, but an experiment. She is just a statistic. No. It was just a statistic.

    Her black eyes looked from creature to creature. Kill, killl. She held up her gun, but nothing happened. Confusion clouded her mind for a second. Was the trigger stuck? No. She realized. Arachne stared down at her hands in shock. They were shaking. Was she...Was she too scared to pull the trigger for the thousandth time? Was she a failure? Would they kill her too? The answer came to her all too quickly as she looked up at the two, stepping back from them.

    Failures are not tolerated.
  14. Shiruba nearly stared in shock as the small figure ran crazily between the two and disappeared through the doorway. She had quickly closed a door behind her as he tried to chase after her. Before he could even reach the area he could hear the familiar sound of something igniting. Within a moment, he used his force to kick the kitsune out of harms way as he quickly pressed his back against the nearby wall and watched as flames spewed from the opening.

    His arm felt like it began to melt away as he yelled in pain. The eruption of power shook the floor lightly as the house began to crumble above them. As Shiruba looked around, he noticed another person among him. A woman with numerous hands. He looked at her a bit confused as he simply cursed and began to make his way towards the window to lead him outside.

    That girl! I didn't think she would do something so randomly drastic!
    He growled as he began to ponder where she could have possible escaped to. He looked back at the crumbling house. A famous killer and some random hunter. Mixed with a dragon girl and an infamous saboteur and it sounded like nothing but trouble.

    "Not dead yet..." He replied simply to himself.

    It was quite a loud sound, so loud that it even disturbed the slumber of a giant, sleeping in a park a few blocks away.
    With black and white fur and a prodigous belly, there was no mistaking that the giant form was indeed a panda bear. The panda bear awoke with a GRRR-OWH, and smacked his lips for good measure. He then spoke.

    "Well, that is a fine how-do-you-do, isn't it? Another bomb, another disturbance of my rest! I hope nobody is hurt."

    The Panda Bear, who called himself Ling-Po because it sounded nifty, sat up and stumbled towards the source of that cacophonous sound. Along the way, Ling-Po said, "DAAAH!" in a quite miffed tone of voice because he had forgotten his bamboo stick. After a moment's deliberation, Ling-Po decided that lives, human or otherwise, were a little more important than his chewing stick. Ling-Po resumed his journey and reached quite a shocking scene indeed.

    A wreck of a building crumbled before him, and a most dangerous looking dog-man, who seemed quite vexed about something or other, stood next to it. Ling-Po peered curiously (and quite warily, though disguised by his cheerful aspect) at the dog-man, hoping dearly that he wasn't one of those nasty terrorist types that kill and slaughter and ruin families.

    It would be good to further elaborate on Ling-Po's aspect and appearance. He is indeed almost wholly a Panda Bear, except for slightly more flexible facial muscles, which are usually kept in a silly, warm grin. As has been said before, he has quite a fat belly, which jiggles around as he stumbles around on two legs (mustn't get the forepaws dirty!) Though his stumbling may seem comical at first, with careful observation one can notice a certain deliberation in the movements, a certain calculated routine, as if Ling-Po intends to stumble in such a comical manner.

    (Hope you guys don't mind a new arrival :D)
  16. The small dragon girl had run several rooftops away, panting lightly and sitting down. She sniffled quietly, pulling her knees up to her chest and running a hand through her now short hair. She tried to breath fire, but was barely able to make a flame. She shivered and curled up more, burying her head between her knees. "I can't trust anyone... Not with the world out to kill me..." Her small dragon wings fluttered a bit before folding up against her back. "I hate this..."

    Hiryu slowly fell to the side, though she stayed curled up. She wasn't shivering anymore, having enough magic to at least keep her body warm. She was completely defenseless, having no battle skills and no power now. She might be able to distract a person, but that was all. She would have to wait if she wanted to gain all of her hair back, or she would have to find a Mix with the unusual power of making someone's hair grow or granting wishes. The second option was almost impossible, so she would have to stick with simply growing her hair back out.
  17. Arachne snapped out of her fear. One little mistake. It wouldn't happen again. She watched as the human fled and ran after him. He was following another mix...Perhaps she would start with her. In her mind, she pictured the little girl she was hunting. Her names was Hiryu. She was a dragon-human hybrid. She got her power from her hair. She was not a creature who sought out violence. It was unknown what else there was about her.

    "Human!" she called out. "Where is the Mix!?" she didn't know if he would answer, but he had to die. She aimed the gun at his head, but thought about it for another moment before pulling the trigger. Wouldn't it be better to have him lead her to the Mix? Yes. That was the best thing to do. Failures are not tolerated. When she came upon the little girl, she was surprised to find her weak and defenseless. This seemed almost unfair. "Are you Hiryu?" she asked calmly, watching the girl carefully for any sudden moves. Two of her eight hands had a strong hold on the gun, aiming it right for the Mix's head.
  18. The girl squeaked when she heard a voice and she quickly stood, turning and backing away as she stared up at the woman. Her eyes darted to the guns and she quietly whimpered, backing away more and shaking her head. "P-please! L-leave me alone! I-I didn't do anything!" A few tearlets fell down her cheeks. "I-I just want to live!" As she backed away, she reached the edge. She blinked a bit in surprise and let out a scream as she fell back from the building, her small wings flapping but unable to stop or even slow her fall.
  19. As Ling-Po stared the dog-man-thing by the building, he heard a sound all too common nowadays- a scream of mortal fear, a scream that men scream when their life is about to end in an instant. You know, they say that a person's life flashes before their eyes when death in imminent- perhaps that was happening right at this moment.

    Of course, none of those thoughts ever ran through Ling-Po's mind- he was rather busy loping on all four paws towards the source of the scream. Several seconds and overturned trashcans later, he reached a small storefront and heard the air displacement of a falling body- unmistakable, really. Ling-Po promptly skidded to a halt, his rear legs being pushed out in front of him by the inertia.

    Luckily, his many years of doing shuttle-runs in his old temple helped him stop in time to leap onto his back, skidding to a precisely calculated distance so that his prodigious blubber stood (and jiggled) between the falling person and the ground.

    Being a very patient man(-panda), Ling-Po didn't really attempt to do much besides wait for the inevitable impact. After all, why pursue an object that will come to you on its own? 'Tis true in most facets of life: romance, money, fame, and any material objects and things of the world. So it is for the small, winged form rapidly approaching.
  20. Hiryu feared she would die as she fell quickly, though something stopped her fall. She landed on something soft and her screams stopped, though her mind was still full of fear. She was shivering, her hands held tightly against her chest. She was almost completely frozen, a woman pointing guns at her and the fall being the only things that flashed through her mind. The intensity of the memories increased and she closed her eyes tightly, reaching her limit. She passed out, though she was still shivering in her unrest sleep and her hands were still held tightly against her chest. She hadn't even seen who had rescued her.