A World In Shadow's Depths

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    A footstep rings out in a long empty corridor.
    The white linoleum tiles embrace the click of black high heels against them.
    Now void of any sound, the corridor remained in stillness, now deadened without the presence of another's life. A door opened, made of a heavy metal, making a faint creak as if calling a goodbye to the hallway for whomever had opened it. As soon as the occupant had left the hall, it fell into darkness, the blinding flu recent lights being shut off. The swish of loose fabric was accompanied by whirring machines as a tall woman with thick blonde hair walked through the room of which she had entered, an observation room of sorts. Wearing a very revealing red dress and black stilettos, though, was certainly not part of this laboratory's dress code. No, this woman didn’t work here, as was clearly displayed by the guest lapel badge. She looked past the one way glass at one end of the room into a room that was nothing but white, just an empty space that was created with the usage of spare lights. The floor, walls, and ceiling were all lit. Not a shadowed place could be found within. That is, until there was a wisp of darkness, as if a faint puff of smoke, before all the lights threw off sparks as they shorted out and plunged the room into darkness.

    "Why'd you bring me here, Charleston? You know that I have far more important matters to attend to." The woman had turned away from the glass to glare at a man sitting at a computer, typing fervently, his blue eyes hidden by his glasses, and the top half of his glasses hidden by his messy black hair.
    "I told you we had found something phenomenal, and so I showed you. Of course, this is just a replication of what happened according to our cameras. We feel that something may have been missing from what the camera could have seen... It just doesn’t make any sense. Not even Esteban can figure out this folly, and yet he is in the paranormal investigations sector." The man spoke without a need to look up from his typing. It was as if this entire scene was rehearsed several times before this, and the response from the woman was seemingly expected as she sighed and shook her head, making movements to leave the room again, but stopping just at the door.
    "Figure it out, with or without the foolish man's mind. If it's a mere electrical short and a moneter error, then buy better monitors and wiring. I will not be standing for baseless estimations of what may and may not be. I created this institute to find the facts about our world, not the silly fiction you time and again try to come to me with." After having made the point clear, the woman left again, greeted happily by the corridor once more. The lights all flickered on one by one, though as the woman walked, the lights flickered and eventually died when the woman strayed too far away from them.

    No one believes me.... no one would believe a.... coward.... a loner.....
    They probably think me to be..... crazy......
    Demita Riugi sat at her desk, waiting for her parents to come back to her room for the help they had promised. She was given an assignment for her literary class to write a research report, something that should be easy for the director of a famous investigations lab. But it was far from such. She couldn’t find anything of worth to write, and anything else she wrote was all fictional. Feeling a presence behind her, a sigh escaped the girl's mouth as she shut her eyes.
    "Hyo, go away...."
    "I don’t have to. I could just stay to spite you." There was a rare sense of humor to the male's voice, one that made the girl smile, she running a hand briefly through her long brown hair.
    "I'm crazy, aren’t I, Hyo....."
    "We already talked about this. You aren-" Hyo stoped in the middle of his speaking, silence stretching between the two before there was a sort of sound akin to sand falling through a siv. The pressence was gone...

    The door then opened, the girl's father entering, looking exhausted in every sense of the word. He had gotten home from his work about an hour ago, and even now, he was still working, catering to both of his children. Demita sat up with a smile, opening her greenish brown eyes to take in the normally jovial father that was now beaten and broken. The smile slowly faded from her features as she looked away.
    "You can.... go to bed if you need it....." she said softly, only to be replied with a sort of grunted sigh, her father leaving her alone once more. "And I can just.... fail my classes again....." Demita got up sadly and went to bed herself, Hyo having returned when her father left, but he himself was left with nothing to say on the matter. He liked the night quite a bit more than the day, and so he would stay with her to ensure that she didn’t have any troubles, though there was the obvious problem of her low English grade. He got to work on writing her paper and put it into her satchel, ready for school the next day.

    There was little to be said of the girl's morning that wasn’t very ordinary for her. Wake up. Get dressed. Eat. Leave. She didn’t ever talk to the rest of her family in the morning since they were all too busy with her brother, so she would walk to school, knowing that she would be surrounded by scorn as soon as she arrived there, but there were others who seemed to slowly be at least accepting her. It was better than being pushed around and having others pretend that she didn’t exist. Maybe today wouldn’t be so bad of a day if she actually made a friend out of a couple of them.
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