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  1. IC
    Hey guys! I'm looking for a bit of help, hoping that this will turn into something. This will be my first group RP that I've run for myself. As such, here is what I was thinking:

    Plot Basics (open)
    Shadows are real beings in a world that could be considered 'just below our feet', though no one can access it. Both humans and shadows live their lives oblivious to the other's real existence and believe that with each action they are acting independently, when in truth, the action is a combination of the thought process of both human and shadow. As neither is conscious of the other's existence, most just write it off as their conscience talking to them or guiding them. So that's the base premise.
    Hyō [​IMG] is a shadow being, but is connected to the human Demita [​IMG] , But since Hyo doesn't match perfectly to Demita, and Demita already has her own shadow, Hyo is able to manifest in both the shadow and human world, using Demita as a sort of portal. As Demita was granted the ability to summon Hyo when she was just a little girl, she found the male to be her best friend, but soon found that no one else could see him, most people just thinking she had an imaginary friend. The only evidence of Hyo's existence would be a shadow, only faintly visible apart from her own. Through the years, she found that she possessed the ability to manipulate shadows into objects, though it was very energy consuming, and she normally ended up hurting Hyo in the possess. Afraid of her ability, she never used it again, and isolated herself as much as possible since she was always an outcast for still having an 'imaginary friend' even as she grew older. Now as she is 18, she is finding that her powers increased and she can actually make portals to the shadow dimension. Upon opening her first portal, though, her life, and the lives of many others, change for the worse.
    **note: normally shadows look exactly like their counter parts, so Demita's real shadow looks just like her. Shadows, however, do possess their own minds, and personalities**

    Current players (open)


    Players in temporary hold (open)


    Current Characters (open)

    Humans (open)

    Demita Riugi (open)

    'A heart of gold can only be proofed by fire'

    Character Name: Demita Riugi
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human - Shadow Bearer
    Age: 18
    General Appearance: A fairly curved body type, though thin enough to look fragile at her tall height of 5' 7". She keeps her light brown hair either down or back in a pony tail, each style accentuating her natural dark brown highlights throughout and showing off her volume and naturally wavy hair style. She has green eyes with brown streaks within them that accent her fare skin, it holding faint tones of pink that give her a natural medetrainian glow, showing off her Greek decent. The only distinguishing marks on her body are a dark brown birthmark on her right side just above her hip with an longest measure of one inch, and a pale birthmark on the inside of both wrists' sides (the one closer to the thumb) that is a fourth of an inch in diameter. She often wears long dresses that expose her arms and are flowing, not form fitting in the least except maybe around her C cup bust
    General Personality: Innovative and logical, Demita seeks to understand the world around her the best she can, though at times, her need for understanding can lead her to taking impulsive risks. She has a natural need for self sufficiancy and creativity, though this pushes her to question authority and become detached from others.
    General History:
    Demita grew up in a kind, though compettitive, household, vying for the attention of her parents as her younger brother got almost every last ounce of it. After a while, she gave up, easing off of her parents and looking for company and friendship elsewhere. Most children her age didnt like her at the time and she was always pushed away, just like at home, which lead her to beleive that being by yourself was just a natural thing, pushing her to take up other interests like studying, drawing, and writing. One day, when writing one of her stories, she felt a strange sort of pressence, as if she were being watched, though she shrugged it off, thinking it was just the family's pet cat that had snuck into her room again. As she continued though, she heard the shifting of fabrics and felt even more assured that she wasnt alone. As she turned to look around, she found Hyo beind her, just watching her write, the boy looking no older than she. The only thing that struck her as odd about him, though, was that he had cat ears and a tail. Just as soon as Hyo noticed that he had been seen, though, he ran to jump out the window, but seemed to disappear just before he touched it. Many more times after this, the two met, and the skittish boy slowly was reeled in to become friends with the lonely girl.

    Demita was granted the ability to summon Hyo when they became friends, but soon found that no one else could see him, most people just thinking she had an imaginary, something to compensate for the friends that she didnt have. The only evidence of Hyo's existence would be a shadow, only faintly visible apart from her own. Through the years, she found that she possessed the ability to manipulate shadows into objects, though it was very energy consuming, and she normally ended up hurting Hyo in the possess. Afraid of her ability, she never used it again, and isolated herself as much as possible, even more so as she grew into junior high years and still had her 'imaginary friend' hanging around. Now, just after her 18th birthday, she is finding that her powers have somehow increased, she now being able to make portals to the shadow dimension, the world in which Hyo lived. She hasnt done anything with the power, though she desperately wants to. Her rationality on the subject, however, holds her back.
    Played by Shadicmaster

    River Midnight (open)

    A love lost can still be a love gained
    Name: River Midnight
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 17
    General Appearance: River is around 5'3 of youthful soft complexion. She has long luscious black hair, Ocean blue eyes and plum-like soft lips. She weight around 108lbs. She seems fragile but expect nothing like it from her.
    General Personality: River is Polite and Well-spoken. She is gentle yet she tends to hide her true fillings, described by other as Tsundere describes a person who is initially cold towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time.
    General History: River couldn't enjoy her child hood, as strange as it seems, Coming from a wealthy family. She learned to take care of her self with out any help from her caretakers. Raised strictly by her father, an Important busyness man, a mother that left her when she turned seven years old. What is to expect?. River tends to pass her time reading or listening to music. She likes to be by herself most of the time. the only person she interacts is her caretaker Lumina.
    But non the less, she is very sociable and caring. Its just the habit of been alone that keeps her distant.
    Played by Skittles4Isha

    Shadows (open)

    Kage Hyo (open)

    Character Name: Kage Hyo (Last name first) (Literally means Shadow Panther)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Shadow - Misbound
    Age: 18
    General Appearance: Reletivly thin and tall, Hyo has coal black hair that is cut to 2 1/2 inches in the main portion, though he keeps his bangs long enough to be styled in a sort of emo style over his face. He has vivid yellowish gold eyes and pale skin without so much as a single blemish upon it. He tends to wear long sleve shirts that are slightly too big for his frame, letting the sleeves hang mostly over his hands. Along with the shirt he wears a black jacket in the same style and a pair of baggy black skater shorts, they hanging loosly about midway up his shin. He insists on wearing a belt so as not to have his pants hanging like a gangster, though refuses to wear clothes that are actually his size.
    General Personality: Hyo is very removed from most everyone and very protective of any who he actually forms relationships with, namely, Demita and Geniva. He will rarely speak to anyone besides those he deems as friends, and if he were to be angered or sent into severe depression (which he is vulnrable to doing, despite trying to control it), he tends to just sit and stare at things, not speaking to anyone, not eating or drinking. He will do nothing until his feelings have abated.
    General History: Hyo was a cast off reject from the general populace since the age of five and had thus a need to learn how to survive on his own. He has little memory of what had happened at any time before the event in which he was rejected, but ever since, no one would talk to him besides giving off the occasional derogitory statement. He always felt that there had to be more to the world they lived in and that there had to be a reason as to why they were all.... Wherever they were. No one ever gave a name to the world he lived within and such concerned him. It was as if no one cared that there could be more to their existence. That there could be more than just this world.

    When the shadow turned seven, he found his answers. It was a strange sort of tear, like one that would appear in a piece of paper. It was made purly of light, resting against a wall, wisps of light flowing from it. Hesitantly, the boy reached through, and then stepped into the light, already having sustained quite a beating that day and being too weak to go to his run down home anyway. Upon stepping through the light, he found himself within another room, though the world looked.... Different. There were colors more vivid than he evere thought possible, and light was everywhere. It hurt his eyes to look at it all at once since he was normally asleep during the lighting hours of night, as most other shadows were, and he was only used to seeing the light of ones cast shadow upon the ground. Frightened by the entire experience, and also having been noticed, he ran back to where he knew the fissure was and returned to his world, he running home with all haste, the fissure closing behind him. Such experiences continued to happen and he found that he was now enjoying his time there, even forming a relationship, and eventually a bond with the girl he consistantly saw. He hadnt even known that he wasnt bonded, but something felt gravely off when he was. He never said anything about it, but he knew he would need to figure out what was so wrong about the bond if anything would ever get better for him.
    Played by Shadicmaster

    Xypher Algara (open)

    "In need of human character"

    Character Name: Xypher Algara
    Race: Shadow
    Age: 22
    General Appearance: About 6'2, 202 lbs, muscular/athletic build, shaggy medium length hair, and gold eyes.

    General Personality:
    Unpredictable, strong, smart, lazy, sarcastic, tough, stubborn, sympathetic, kind, protective.

    General History: You could say Xypher's way of life since he was small has been "go with the flow" he had an average life nothing really special. He's never got involved with anything but if he sees something he thinks as wrong going on he will stand up and help despite the consequences. He sticks to what he believes in not letting others sway him unless they can move him. He likes doing the unpredictable, he doesnt like being labeled as just one thing, in his words. "I dont want to just be brave or smart. I want to be kind, loyal, brave, smart, selfless, humble, and strong. Because seeing just 1 color all the time gets boring, right?"
    Played by Bolour Kardia

    Characters in suspension (open)

    Jake Ludwuik (open)

    "A wounded heart and a darkened mind makes a madman or a hero...."

    Character Name:

    Jake "Jay" Ludwuik







    General Appearance:


    He has blonde hair, always naturally spiked, and dark brown eyes, so dark that in certain lighting they look gray or black, and his skin is fair. His usual attire is made up of a solid color shirt, jeans, and a gray collared jacket made of polyester. He usually carries a gun in his back pant pocket due to his line of work. He also wears a necklace with his family's Coat of Arms etched inside the pendant. You will very rarely see this necklace off. His build is very average, though he's more athletic than most his age.

    General Personality:

    He is very serious and blunt. He will tell it as it is and would very rarely lie (save for when he is on a job). He's not afraid to speak his mind, and if he doesn't like it, you'll know. He hates to waste time and hates to have to wait, especially if a certain time to meet was set up and the other person is running late. He very rarely smiles, usually always having a poker face or scowl. He has a temper, and it will show when he's especially annoyed or irritated. Despite this demeanor, he is very trustworthy and reliable and will never leave someone to die, though he may not like the person or know the person he is saving.

    General History:

    As a young boy, he had always been interested in investigation shows. When other children his age played "Cowboys in the Wild West" or "Cops 'N Robbers", he'd be inside studying about the Police Force, the FBI, the CIA, and what they did. While everyone else played with water guns, he used cap guns, though not for fun. He used them to get used to the noise a real gun would make. He'd annoy his family with DNA kits or rolling their fingerprints, and though he got in trouble many times over, he never stopped. Jake soon started to investigate every little issue from "What's that noise?" to "Where's your sister? It's dinner time." He studied his Genealogy and discovered that he was in a long line of heroes, fire fighters, military members, police officers, even some FBI agents. It was in his blood, and he knew it. He found his Coat of Arms while studying and he discovered a necklace his great grandfather had, it bearing his family's Coat of Arms. Wearing this everywhere, he would gloat about his family history to other kids, using his necklace to start up the conversation. By age 10, his parents were shot at a public shooting in the local convenience store, and he was left in his sister's care, who had just become a legal adult. This event caused him to grow serious in nature, for in his words, "Relaxed and carefree doesn't save lives...." By the time he was 18, he was already working with the Police Force as an undercover cop, and by 20, he was one of the best investigators and undercover officers in the local force.

    "Darkness Begets Darkness....."
    Played by AnastiaCrest01

    Touma Yamada (open)

    'Even the weakest of lights can chase out darkness'[​IMG]
    Given Name: Touma
    Family Name: Yamada
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human, Lightbringer/Shadowless
    Age: 18

    General Appearance: Touma has pale skin with greenish eyes that have a tint of amber in them that shows in four different area's of the color. He has short black hair that naturally lines up well with his face to compliment an attractive eighteen year old college guy. He usually prefers to wear a variety of dark colored clothing ranging from dark tints of red, blue, gray, and especially black. Touma likes black so that's mostly what he will wear.

    General Personality: Often keeping to himself, Touma is the quiet silent type who walks you by in the street barely being noticed. Being a smart young man, he tends to do things on his own whether it be physically or mentally. He has few friends, and is protective and loyal to those he is close to, especially his younger sister. For most days, he isn't in the best of moods with only his sister being able to make him happy. Because of these days, he prefers to keep away from most people.

    General History: Touma's life really to the best of his own memory is barely any marvelous to him or anyone else than any other ordinary person save for a couple points to note. When he was about ten years old, Touma's mother became very ill mere months after giving birth to his little sister Kiku. It didn't take much longer before she lost her will and gave her final breath to the illness. Attempting to get by and relying on his father, Touma tried the best he could to care for his baby sister. However, conflicts between him and his father arisen day in and day out until finally, his father just snapped and threw both Touma and his sister out of the house claiming to not want anything to do with them. Touma got the best out of his education and cared for his sister well. Having someone baby sit her while he went to school and work, he was able to get by inch by inch. Eventually he had found himself at college under the literature major and working part time. While he's at college, Kiku is in school and while he's at work, Kiku is at home by herself old enough and trusted by her brother enough to take care of herself until he returned home that night. Everyday, Touma would dedicate his freetime to his sister until her bedtime in which he would tuck her in for the night. The simple life of Touma Yamada
    Played by Aaronance52

    Aranul Eekcilam (open)

    Character Name:

    Aranul "Ar" Eekcilam







    General Appearance:


    Aranul has vivid orange hair (for a shadow) that falls to her waist in thick silky waves with pale, almost completely gray, blue eyes. She has soft pale skin with an hourglass figure, athletic/average build, about 5'7, 142 lbs, and a small faded scar on her right jawline.

    General Personality:

    Aranul may look kind and innocent, but in all reality, she's completely the opposite. She's rude and snarky and sarcastic. The only time she acts nice and sweet is when she wants something or when some kind of sweet treat (mostly Mochi Green Tea Ice Cream or Japanese Custard Pudding) is in someone else's hands. Otherwise, she has no good side and she's on no one's good side either. She's proud, confident, stubborn, and loves to talk down to others. The few who have gotten to know her see a vulnerability and a shyness beneath her cold exterior, though even fewer experience this personality change on a regular. Those who do, she is incredibly loyal to, and will stand up for them, no matter the cause. Or cost.....

    General History:

    Aranul was raised in a wealthy household, but her parents often forgot they had a child, leaving her with the many caretakers. This caused her to grow cold and somewhat heartless. Her parents rarely spent time in the mansion, her mother always travelling and her father always at a bar, whereas the young shadow girl was thrown to the side like a doll and never thought about twice. When they did pay attention to her, it was usually when she was in trouble or being told to earn her own money, food, etc. As a child she tried to do everything possible just to get their attention, but with age came a carelessness that she should have never received. She quickly lost all of her friends due to her new attitude and at age eleven, was forced to move in with her mother on a long business trip, where she grew even colder to the outside world. She somehow managed to get more friends by stopping a few fights, and those few friends, when alone with her, is able to see who she really is. Because they have seen this other side to her, she vows to never leave their side, and if they leave hers, she'll be crushed.
    Played by AnastiaCrest01

    Waiting on CS (open)

    rules (open)

    General Rules (open)

    1. If I write something happening in the rp, no one may deny or work around it. What I say goes and you work with it not around it.

    2. Be sure to roleplay with the intent to not over rule everyone else. Only I am allowed to do that.

    3. When you are roleplaying, in character, It will be in the (IC) rp thread. If you have something to talk about out of character then post it in the OOC, or in a private message.

    4. If you make an Argument in regards to something involving the rp, like a character or something... please try and resolve it with whoever you are arguing with. Don't drag everyone and their grandmother into it. If an argument or disagreement lasts too long, or interferes with ability to roleplay, I reserve the right to intervene.

    5. God modding is very frowned upon. Know your character's limits and act accordingly please. And if I say something happened to your character, it did. Don't take it personally. If you disagree with what I want to have done, bring it to my attention in a private conversation. Just don't god mod.

    6. if you know something but your character doesn't, don't let that affect your character's decisions... don't metagame!

    7. In your CS post, type "Darkness Beget's Darkness" somewhere in it to prove that you have read and agree to the rules here.

    8. Killing another player's character is only allowed if permitted by the player themselves.

    9. There are situations where a character may die... NO it is not me being a jerk. Understand that situations may occur that puts you in danger and can kill... death is a factor that must be considered. Don't go into a fight you KNOW is a death sentence because it will become just that.

    10. Please, I know its already mentioned, but don't try and put yourself in obvious great danger... things will not go too well...

    11. No controlling other people's characters without their permission.

    12. Please do not double post. You may post once per round. A round lasts until all players have posted/when I say that it must be moved on.

    Posting Rules (open)

    1. As previously stated, no double posting without my consent. If you are in an interactive scene with someone, set up a conversation with the person to interact freely and post when the collaberation is over. Otherwize, wait until the posting turn is over to respond to the person.

    2. Be active enough to give at least one post per week. There will be exceptions of course, but I want to have dedication. If people dont post then the other players inevitably loose interest.

    3. I reserve the right to write you out of the roleplay after an extended unexcused absence of two weeks or more due to an active 'holding up the roleplay'. You can pretty much guarantee that you will die. I will allow you back into the roleplay with another character, but after that, you are perminantly banned from this rp.

    4. Please have at least two paragraphs per post. No, its not that hard. If you need help to get it up to that standard, talk to me or my Co-GM (yet to be decided) for help.

    5. Look up guys. There isnt a tag that says language. At all. I do not want any cursing in this roleplay, mild or otherwise. No, not even the s word, c word, a word, or two b words. No. Cussing. You will receive one warning. After that you will receive a one round post suspention. After that you are to be removed from the roleplay.

    CS Bare-Bones (open)

    *Note that you may add more to the CS as you see fit. This is only your minimum requirements*
    *Having multiple characters is highly encouraged. You may play your own shadow for your human, or you may have another player play the shadow. Completely your choice*
    Character Name:
    (you may be a shadow, human, or a human with similar powers to Demita, though if you want powers, ask me first)
    Age: (minimum of 17, maximum of 32)
    General Appearance: (pictures are accepted, but a written description is a must)
    General Personality:
    General History:
    (yes, it's required, no, you don't have to write a novel about them. One paragraph minimum that tells me about them growing up, what people normally think of your character, and what makes them who they are)

    GM Application Sheet (open)
    How long have you been roleplaying?
    What rp's are you currently participating in?
    Have you ever gm'd before?
    If so, how many times and what were they? (off the top of your head. You dont have to go and find them all xD)
    Why do you have an interest in the GM position of this roleplay?
    Do you attend school or have a job?
    If so, what is your schedule and how often are you normally on and available to roleplay here?
    *send this application to me in a PM*
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  2. Why am I listed second TnT Also, can't see the images. And I think it's a really cool idea ^^ Do the shadows have colors? Like the human has colored hair, eyes, etc, but maybe the shadows are grayscale?
  3. Oh shush you! You know you are loved! Anywho, the shadows are generally on a darker scale than the human, though there is more variation than grayscale. For colored hair, just say its that color, but extremely darkened so that its near being black
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  4. Yay! I'm loved! And I would become a GM, but I wanna let someone else have a chance ^^
  5. I support this... Put me where you think me best or give me some opportunities of choice for myself.
  6. I prefer everyone to have the freedom of choice in this rp. If you guys want to start on CS now, then you can and just PM them to me instead of putting it on here so i can approve and see how to work the characters in.
  7. I'll get to it as soon as I can... oh... nevermind, I'm free right now... big surprise.
  8. Sounds Cool :) I am a slow poster lately, so as Long as you can deal with late night posts then all is good.
  9. Night is normally when I post anyway, so all's good, yuki! That is if I can get this started at all ^~^'
  10. it will take some time, Plus Organizeing posting order and Chracter sheets, It going to be a rather long process, XD
  11. Sorry Shadic :( I can't take on another RP right now. Between the one I GM, the two I play in, and another one I'm working on I'm just strapped for time. The semester starts in 3 weeks so I need to thin the heard! Good luck with your RP though! Really unique idea!
  12. Thanks for the encouragement and showing the interest! Even if you can't join, it means a lot!
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  13. This sounds amazing! I would love to join this role-play! Are you wanting people to add to the plot or do you think you have it down for the most part (because I love to help out)?
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  14. I have most of it worked out, but there is still a lot to do with the story line. If you want to help, it would be great if you had Skype? If so, you could leave it here, or pm it to me
  15. I would love to help with the story line but I am unable to use Skype at this moment. If you want it to be private we can do it over conversation here or we can go to Chatzy.
  16. PM is perfectly fine, though I'm about to go shopping, so I won't be back for a while
  17. Lol, never mind then? I have about an hour till I go xD
  18. Hello, I'm new in this site, But i am VERY familiar to Roleplaying been participating and managing my own RP's for 7 years now
    its hard to catch my attention, and this idea Just did. If you need anything from me, PM me or let me know.. I'm interested.


  19. Sure thing, I'm totally cool with newcomers. Thanks for showing interest and I hope to soon welcome you into the rp should it get started
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