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  1. A World In Chaos


    Hello and Welcome to the "A World In Chaos" OOC. My whole point of this RP is to of course create a well written story and an epic experience for those who decide to come along for the ride, but also create good strong bonds between players of this RP. I myself Strive to do my best when RP'ing to get along with those around me and get better at writing. And While I'm not an Amazing Writer I am an experienced writer and hold my partners to a similar standard. This RP will be based in 2014, but there will have been no scientific and progress past 2013. It is an aftermath RP. The world has fallen to crap and It's up to our rag tag group of Survivors to find a safe place where they can settle down and finally rebuild there lives. The Rp is however based loosely off of the "Zombie Survival Guide" and if you never read this book i will give you a basic summary.

    The Zombie survival guide is based
    [COLOR=#800000]more off of the traditional zom[/COLOR][FONT=courier new][COLOR=#800000]bies in the fact that they don't run granted, I will be taking some libertie[/COLOR][/FONT][SIZE=3][FONT=courier new][COLOR=#800000]s for the sake of plot but, for the most part it is swarms of zombies. And the number one thing you [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3][FONT=courier new][COLOR=#800000]need to know is that once a zombie see's you it let's out a loud [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3][FONT=courier new][COLOR=#800000]and elongated moan that will alert any zombies with a half a m[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3][FONT=courier new][COLOR=#800000]ile radio[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=#800000][FONT=courier new]s to your position. So You'll want to keep a low profile and try not to go rambo.[/FONT]


    [SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][SIZE=4][SIZE=3]In January 2013 the [/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3]first reported outbreak of the gene 3 virus was recorded in Japan[/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3], and within several weeks, Japan was lost the plague washing over the entire country laying waste to it's extremely dense population.[/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3] However while most people thought that the plague would remain isolated on the island country, those who escaped and evacuated to countries world wide brought the pl[/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3]ague with them. By June 2013, Almost every country in the world was beginning to show si[/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3]g[/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3]ns of the plague in all major[/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3]ly populated city's. By October [/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3]almost every country had been completely [/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3]annihilated by the virus and the reaming hu[/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3]man population world wide was wiped down to a mere 6% left[/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3]. The intensity of the virus had claimed many lifes but the after effects had claimed many more. [/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3]Those who were left were immune to the [/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3]air[/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3] born virus and also the water born strains. And even fewer by the blood born strains. Now January 1st 2014, the remaining populace has to try and[/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3] pull [/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3][SIZE=3]itself out from extinction or perish.[/SIZE]

    [/SIZE][/COLOR]My basic expectations of you are to get along with each o[SIZE=3]ther post to the best of your abilities and not to [SIZE=3]try and just have fun. I plan to have this RP split into three different ones. A beginning A middle and an end, the end ending in a final conflict where they [SIZE=3]try and take back the world and [SIZE=3]eradicate[/SIZE] the zombie plague.[/SIZE] Now As all my friends know I am a hopeless romantic and so I like romance, but do to the fact that were not in MATURE we need to keep this civil with fade to black moments. SO feel free to talk with peop[SIZE=3]le and set up a basic idea if you want to have a love interest. As for me I will [SIZE=3]let you all know if Someone takes ME up on the offer of a romantic interest. Now Onto the good stuff.


    [SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=5][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=3][I][COLOR=#8b4513][SIZE=5]Starting Point[/SIZE][/COLOR][/I]

    The Rp will start out with our characters leaving what used to be an outpost where people tried to survive, but it got overrun. Our people will be the only survivors and we will have very few supplies to last us. Our characters will set off in search of a safe place to call home once more and out into the ruins of civilization they will go. This is how it will start. And now finally the. ..

    Character Sheet






    Equipment: (Keep it small to start off with, like one flashlight or a canteen things like that we will be sharing as a team.)

    Weapons: (Moderation please, No RPG's or Barret 50. Cals. Keep it realistic.)


    Other: (character quirks such as stutters medical issues, etc.)
  2. This is great, exactly like something I'd be after. I definately have to dust off my ATB character for this.
  3. Please Do I'll Get My CS Up soon ^__^
  4. Name: Nikki Cruez

    Age: 20

    Height: 5'7

    Weight: 127

    Show Spoiler

    Equipment: Flashlight, Two Spare clips for her gun as well as the chambered clip

    Weapons: M1911
    Show Spoiler

    Backstory: She used to be a personal trainer. More to be released within the RP.

    Other: She has a stutter that is hard to control so she doesn't like to talk much even though she tends to take control of situations rather often
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  6. I'm interested.
  7. Name: Hosha'na (meaning: Deliver us) "Hoshie" Schuller
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 150 lbs.
    1 Pack of Matches
    4 Baggies of Dried Fruit & Meat
    1 Bulletproof Vest
    2 Bottles of Antibiotics
    4 Bullet Packs
    1 Recurve Bow (6 ft. tall, 75 lb. pull weight)
    1 Quiver with 30 steel arrows
    M249 Saw (not used unless on watch)
    MK14 EBR
    Bio: When the strain was first spotted, Hosha'na was sent to Japan to investigate because she was in the bioterrorism sector of Mossad. She went undercover as a doctor and had to watch millions die. After the fall of the Israeli government, Hosha'na went to America with as many weapons and supplies as she could carry. She is the sniper and "hit-woman" of the group and is usually the most aloof and cold hearted person, shielding her emotions behind emotionless eyes.

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