A World Gone MAD ~RP~

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    Rolling greenfields, a blue sky, a forest to the east, jagged mountains to the left and a city in the centre of the fields. The city is bustling with people. Tall people, short people, people with hats, people with tuxedos and even people with umbrellas despite the cloudless sky. You turn on the spot taking in the bustling marketplace. With every motion and sight your eyes grow wider, your jaw dropping lower. There are people who don't even look like people at all. They have the forms of animals yet wear human clothing. Some just have aspects of the animals. One girl is something of a peculiar sight. She is tall and slender, seemingly normal but when she turns to look at you, you see that she has features resembling a cat. A light film of turquoise coloured fur covers her feline features; slanted golden eyes examine the items of the stall near her, selling articles of shimmering jewellery.

    She reaches out to examine a particularly elegant piece and you eyes are drawn to the delicate hands tipped with deadly claws. She gazes longingly at the necklace before turning her back to it, hurrying on. A hoarse cry sounds out from the high bell tower, like someone being murdered and people begin pulling out umbrellas. You look about as people who don't have the umbrellas find other items to cover their heads with. Before you have a chance to react, the storm begins. You duck under an awning and gaze in shock as you realise it isn't rain but rather hard candies in all colours, with a small 's' on their coverings. Are they...Skittles?


    Dometris drummed his fingers against the the arm of his throne, frowning slightly.
    'MORICE! Why haven't we had anything exciting happening lately?!' He shouted, calling forth his manservant. The small man shuffled forward, bowing nervously.
    'I-I'm not sure master. P-perhaps you haven't been giving them enough to occupy their time my lord?' He stammered, grovelling at the God's feet. Dometris shook his head.
    'No. I've been giving them plenty to occupy them. They're just.. acting like those blasted boring creations of my brothers'. We need more entertainment.' He stood up, storming to the window of his palace, surveying the land below. It had been perfect but it was not going to plan, not at all. Why was no one doing anything exciting. And most of all, why were the people all hating him? It wasn't right. They were meant to be grateful to him, for bringing them out of their dull, boring lives. But instead he was cursed, hated. For what? for answering their prayers? It was ridiculous.
    'MORICE! FETCH MY SCYTHE! We're going to cause some havoc.'


    Icarus landed heavily in the field of sunflowers, their stalks towering over him majestically, casting enormous dappled shadows over him. Slowly he lifted his head, pushing himself up onto his knees with weak arms.He didn't recognise the place. Had he hit his head so hard that he'd lost his memory?
    'Where am I? How the hell did I get here?' He moaned, sitting up and holding his head, looking for his car. It should have been there. The last thing he remembered was the car plowing toward the edge of the cliff. What had happened? He gazed around at him, trying to see over the heads of the sunflowers. He had no idea where he was, how he had got there at all or what he was doing there. He brushed a blonde strand of hair out of his eyes, seeing a glint of light between the stalks, the strange swirled sun reflecting off the windows and decorations of that large city. He chose to head toward it, hoping that perhaps it would lead him the right way.
  2. The nest had been set ablaze; smoke filled the humbly-built caverns as the orange-yellow flames blocked the path ahead. Aufe cried out, as the fire came too close, leaving a burn on her torso. There was so much…destruction. Her home was turning to ashes before her very eyes, and she was trapped. The pixie tried taking a step back but feeling the heat lick out, she hesitated. Was there no way out?

    CRACK. Dirt swooshed down from above. Light streamed in and the fire flickered for a moment. It was getting hotter; the sweat clung to her skin as she stood another minute in the heat. The pixie had to act quickly! With a yell, translucent wings opened, spreading across her back, as she flew out of the crumbled ceiling. A sharp pain, another shout, and she was free from the blaze. But her nest was not.

    The cackling of the fire mocked her as the pixie’s vision faded black.

    It was dark and bitter cold, when Aufe woke. It took her a moment to remember, the hazy memory of the fire creeping back into her mind. She silently prayed it had only been a dream, that she had just forgotten to turn off the light or shut the door, that these strange disturbances, the burnt smell that hung in the air, was all in her head. Aufe stood slowly. Each movement had hurt worse than the last one. She tried to raise her wings, only to hiss in pain as it hung pathetically against her back. It had torn; the once smooth surface was jagged.

    “No, no, no, no!” Her anguished cry was the only thing heard in the sleeping dunes as the reality sunk in. No home, no wings; everything that summed up her existence had been taken. "I..." The pixie couldn't finish the thought, but it made her doubt herself. Could she even be a pixie if she couldn't fly?

    With nowhere else to go and no answers, she turned shakily and walked away.
  3. Loba wandered around the forest, observing those near her, taking personal notes about them along the way. She jumped into a nearby tree for a nice view of her horrid new home. If an elf were to walk by.... No matter, Loba continued on, tree to tree, branch to branch, when she reached the border of the town. "Today," She said quietly to herself. "I'm going in there, I need to see all of my new home for future preperations." Loba then noticed all of the nearby creatures staring at her. She hissed sharply, going into a snarl. "What are YOU looking at?! Go along, you filthy disgraces!" She spread her long wings (about an 8 foot wing span, for size reference) and landed on a building in the town. She studied and mapped this place in her mind, staring down at the different species in disgust. "I need to get out of here before these people-" Loba was cut off by a loud noise, coming from a thunder bolt in the distance. She jumed quite a distance, landing on the ground on her back in the middle of the sidewalk. "Dammit, thunder!!" Loba was done with this place. She quickly flew back to her perch in the forest, watching intently for lightning.
  4. Citali wandered around aimlessly, looking around this new place; everyday was a new place for her since she never wanted to be in one place too long- too boring. As she walked she would change her shadow into interesting shapes and creatures to amuse herself along her travels. She stopped her a moment when she thought she heard someone near, 'somebody is close? Ooh.. this'll be interesting!' she thought to herself then called out, "Hello? Is someone there?" She didn't even stop to think for a moment that whoever it was she was calling out to could be dangerous or evil, her only thought were of the adventure which could take place with every new face she meets.
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    Loba was finally calmed down after the thunder when someone she hadn't seen or heard asked something. She again jumped, and again she fell. Recovering, she shook her head and looked up. "What," She hissed. "Was that all abo- Wait... Are you an... ELF?! TELL ME NOW!" Loba's hair was bristling as the memories of her parents being slaughtered in front of her own eyes returned. "THEY... KILLED THEM! YOUR RACE! I WAS ALONE!"
  6. Citlali jumped back at her sudden appearance and her immediate anger at her. "Wha-what? What are you talking about? Yes, I am an elf but… what?" As she spoke Citlali pulled one of her arms behind her back and formed a large knife in her hand out of her own shadow in case this creature decided to attack her.
  7. Loba was slightly concerned by the knife, especially in an Elf's possession, but she stood her ground. She calmed slightly, seeing that the Elf wasn't hostile... Yet. Her voice returning to normal, Loba said grimly, "So you are an Elf... How unfortnate. I won't kill you... It's against our way of living, but just stay away from me if you like, and for GOD'S SAKE NO MORE LOUD NOISES!" Loba then returned to her perch, keeping an eye on the elf as well as the other creatures in this disgusting place.
  8. Giant green leaves and changed to smaller green leaves and then sunflowers. The transformation in territory had made the blue-spotted fox curious and intrigued, as he bounces through the stalks. It wasn’t a necessity that Soleil run on all fours, but the bright yellow moment called for it. The scent was all too intoxicating. Such unique things they were. The jungle had floral of its own, but nothing quite like the sunflowers.

    It was sudden when his vision went completely white in a blinding attack of sunlight bouncing off something ahead. Normally, a lake or ocean would only render his eyesight weak with a few spots of white and bright green momentarily, but this reflection was so strong, so vivid he was blinded. His enthused spring fell into a trip and then a thud as he crash landed upon something… or someone… warm, soft and as bright, blond, as the sunlight.

    After a roll through the sunflower stalks, his crash came to a halt. Soleil hadn’t even seen the creature before crashing into it, but upon laying eyes upon this block in the road, he swallowed. Whatever it was, was far more intriguing than anything he’d ever laid eyes on before. He pulled himself onto all fours, three giant, fluffy tails wagging and stared down at the creature under his clutches. He grinned, eyes bright and curious. A soft yip like squeak came from his mouth, as if trying to say ‘hello’.
  9. Citlali raised an eyebrow at her behavior, she wasn't a very kind person and seemed to hate her before she even knew her name! "Well you're not very nice." She rolls her eyes, "And thank you for sparing my life, here, I'll show my thankfulness by doing the same for you." She then showed Loba the knife she had created then she had the shadows dissipate, the knife disappearing. "Happy?"
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    Loba glared at the Elf before saying sarcastically, "Very..." and continued to watch the Forest. "And, yes, I actually AM nice, just not to YOUR species... Off you go then, wouldn't want to trouble you would I?" Loba leapt slightly higher in the trees, trying ot get the Elf out of here before she snapped again.
  11. Citlali looked back the way she came, thinking about whether she should leave or not. She decided on the latter since it was the more interesting choice. So she turned back to the creature and crossed her arms, a curious smile on her face, "So you're just racist then?" She said in kind voice, note trying to sound mean even if her words implied that emotion.
  12. Loba, annoyed that the Elf wasn't gone , jumped back down and snapped, "No, I am not racist... Your species just so happened to, I don't know, KILL MY FAMILY FOR FOOD. I don't think you would like winged wolves if they murdered your family, would you?!"
  13. The smile slowly fell from her face and was replaced with a look of concern and sadness, "Pardon me? Y-you're saying elves killed your family?" She knew that some people of her race did act that way and would do that but the thought was still troubling to her. "Well… that doesn't mean you have to hate all of us, only some elves are that… um… cruel." She was able to think of a good name to describe them but came up with the best she could.
  14. "Alright," Loba said, knowing the Elf was right but not wanting to admit it. "How about I go kill your family with a pack of my species, wait awhile, then stick you in a world filled with winged wolves. Tell me how it goes later..." Loba smiled to herself on the inside, sensing her comedic and sarcastic genius uniting. "I have a feeling that you wouldn't be so happy, would you?"
  15. Citlali thinks for a moment then shrugs, "I actually wouldn't know, I haven't had contact with my family in years." It was a sad piece of information but she didn't seem to be bothered by it, it was the truth after all. "But if I did know about their deaths then… well I would be angry at them but that doesn't really apply to our situation since I'm the only elf nearby you but in your suggestion, I would have been surrounded by your species."
  16. "Oh," Loba said, disliking the reflection lacking anger. "You're a smart little Elf, aren't ya'? Well, you're gonna need that here. Why don't you go into the city and have a look around? Oh, and, just don't get pelted by Skittle rain. Tah-tah, now!" Another crash of thunder roared through the forest, causing Loba to fall off of her perch YET again, back onto the ground with a yelp. "YOU'RE WORSE THAN THE ELF, YOU STUPID PIECE OF NATURE!"
  17. Citlali bent over toward Loba as she fell in concern but was also slightly amused by the fact that she fell down after acting so high and mighty. "Are you ok?" She asked then stuck her hand out to help the creature up. "Oh! And my name is Citlali by the way." She told her with a smile.
  18. "No," Loba thought, her mentality changing. "I... I cannot befriend them! It's impossible.. It-No, if I'm going to get out of here, I'll need as muc help as I can get, despite their r-r-race." Loba couldn't really take her hand without opposable thumbs, so she stood herself up and said, this slightly humiliating her. "The name's Loba, Loba Canis. N-nice to m-meet you, Elf-er-Citlali."
  19. Citlali giggled softly at Loba's stuttering and dropped her hand. "It's nice to meet you too Loba." She takes a deep breath and glances around all around them, "So what brings you to this world? I take it you're not a native?" She assumed the fact that Loba did not come from this world since none she had met ever were and this creature did not seem as if she would be any different.
  20. "Well," Loba sighed. " To summarize, the God of Insanity made a large drought that made the creatures of my homeland go insane or be killed. He later moved all species of different sanity levels to this horrid place. I choose to reside in this forest. How about you? Know how you got here, or is your memory wiped?"