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  1. Rolling greenfields, a blue sky, a forest to the east, jagged mountains to the left and a city in the centre of the fields. The city is bustling with people. Tall people, short people, people with hats, people with tuxedos and even people with umbrellas despite the cloudless sky. You turn on the spot taking in the bustling marketplace. With every motion and sight your eyes grow wider, your jaw dropping lower. There are people who don't even look like people at all. They have the forms of animals yet wear human clothing. Some just have aspects of the animals. One girl is something of a peculiar sight. She is tall and slender, seemingly normal but when she turns to look at you, you see that she has features resembling a cat. A light film of turquoise coloured fur covers her feline features; slanted golden eyes examine the items of the stall near her, selling articles of shimmering jewellery.

    She reaches out to examine a particularly elegant piece and you eyes are drawn to the delicate hands tipped with deadly claws. She gazes longingly at the necklace before turning her back to it, hurrying on. A hoarse cry sounds out from the high bell tower, like someone being murdered and people begin pulling out umbrellas. You look about as people who don't have the umbrellas find other items to cover their heads with. Before you have a chance to react, the storm begins. You duck under an awning and gaze in shock as you realise it isn't rain but rather hard candies in all colours, with a small 's' on their coverings. Are they...Skittles?


    Lords, Ladies, Halflings, Furries and all far and in between, You've officially entered A World Gone MAD, (Also known as Insanistatia) You may have just arrived, or you could have been here for years. You may have even been born here, but you all have one thing in common. You are determined to get out. Dometris, the God and Creator of all things Insane has created a domain where insanity can run free and he has gone through each World and plucked people out at random. There is only one way to end the madness. You must find Dometris and kill him. But there is one problem. Dometris is everywhere. He sees all, hears all and knows all. So how do you beat the system, when the system is everything? Well my dear subjects, that is for you to decide.

    Species: (human, vampire, lycan, furrie, halfling etc. ANYTHING GOES.. Except sparkly vampires)
    Any abilities:


    Aramontis: The capital city of Insanistatia, where the fighter's guild resides, the traders thrive and everyone has their own talent. The market place is one of the best in the whole area.

    Hellsborough Forest: A mystical forest. Many creatures of darkness, as well as creatures of light, such as the Fey are rumoured to reside there.

    Demetris Shrine: A place of worship for the Beloved Creator. Home to the Monks and Handmaidens of the Creator.

    Darmoth Dunes: A vast desert that stretches for miles. Many sand creatures live here. I'll go into more detail later XD

    Jaliston Sea: The great ocean that divides four different parts of the kingdom. Demtris still has not created the other three kingdoms.

    2. No killing off anyone's character without their permission
    3. Nothing worse than kissing in a post. Anything worse can fade to black
    4. Respect your fellow RPer's. We all want to have fun here
    5. No one liners. I understand that people get mental block sometimes but we need to be able to work with your posts okay?
    6. Try to be on regularly so you aren't holding up the RP, kay?
    7. HAVE FUN!
    8. This is in no way connected with existing gods. So keep em out.
    9. No more than three vampires okay. Seriously that is just overkill. Be CREATIVE!
    10. the only god in this is Dometris

    Dometris, God and Creator of all things insane
    Species: God
    Age: UNKNOWN
    Gender: When appears in human form he is Male
    He is the Creator
    Personality: More than a little psychotic, he loves his creation and is determined to make it successful. He gets angry and often has the temperament of a young child, but his temper tantrums are MUCH more violent. Not a man to mess with.
    History: Dometris was one of the lesser gods of the realms, having no realm of his own to look after. One day he got into an argument with his brother who said he couldn't possibly control a world of his own anyway due to his immature manner. Determined to prove his brother wrong he created Insanistatia, and he filled it with all kinds of wonderful things, even if they made no sense. He needed people so he either stole them from their own realm or created them himself and then he sat back and watched his world thrive.
    Likes: Chaos, Disorder, insanity, madness, colour, darkness, platypuses (due to their wacked anatomy), his creation
    Dislikes: Sanity, order, his brothers and their rules, normalcy
    Strengths: His god abilities, He is strongest by day when everyone is busy and fueling his desires for chaos
    Weaknesses: His wild temper tantrums and childlike demeanour. The only way he can be defeated is with his own Scythe, dont worry, He can be injured by incredibly powerful weaponry, but it never lasts
    Any abilities: Can create and destroy anything in his realm, he controls all but he has limits.
    Name: Icarus
    Species: Human
    Age: 19
    Gender: male
    Appearance: blonde-emerald.jpg
    Origins: Ireland, the 'earth' reality
    Personality: Disbelieving, easily confused and incredibly stubborn are just a few words to describe him. He doesn't believe in gods, any supernatural beings at all and definitely nothing of the Fhey or anthro kind.
    History: Icarus was brought up in a very superstitious family. His grandmother told him stories of the old folklore but he never believed it. He grew up being the only one in his whole family that didn't believe leprechauns ate their left over bread and drank the ale when it was left unattended. For this he was shunned by a lot of his relatives. It made him grow up to be stubborn, prideful and more sensitive than he'd like to admit. He also has trust issues due to that. He was in a car accident when he plummeted from the edge of a precarious mountain road and instead of falling to his death, he ended up in a strange land.
    Likes: Silence, personal time, being alone, heavy metal, animals
    Dislikes: superstitions, sunflowers, crowds, supernatural creatures
    Strengths: His stubborness is both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes it gets him into trouble other times it saves his butt
    Weaknesses: His refusal to believe in the magical aspects makes him a vulnerable target. He also tends to freak out a bit
    Any abilities: None that he's aware of
  2. Name: Aufe
    Species: Pixie
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Aufe has brazen amber eyes, hair that matches the sands, and pale golden skin with freckles. Small, lithe, only 3 feet tall. Her wings are that of a dragonfly, translucent with a pale hint of orange.
    Origins: Darmoth Dunes
    Personality: She’s often described as flighty, and not because of her species. She has a small attention span, can’t stand still for more than a few seconds, and her attitude…can cause more problems than it helps. Despite this, she’s fiercely loyal and very go-lucky.
    History: Aufe has always lived in the Dunes. From a hatchling, she has played in its warmth and fully enjoyed the madness of the place she calls home. But when this madness turns on her, ripping a wing and destroying her nest, she makes a decision to end it all.
    Likes: Sand, warm places, shiny baubles, flying, nature
    Dislikes: Damp, wet places, walking, anything bigger than her, darkness
    Strengths: Aufe is often very optimistic. Despite all odds being against her, she remains faithful in the task ahead.
    Weaknesses: Her size. Easy to get underfoot, living in a world where there are several bigger beings, it can make travelling hard. Especially without her ability to fly.
    Any abilities: Small illusions (she’s the one behind the mirages in the dunes)
    Other: NA

    Sounds like a fun time.
  3. Hey you're accepted XD just give her an age please as no one can really be ageless. Maybe just write unknown, or say how old she LOOKS approximately as you've described her :) also, if you know anyone who would be interested, it'd be appreciated
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  5. Name: Ella Bailey

    Species: Liquid Elemental

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female




    Origins: Hellsborough Forest

    Personality: Joyous, Hyperactive, Recluse, People pleaser, Passive, Non-aggressive

    History: Not much is known of this particular Liquid Elemental. However, if you can find them, they will tell you all there is to know about anything and everything. Ella Bailey, was once a wealthy and well known part of her community, when the Elements were in groups, until she ran into a stranger from the outside, spilled all their secrets, then was disbanded after having caused the separation and permanent 'disappearance' of an entire species. Now she sits alone, doing what she was made to do, and the only friend in the world she has is the Bluejay family next door.

    Likes: Colours, music, animals, nature,

    Dislikes: Hate, Anger

    Strengths: Non-aggressive, Trustworthy, People-pleaser

    Weaknesses: Gullible, Overly trustworthy, non-aggressive

    Any abilities:

    Animal Creation: She creates the animals on a smooth tablet of wood or bark, burns the tablet and lets the ash blow in the wind. The next morning, the animal is born in some part of the world. She does not control the animals, as they have their own and separate lives.

    Elemental Body: When in contact with water, she dissolves instantaneously into a colourful array that eventually blends into the vast body of water. If held in a big enough container of water, she will be forced to stay there. If you attempt to sift out the water from the dissolved matter, she will separate into whatever you use to divide the matter from the element. However, the sifter must have very fine holes or she can escape the sifting process.
  6. You're accepted but really all you had to do was fill the character sheet.. could you do that please? everything in it is required
  7. i'm definitley interested, but have a question of the monks in your story, how do they act and stuff if they're from Demetris Shrine? most Monks have order but if this is an orderless world how would that go down?
  8. lol they'd be much the same as regular monks, praising Dometris and all that jazz. its really about seeing how creative you can be
  9. OMG I am so on board for this! >w< I see furries are accepted and.... anthros? If so, I'll get my characters bio together! <3<i see="" it's="" open="" to="" furries="" and...="" are="" anthros="" okay?="" if="" so,="" i'll="" get="" my="" characters's="" bio="" together!!!="" <33<="" html=""></i>
  10. I thought furries WERE anthros? *is so very confused* lol XD basically, be creative and I assure you that you'll be in my good books XD the wackier the better
  11. Thanks Elle for editing XD if we get a few more people to make characters I can make the rp thread
  12. Hehe, I considered them the same, but anthros are more humanoid, so I was just making sure. So yay! >w< I'll post the chara soon here!!
  13. You are welcome. ^_^ I tend to get into detail when creating my characters so, that was normal for me. :) Just had to cut out... 10 or 15 categories. XD <3 YAY! I hope we can do this. .o.
  14. Hehe XD it's okay, I liked it but you didnt have the categories i needed to know in there so i was like "OH NOES' but now its okay XD Neko, i cant wait
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  17. Name: Soleil (So~lay)
    Species: Blue Spotted Fox /Cheetah
    Gender: Hermaphrodite
    Soleil often wears an apron-like thing or wrap that covers his chest and falls down to his knees, covering the rest of him. His cheetah prints are in the shapes of stars. He also has three tails.
    Origins: Jungle
    Personality: Wild, playful, cunning, aggressive, dominant, loves anything human or like it. Because Soleil cannot speak anything other than small squeaks and deep growls, he uses his body to do most of his talking. However, he can understand others of any kind. He is incredibly affectionate and physical, and sadly has zero respect for personal space. There are some people Soleil likes right off the bat, but some do need to earn his trust, like any animal.
    History: N/A
    Likes: Anything that resembles a human, meat, playing, hunting
    Dislikes: Loud noises, liars, unreasonable cruelty, too many layers of clothes
    Strengths: Speed, strength, keen eye sight and hearing
    Weaknesses: Metal music, fire, curiosity, over heating
    Any abilities: Soleil has great speed and strength, but also an eerie ability to create zombies if he/she were to jump over a dead body.

  18. YAY another sign up hath arrived! Totally accepted. i look forward to finding out more about him in the rp. just need julytable to sign up and i think we'll have enough to start.
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