A World Gone Crazy

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  1. Year: 2XX1. Gotham City. The Slums. Time: 21:36.

    Kasey rolled as she dodged a bullet. Unlike comic and TV and heck, even movies, humans can't really dodge bullets. She had watched an episode of Mythbusters when she was younger. Turns out that a bullet will hit it's human target before the sound of the gun firing even reached your ears. Which meant the only possible way to dodge was to me moving even before the bullet was fired and hope like hell that the shooter was a terrible shot. Or try to be a meta-human. Which Kasey wasn't and which meant that she felt a burn across her arm as she rolled on the ground.

    Kasey popped up in front of the gun man and a sharp jab to his gut made him bend over. Into her knee. Kasey swore as she stepped out of the falling guy's path and grabbed her arm. She pulled away the bloody fabric and frowned at the cut in her upper arm. It stung like an SOB, but it was just a graze. She young woman sighed and crouched next to the unconscious bad guy. She rummaged around his packets until she found his cell. She used it to call 911 before she left the scene.

    Just a year ago she would have never believed you if you had told her she'd be a vigilante. Especially not in the world that had Green Lanterns, Flash, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and other famous Super Heroes. Hailing from Gotham, she had used Batman and his sidekicks as role models. Or had used them as such. Nowadays everything was backwards. Even to a girl who grew up in the slums.

    Less than a year before all the Supers, Villains and Heroes alike, left. No one really know where they went, but they were gone. Of course the world still kept turning. People like Kasey found themselves taking up mantels. Some wanted to do good. Others, not so much.

    The young woman stepped out of the alley and onto the sidewalk. Not a lot of people were around this time of night and she slunk off down the block before catching a public bus. One thing about not wearing a costume was being able to pass as normal on public transport. Plus, since it was dark no one noticed the bloody cut. Even if they did, it was the slums, no one cared.

    Kasey pushed the hood of her jacket off her head and exposed her back hair. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell and called up her best friend.


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  2. assassin_by_geo50505-d3di21q.jpg Aragon watched from a window above as two drunks fought in an alley below. Things like that were so common in this dead city that no one even played attention anymore. He had lived here all his life; he had even seen the famous batman when he was younger. Things were much better with the presence of heroes, now people like him had to step up and take care of things; hell the police barely did much anymore.

    He started out as a small town vigilante, but ultimately became an assassin after his father was killed by some asshole trying to take over the city. Aragon shook his head to get rid of the thoughts; he had dealt with the man over a year ago and had to move on. Crime doesn't exactly have a mourning period.

    His mind swapped back to reality when he heard his phone buzz on the small table next to him. He couldn't help but give a small smile hearing Kasey's voice. "
    Hey Kasey" He said pulling his hood off of his head.
  3. "We really need to find someone who's bullet proof." Kasey muttered to Aragon. She huddled on the seat of the bus, head turned to the window to get some privacy. She zipped and unzipped a zipper on her cargo pants. "The second one got away." She didn't bother keeping the pout out of voice. She was and always had been hard on herself. She never really gave herself a break, because she knew she could do better, needed to do better. Plus she felt responsible for these people now. They had always been her people, but now? It was worlds different. She was their protector with the supers being gone and the police going right back to their corrupt ways.

    Kasey sighed into the phone. "Sorry. Wasn't your fault." She smoothed down her pants and started pulling at the fraying seat cushion she was sitting on. "Long day." And night. She added. She had been tracking this particular gang for a few weeks now. And honestly? She had been getting no where. If she didn't find out who was running this new synthetic drug, well, lots more people would use it and die.
  4. "Huh, well I wouldn't exactly call myself bulletproof but close enough." He gave a small laugh at the end to ease some of the tension he could hear building inside Kasey. "Hey, don't get down on yourself. You've been at this long enough to know that shit happens; but in the end we get our target. Why don't you come by, you sound like you need some down time. Even hereos need to rest kasey."

    The irony, he was telling her to rest when he had worked non stop for almost three months ontop of all the time spent searching for his father's killer. It's inane to think that at one point; in a simpler time, the life of a hero was thought to be fun. It wasn't until he has the first hand experience that he saw how wrong he was
  5. "You're one to talk." Kasey half choked on a laugh. "Do you even sleep anymore?" Calling out her friend on their mutual bad habits allowed her to rest a little. She rolled her shoulders enjoying the tension bleeding out of them. "I'd love some down time. How are you on your Nietzsche?" Kasey asked in reference to the German philosopher. "Because if the pattern holds, I'm getting quizzed on the subject tomorrow."

    She peered out the window as the bus rolled to a stop and a few people got onto the bus. No one disembarked. She resisted the impulse to huddle down further into her seat because it would only convey to an onlooker that she was unsure and hiding. Which would set off any predators, of which there were many. Not that she couldn't take care of herself, she just didn't want to attract that type of attention to herself. Thankfully the bus started off again and no one joined her on her row.

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  6. With a sigh male looked at the other who was groaning in boredom. He knew how the other felt even though they could do it still bother him a lot unlike his little sister who careless do it with no problem with the thought he shook his head and the both of them glanced up. The youngest, Cystal, stared at the train that parked in front of them from her dark hoodie with a symbol on the back of it and walked in after her brother, Skyler, who wore a the same jacket type of jacket, but had his covered with a Varsity Jacket. They glanced around before taking a sit at one of the sits that was free for them both. "Damn it..." Cystal said with another groan as she put her face into her hands. "I told you not to go with the dick, and now look you almost got yourself killed because of it. " Her older lectured him about the incident. " How you going to tell that to the boss, hm?" He added before Cystal glared at him. " Oh shut up! I-I think of something... I guess." She murmured to herself, but loud enough for he could hear.
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  7. "Sleep? That's still a thing? Aragon said in a sarcastic tone. They both knew that the other sucked when it came to doing anything outside of hero work. "Well you know where I am, and I've still got it. German philologist, philosopher, composer and critic. Its crazy to think heroes still get college classes." Aragon watched the city below from his 3rd story apartment window. The city was almost coated in a grey shade with a dull atmosphere to go along with it. Everyone just moving here and there without a care in the world, not that there was much to care about anymore in this city. Damn, would anyone in Gotham ever recover?
  8. Kasey chuckled at her friend's reply. Between the two of them they just might not make it a thing. She tugged at her pony tail and replied. "Well, at the rate the bus is moving, I'll be there in about a half an hour." She clunked her forehead against the glass watching the few people on the street move quickly and furtively. She was also trying to listen to the whispered conversations on the bus. Nothing that interesting reached her ears, but it was only a halfhearted attempt on her part.

    As she ended the call she stretched a little in the seat, careful of her injured arm. As the clock ticked on, inching ever closer to Ten, she worried that something might happen. Violence was rampant in the slums. Buses were a good target. A bunch of people forced into a small space, easy targets. Like the trams that went over the slums. And the old subways that was still running. She glanced over all the people on the bus. No one made eye contact, including herself.

    The bus finally rolled to a stop at Kasey's stop. She unfolded herself out of the seat and moved to get off. She was almost there before the guy sitting on the first row stood and blacked her way.

    "Gotta pay the toll Missy." He grinned as he looked her up and down. Well, mainly down.

    Kasey frowned. "Move." She watched the bus driver hunch down further in his seat. Oh yeah, that'd help. "Or I'll move you." She had a taser on her, but it was the kind that only had one use until it was changed out. And she didn't have any extras. And in the small space her best bet was to introduce his family jewels to her steel toed boots.

    "Bitch." The big guy swore and reached for her.

    Kasey dodge and kicked out. He snagged a bit of her hoodie, but she had connected. He went over and in her trade mark move, hit his head hard on her knee. She backed away as he crashed to the floor and checked to make sure no one was going to avenge the idiot. No one moved.

    "Good." She huffed and got off the bus.

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  9. She rest on his shoulder for a while until he stood from her and began on the next stop. "Wait where you going? But isn't the your ne-" She began but he stopped her and shook his head and said. " I'll meet you at home 'kay, I got something to do...please don't start any trouble." He said and hopped off the train with a wave and smiled a bit before walking away from the subway. She looked out the window for a bit watching and sigh with a slump of her sit. After while of boredom something magical happened. Her glazed went to a huge punk that was testing this girl with a tazer threat that almost made her want to laugh, but didn't, soon the bus had stopped for the next one. She watched closely to see how this play out. As she watched her hands was in her jacket pocket and fiddled with an option to join in or not, but held her ground to keep from doing anything to ruin the little event. Soon the made was ground, out cold by the girl's kick that put a smile to her face. She watched the girl leave and stood up as well on that stop and walked out the bus the voice was familiar, but she couldn't put her finger on it. Cystal followed the girl closely before getting in front of her with smile and eyes brighten with curiosity. " Hey! Nice leg you got there." She said standing about the same height as the other, but maybe a bit smaller. Her hood covered her eyes as she spoke. He let her eyes glance at the girl up and down savoring every detail before it hit her. That bitch..... her eyes brighten more in excitement and her lips turned into a grin.

    There surroundings began to fade of civilization slowly the more the girl looked at the other.
  10. "I'll see you then" he said before putting his phone in his pocket. He made his way out to the fire escape then up towards the rooftops. Once he was there he climbed up to a perch he made in order to watch over the city, not that there was really much to see. He looked out just before the horizon and could see the bus line in the distance. He could see figures moving from the bus but a few still behind. At first he didn't think anything of it until he saw a struggle between two of them.

    What the hell?" He said as he watched the scene unfold. He could tell by the way one of the figures moved that they were trained and this probably happened often. His curiosity got the best of him as he began moving across the rooftops towards the scene. He had enough time to be back before Kasey got here
  11. Constant vigilance. Mad Eye Moody from Harry Potter. Or was it J.K. Rowling when you sourced it? Kasey wasn't sure and really didn't care all that much, except she'd ask one of her English teachers just because. Anyways, Kasey was always watchful. It was something she learned as a little girl. If she didn't watch out she'd get beaten by her mom or whatever boyfriend she had over that week. Survival was the drive of life. So when she got off the bus she was aware of someone following her. She kept her pace steady, but ready just in case.
    The casual words made Kasey turn to face the girl who had followed her. They were too close together so she took a deliberate step back. "Just the one?" Kasey couldn't help but quip back. She didn't like that the girl kept the hood over her head as she talked. As if she had something to hide. The girl before her was more trim, the type that was usually found in "pretty" girls. Not like Kasey who tended to have the more "sporty" physique.
  12. She gave a small nod keeping herself from going at her right then and there. "Yep! ...." Her smile grew even more as she step closer, but they still space between them. "Unless..... you want to show me the other one? " As she spoke her hand went out toward her and something began to move in her sleeves that soon crawled out, with a closer look , the vines popped out of her jacket and toward the girl's foot.

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  13. Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

    Kasey stepped backwards hurriedly as the girl once again encroached on her space. Every warning bell she had cultivated went off at once. All of her major, this girl is freaky, vibes went off too. She froze as the girl's arm... moved. Not naturally at all. Then everything moved quickly.

    Kasey wore viciously as something reached from the girl's arm to her foot. She tried to jerk out of the way, but whatever it was latched on and her momentum caused her to loose balance. Her butt hit the ground hard. Kasey pulled out a small blade from her pocket and held it up in flimsy defense. All she could think of was that she was woefully unprepared for the crazies. It was one thing to stalk a criminal norm. It was another to be attacked by a meta.

    "The hell...?" Kasey said as she tried to pull her leg away from whatever was holding it. It looked like it was green. But Poison Ivy was gone. Like all the other Super people. So who was this psycho? The new Poison Ivy? Kasey was screwed, and not in a good way.
  14. The girl stared at the girl as ststhe tried to move away from her vines and glanced at the blade that was pulled out making a smirk of amusement, as if that was gonna to harm her vines. A laughter appeared from her as she came up to the trapped girl. Her vines pulled the girl off her bum and hanged upside down in front of her. Cystal spoke seeing the shock in her face. " Hm? You confused... shock even. " She giggled. " What's wrong never seen a supah? " She asked her accent coming in at the word before letting her go. She was going to play with her a bit before actually fighting her... since she did promised not to kill. Ugh he doesn't know how to have fun.
  15. What the hell was going on tonight? The one time he actually tried to avoid the hero work seemed to have the most evil brewing amongst. He was halfway to the bus line when he heard what sounded like another small scuffle going on. He took a quick glance down from the rooftops, ready to move on when he heard someone fall and hit the ground roughly. He took a double take when he saw what looked like vines coming from a persons arm. "Ivy can't be back" he thought to himself looking down on the scene.

    He watched as the vines lifted the fallen girl and held her upside down. "
    Ah, Christ" he said as he pulled two daggers and dropped down in between the two; driving both blades down cutting the vine holding the girl. He turned toward the hooded figure and readied his daggers. "I don't appreciate you hurting people on my day off."

    He took a couple steps back before looking at the girl behind him. He immediately recognized Kasey. "
    I can't leave you alone for a couple hours without you pissing something off." He said with a slight smirk before turning back to the hooded figure. He could tell by the shape that it was a girl. "Ivy?"
  16. Kasey was not thrilled. At all. First she was attacked, unreasonably, now she was being dangled in the air. She frowned at the laughing girl.

    "Why do I always attract the mentally unstable?" She didn't bother keeping her thoughts to herself. What brain mouth filter? When she got angry or upset or even afraid it was like her brain forgot to censor itself and not get her into more trouble. Thankfully Aragon was there to bail her out. As the plant bit holding her gave way she rolled and back up quickly to give herself a lot more room.

    "I always piss someone off." Kasey retorted. Annoyed. "And yeah, meet Miss Ivy's replacement. Seen Batman's yet?" She snapped at her friend. Her butt was sore. Her arm was sore. And now her ankle was sore. And why her?
  17. She was about attack the girl once again, but stopped when something was placed forcefully in between her and the girl which made frown and toke a step back from the threat. Her vines disappeared back into her jacket, her hood was now down showing her long orange-red hair and her bright green eyes that was filled with anger at first at the newcomer that soon over come with excitement. "Have they ever told you crime never sleeps? " She said her vines beginning come back, a smile on her face from the name they giving her.

    "Why thank you, but sadly no.... I'm not of the great Ms. Ivy." She sigh wishing she was, oh how Ivy was such a great influence on her a bit doing her younger days, she thought she was the coolest thing ever! Anyway she went back to the girl who called her mentally unstable the shirt girl huffed at that. "I'm quite sane thank you! " She said to her with a snap.

    "I'm D.Vines, DragonVines, nice to meet you two." She introduced her villain name with a smile. Her vines continued to to swarm around her and soon was going all three of them making the others didn't try to leave, the fun part was just getting started.
  18. "Yeah. Unfortunately some of us need to sleep from time to time." He listened to her words but never took his eyes off of her vines. He took in her features that were no longer hidden by her hood. In any other scenario he would've said she was actually quite beautiful, but he knew that evil has many faces; this was unfortunately one of them.

    Alright, so not ivy. Guess that's somewhat good news." Aragon watched as the vines surrounded the girl then begin to move towards them... No.. More like around them. "I hope you know I have no problem going through you." Said Aragon pointing one of the daggers at her. If need be he'd go through her vines with more "drastic" measures, but for now he'd see what she was made of.
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    Kasey eyed the vines warily. She licked her lips then looked up. She spotted two points of egress off the ground and away from freaky plant girl. And it was seriously time to bail. Taser taser. If only she had more taser cartridges on her. Or had gotten a spare for up close and personal. Plants were not known to like electricity.

    "Careful." Kasey warned her friend. She passed her knife to her off hand as she spoke. If she could make it up the building side and away she could make it to Aragon's place. Which had more weapons she could use. Plan A. Of course her friend's plan A looked it it was "go through Plant Girl". She watched the vines circle them and placed her back to Aragon's trusting him to watch plant girl while she watched the vines.
  20. She stared at the boy at his threat with a smile. Sorry big bro, but they are just asking for it. He excitement shown in her green eyes Cystal didn't do anything for a while as she watched them both closely when seen one of them moved her vines launched toward them as a warning before it actually attacked them. Right now her vines was covered in both leaves and smooth skin, she wasn't going to actually hurt right then and there...yet anyway. As she watched it began start wrap around them she stopped as well as her vines. Her eyes glanced around a bit before a groan came from her throat with a curse before leaving. She stopped at her steps and looked at them both. " You got lucky newbs." She growled before letting her vines take her to upper ground. She jumped off and landed on top of the one of the buildings and disappeared off. "Really?" She stared at the figure that had their arms crossed. " What I couldn't help it Skyler it's not every day that you meet someone that could give a good fight. " She said with huff looking at her brother who rolled his eyes. "I can't leave you by yourself at all for just a couple of minutes with you causing problems with people..." She followed him at and smiled at what he said next. " You can get them later, but for now let's finished what we came to this side of town, ok?" He asked her who nodded quickly with excitement they left off with that.

    Soon they was above another building, it was brick and Cystal was sitting as she waited for her brother, she had her hood back back over her ginger hair. " Ok there's a few guards in there, but that won't be the problem, though." He told her walking over to her with jog as she stood up with a frown. " What then what is it that we can't handle? " She asked with a laugh then frown at what he said next. " We gotta do it later when we know that it's not many of them moving about changing schedule." He said remembering their movement with this photographic memory. " Then lets just rai-rai- nothing." She began then stopped herself from his look that he gave here. " Fine... then what do you do then?" She asked him her hands going in her pocket. " We need to wait later on tonight when not many are out, ok?" He told her knowing she wouldn't like, but his plans have always worked before so this wouldn't be no different, since there aren't any 'heroes' around to stopped them, and you can't really call the cops one since they slaking off like it's ok sometimes.

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