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  1. A world full of ashes

    Earth has been completely ruined. Now a new blank canvas for God to re-write history. Or so it would see, but still small pockets of civilization are scattered around earth. Groups hidden in ruined cities or dry wastelands. The once beautiful earth landscape now desolate. It has become an eternal game of hunt or be hunted, as angels, demons and humans struggle for survival. They fight against each other and even against their own kind. Survival is now the number one instinct in every moving thing. Still civilizations grow, but are soon knocked down by others. Constant skirmishes take place over land and resources, as groups and individuals struggle to stay alive.

    The question is, where does your story start?​
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  2. The setting sun cast strange shapes upon the ground as orange light began streaming through the trees. Hesper wandered leisurely through the woods as she checked all of the traps she'd set earlier in the day, hoping to actually get some meat in her diet today -- as opposed to the normal meal of nuts, grasses and berries.

    Hesper sighed as she checked the last trap. "Nothing here, either..." She muttered, setting off the trap and picking up her supplies. She'd only managed to catch a small rabbit, but even just one small bit of meat was more than she usually managed. Wildlife hadn't exactly been thriving with the current post-war state of the environment.

    As the sun continued setting, Hesper returned to her home base and set up a small campfire so she could start preparing her meal.
  3. Here, on this dry wasteland that Rafa was in, nothing happened for some time now, he didn't get across anyone, not even an demon or angel, waking up on his make-shift bed and in the front of his now unlit camp-fire. This was his everyday life, the wasteland was huge but the only food he could find were the insects, grabbing his things, he set of on his survival, the smell of the ashes could call some demons and some angels and he was not in an good mood to fight with someone, walking to the same direction he was walking from three days on, he thought that he would die in that place, then he passed through some rocks, an sparkle of hope lighted his path as he saw something really faraway from where he was, he couldn't see what it really was because of the sun that bathed everything in that place and the wind blowing the sand making the place look more like an desert. The only thing that he hoped was that the thing that he saw was not an enemy.
  4. Lutheria drugged through the dead wasteland she called home. Max sat upon her shoulder, his tail wrapped around her neck. He purred like a kitten as he fell asleep. "What a poor little boy." Lutheria cooed as she felt him nuzzle into her neck. Her 6 ft. height gave her a clear view of most of her surroundings and what she didn't pick up with sight her or Max did with smell. She could smell burning ashes and knew it wasn't an angel who had lit the fire. Angels barley did anything besides fly around or sleep in trees. They thought they were safe there. Nothing exciting had happened for some time now and it was starting to become quite a bore for Lutheria. Max didn't mind it. It meant more laziness for him. As she walked further into an opening she saw what looked like a human coming in the same direction as her. She looked at him for a while and thought on whether or not she should stay and chat, or hide only to jump out once it got closer. Lutheria picked the later. Walking into a thicker part of the woods where the man would still be in view when he came this way, she sat on a rock and waited. The anticipation, making her knees weak, this sudden breeze didn't help either.


    The wind blew through Mina's wings as she flew through the sky. Munching on some berries she had been given by another Angel. She had been so hungry lately and the berries she had was hitting the spot. They were so plump and full of ripe juice. Mina, like everyone else was bored. There was nothing to do here anymore. The humans kept to themselves and the hybrids were for lack of better words, just as desolate as the Earth. Mina looked down and noticed a demon sitting upon a rock, but saw they were not bothering anyone and let the be. Further ahead she spotted what appeared human, but had the stench of a demon. Mina didn't feel like bothering herself with the likes of them either. She wanted friendly conversation. Spreading her wings out she flew fast over and past the two, causing a gust of wind to flow behind her. She flew and flew until she found the most beautiful piece of land that she could. A mountain top, speckled with the last pieces of green grass that laid around anywhere for miles. Landing, her wings draped slightly over the grass, The tip of her long sword, inside the sheath, tapped the grass as she walked, the handle of her battle axe, hitting her outer thigh. She walked to the edge of the mountain top and looked out. she could see smoke in the distance, most likely belonging to a human, and the smell of fresh ash filled the air. "Nothing new...again."
  5. Walking to the direction of that thing, he stopped halfway looking at an strange shadow that passed too fast for an bird or an vulture, stopping there and looking up, he didn't saw nothing just the same boring clouds that pass above everyone's head. Getting back to his walking, he started to examine that thing, the more the closer he got the more bigger the thing got, stopping by the side of an rock still in the desert he saw completely what it was, getting closer to the forest he passed his hands on an tree to see if that was not a mirage and he shouted happily "AT LAST! THE FOREST! Now I just need to hunt for good food! YEAH!" looking to the way he came, it was an strange view, it looked like someone ripped an part of an forest and glued it in the wasteland, giving an satisfied sigh he sat on the ground looking proud of himself and not caring about anything because he just deserved an rest now for passing four days of walking, three nights of bad sleep and one day and a half just eating damn insects.
  6. Vlad stepped over the bodies. Their red blood stained the lush grass. "such a disappointment" he sighed as he looked over the group of corpses, there were about 5. The boy began to remove his blood stained clothing, to reveal a large grey tattoo like mark on his body. "well time to eat" he said, as the mark seemed to animate itself. Coming to life and peeling from his flesh, it beard it's giant yellow teeth. He lifted his hand to point at the body, and without hesitation the thing began to devour the dead bodies. With each bite the demonic mark took, Vlad could feel energy pulsing through him.

    He had just finished his meal before he sensed another being land on the mountain. It was rare to have so many visitors in such a high place. The mark retreated back into his body, and he set of to see who it was. After walking a bit he noticed an angel.

    " what do you want?" Vlad called out to her. He was still topless, so his tonnes body and demonic mark were exposed. Small droplets of blood sat on his face from the earlier hunt. He held the blood soaked top in one hand.
  7. Lutheria sat on her rock, patiently and watched the...man...it was a man. Lutheria stood and walked closer to him. "A demon, hybrid? Oh Joy, finally some fun." Lutheria waited and watched as the boy walked closer and sat down. Slowly approaching him she took her left index finger, the nail long and sharp, reaching down and around, she nicked his neck and giggled as the blood ran down. "Oh how cute, you still bleed red." Lutheria moved in front of the demon Hybrid and chuckled. Her 6 ft, height towering over the sitting boy. "You're so young and cute." Lutheria didn't see this boy as a threat, more like a toy. He was too young to be a threat. Sitting on a rock across from him she smiled. "So, why are you all the way over here?Aren;t you scared a big. bad. demon. will get you?" She chuckles again.


    Mina quickly turned around when she heard a voice. "Oh." Realizing it was a demon, Mina placed her hand over her battle ax, in case she needed it. "I am scouting Demon. What do you want?" Mina kept her eyes on him, opening her wings slightly to make herself appear bigger. She was small compared to other angels, but her wings were larger than most. The smell of fresh blood sickened Mina. Covering her nose with her other hand, she scrunched her nose. "Ugh, you demons all wreak of blood and guts. Disgusting." Mina continued watching him, he was very toned and for a demon, he looked rather nice, but a demon nonetheless.
  8. Being interrupted of the nice breeze and the little rest he was having by an cut at his neck and an female voice saying something, his hand automatically covered the wound and trying to see who was the woman that did it, he didn't even needed to look around she was in front of him already, looking her from down to up, he saw her as a damn threat, he really wanted to shred her into pieces but with the strength he was having and the situation he was in he let the feeling to merciless kill her pass. "Thanks?" He said replying her calling him young and cute, seeing her going and sitting on an close rock, he responded with a grin "I don't need to give you any information and why I would have fear of something I had already killed many times?"
  9. Hesper was staring off into space, enjoying the light warmth of the small fire on her skin as her meal was roasting, when she was suddenly jolted back into reality.


    Who was that?? Hesper's eyes went wide with alertness as she jumped to her feet. She was sure there had been no one around when she checked earlier... so where did that voice just come from, so loud that it carried all the way through the woods? Not willing to risk finding out, Hesper grabbed the speared, lightly roasted meat off the flames and hurriedly stomped out the fire. She tossed her dirty hunting knives and trap materials back into her bag, slung it over her shoulder. With the spear of meat clenched between her teeth, she grabbed at the lowest tree branch on the nearest tree and quickly and quietly scaled the tree until she was out of sight. From there, Hesper perched silently on a high branch, munching on the stringy rabbit meat and listening for any other signs of activity nearby.
  10. Vlad eyes the girl, she looked smaller than him and the giant wings gave away the fact she was an angel. " I'm not a demon you stupid angel" Vlad said, slightly offended by the comment. He looked back over his shoulder to check the surroundings, it was still empty.

    " I suggest you leave now" he warned her. " If you stay any longer I might have to kill you" he threatened her. The monster like eyes on his tattoo staring at the girl, like she was it's next meal.
  11. Alexandria was busily foraging some berries when she heard a rustle in the bushes. Curious, she slowly climbed into a tall pine tree and sat on the branch, carefully watching the scene. A boy, more like a man, was dripping in blood while a girl with enormous angel wings is conversing with the demon.

    "Wow" she whispered, watching the two exchange words. She had never seen a demon and an angel so casual before. It was quite rare for her to see those two kind without slitting each others throats. She can clearly smell the metallic tinge of blood in the air but she didn't mind. Living on her own and in this forsaken wasteland, it's quite normal for Alexandria, there is a war going on after all.

    As she watched the two, she didn't even realize that the branch she's sitting on is slowly cracking and without a second later, she fell with a loud thud. "Oow~" she exclaimed, rubbing her bum. Good thing she didn't break anything but the branch or else she'll be doomed. Realizing that she made a ruckus and gained the attention of the two, she let out a soft smile and offered them her berries "Berries anyone?"
  12. Lutheria smiled at the man and let out a cackle. "Well aren't you just the big bad wolf of the county." Lutheria said as she pet Max who still curled around her neck. "Well, you seem like a busy little boy. I suppose I can let you go for now. I will be back though, you have caught my attention and I will be back." Lutheria said as she stood and started walking the way the man had just came from. Bored with her day again already. Her black hair blowing in the breeze and her wings slightly scrapping the ground. Humming as she walked, swaying her hips from side to side.


    Mina looked at the man. He wasn't a demon? He looked just as grotesque as they did and his physique and demeanor was the same. "Well,than what are you?" She said taking another step back. She heard a branch snap as she was about to respond to the glowing of his arm. A small girl fell from a tree and Mina took this distraction to make her departure from the demon man thing. Falling backwards and then quickly lifting herself high into the sky. "That thing will deal with the girl, I have better things to do." Mina continued to fly forward looking back to watch the demon and the girl, not paying attention to where she was flying.
  13. Hearing what she said his grin continued, seeing some kind of pet around her neck "Is that a dragon?" he thought as she continued saying that she would keep an eye on him. A little relieved of her not killing him in the spot and angry at her, he just stood quiet and watched her walk away with her beautiful black hair blowing with the wind, her wings destroying the ground just to follow her, her humming and her hips moving her tail from side to side with every step she made that was almost hypnotizing, snapping to reality, he looked to the other side to forget about her and to plan on the next time he would see her, she will be the one that will bleed and see him walk away. Trying to get up from the ground, he couldn't because of his blood loss, he knew it would take a time to his wound heal by itself but he needed to make a home or find someone willing to help him "Really? You think someone will help an bleeding half-demon? In the middle of the forest?" he thought as he crawled to the nearby tree he could, leaning on the tree, his vision began to blur and his hands were going numb, the last thing he saw before he passed out was the wind blowing the trees above him.
  14. Hesper watched as a demon passed by directly beneath her, her tail swaying behind as she walked. Hesper held her breath until the demon was out of sight, when she suddenly heard the male voice again -- but this time, it seemed he was looking for help. There was a moment of silence as Hesper bit her lip in thought, trying to weigh the risks of intervening. As she waited in thought, the silence continued... until she came to a decision. "Aw, heck," Hesper muttered to herself, rolling her eyes. She tossed the last piece of meat into her mouth and swung down from the tree branch, landing on her feet. She followed the direction of the voice and came across a boy about her age passed out against a tree, blood seeping from the injury in his neck. "Jeez, what even happened here?" she asked herself, kneeling down next to him. She reached under her sweatshirt and tore off a piece of cloth from the bottom of her t-shirt. She pressed this cloth up against the gash in his neck, applying pressure in order to try to stop blood loss. Why am I even doing this? I don't need to be here...
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  15. Vlad turned to face the new girl. He thought he had swept this area for other people, he was clearly wrong. He heard the beating of large wings turning only to see the angle fly away. Vlad faced the new girl again, "sorry I only eat meat" he said with an evil grin as he stared down at the girl. The tattoo seemed to shift around his skin as its yellow eyes watched her movements.
  16. "Meat? but isn't that rare nowadays?" Alexandria asked confused, tilting her head to the side as she dust off her dress. "Anyway, I'm Alexandria. Pleasure to meet you!" she introduced, and offered her berries once more "Are you sure you don't want any berries? They're raspberries and they're incredibly sweet. You should try some!" Her mind says that she should run off and hide but her heart says to stay and have a chat with the demon. It's been a long time since she talked to someone and whether he's a demon or not, she won't let an opportunity go to waste. "So, who are you?"
  17. Inside his passed out state, he was dreaming of shredding that demoness with all his strength, leaving her soaked in her own blood, he walked away proud of himself and succeeding on his survival, somehow, after a while, he opened his eyes but they looked like glued in his face and saw, totally blurred, someone coming his way but thought that was some hallucination of his blood loss and let his tiredness take him. After a while, he felt something in his neck and an hand holding it "Wait... Who's helping me? Did that demoness came back to heal me? I know she is a bitch but she looked bored... maybe she will heal me just to hurt again... No, I won't let that happen!" he thought as his slowly and shaking hand got up from the ground and tried to hold his helper's wrist tight but failing in that his hand was just holding that wrist weakly. Opening his eyes little by little, he saw hazily that his helper was not the demoness but an female human, he couldn't see her face but he knew his helper was a female by the rhythm of her blood, feeling her blood passing on her veins and the emptiness of his stomach, he opened his mouth showing his salivating and sharp tooths going closer and closer to her wrist, wanting to feed on some flesh and fresh blood.
  18. "You just have to look in the right place" Vlad said as he eyed the girl. But he had just eaten, so he had no plans on eating again. At least not right now. Vlad slumped down on the lush grass, it was soft to the touch. He flung his blood soaked shirt over his shoulder as he looked back up at the girl. "How exactly did you make your way up here" he asked her. She looked relatively normal, and the scale of the mountain made it almost impossible to climb. He soon became very intrigued in how she did manage to get here.
  19. She watched the demon sit on the lush green grass, making her a bit envious and sat down beside him, happily munching on the juicy red raspberries. Upon hearing his question, she choked on the fruit, trying to spit out and calm herself. "Ack-- I... I climbed...” she answered coughing and wiping the red juices coming out of her mouth. "I'm kind of gifted when it comes to physical activities so I can do everything to survive" she stated, choosing her words carefully. One slip of the tongue and I'll be dead she thought to herself and continued to munch on her berries. "Anyway, I think you should change your shirt. You reeked of blood!" she exclaimed as she covered her nose and trying to change the subject.
  20. He was quit surprised that she climbed. Something was definitely off about this girl, but he was feeling too lazy to push on the subject. "Well this is the only shirt I have on me at the moment" he said, using it to wipe to drops of blood from him. As well as the shirt his hands were coated in the stuff. "Ugh, well I guess I will go wash then" he sighed, as she said he wrecked. He was so use to the smell he didn't really mind. "Well you can follow if you want, I don't really care what you do" he said to her as he got up. Vlad began to walk, making his way through some bushes.
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